Want to share videos over BBM? Check out Video Shrinker

By DJ Reyes on 9 Dec 2013 01:59 pm EST

We all know by now that there is a 6MB file size limit when it comes to sending videos over BBM - which makes it a bit of a bummer when you want to share your videos with friends and family members. You end up having to resort to uploading your video YouTube or similar service and then share them from there.

An app has recently landed in BlackBerry World, Video Shrinker, that allows you to compress your videos to a smaller size, making it easier to share them. You can choose to compress your video to a number of resolutions - 480p, 240p, 144p, 72p and even 36p. Obviously, depending on the file size the compression process will take a bit of time but it will run in the background provided you leave it running as an Active Frame. 

The process of shrinking your video is a pretty simple one. Just open the app, pick the video you wish to compress, then choose the output resolution you want. What is great is that when you choose the output resolution, you are given the estimated file size, so you know whether it's small enough for you to share. Once you have chosen the size you want, just hit 'Shrink' and wait a little. There is a progress bar too, so you can see how much is left to do. When the compress is compete you can then open the video to view it and check the quality.

Video Shrinker is free to download, however, if you want to share or save the newly compressed video you will need the full version - the free version just allows you to shrink your video and view it. The full version costs $1.99 and you purchase it via an in-app purchase. 

I've used Video Shrinker to compress a couple of videos already and have successfully managed to send them via BBM. Of course, the quality isn't as good as the original but for viewing on you smartphone, it isn't too bad. Definitely a bonus to be able to send them easily over BBM now.

One thing I have noticed is that when you compress using the free version, then purchase the full version, you have to compress the video again to be able to share it, even if the share icon becomes available once payment has been made - not a huge deal though. I highly recommend Video Shrinker. A must have app and I do like the fact that you can try it out before committing.

Learn more / Download Video Shrinker from BlackBerry World

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Want to share videos over BBM? Check out Video Shrinker


I was 1st 2nd 3rd and fourth earlier. I got a bit crazy and DJ deleted them. Rightfully so.

Posted via CB10 with my BlackBerry Q10...SON!

Then stop trying to be a dick.

I remember a time the internet was for geeks. Not "firsties" like on a kindergarten playground.

BB until it is not CDN

Not trying to be a dick. And watch your mouth smart guy. I just admitted it was out of line.

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Careful, you will gain a stalker when you start calling them out for being children trying to post first. And then he asks to see pics of you

It's like that movie "This is the End". I got James Franco'ed. The part where he is about to go to Heaven and he keeps talking smack when he should have just shut up and he would have lived...that's what happened to me. I should have left it at FIRST and I would have been on my way to Heaven.

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You forgot useless.

So it appears you must buy the full app to be able to take advantage of the sharing aspect.

Posted via CB10

The full app costs 1.99. ..do you expect people to write apps for nothing? It's a buck 99... sheesh

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My useless comment was directed to the first second third reply by the same poster. Not that this app is useless.

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Where is quicksilver when you need him

Single finger flickin fun from the best Damn virtual keyboard in existence...the BlackBerry Z30 Everybody!

Nice that the app exists just a shame it even has to. BlackBerry should up the file transfer size limit thus removing the need to pay for an app that ultimately makes good video look crappy. 6MB limit needs to die with fire, this ain't 1990 and we're not rocking GPRS any more.

Agreed!! And 10kb picture previews should also go the way of bb07. LTE, 1080p screens and a 6 gig data plan with these restrictions is like driving a Ferrari in a shopping mall

I don't mind the picture compression. At least it does it automatically and they can request a higher rez. The compressed pictures look perfectly fine to me on a 4 inch screen lol

Posted via CB10

Yep yep. Even BlackBerry World let's us download 50MB files. 6MB is barely enough for a slideshow I don't have any videos that small.

Posted via my sexy-ass Z10 running ON A BOAT!!!

This so needs to happen, it should have changed with the launch of BB10 never mind cross platform BBM!

