Want a free BlackBerry Bold 9900? Enter the BBM BeBold contest and you could win!

BlackBerry BeBold contest
By Michelle Haag on 5 Apr 2012 05:43 pm EDT

Are you in the US or Canada and looking for a shot at winning a free BlackBerry Bold 9900? The BlackBerry Twitter team announced they are running a contest, giving away a Bold 9900 every day until May 31, 2012. Yes that's right, there are 70 BlackBerry Bold 9900s up for grabs! All you have to do to enter is either scan the barcode at the link below to add the contest as a BBM friend, or send a PIN message to 296446FA making sure to reference “BeBold” and confirm your intention to enter the Contest in your message. Not a current BlackBerry owner? You can still enter by mailing in an entry. (Full details can be found at the link below.) They will choose one winner per day and notify them via BBM or phone. Be sure to read the full rules and regulations, then get to adding!

My only question is, how is the device they are using holding up under the stress of all those adds? We all remember what happened awhile back when Kevin did the BBM Stress Test. Hopefully whatever BlackBerry they are using can handle the pressure.

More information on the contest

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Want a free BlackBerry Bold 9900? Enter the BBM BeBold contest and you could win!


PS. It was pointed out to me that the contest began March 22nd, but I figured I couldn't be the only that never knew about it so here ya go. lol

I agree. I remember reading about the contest about two weeks ago. I was surprised CB didn't report it earlier.

I have the 4S and other than a hyped up toy it's not worth the jump. Right now I'd settle for my old 9000. Iphone has issues like any other cell. Siri sucks most of the time. Reception is poor at best and I'm in downtown LA. I missed out on tix to the weenie roast cause of poor reception and the inability of my iphone to display the full ticketmaster site. Yeah so be careful what you wish for. I'm waiting for the bb10.

I completely agree. Hubby has the 4S and ends up using my 9930 when we're together. Siri is constantly screwing up, his reception is awful inside our house (we're both Sprint and mine is full bars and 3G while in the house) and his touchscreen isn't as responsive as his old iPod. I'm perfectly happy with my 9930 and waiting for the new BB10 phones :)

Maybe it's the BeBold BBM ID isn't on a mobile device?

Cause for speculation that there's a desktop version out there?

That thought crossed my mind too.. but someone pointed out that the PIN has changed from what it was when the contest started.. I wonder if they're just filling up BBM lists then switching devices?

Anyone actually read the rules?

Canuck contest winners have to pass a math test before they can collect.

"If a selected eligible entrant resides in Canada, he/she will be required to answer a time-limited, mathematical skill-testing question without assistance of any kind, whether mechanical or otherwise, which will be administered by Contest Administrator at a pre-arranged mutually convenient time, before being declared a Winner."

How odd...

The question is "How many Bolds did we sell in India last month if we had 10k in stock and we ended up with 100?" The answer... Drum Roll..... 9900 :)

From a quick Google search:

"Many people wonder if the skill testing questions are thought up by the sponsors to prevent Canadians from winning as often. However, Canadian sweepstakes don't have skill testing questions because the sponsors want to discriminate against Canadians, but because they are required by Canadian sweepstakes law. 

Lotteries have three major components: the prizes have value, the sponsor benefits from the sweepstakes financially, and the winner is chosen at random. In order to avoid being an illegal private lottery, at least one of the three components must be removed.

In the United States, the sponsor usually removes the financial benefit component to avoid being classified as an illegal lottery. That is why most sweepstakes include statements in their rules that confirms that the entrant does not have to pay to enter, and that a purchase will not change the chances of winning.

Canadian sweepstakes law, unlike American law, requires that the third component, "winners are chosen by luck," is removed. Sponsors cannot use pure luck to determine who wins a sweepstake. There must be at least some element of skill involved.

In order remove the element of pure chance, sponsors narrow the field of potential winners by requiring a skill testing question to enter their contests. Every entrant does not have the same chance to win; only those who at least pass the skill testing question are eligible to win prizes. Of course, this is only a technicality. Most people can pass the skill testing questions without difficulty, although sponsors are required to make the test somewhat challenging. "

Source: http://contests.about.com/od/sweepstakes101/f/caskillquestion.htm


I couldn't imagine it was simply to exclude those who can't do basic math. There had to be another explanation.

The more you know...

