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Want to make a difference? How about joining carrier who gives back?

Want to make a difference? How about joining carrier who gives back?
By DJ Reyes on 28 Jan 2014 03:46 am EST

I have been looking for a good pay as you go or SIM-only deal to use in my secondary device. Since owning a Dev Alpha C last year, I've had two BBIDs and figured I might as well make use of it and carry another device on me. It sure makes it great for showcasing the awesome features of BlackBerry 10 when out and about.

While looking around for some deals, I thought I’d check out some offered by MVNOs (mobile virtual network operator) in the U.K. I came across pretty good one from a carrier we haven’t really covered here yet - The People’s Operator. I first came across this MVNO carrier back in November 2012. They didn’t offer BIS at the time (still don't) and really didn’t offer much in terms of data, so I gave them a pass. Looking at them now they’re offering a pretty sweet SIM-only deal.

For £14.99 ($25) a month you get unlimited calls, text and data (with a fair usage policy) on a 30-day rolling contract. For the same price on Three, you get 2000 mins, 5000 texts and unlimited data - though this is on a 12 month contract. And with another MVNO, giffgaff, you can get 500 mins, unlimited text and data for £15 each month.

What makes TPO different is their mission. They’re a carrier that wants to give back. 10 percent of what you spend on the carrier goes to charity. A charity of your choice. If the charity you want the money to go to isn’t listed, you can nominate one to be added to the growing list.

TPO piggybacks on the EE network but only offer 3G plans. If you’re looking for a new plan and love to give to charity, then stop by TPO and check them out. Their unlimited bundle offer price will end February 28th.

Learn more / Purchase a TPO SIM-only deal


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Want to make a difference? How about joining carrier who gives back?

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Three has HUGE advantage against any other network (with exception of Vodafone, but different prices) is the Home Signal box.

While others, including ee, tmobile, orange, O2 have NO Coverage at my location three hone signal made my coverage perfect at home.

Btw - virgin has Sim Vip, with everything unlimited for 15 as well...

But I am even unable to talk my 2000 minutes... :)

Posted from Z10 with leak. Pwnage apparatus!

Similar MVNO deals here in Australia. Usually $40 or $39.90 and the like, on Amaysim, Dodo, etc. Unlimited txt, mms, calls to Aussie mobile, landline and 13/1800 numbers.

Data limited to 4 or 5GB. Boost recently reduced to 2GB, but has the superior Telstra Network. No 4G yet on these.

Optus has $2 a day prepaid "plans", data limited to 500MB/1000MB per day on 4G. If you signed up a while ago, you still got the old conditions, real unlimited data on 3G.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Always cool to hear of another responsible corporate citizen. However I always get ill and pissed off when I read once again how much we are getting ripped off for mobile here in Canada. On a Three year contract with TELUS for my Z10 I pay just over $100.00 a month for unlimited voice and text within Canada and share 5GB of data with my wife who pays the same $100.00+ a month. FRIG!!! And that was a big drop from our previous plan prior to me picking up my z10 on release day almost a year ago. Getting very tired of it

Posted via CB10

3 year! Contract...eek, I wouldn't put pen to paper on that. 12, 18 or 24 month is the most I'd do. I remember years ago when upgrading my handset used to be major excitement for me. Always something new.

Posted via CB10

I agree, we only just got 2 year contracts here. I don't think 3 is available now at all. I've always paid a penalty to upgrade my handset early. And may soon for a Z30

Posted via CB10

If you signed up when you got the Z10 and you and your wife are both on the $100 plan then you are sharing 10GB of data as those plans have 5 each to share. You can go in and change your plan at any time. The current in market plans are a bit better if you don't need that much data. It would be $60 a line +$50 for 3GB a data or $65 for 6GB shared. That would put you at $170-$185 a month, still a bit cheaper than before. Also, we have far less subscribers, more land and worse geography than other countries so it's no surprise we pay higher rates than most.

Sadly, unlimited it isn't. The small print says 3000 text messages, 3000 minutes and 3000MByte of data. Go over that and they charge you. Good deal, but not quite as good as they're making out.

Three will not charge any additional premium for 4G. Although only two cities have 4G at the moment, but they are catching up.

Imho, best deal.
15 quid, 2k minutes (that will calculate to an hour a day) 5k texts (that will calculate to 150 texts a day) and All-you-can-eat data on 3G, HSPA and 4G...

So you have a good coverage, and If you need coverage at home you can get free Home Signal box...

Imho best deal :)

Posted from Z10 with leak. Pwnage apparatus!

Wow. Way to jack a post. The author was not plan comparing. The point was if you are in the region of said company and looking for a pay as you go then look at this one because

"What makes TPO different is their mission. They’re a carrier that wants to give back. 10 percent of what you spend on the carrier goes to charity. A charity of your choice. If the charity you want the money to go to isn’t listed, you can nominate one to be added to the growing list."

Posted via CB10

Telus customers should seriously look at their sister Koodo. For $62 you get Unlimited Canada Wide minutes and messaging with 2.5GB of data. No contracts.

Posted via CB10

All 3 giants have small counterparts

Rogers > Fido
Bell > Virgin
Telus > Koodo

And wind if your lucky like me :)

Posted via CB from my LE

Just logged on phone and found I am updated. Although was already running leak. Z30 on Telus.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Here in the US I use Straight Talk. $45/mo. Unlikely everything sans international callings. Lte service via att. No contract. Only catch is after 2.5gb they slow the speeds down similar to t-mobile.

Posted via CB10

My wife is interested in this deal and I am equally interested in giving her my z10 so I can get a z30... anyone know if an EE z10 handset would work with this carrier as they are using the EE network?

Posted via CB10