Want to install the BlackBerry 10 Developer OS on your BlackBerry PlayBook?

Check out this tutorial on how to get up and running on your BlackBerry PlayBook

By Bla1ze on 13 Jun 2013 03:13 am EDT

A while back, we showed you some images of the BlackBerry 10 developer OS up and kind of running on the BlackBerry PlayBook. While understandably somewhat broken, Kyle27 was working on a few things make it somewhat suitable for others to install and explore.

At this point, it's still not something you'll want to install if you use your BlackBerry PlayBook every day but if you're feeling a little adventurous and want to hack around with your BlackBerry PlayBook, Kyle27 has now posted a tutorial to get the BlackBerry 10 developer OS installed onto your BlackBerry PlayBook.

There are a ton of warnings that could be included here but realistically, I know no one will read them so just remember, doing this to your BlackBerry PlayBook is at your own risk and CrackBerry in no way is responsible for any damage you may cause. You can read the full tutorial below or head on into the CrackBerry Forums for more information and what to expect when installing this.

This will work for both Windows & Mac - just ensure you have the tools that run for your machine

  • Install DingleBerry & DDPB/Some form of sideloading BAR software
  • Download the Dev Alpha OS from here
  • Change your PC and PlayBook date to September 24 2012 - Also turn off your Playbook's WiFi
  • Enable Dev Mode on your PlayBook
  • Extract the Winchester SDK coreOS BAR file from the folder and place it in the Dingleberry/Firmware/custom folder
  • Connect your PlayBook to your PC 7. Open Dingleberry and enter your Dev Mode password into the field in top left
  • On Dingleberry, select Firmware and Make sure the Buttons say Custom & Core OS
  • Check that your PlayBook is detected by Dingleberry (top right corner)
  • Click update at the bottom
  • The device should have an update screen - if not make sure it is connected and try again. If it fails to install, simply disconnect, reconnect and try flashing again.
  • If successful, the Playbook will reboot itself - When it comes alive, enable dev mode again and sideload (using DDPB or similar) the Settings app, BBM, Browser, Camera, AppWorld
  • Reboot your device
  • When it comes back on - go to the NEW Settings app and change your date and time to be correct
  • Enable WiFi
  • Go to Settings>BB ID and check that it retrieves info/allows you to sign in - if so, you're good to go - if not, reflash back to 2.1 (using Dektop Manager) and repeat
  • Enjoy BBM and AppWorld - Browser and Camera will work whether your BB ID works or not

Known issues: DO NOT allow your battery to die while running this OS. The device will not know to turn itself off before the battery completely drains. If it does drain, you will have to perform a stacked charge. It will be difficult to revive your PlayBook if this happens. AppWorld currently only pulls PlayBook apps. It does not pull BB10 apps. The icons in the top right corner of the home screen are inaccessible. Rotation Lock, Bluetooth, WiFi, and Battery indicator icons do not work, though oddly enough, the Settings icon does work. The backlight appears to timeout much quicker than the length of time defined in the settings. And finally, DO NOT power off your PlayBook with the current date and time. If you need to turn your PlayBook off, roll the date back to September 24 2012.

As we noted before, this isn't the first time we saw a developer version running of BlackBerry 10 running on the BlackBerry PlayBook, Kyle did base some of his work off of the stuff xsacha and @GShaneC had been working on so, kudos goes out to all of them for making it happen.

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Reader comments

Want to install the BlackBerry 10 Developer OS on your BlackBerry PlayBook?


You sound like a very responsible dad! Your son will love it if it'll work otherwise... ;)

Posted via CB10

Do not turn my PB off?! It routinely runs out of battery and shut off so this is NOT an option for me!

:) this is NOWHERE an option for anyone with a daily usage PB anyways.
IMHO, you'll enjoy the trip, just to get some tasty feeling of what this *could be, and then revert to official, unless you're a lucky owner of multiple PBs ;)

looks ugly because its not optimized for PB screen resolution. But at least it runs. I can imagine that it takes a lot of time to optimize all the controls and create new ones only for tablets.
And after this BB needs to rewrite all the core apps because nobody wants to see the current AIR versions anymore. I don't expect BB10 on PB anytime soon.

Don't see much benefits to doing this . That's saying a lot since I don't use my playbook anymore.

Posted via CB10

Lol. I posted about how to do this last year. No one was interested back then.
Anyway like I had said before, it's quite buggy and I do not advise it. You can't run any of the new BB10 apps either. Wait for 10.2.

My playbooks don't run it because I've had to do a few too many stacked charges to revive them!!
I only switch to it when I need to run Qt apps on a tablet for my work.