It took at least an hour for my request to be accepted. (I used the PIN method.) I imagine they are only doing it during business hours as well. Who wants to take it home and approve requests all night, right? :P

yea same here. I mentioned the contest in my request, I didn't know if we were jus supposed to mention it there or if it would accept you.

I was waiting for about 3 days with "pending" until I finally emailed the PIN directly, saying "still pending, why the delay" type of thing...

And then in about 3-4 hours I was added.

Aren't most BB users outside d US & Canada? What's d point here? Why should we outside North America continue to use BB when we can't get a chance like North American users to enter BB promo contests?

Maybe because we buy Bold's and the BB penetration outside of North America is with Curves :)

oh also because we in North America have full blown data plans as opposed to $10 BBM only plans :)

im in the UK with a bold (well, a few actually) and a `full blown` data plan (the only option in the UK.

also we pay in £ not $ ;)

The top part of your comment makes sense.

The bottom part (as you wrote it) doesn't mean a thing. Now if we pay $90 USD a month for our plan and you pay 90 british pounds then your second comment is on to something because the exchange rate will indicate that you guys pay roughly 50% more than those in the USA paying with USD. But, I doubt that is the case. We pay $90 USD and you guys might be paying 40-50 pounds. same difference!

and you guys get faster data rates than we do in North America so you're actually paying equal amounts for more. lol

I don't see how debating data plans has anything to do with a contest sponsored by RIM. Do you pay RIM for your data, or do you pay your carrier?

anyone know if you should enter during business hours??? Like what time to enter? O_O....my request is still pending :(

There appears to be more than on PIN that you can use. Check the @blackberry feed on twitter. I saw the message below this morning.

"ADD THIS #BBM PIN - 29644736 - You could win a #BlackBerry #Bold: http://bbry.lv/HNre5n US & CA only."

so unfortunate!! u guys don't consider India...tell u sumthing, dis is where BB will get its due respect & what it deserves & its lost charm.. all d best BB

See the following:


Basically sums it up as follows:

"The reason why residents of Quebec are not eligible to enter many Canada sweepstakes is not because the sponsors don't want to advertise in Quebec, and it's nothing personal against any of the residents of that fine province. Rather, many sweepstakes are void in Quebec because the sponsors must follow a stringent set of rules set out by the Quebec government."

There is a list of about half dozen very serious rules to follow which require time and money to make sure it is all ok with the Quebec government. In conclusion:

"While these laws are intended to protect the citizens of Quebec, they are also a significant burden of money and resources to sweepstakes sponsors, and the consequences for a mistake are severe. Rather than run the risk of facing legal action if these long and complicated rules are not followed to the letter, many sponsors take the easy route of making their contests void in Quebec."

I was hoping Crackberry would not mention this - I was on day 1 hoping to win before more people joined in !

I will never understand my RIM always has contests for current BB users. They should be trying to gain new customers. All of their contests are for BBM users, and I would like a new BB, but I'm currently using a used iPhone since my Bold 9650 broke and upgrade season isn't here yet.

I just read the "fine print" on the Contest entry page...

When you sign up by scanning the PIN barcode, or email the PIN, you *MUST* mention that you want to "JOIN THE BEBOLD CONTEST". I waited for about 3 days and PIN showed up as "pending". Finally I emailed the PIN about it, and was added.

It is NOT enough to just scan the PIN barcode. You have to write them a message when you request the invite, or email later, that you want to join the BeBold contest.

Hope that helps anyone who is still in "pending" status (there go my chances to win).

man I can't believe its only for US & Canada. I'm from India and let me tell you - ppl are CRAZY about BlackBerries here.. This is so not the strategic move from RIM giving away free bolds to ppl who don't even want it.. If this is the way they're gonna target markets its soon gonna be all over

To those upset that the contest isn't available in every country, have you considered its because they are trying to get more word of mouth marketing in this market? North Americans haven't upgraded on a large scale, so this is likely a marketing strategy. The rest of the planet doesn't need this kind of marketing because they love Blackberry.

Ok, I emailed you, but just in case... Try to contact the pending PIN by sending them an email. Select the pending PIN in BB Messenger and choose "Contact " from the menu, send an email asking to be added to BeBold contest.

So excited about this! I've never won anything and this would be awesome! If it happens, it happens! Good luck to everyone!

I was notified today, April 26th, that I am a daily winner in this contest...I can't wait to receive my new device!