Want a new BlackBerry for Free, courtesy of webOS Nation?

Want a new BlackBerry for Free, courtesy of webOS Nation?
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Aug 2012 11:45 pm EDT

Enter webOS Nation's "Open webOS on my TouchPad" Haiku contest for a chance to win the non-webOS device of your choice! 

As bumpy as the ride is right now for BlackBerry users, at least things are better for us than for the webOS users over at webOS Nation.

Wayyyy better. There's still 80+ million BlackBerry subscribers in the world (and that number continues to grow), and the next generation BlackBerry 10 software and hardware is coming. Of course we'd rather it be three months away than six (or better yet, here today), but the fact that we'll see both a full touchscreen and physical keyboard model launch in quick succession somehow makes the wait seem not quite as bad.

As for the devices we have right now, at least we're still seeing support for them. The BlackBerry PlayBook just received an update this week and it'll continue to receive updates, including one that jumps it up to BlackBerry 10, as confirmed by RIM. That makes PlayBook owners happy.

In contrast, HP TouchPad owners are less than happy, as this week HP confirmed they will not create a build of Open Source webOS for the TouchPad. Sad news. So sad in fact, that webOS Nation is holding a contest right now where you can express your disappointment for this decision in Haiku form, for a chance to win a non-webOS device. Take that HP! And as much as I don't like to try and capitalize on someone else's misfortune, I wouldn't being doing my job if I didn't spread the word to CrackBerry Nation. A chance to win free stuff is always good. I'll leave it that... good luck!

Enter webOS Nation's "Open webOS On My TouchPad" Contest 

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Want a new BlackBerry for Free, courtesy of webOS Nation?


That haiku is mean, Kevin... And not even 5-7-5!!

"BB is dying
is better
Jump ship"

Does not feel nice... That said, my haiku is there and I'm looking forward to a 9900.

Whatever they need to do to justify their meaningless existence by rushing to say first on every post. Even losers have their kings.

Oops. I was so excited to see the spot open that I didn't want someone to grab it before me. So I had to keep it short and sweet.

I'm so glad that our PlayBook gets the OS10 when it arrives. I'm sure that it is going to be outstanding.

Sent from my PlayBook

Why do i have to make a new account to post there.....why can you guys merge all the forums into one single id.....but I'll just make one now.

That's happening... on the way.  Be sure to register with the same username and email address. We've "reserved" your username across the sites, assuming nobody else has used it yet.  If you register with the same username and email it'll allow you to claim it.  And soon we'll have the unified login. Big process. But it's coming!

... except it doesn't.

Thought up a haiku but couldn't sign up with my username, even though the email address matched.


I feel bad for the WebOS guys - My first PDA was a Palm and I've always had a soft spot for them.

Oh... you're talking about on that Adult Apps Roundup? It's funny..we're trying out some new "toys" on the site, so just added that "more stories" widget that shows other stories below blog posts. Since putting that in, that image/story is by far the most clicked one. Hmm.. maybe I could turn that into a blog post. Sex sells for BlackBerry users! :)

As for who it is in the photo, NO IDEA. A fan sent in the photos a few years back.  

Good luck to all who try, though I'd like to channel most of that luck to myself, since I also posted a haiku. =P

Wow. I click on that 18 times a day. But no luck for me as of yet.
We need to find her. I knew that you have the best fans in the world.

"And soon we'll have the unified login. Big process. But it's coming!" I hope your not taking a page out of rim's book, by that I mean I hope your definition of "soon" isn't the same as their's @ Kevin... *Lol* :-)

First Nokia wants to run the Windows POS software on their phones, now RIM wants to run their Blackberry 10 OS on crap phones like Samsung. WOW, Whats next? Let make iPhones run on Windows only.

Your logic is flawed there's no "I" in "We". Garlic makes my feet stink. My name is Bling Bling and this is my crack pipe. I already have iOS running on my tires. Doesn't Nokia run Droid?

Are you 1 Herbert?
I am not Herbert...
He's not Herbert...we reach!!
Playbook, the one and only

Poor webOS Nation. Thought about entering the contest but decided not to - feels as though this prize should go to a genuine webOS Nation member to me.

Free stuff is nice, but this is a consolation for WebOS Nation members. There's truth to the line that there's always somebody else worse off.

Won't let me login, says password is wrong, it's the same I use here. Won't let me create new, says my email address is invalid, same one I use everywhere. Annoying.

As long as the original blackberry playbook keeps on getting updates as well as the new 4g playbook I will certainly be a very happy playbook owner.

PlayBook is a top 2 device right now because of the iPads retina a display and app support . We need new hardware. Shortly after BB10 launches. I doubt it will happen tho

can't login..... While you plan on fixing the unified login problem, I am going to get my poetic freak on so that I have the right haiku to win myself my 9930! JUST WIN BABY!!!