However 1990 is a bit early, 6MB over GPRS would have seemed like fibre optic speed back then! Maybe "it's not the year 2000 any more" would be more like it. ;) lol

Posted via CB10 on Z10 STL100-2 on EE, UK

Blaize, you're totally right. Why BlackBerry don't upgrade the file size? I see this as one of the few BBM growth limitations. Something they definitely have to improve in the next updates.

Posted via CB10

What he said. Also multiple photo support. And I'd like my pics to default in HQ unless otherwise stated goddammit!

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If they are still concerned about bandwidth conservation they should allow each user to set a max upload and max download file size. When a transfer attempt is initiated, the initial handshake includes finding the highest common bandwidth and then using that. As much as the uber-compressed pictures suck, I'd still like to have the optional capability when roaming or on 3G and below coverage.

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+1 but what a really great idea in the meantime. If it allows me to shrink and send music also, it's well worth the couple £s.

BlackBerry til there is no BlackBerry.

If this is going through their NOC, then it could present problems in the future if too many people are sending big files back and forth.

Unfortunately, we're talking about BlackBerry. Their track record means they will do something only when forced to (read: becomes the last to).

Cameras on phones? Who would want that?

Full touch screens? What's the point?

I'm not trying to be a hater, I love my Z10, I'm just flabbergasted at some of the bone head decisions. This being one of them along with having LQ photos being sent by default and having to request for the HQ photo.

~ TheRealFixxxer

I don't get why there is no option when recording a video as to what quality we want it recorded in. Should be SUCH a simple fix. Not every video needs to be recorded in HD.

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+10! I completely agree with you man! 6mb is an absolute joke in this day and age. WhatsApp's file size limit is 16MB if I recall correctly. BlackBerry should raise the limit to 25 mb or something if it wants BBM to seriously compete with the other messaging platforms. I believe it's one of the big factors that's hurting BBM's growth right now.

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Absolutely! With the uphill battle BlackBerry is in they should be stepping up services. I shouldn't have to compress or purchase anything else. BBM is all I should need.

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Bbry/bbm should automatically compress the video in real time by least amount required in order make the required maximum video size required

Classifieds Canada App

BBM should ask what quality to send and give us options. Should have a built-in compression tool.

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+1000 I agree here. I like the app and will purchase because I've needed this on my BB many times. I'd love the option as dew066 mentioned. Not a default, because then I don't have any choices - and to me, my BB is all about choices.

I get Bla1ze point and I'm also glad that there's 1 more potentially useful NATIVE App in the BB10 catalog.

BlackBerry Forever!

Unfortunately whatsapp is actually much better for sharing media at this point. Hopefully Blackberry realizes this is important and we see some improvements.

Agree with Bla1ze. BB needs to get rid of the ridiculous size restriction. In the mean time, I would like this app to give you an option to specify the size you want the final vid to be and have it give you the best quality possible for that size.

Why would I shrink a vid then view the sub par vid? There is virtually no need for the free version >_<

AT&T Z10STL100-3/

Bla 1ze you rock! It just shows how arrogant blackberry had become app devs are now exploiting huge chunks of BlackBerry 10 OS , and BlackBerry are passing the cost of its indifference to its loyal customer :/

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I'm sure it's been said but this shouldn't even be required.. how can you have a successful media platform when you can't effectively share media.. get it together BlackBerry we are 2014 in a few weeks.

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Thnk you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much you make live with bb10 much easier

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Yes, the original is kept intact. A new compressed file is made out of the original video

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Talking about media files, how come I can save website film downloads to device or media card on a bold 9990.
But I can't do that on Z10??? I have to use my old 9990 and transfer to my Z10!
BlackBerry is really testing my customer loyalty, it needs to do something very simple LISTEN!!!

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Not sure how you're doing it but I always have a choice of where to download to when using the browser on BlackBerry 10, be it to.the device memory or the SD card

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No! I refuse to download this! (facepalm)

I demand BlackBerry allow larger file transfers over bbm.

