Last Chance: Want to go to BlackBerry Jam Americas? We've got your ticket!

BlackBerry Jam
By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Sep 2012 03:32 pm EDT

Want to go to BlackBerry Jam Americas and hang out with some awesome BlackBerry folk AND the Crack Team? Well you're in luck - we have free passes to give away! One grand-prize winner will get a conference pass and a 3 night stay at the Hilton San Jose. Five other winners will receive a conference pass for the event (the travel and hotel are on you). The conference runs September 25-27 in San Jose CA. You'll be on hand to see all the goodness that's cooking for BlackBerry 10 as well as get to meet Adam, Bla1ze and yours truly in person. 

Conference pass and 3 night hotel stay: This is the GRAND PRIZE! If you're chosen you'll get a conference pass AND a 3 night hotel stay at the Hilton. Any travel expenses are on you, but the rest is covered.

Five free passes: On top of that we've got FIVE FREE PASSES to give away. These are for the BlackBerry Jam pass only (no travel or hotel, etc - that's all on you), so you'll have to either live in the San Jose area or be willing to cover your own travel/lodging expenses.   

To enter to win, just send an email to letting us know why YOU should get a free pass to BlackBerry Jam Americas. Time is tight so you'll have to get an email in by Sunday at midnight PST to be considered. We'll choose the winners next week so you can make any travel arrangements Good luck! 

Reader comments

Last Chance: Want to go to BlackBerry Jam Americas? We've got your ticket!


:( so far away that and got no vaca days due to my wedding lol but i know i got something bright to look forward to both me and my future wife want a bb10

I'd like to go as I missed BBJAM when it was in vancouver due to illness, and I hold nothing against anyone...even when Americas is unfortunately mis-spelt in the last paragraph :P. Levity aside, i'd love to go and i've never won anything...not even here so i think its time.

I would LOVE to go. I'm just getting into BB10 development and going to the Jam would be a great opportunity to get a jump start.

That being said it unfortunately falls on a week where I need to be at work. The week has been a few months in the planning so my manager would be very unhappy if I missed it, not to mention his manager!

Oh well, it would have been really neat! And this one will be unique as it's just a few months before a totally new platform launch. I can only imagine the energy in the crowd, especially if they fully unveil BB10!

Anyway, I'll be following along right here on Crackberry!

It may be too late but can you aske them to have a handstrap slot on the BB10 QWERTY like the 9700/80 has? Please?

That's Numberwang!

I am working on my app and plan to release it at jam. Currently have a pass as result of being in the dev alpha program. Just need air fair and Hotel now. Working on that but would be great if i could win this contest.

P.S Todo Mate coming soon Guess what it does.