Want a native BlackBerry 10 SnapChat client? Help get Snap2Chat approved

By Bla1ze on 7 Mar 2014 03:26 am EST

When it comes to SnapChat on BlackBerry 10 most people know there is no official client offered as of yet and for months now, a native BlackBerry 10 app called Snap2Chat has been in beta courtesy of NemOry. It's a beautiful, fully featured app that really goes above and beyond what even SnapChat does when comes to interacting with the service and the features it offers but it has to be sideloaded which limits it's adoption for the masses. 

For some folks, if it's not in BlackBerry World it simply doesn't exist and that's a problem because as it stands right now, Snap2Chat may never be approved for BlackBerry World because of the legal constraints placed on third party apps by SnapChat. The terms on SnapChat explicitly state that developers may not "Develop any third-party applications that interact with User Content or the Services without our prior written consent​" and for BlackBerry to approve such an app would be out of bounds.

Now while NemOry, BlackBerry and SnapChat are working to hopefully sort things out, there's also a petition going around that hopes to gain the attention of SnapChat and could further help the process of approval along. If you've got a minute to spare, go ahead and head on over to the link and add your voice to the mix. A great app and a great developer deserve the support of the community, even if you're not a SnapChat user.

Help bring Snap2Chat to BlackBerry World

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Want a native BlackBerry 10 SnapChat client? Help get Snap2Chat approved


Not really interested but i will definitely sign the petition..more apps in BlackBerry World the better for us all.... now Bla1ze go get some rest man..it's getting late lol

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Wicked. We're at 473 right now. Hopefully this will help it skyrocket. Thanks Blaze!

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Only 23 more signatures needed. I don't think I'll use the app myself, but native apps are always welcome, especially for big name apps or clients for those.

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Good luck, but I have Snapchat on my Galaxy Note and think it's the most useless app ever

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I've heard of SnapChat, but I don't know what it does. I'm assuming it's another chatting and media mash up. I don't know anyone who (ab)uses. But more apps is a good thing.

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Signed. Although no plan to use snap chat.

I do want BlackBerry 10 to blossom.

ॐ BBM channeling at C003910CB (Tiger Daddy)

Why would we want it? BBM is already cross platform and it's awesome as it is, and going to get more awesome when video chat go cross platform as well. So why confuse everything now?

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Because you don't have headless support, you don't have anywhere near as many features, and quite frankly using the android version mean you conceed to the fact that they don't give a crap about blackberry. So for the 2 mins it takes for you to fill it out, how about you help a blackberry developer out who has done this not for money at the moment but for helping grow the blackberry name

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Just sign... it's a way of getting the platform another bug app alternative. It's different from bbm and teens and even adults use it

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Not interested for th snap chat app it's so insecure made things easy 4 dem 2 hack android, n even made th iPhone slow n stuck y would you want such an app on th BlackBerry

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It doesn't matter how well written the client is, the SnapChat infrastructure is too badly broken to protect user data in the way they claim. I think it would be a mistake for BlackBerry to approve any SnapChat application until they are more realistic about their claims. It certainly wouldn't be in line with the increased care for user privacy BlackBerry recently announced that they are expecting from developers.

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You don't get it.. no matter how secure, the user is still responsible
Give people what they need or want

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I'm not interested in this app. But I like support native apps to blackberry. I'll sign this petition because I love my Z10

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Everyone that uses blackberry should sign, let's show our strength in numbers.

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

Just sign the damn thing and forget about loyalty.. I don't see people joy downloading google+ because of snapchat.

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NO, this app breaks the vendor agreement, it shouldn't be allowed in BlackBerry World.

Same goes for Igrann and BlackGran.

Via my LE Z10.

Why the hell are you commenting when you are adding absolutely nothing to the topic of discussion. Don't you want blackberry to soar back to old heights? Apps like this make it more appealing to the poor people who decided to buy an apple or Android and hopefully soon will realise their stupid ways.

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Hi RedxD,
The reality is that this only breaks the "vendor agreement" as you put it, until SnapChat provides us with consent. Developing 3rd party clients to help fill a need isn't a new proposition. In fact, there are other 3rd party SnapChat clients on other platforms currently available. Releasing it without the support of SnapChat would be a violation. The purpose of this push is not to circumvent SnapChat's TOS, but to help create awareness at SnapChat that BlackBerry users want their app, and give them a great option to bring their functionality to BlackBerry users without any development cost on their end.