That is all


Why do we need to do all this for sharing large vids when everyone else can do jt and year is 2013

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I really need this. Bought the full app. And it worked really well to my surprise. Impressed.

From Zuri my Z10.

Love the idea behind the app and I wish the developer(s) all the success in selling it.

I just beg the question, now that we have HD recording capabilities creating 100mb+ sized files very easily, why is BBM still restricted to sending 6mb file sizes?

Granted yes, I can see how someone on their personal data may easily go over if they are constantly sending files back and forth, but should that not be a choice left up to the consumer? BB World gives us that option to download only via Wifi, so why not BBM as well?

I also can understand network congestion, but once again, why is the consumer bearing the brunt of this? I just can't help but feel as though BBM needs to update the max file size exchanges via BBM. I would even be happy to see a starting point of around 50mb, which I think is reasonable to satisfy both ends to begin with, then eventually up this number.

The free version is kinda useless. What's the point of shrinking it but can't share it? Might as well just charge the app without the free version.

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Why can't the dev just make it 1.99 in the store? I don't like in-app purchases so this app (although useful) won't be downloaded by me.

bb10 should have a feature to save in low resolution vid format just like the old bb os . ridiculous that you cant send a 13 second video.

This seems to be a little bit of a hassle. Very unfortunate that blackberry only allows 6mb. You think they would catch up to the times already. More and more media in large amounts are being transferred now with HD video, bla bla bla. Blackberry can not keep doing this. Its like they take one step forward and three back all the time!

Great app 4 stars been waitin for this for 8 months cant believe BlackBerry didnt bake this one into the OS..

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Lol so it's free but you can do anything with the free version. Makes a lot of sense.. I'll continue my YouTube sharing route. At least I'll be able to generate some revenue off of it

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Can't save the video without the paid version. That figures. I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Note3 Tablet and there are a gazillion FREE Android apps. I'm like a kid in a candy store. I keep my Q10 mainly for work and very little play. I would have to pay to have fun with my fone....

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I like this app. I found it's very good if you want to create a short quick live video (of yourself sharing some thoughts/ideas/whatever) to send to a friend with the quality remaining decent.

Actually (follow up) there has been some problems. One my friend on Bes7 (phone does not recognize the format). My other friends did not respond (open) the video fast enough cause now when I looked it read Timed Out in red, which I suppose means they will no longer be able to open to see and hear. What I am saying is out of 4 people I have sent a small video to so far, none have been a success. Actually my one friend on the Bes7 was able to get audio "only" both on BBM, and through regular e-mail sent. Looks like the developer has a few bugs to work out on this one.

Really? Here's an idea, how about BBM makes it son you can upload bigger files. WhatsApp does. Listen if you want to compete you have to at least offer what the competition is offering. And while they're at it, they should make it so you can share pictures, videos, files, voice notes and location in Groups.

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Or use WhatsApp. Come on, let's be realistic.

The limit is for 2006, we are in 2014. There's no video compression included. And you want me to pay $2 to share over bbm? Nah, I just use WhatsApp which does a quick and beautiful job.

Now, if I'm looking into compressing my videos to save space or send them via email then this is definitely the app to look for.

You are now in my Bingo Book

I love BBM and I try to missionize my milieu in this direction, but the double-fu*king 6MB-limitation of BBM let me prefer WhatsApp for this kind of job..... This app is useful but only a work-around cause of the limitation... :-(

Wouldn't it be easier to do a BBM Video Call? Then the need to share a video file would totally be nullified! ;)

Posted via my BlackBerry Q10

This should be native to the BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry need to up the file limit size...
It not like these are western union telegram days.

Posted via CB10

Does anyone find the app to be very slow to compress? Compressing a 12MB file at 720p to 480p resolution to 5.67MB is taking forever! Its been 12mins and it's still compressing!

9700 Bold2 > Q10