Want Draw Something on your BlackBerry PlayBook? Help us get it there!

Draw Something
By Jared DiPane on 15 Mar 2012 05:59 pm EDT

Since the release of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0, and the ability to run Android apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook, we have all found ourselves wanting more and more apps to play with. Lately it appears as though Draw Something has become an extremely popular application amongst Android and iOS users. For those unfamiliar, it is a game similar to Pictionary where you draw a picture and then your opponent has to guess what it is. Wouldn't you love to use your BlackBerry PlayBook to partake in the fun? 

The developers at OMGPOP are looking for some additional interest from BlackBerry users in order to think about developing the game for the PlayBook. So CrackBerry Nation ... we need you! If you would like to see Draw Something on your PlayBook, take a minute to hit the link below and show your support. Let's get Draw Something on the BlackBerry PlayBook!

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Reader comments

Want Draw Something on your BlackBerry PlayBook? Help us get it there!


Already playing it! Thanks to the Flash support on the PlayBook, you can just go to omgpop.com and click the "Draw My Thing" game and play no problem!!!

Here's a tip... Works better in portrait mode so your keyboard doesn't obscure the screen. Otherwise just bridge that BB phone and draw like a maniac! Hook it up to your HDMI and play on a big screen from your couch! Someone post your video to YouTube doing this!

A native app would be nice to be able to play with other friends and contacts, but the online flash-based alternative from the same developer works good and with random groups of people.

I am sure someone will find a way to download the SWF and repackage it as a bar. Like I found a site with some flash games including Angry Birds, and if you look at the source find and download the SWF file and launch it locally from your playbook by going to file:/// in the browser and then make a bookmark to it to add to homescreen so it looks like an app! Flash on playbook is best idea ever!

Guess you never noticed Draw Something is actually Made with Marmelade, making it's transition to the PlayBook all that much easier and HIGHLY possible.


Maybe someone could tweet this to the developers.

If it's an easy port, then it would be a no-brainer to develop it for the PlayBook and make more $$.

In this case, I think it might be different since the developers themselves are trying to gauge interest. Sounds like a fun game. If I can play on my Playbook vs. my wife and her Ipad I would purchase it.

Windows 7 has more support than Blackberry!

Common guys Vote and send the link to your friends so that they vote because we need to beat WP7 if we are ever going to get this App. The good news is the the WP7 suggestion was posted 1 month ago, while the BB app suggestion is new.

I'm sorry to say but everyone can vote all they want, but Drawsomething will not come to blackberry. It's like we are the step children. I don't understand why blackberry is treated in such a way but I'm getting used to it.

lol agreed with the comment above me, this is going to be a big hassle if i have to do this for every app but anyway


New to blackberry due to playbook and hoping for this application. Though I'm about to jump on machinarium.

I tried this game and it is actually very fun as simple as it sounds.

This would be a WONDERFUL addition to the Playbook scene.

I encourage everyone to vote for this. Even if you don't care for this game, vote anyone because it will certainly get some big developers aboard.

This app is a big hit these days.

Why is that?
Vendors are supposed to be coming knocking at my door - not the other way around. RIM should be begging on behalf of their money paying customers for this app, not me, you, or anybody else. It's a freaking mobile phone and tablet that I payed for with some hard-earned cash, not a religious cult. I won't go begging for app support like a Hare-Krishna devotee at the airport.

Windows Phone users are voting for this as well, and they have over 1300 votes. They have been listed as under consideration.

Come on Crackberry, we can surely get that many and MORE! :)

would love this game on playbook or bberry... but not when you're gonna charge for it.
it's free on ios. also, would love to be able to play w/ ios/android users, otherwise, don't bother coz, let's be honest, there wouldn't be anyone to play with.

dunno y bberry/playbook apps are so expensive compared to ios/android apps where most are free or significantly cheaper.

I Showed my support for Blackberry by voting.

Windows 7 has more support than Blackberry!
Common guys Vote and send the link to your friends so that they vote because we need to beat WP7 if we are ever going to get this App. The good news is the the WP7 suggestion was posted 1 month ago, while the BB app suggestion is new.

I can't believe we have to vote for all the Apps. That's too bad. We should be able to vote with our money. I think RIM needs to increase their write-off by about 5M more - and just pay these guys to get the ecosystem a bit more developed.

Of course I want this game. My wife is playing it right now next to me on her iPad 2,and anytime I can beat her at something I jump at the chance. Looks fun and she enjoys it. Posting now from my PlayBook.

It may not be as easy to convert to PlayBook as one would expect. The Marmalade Facebook extension is not currently compatible with PlayBook, so they would need to roll their own solution, which is not easy. Could prove an expensive port. That said, I believe ScoreLoop has Facebook support for PlayBook so that could be a potential easy route.

Seems that the difference is Sketch w friends anyone can play from cross platforms whereas draw something you choose. That said swf is great, plus native, and I'm sure it'll be updated to choose who you can play against.

Now that we have Xlabz Sketch W Friends.....I think people will prolly lose interest signing the petition. Will the makers of Draw Something regret not putting it on playbook right away? I think Xlabz was smart to release theirs first to take advantage of the demand. Now maybe other developers will think twice about delaying putting their games on playbook or else something similar will come along and steal their thunder.

Btw before someone drill me about my comment. I would like to mention that I have signed the petition way before we got Sketch W Friends. Be bold!!!

I totally agree. I signed the petition, but I honestly dont care anymore.

Sketch W Friends is awesome, and we didnt have to beg for it. They brought it to US!

So Im pretty much over Draw Something.

Im supporting Sketch W Friends all the way! :)

I'm loving this game! Unfortunately, I'm have to use my husband iOS phone to play it. I would love to have it on my Playbook!!!!!

I would support anything that would get more Android apps onto the Playbook. I know that the marketing is We build tools not toys....BULLPUCK! Even people who use the playbook for business need to unwind and play a few games. There is also the whole long trip in a plane who wants to do all buisness and no play. Come on Blackberry get these apps. Make developers want to come, and DON"T Charge us 3.00 when android has it for .99 or FREE. Come on we stuck by you now show us some love too