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From the SnapChat Terms:
"While we are not obligated to do so, we reserve the right, and have absolute discretion, to review, screen and delete User Content at any time and for any reason. "

"You retain all ownership rights in your User Content. However, by submitting User Content to Snapchat, you hereby grant us a nonexclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable and transferable license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, create derivative works from, distribute, perform and display such User Content in connection with the Services, subject to your use of privacy settings in the Services to control who can see your User Content. "

The question was "So does this send a copy of every picture to the dev or just some of them?" And you replied "it sends your snap to your recipient only."

But (and correct me if I'm wrong) Snap2Chat uses the SnapChat infrastructure for communication. That's why your using their API is it not? So what ever your intention, the fate of the data is in the hands of SnapChat as soon as you submit it. If they reserve the right to to review user content, and buy submitting the user grants those other rights, clearly the SnapChat infrastructure is configured, or can be configured without notice to provide for the exercise of the rights. Saying it only sends to the recipient is disingenuous.

yes, I'm directly using their api, and whatever happens in the back is not under my control anymore. about the question, if you're using snap2chat, and you send a snap, the app will not send a copy to me, but sends directly to your recipient. or if you mean if it makes a copy in their server, of course yes it should make a copy so that your recipient can download that copy in his device. but all opened snaps are completely deleted in their servers forever.

"but all opened snaps are completely deleted in their servers forever."

That makes it difficult to exercise their "nonexclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable and transferable license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, create derivative works from, distribute, perform and display such User Content..."

They say they delete it, but some of the hacks have been able to recover images after they have been opened by all recipients. Even if they are, today, deleting all opened images their terms clearly allow them to retain some at any time they choose.

I really don't understand some people. The point of this is to help a developer out not to argue the ins and outs of how Snapchat works. I don't like that they store the snaps and there is the potential for them to get published if someone hacks their servers, so I don't send anything that would make me worried should someone hack them. Nem is a great developer who has put a huge amount of time for no financial benefit into developing a hugely popular app that I know for a fact would have the potential to sway someone's decision as to whether they purchased a blackberry, just like igrann and whine. Now you could say well they shouldn't buy a blackberry then, we don't want them but quite frankly blackberry needs all the help they can get. Nem is someone who is willing to, with huge input from the community just like snap2chat, develop any app we want to help close the app gap. So get off your high horse and help the guy out.

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The Concept of deletion is a loose one. It's not as if the pictures are actually gone. For example, when you throw something in the trash is it gone? No, you could dig it out. When the dump gets it is it gone? No, you could dig through the dump. Deletion is more like that and less like a star trek vaporizer.

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Richard, I think saying that his response was "disingenuous" is more than ridiculous. His response adequately answered the intended question which effectively was "can the dev access all of the content individual users are transmitting" and the answer is obviously no. I'm not quite sure what your intention is, but I'm assuming it's just an attempt to be argumentative for the sake of being argumentative. Considering this community includes quite a few non native English speaking members, using a little common sense will better benefit you than nit-picking semantics.

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Of course the dev could intercept any information that is being transmitted as any mechanism that acts as a go between obviously has access to the data that it's transmitting, to think otherwise would be insane.

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo App all the way!!!

Danny, I think you are taking the meaning of dev to narrowly. SnapChat is a Client-Server network communications system. There are developers for the clients, and for the servers. When asking what information does the 'dev' have access to some one knowledgeable of how the system works, like the developer of a client, should not just answer for him/her self. They should answer for the developers of all systems which could handle the data. In this case clearly the developer of Snap2Chat doesn't know. Some assumptions may be made about what the SnapChat developers have done with the server. But clearly there is no control over the clients. For example I could write an unauthorized Android client that does forward all material to me and put it on one of the many grey markets. The developer of Snap2Chat should know this. Not being candid about the situation is exactly disingenuous: "not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does."

Signeded it! Hope it gets out there even though I will never use it. Choices are good

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Signed for the benefit of BlackBerry World. Think the app is kind of useless myself. My girlfriend likes it though

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Signed!! I won't use the app, but my teen is dying for it on her Z10!!!!

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Guys it's an app for fun privacy isn't really a huge concern I could care less if a hacker sees my silly faces, also snapchat is completely different than BBM and many young people like it so at least think of us and help sign!

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If you complain you don't like snapchat, it's because your lady friends have never sent explicit pictures of themselves. Best app ever!! I hope it gets native!

