Wanted: Manager of Browser Development!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Feb 2009 11:14 am EST
Wanted: Manager, Browser Development

Looking for a RIM job? Sometimes the best way to get the inside scoop on what a company is up to is to check out their career postings. Example - not too long ago the Apple fan community went wild when the company put out a Request for Engineer to head up their camera development (video recording and more megapixels coming to an iPhone HD soon?!).

Looking through RIM's career site, we couldn't help but feel a little pang of excitement when we came across job post #0805920, which is seeking to fill the position of Manager, Browser Development. We talked about the BlackBerry browser a lot on yesterday's CrackBerry A.D.D. Podcast and what we'd like to see for it down the road. Maybe this posting is a sign that a new and improved BlackBerry browser is on the way! As a hardcore BlackBerry user who wants more from the native browsing experience, I want to see that this position gets filled by a top-notch candidate. So spread the word everyone. Here's a partial snippet of the responsibilities the job entails as well as the qualifications RIM is looking for:


  • Manage teams of technical staff (up to 40 in total) that provide different aspects of the BlackBerry Browser (Core Rendering, JavaScript, Browser UI / Look&Feel)
  • Establish a collaborative, business-driven team environment
  • Be the primary interface for the managed team with all global business units
  • Build relationships with other product development and quality engineering group managers to facilitate cross-organizational and multi-site software development projects


  • Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field
  • 10 to 15 years of directly-related experience
  • 8 to 10 years of experience managing multi-disciplinary technical staff, including recruitment, coaching, and measuring individual job performance and talent development
  • Demonstrated strong engineering team leadership skills within a collaborative work environment.
  • Strong technical background in software engineering and (mobile browser) development

My guess is the "perfect" person to fill this job currently lives in Cupertino or Mountain View or Sunny Vale and may already have full time employment... but commmmon... make the move to Waterloo! BlackBerry users need you! Plus your USD savings will stretch 20% further and hockey skills will greatly improve! :-)

Aside from the position itself, the other 'inside scoop' to take away from this is the size of RIM's browser team. From the description above it sounds like there are (or soon will be) a team of 40 people tackling the BlackBerry browser. We're expecting great things RIM... let's getter done!

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Wanted: Manager of Browser Development!


I'm seriously wondering if you know what a "rim job" is, but if you don't...you may want to Google it. (just hold off on the image search)

What's wrong with wanting a Job from RIM? :) hahaha.. that's the ongoing joke. Got your attention right? I guess you never saw BBCool's t-shirts at WES last year promoting their job board?

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Thank god I decided to pass on coffee today or I would be putting in for a replacement of a liquid damaged one because I would of spit my coffee all over my laptop after reading this...lol


I would if I was a developer, but I'm not. I do hope they find someone soon so we can leap frog the browser to the next level.

yea they deffinately need some new staff in that dept, they need GUI design guys too and a different class of beta testers. Its funny cz like RIM never had to care about things looking good before, and there was no competition - now the madness is driving RIM over the deep end hehe

Oh BOY did it get my attention! Had me rolling in the aisle beside my desk!

EDIT: I'd like to get a job in their beta department and get to test all the cool new BBs, but I think Philly is just a bit too far from Waterloo. ;)

i find it really funny that it first asks to be helped to "rock hard" in the picture, but then goes on to immediately ask if you would like a RIMjob.
yeah, id change that first little question to say "want a job at RIM?"
Asking if one wants a RIM job doesnt look so easy on the eyes... or the mind, if you know what im sayin ;)

i really wish to could work for RIM .....it has a chance for a Vietnamese BB addicted as i am , hasnt it ? .....^^!