Want the Porsche Design style clock or a sweet CB alarm toggle on your BlackBerry? Here's how!

By Bla1ze on 3 Dec 2013 01:28 pm EST

If for whatever reason you've been longing to have the Porsche Design P'9982 styled clock on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone, a way to get it has now been discovered provided you own a BlackBerry Z10. As noted in the CrackBerry Forums by DarcyTallGuy, the process itself is fairly easy and utilizes a 'backdoor' in the clock application for BlackBerry 10.

  • Step 1 - Open the clock app and go to World Clock mode. Add a location but instead of a real location type in fostah, then swipe down from the top.
  • Step 2 - Click on the menu item labeled 'backdoor' and from there, in the list choose 'Emulate Porsche Design HW'.
  • Step 3 - Close the clock app, reopen it as per normal and then go to the clock app settings.
  • Step 4 - In the drop down of clock face styles, you should now see options for Porsche Design Digital and Analog faces.

At this point, it appears to only be for the BlackBerry Z10 because while some of the options are available on the Z30 and Q10, you don't have the Porsche Design options to choose from after going through the process. In any case, a pretty neat trick. If you need a more visual guide hit the forums and thank DarcyTallGuy for digging this one up and keep in mind, it might not work for all operating systems, you'll just have to try it on yours and see.

To get the CB alarm dongle, follow the steps above and once in the backdoor, tap Controls on the bottom then enable Alarm Dongle Enhancements.

PS: Shout out to the Clock team because they apparently like to read CrackBerry!

How to get the Porsche Design clock on the BlackBerry Z10

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Want the Porsche Design style clock or a sweet CB alarm toggle on your BlackBerry? Here's how!



No it does not work. Thanks for the great instructions. Type in fostah then swipe down to have nothing happen.

The instructions are a bit confusing there... you need to type in fostah and then when no results are found, go back to the world clock again and then swipe down. That us where you will find backdoor menu.

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Actually, the instructions are perfect and you don't have to go back like that guy said

I like big BlackBerrys and I can't lie!

Really, it depends on the OS. The instructions are basically a guideline. Can't account for all the OS' that people are running on their devices.

No sense arguing about it, just read the forums if you're having issues. As noted right in the article "it might not work for all operating systems, you'll just have to try it on yours and see."

You are not one of the few you are in the VAST MAJORITY and people on here should understand that. If it said need 10.2 in the title it would have saved some frustration.

This. OP needs to remember always that 10.2 is not available in the USA and Caribbean

You are now in my Bingo Book

I followed the instructions as written, worked fine for me.

As for the Porsche clock...it's not that cool. Big deal, it is a grey/silver clock. Bedside mode looks okay with the goldish color, but I prefer the BlackBerry orange glow myself.

hahaha the best response ever on CB!!

Of course it works, if it didn't Bla1ze wouldn't have posted it

Now why are you trying to poke the bear? No losers attempting to post = a very happy quicksilv3r

haha nice one...Holy Crap! The bedside mode looks awesome! I hadn't seen it in the review of the Porsche Design Z10. It is really cool!

Thanks, Bla1ze!

after you entered this, cancel it. When you are back to the world clock menu where you selected +add, then swipe down and your menu will appear.

Well, they kinda expected people to be on 10.2, or at least get a leaked OS.

I like big BlackBerrys and I can't lie!

So someone gives you a tip and you reply like that?... you're not half assed you're a full ass.

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"Someone" didn't give the tip. These people are paid to run the blog. If they had noted from the outset it doesn't not work on 10.1 or not on all OS, then fine. Sheesh.

Now was it so hard for Bla1ze to just say that to begin with, and not waste the time of those of us who are not on 10.1? Lol

Will work for stl100-1? Lol

He'll yea! Got it working on my STL100-3
stopwatch seems a bit funky though.

Z10STL100-3/ | CB10

Thanks for finding it.

It works for me on but I'm not sure if I like it. I'm gonna try it out for a couple days and see what I think.

Posted via CBZ10 baby!

Nice find there big guy. Love the fact that I didn't have to flash over anything...you're the backdoor man!!

It is a very cool option.

Z10STL100-3/10.2.1.xxxx member/co-founder Berryleaks. From CB10. My channel C000B3B57. Team channel C00032537

I got stuck here too. After you type it, push cancel and go back to the world clock screen, then swipe from the top. New "backdoor" should appear

No no, just swipe down nothing is supposed to happen, when you swipe just go back to the clock normally and swipe from the top to access backdoor.

In back door, select "controls" along the bottom. In there is a slider to enable Porsche clock emulation

Well, I am on AT&T's 10.1 OS. After entering "fostah" on the world clock, hitting "cancel", going back to the world clock and choosing "Backdoor" from the drop down menu at the top there are NO options to choose from on the screen under "Backdoor Controls". The only other things on the screen are the "close" button on top and the 3 tabs at the bottom of the page, none of which have any options to choose the Porsche clock emulator. I imagine everyone else on this same version from AT&T have run into the same thing.

I dont think it will work on OS10.1 you need 10.2 or higher.

Posted on my Z10 Via CB10

Awesome, it works. It looks really really good. I wonder what other things we can do...

I thought the same thing. Wish someone would find a fix for the photo files. Just a few custom tweaks. Lol

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I'm on the newest leak and when I use the backdoor and change alarm dongle enhancements I get the crackberry CB logo on the alarm slider! Awesome!

BlackBerry loves crackberry ;)

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It worked but I tried to do the cb alarm dongle enhancements and I couldn't, is there something I'm missing ?

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Same for me. I get the Porsche Design option but not the ones for Enhancements, Flags or Stopwatch.