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Unless you are a 12yr old horny teen, privacy doesn't matter much. And even then those kids don't care. The app is for fun quick one liner pics. Just sign to help grow the platform... just because you don't use it doesn't mean others don't

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I am surprised at the lack of support of some in the Crackberry community, which is typically notorious for its undying support.
There are several reasons why you should sign this petition, even if you yourself will not be a user of the app:

1. Most importantly, Nem is a fantastic developer who really cares about the community and what others want from an app. He is constantly in contact with his apps users and constantly listens to their suggestions and involves them in all levels of development. These are the types of developers that deserve your support!!

2. Snapchat is a HUGE app that has the ability to sway smartphone buyers based on availability. By having this approved, it could push some to purchase a BlackBerry if they are on the fence. Although you can side load this and the android Snapchat, many are unwilling to learn to do this or couldn't be asked to take the time to do this. Also, the demographics of the users of this app is a young crowd. Purchasers that change phones far more often than other age ranges. We want to entice them to this platform, not push them away.

3. We all want more apps! And this is a beautifully developed one at that.

Well done Nem!
You have my support.

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If you're so concerned with your "privacy" then don't download the app. But this doesn't concern the vast majority of people, so please help out this developer and sign the petition! It can't hurt?

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Just a thought... what about making the file download loadable off a official website instead like "Snap2chat.com" or making it into apk for the time being so people could download load it directly with out side loading.. once there was a direct following it might be easier to so merit to all parties involved..

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Other than it being advertised, what's the difference of it just staying as a bar file? I love the app and have already signed the petition (30 more to go as of writing this). Then again I've seen petitions that just go unnoticed. I still hope for the best

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So it seems most people only equate the security or privacy issues with the user, then go on to invoke caveat emptor and wonder why some few of us may have other concerns. I'm not discounting user privacy and security, though I don't think the average user has the tools to make a proper assessment, bu t there are other factors that need to be considered.

When I was looking around for a platform to develop for I looked for one that was well aligned with the customers I develop for. The highest priority factors are security, control (to ensure privacy), and stability. There really is only one platform that is a clear winner in that when you consider the supported ecosystem.

What Bla1ze has asked us, including me, to do is sign a petition to allow Snap2Chat into that ecosystem even though it fails on two important factors that determine admissibility. Proper licensing of third party IP. Proper protection of user data.

I haven't personally read the SnapChat API license but Bla1ze said 'The terms on SnapChat explicitly state that developers may not "Develop any third-party applications that interact with User Content or the Services without our prior written consent​" '. I'll take him at his word. This program is already developed against the terms of the license. You may not like the license, but the appropriate action in that case is to go somewhere else. Or follow the steps to get permission before writing the application.

Submission of an application into BlackBerry World also requires taking appropriate steps to protect user data. Snap2Chat hands the control of user data over to SnapChat. You may, correctly, argue that other applications may also turn data over to third parties. Blaq to Twitter for example. But those other applications are not primarily supplying ephemeral picture chat as their service. Providing the ephemeral service requires certain performance from the client software, deleting pictures when instructed to do so. But we have before us proof that SnapChat does not control access to the API to the degree necessary to ensure all clients with access do what they are supposed to. If Snap2Chat can exist, someone else could write a client that keeps the pictures, after all it is just a bit of fun. How much fun would it be to surprise someone with a picture they thought would be deleted?

If BlackBerry decides to succumb to group pressure, because users should know better, ShapChat is fun and trending, they just want to sell phones, or cause privacy is just too hard, my customers and I will have to re-evaluate our confidence in BlackBerry to provide the platform they said they were providing. There is already a great deal of pressure in most spaces to move to iPhone or Android. Many people don't believe there is a significant difference between the security of competing smartphone platforms. What we don't need is BlackBerry adding to the evidence.

I think side-loading Snap2Chat puts the bar at exactly the right height. Not so high that people who really want it can't get it installed, but high enough no one is going to mistake it for an application that meets BlackBerry's standards.

Signed as well. Thanks to the developer for taking the time and effort to create an alternative to one of the big named app. Hopefully this petition will be a success.

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Probably never use it, but signed nonetheless as native apps are needed to make the masses take notice of the best mobile platform around...

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Anyone can make a petition on that website change.org.

Everybody who is aware of this petition should sign, even if you hate SnapChat! This will help BlackBerry sales massively...

At the end of the day it's up to the user what they send... I will be trying out this app :) I'm just not stupid enough to send pictures of anything I wouldn't want possibly leaked over the internet...

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Done. Even though I dont know what this app does lol.

It says 361 needed!

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I recently side loaded Snap2chat but it won't work. It shows version expired and shuts down. Is this the reason why it is happening?

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