Want a Google Reader App for BlackBerry? Let Google Know!

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By Adam Zeis on 20 Dec 2009 09:43 am EST

Its not secret that I've been dying for a Google Reader application for BlackBerry. I have used nearly ever RSS reader under the sun on my device, and although many are awesome, they just don't bring it all like I feel a Reader app straight from Google would. I am honestly impressed for the most part with the Google apps for BlackBerry like GMail, calendar sync and the Google Voice app, so I think that a Reader app straight from the source would not disappoint. Having feeds all in once place, being able to sync feeds with the web, add feeds, mark read/unread etc. would be amazing. While there have been no rumors floating around that a Reader app is anywhere in sight, there is a page on Google's Product Ideas (http://productideas.appspot.com/#9/e=22493&t=blackberry) that has already been started for Google Reader. So as your Christmas gift to me CrackBerry Nation, I ask that if you too want a Google Reader app, you swing by the page and vote on the submitted ideas for Google Reader (or submit a new idea of your own). Maybe with the power of CrackBerry we can convince Google to crank out a Reader application for BlackBerry. 

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Want a Google Reader App for BlackBerry? Let Google Know!


The two links lead right back to CrackBerry...

EDIT: Even though you sort of fixed the link, it still brings us back to CB!

Same here the links takes us no where but back here at the same place!

Gets me that this has been re-tweeted many times even though the links don't work.

Using Google Mobile app, there is Gmail, Maps, News, and READER on the main page. Under More there's also calendar, docs, photos, sync, and notebook. Adam, what am I seeing that you don't see?

Correct me if I am wrong, but the Google Mobile App only uses a Google Reader link that uses your browser. This feature does not allow you to edit, delete, or add subscriptions.

Yeah it's not a dedicated native app that allows offline syncing. Your only option is the mobile web interface, and frankly, it sucks.

Uh, no. You clearly haven't tried both Google reader and Viigo.
Google Reader syncs your feeds AND which ones you've read, no matter which computer/phone you use.
Viigo just syncs RSS feeds and which ones you've read ONLY on your phone.

Both Arr! SS and Unread provide full article sync with Google Reader (different than the limited Viigo that only syncs the feed list) these actually mark articles read/unread/starred etc. 2-way sync!

They are both very cheap and being actively developed as we speak.

Arr! SS:


I bought both and currently use Unread as it provides a better Google Reader like experience (IMHO), but I recommend you try both and decide yourself.


Now I can get a BB Storm 2. Only thing is, what happens when you go to read the "full version" and it brings up the crappy BB browser?

I second Unread. It is a fantastic application. A new version is imminent that will introduce subscription lists with tagging coming later on. Does exactly what I need. Which was fully syncing my feeds back with Google Reader after my previous app had abandoned the BlackBerry platform.

There is a discussion thread on Unread under Storm 3rd Party Apps if you want to discuss it or give any other ideas. There is also more information on upcoming features as well.

Btw, when you go to the original article, it loads the link in BB Browser and when you back out of it, it takes you back to the Unread application. The developer has allowed the app to use resources from the browser to help display the feeds to have it integrate easier.

I hope they do end up creating one. I don't use the browser/html based one b/c it's not very suer friendly. I would be MUCH MORE inclined to use it if there was one available.

In theory the request has been answered: BB OS 5.0 has support for Google Gears built-in. Gears is the technology Google uses on other platforms for offline storage in Gmail, Reader, etc.

Unfortunately it appears Google considers Gears a dead-end and hasn't upgraded it in months, or even bothered to port it between platforms as close as Mac 'Leopard' & 'Snow Leopard'. Instead Google appears focussed on using future, universal, HTML 5 technologies.

Frankly BB's current browser isn't close to HTML 5 so that ain't gonna fly. We can hope RIM's recent acquisition of a Webkit browser business will result in a better next-generation BB browser, but that is likely at least months off.

So in the meantime we're in the position of having a browser with the requisite technology, and Google no longer caring. As to a stand-alone app, it's anyone's guess but these seem to only surface when Google has a strategic interest.

I'll be honest. The Google Reader capabilities on the iPhone and Android are the only thing making me seriously consider switching to one of those phones

I've just been writing a Google Reader app for the past month or so, and it's about 90% done for a 1.0 version, and it'll be free and open source. I'll announce it on the forums when it's ready to go.

Google Reader for BB would be awesome! Google Reader is my only RSS reader that i love and use and sad that i can't check it with my Bold..

Not sure how I missed this back in Dec. I have submitted my votes... even though it's April. An awful lot in the Google Product Ideas regarding this. Hard for them to ignore much longer.