I tried on a Z10 with OS from Rogers

What happens when you guys type "fostah"? I just get response "no location found" and I can't swipe down

Fable Publishing: C0012255F

Please read through the instructions again...


YUP...I can now tell time :D
Works wonderfully :D


Holy crap! This is awesome! Thanks for figuring this out and sharing it! I really like the porsche clock and the crackberry logo on the alarm clock slider! Very cool little features!

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How the hell did you guys get the CB logo thrown in there?? Very nice! Although I don't like how it shows up on the digital version..

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That's great. I can even have a "crackberry" toggle for the alarm. So funny ;)

Thanks again. We love to try things like that ;)

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Great Tip Tuesday. Works on my Z10 with 10.2.1....... Very nice customization... Thank you DarcyTallGuy.........

I like how back when I asked in the comments about the possibility of having this porche design clock on my regular Z10 & ppl laughed at me. Thanks for this, Bla1ze.

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lol, its not like the idea was too far-fetched.. and to think it was on our phones the whole time!

I type fostah. Swipe down, cancel. Backdoor option appears on main clock screen. Under "options" I select the Emulate option. I the. Restart as it says to take effect. I still have the old clock, even with the option on how can I make it stick.

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I type. Go back to main interface and swipe down. Now "Backdoor" is there. I select it, the select Emulate. It still shows the old clock. I am on the official STL100-1

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After you close the clock app... reopen and swipe down and go to clock settings this time, and click clock face, you should see the option for Porsche design

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God, are you even reading! -_-
Go back to your normal clock settings and change it to the Porsche Design Analog/Digital

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After the restart, open option and click on clock faces. You should see two new options. Works, just wasn't well described :)

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Wow. Very nice. I can't afford to splurge on the actual phone so having the clock is a nice consolation prize.

seems like it although i'm not sure, kinda weird how we have the option on our regular Z10s when I thought the P'9882 gets it's own version of 10.2? i could be wrong. i may as well be.

Did not work for me...
I get the "Backdoor" menu when I swipe down, but do not have any emulate options. STL100-4

Along the bottom should be four buttons. Click on "controls". The emulate option is in there.

Hope this helps

I have a z10. My first blackberry and now on att. I love it! I tried the clock thing but didn't work. Using 10.1

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i'm on AT&T as well. you should try to update to 10.2 using the Sachesi method, it's been awesome for me and I've updated (on official OS's) twice already. It's not going to be much different than the 10.2 that AT&T will release in 2015 or whenever.

Then is it just for certain carriers or something? Because myself and others have no "emulate" option under "backdoor"

Posted via my Panther Z10 and CB10 app

The OP didn't mention that you have to click on "Controls" at the bottom of the Backdoor menu. The emulate option is in there.

It changes the colour of the shading between the timer slider and "0" based on how long you have left. Goes from red to yellow to orange to green.

yeah just move the alarm tab on the clock as fast as you can and notice the trail behind it. dunno why it's only an option and not just automatic.

I can confirm that this works on my Dev Alpha B running 10.2.1... However, it appears to break the stopwatch (I only see 1's coming up, and no other digits) :(

Edit: I had the Alternate Stopwatch Display toggle set to on ;)

Gotta say, I think I *prefer* the bedside mode version... Would be great to have the gold version available in "normal" clock mode (Anyone from BlackBerry listening? ;) )

Looks great, thanks CB and the Clock team!
I'm on the last release from Telus and works great.

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worked for me also though I was gonna have both analog/and digi on or the other though cool

I just put my location in > then pressed it >then swiped down > clock settings then pick clock face from drop down menu WHY type fostah in location ;) ?

Interesting...I'm on on my Z10 and I get the option, but when I toggle it, even after a restart it does not work. The clock never changes appearance. All of the other options work perfectly though...any ideas?

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Never mind...I had to actually change the clock style after. Works well. Going in and out of bedside mode has some issues though. Not a smooth transition every time like with the stock clock...

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Haha nice one. Thanks. Tried it and it works: Z10-STL100-2 with

I will still use the Standard Analog Theme - White Digits on a Black Background is better readable for me. Especially at Night.

Let's see if/when BlackBerry remove this Backdoor.

Posted via CB10 App / Z10-STL100-2@

Wow awesome design and it works

All android clock widgets - how do you like dem apples!!!

Thanks Crackberry, keep it coming

Posted via Z10 on CB10

So here's how to pretty up your clock while your F**king sensors be tripping all I did was plug in my phone to back up got an update and walla screw u no sensors for u now ahhhh it's pissing me offfff!

Posted via CB10

Not working for me??? The option is switched on but not showing up, I've restarted both the clock app and my z10

I was a little jealous of the Porsche clock option ...BUT NOW IT'S MINE! Brilliant!! :)

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in my opinion the other options in this backdoor menu are even cooler then getting the porch design clock, timer enhancements, world flags etc.. obviously the CB logo shows this backdoor was meant for CrackBerry to find!

Sweet! thanks DarcyTallguy! @weaser you likely have the sensor issue hit up the forums for the temp fix as mine just rotated fine.

Do you thing Developers would release the over all PD'9982 theme to Z10 owners? Kinda want one...

Posted via CB10

I have the leaked clock bar file. Could this be why?

Posted from my awesome Z30 on O2 UK with

Works great on official and no issues with rotation either. Thanks Darcy!!

Posted via my Z10

Hahaha... works for me. I didn't type fostah but i just deleted the saved world locations i had

Posted via CB10

Interesting, the credit for the clock software goes to the Sunrise Team, we even got a picture and people name, really cool.

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It works

Once you type Fostah, then hit cancel
Go back to main clock page again, swipe down

Then you choose backdoor and at the bottom, select option and a new menu will give him the radio button type option.

It works, I know the direction on the article is not very clear.

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