Posted via CB10

I don't see any added value to do this. ;-( waiting for official release...........

Posted via CB10

Wow, I use my PB too much to try it and I am not that techno savvy to even attempt something like this. IF and a big IF an 'official' release is available I would jump at the chance to upgrade

I suppose what I'm more curious about is when will BlackBerry actually just release OS10 for the PlayBook. Clearly they have it in a working stage. Proof is in the fact that it's had an html5 test done on the browser for tablets. So they should just hurry up and get it out there. Eh maybe fix bridge so it works as well as it did on my 9900. Any idea of when they plan on releasing it?

Posted via CB10

I hope you are correct.
It is a long time waiting since the last official PB OS upgrade.

The BB (the company) is rightly putting their OS dev money in areas where they can make back their money fast (OS10 for phones).

The PB is way behind the iPad in consumer interest. It will take a vastly improved PB OS, and heavy marketing for app dev and retail product sales, to bring the PB back to life.

the last "improvement" included

"Renaming of BlackBerry App World™ storefront to BlackBerry® World™ storefront"

and fixing broken stuff


You're clearly a moron who seemed to miss the part in your OWN message about "and fixing broken stuff"...that's an improvement and it's new ;) Oh and DUH!

It's the same problem that Ubuntu Touch has with Nexus 4. You have to disconnect the battery and plug it back in for it to charge again.

Nice to see at least a real possibility that this comes out soon...blackberry bridge!!!!

Posted via CB10

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

PB OS ain't great but the proposed 'upgrade', as described, is likely less great.

as a scientist, I love to see folks tinker with stuff like this...but I don't need bb10 on my PlayBook and I think I will just admire from afar until the official comes out...If ever

Posted via CB10

"Thank you for participating! The Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha device program has now ended. For details on what to do next, please visit developer.blackberry.com"

Crap. How do I fix my Playbook?

Turn your PlayBook off, open BlackBerry Desktop Software, connect PlayBook to PC, reload software when prompted.

Posted via CB10

You know, when I bring my PlayBook over to my folk's house my Mother loves the thing. They have an iPad too but she always says how much easier it is to use the PlayBook since the swiping is intuitive. The other day I was told that she wants one. Well, I actually said to my stepfather that she should wait and see if indeed it gets BlackBerry 10 or not. If not, then I wouldn't buy one, if yes then buy one immediately if we still can. I reminded them that you can't get one either through most retail channels unless you hunt and that they were going to get iOS 7 on their iPad soon which stole a lot of things from BlackBerry.

It's sad that its come to this because the PlayBook is a solid piece of kit and high quality. It has just been treated as the bast@rd step child that nobody wants when it really should be a stellar gem if given R&D love and attention it needed since its first launch.

I sure hope BlackBerry keeps its word...soon sounds so far away still.

If the PB, as is, has and does what your mother wants, why not encourage her to get. Mine still does everything I wanted when I got it, other than bridge as nice with BB10 as it did with my 9900.

I would rather see an update notification on my PlayBook from BlackBerry for an update. It is actually kind of bizarre that they haven't done this yet. Oh well. Time will tell.

I just got a nexus 7 and planning to get an iPad mini for my son... i got tired of waiting for blackberry... i got a S4 for myself and i'm trying to adapt to android.... time will tell....

As far as BlackBerry playbook and running BB10 goes, I hope it will run BBM and have its own PIN. I don't understand. Its a BlackBerry device. Therefore it should have a native BBM built into the device. Especially when ios and android will get BBM. Ya I get that it should have a bridge function where u can sync your BlackBerry to your playbook. But it should also have email and bbm built into it because it's a BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

Isso quebrou o meu Blackberry Playbook ele liga e mostra que agradecem e depois desliga sozinho e ele estragou e agora ?

That broke my Blackberry Playbook and shows that it binds thank and then turns itself off and he blew and now?

I use my PlayBook A LOT when I fly, and I fly everyday for work. Definitely not an option for me, unless I get a second PlayBook ;)

Posted via CB10 on my DevQ

hello...i follow your's instruction and after that .the message show on my playbooks is,
Thank you for participating!

the blackberry 10 Dev Alpha device program has ended
For details what to do next,please visit developer.blackberry.com

and after 5 minutes,my playbook goes to off.
now please help me to get rid off this message and back to previous version of my playbook..

Hi, My PlayBook Doesn't wan't to run Browser or BBM, so i restarted, to see if the problem persists, but in the boot screen, it says : "Thank you for participating ! The Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha device program has ended. For details on what to do next, please visit developer.blackberry.com" PLEASE !!!!! How do i Revive my PlayBook ?? It would be amazingly nice if you help me !!!!