Want an official Dropbox client on your BlackBerry PlayBook? Vote to help make it happen

By Bla1ze on 27 Apr 2011 01:58 pm EDT

Just yesterday, we asked what apps you would like to see arrive on the BlackBerry PlayBook and not surprisingly -- Dropbox was one of them. Luckily for Dropbox users and PlayBook owners, Dropbox has a voting system in place on their site so that users may sugget and vote on new features and additions they'd like to see happen.

A native BlackBerry PlayBook application is now on that list so, if you're among the many that want a native client then head on over to the Dropbox Votebox page and cast your vote. Every bit helps and if enough votes are racked up, Dropbox can then get started on planning the app.

Vote for an official Dropbox client on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Via: BerryReview

Reader comments

Want an official Dropbox client on your BlackBerry PlayBook? Vote to help make it happen


I could deal with a dropbox app but I really want a wuala app. Wuala is far superior to dropbox for my needs.

click the Vote button more than once!! u have more than 1 vote, even i, with a pretty new account had 6

Depends - if it's as limited as the standard BB client (only lets you work with a couple of media types for upload) then they'd be better advised spending those few hours elsewhere ;)


Dropbox is insecure. How about a truecrypt client, then send your encrypted files to Dropbox.

Dropbox in their terms will remove your "security" and give it to anyone who has a warrant which is easy to get.

Thanks for the pickup on this one B1aze! All the Berryheads out there need to band together on this one. We need the native app, much for the same reasons you don't just use the web version on a PC.

Thanks From BerryReview !

Cloud computing (using open clients like Dropbox, box.net, etc.....) and sensitive data just don't play well together.....for me.

I've voted too....I access DB on my Playbook through both iGoogle and direct through PB browser- but you can only download and view docs/files....can't change and save....be great to get fully functional native for PB....