Want a BlackBerry Z30 from T-Mobile USA? Sign this petition and let @JohnLegere know!

T-Mobile BlackBerry Z30
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Feb 2014 05:40 pm EST

I'm a big fan of T-Mobile's CEO, John Legere. He does the kind of shit that I would likely do if I were the CEO of a big company that's in a similar position. I mean, I don't see him doing really ballsy things like eating raw onions, punching muggers in the face or baring it all on youtube, but he knows how to attract attention to himself.

Recently he got the attention of the CrackBerry community by deciding that T-Mobile USA would no longer carry BlackBerry phones in retail stores, instead making the decision to fill the demand via direct shipping. Sad news, but at least BlackBerry 10 phones were still available to T-Mobile customers. Except of course, for the BlackBerry Z30.

As of now, only Verizon offers the BlackBerry Z30 in the USA, but that hasn't stopped BlackBerry fans on other carriers from raising their voices in protest. We recently blogged about a petition to bring the Z30 to AT&T. Now we have T-Mobile customers taking action to start their own petition in hopes of T-Mobile picking up the Z30. Since T-Mo is going the direct shipping route anyway, you'd think it wouldn't be too hard a request to oblige for such a forceful CEO as John Legere, even if Verizon has an exclusive on it. I mean, Legere could just walk into Verizon HQ and say "EFF THAT, it's my exclusive now.". Heck, he'd probably walk out of the building with a box of donuts too, for good measure.

The odds are signing the petition won't actually do anything, but ya know, it can't hurt. And it'll only take a minute. So jump over at the link below and show your support for the T-Mobile customers out there itching to get their thumbs on a Z30. And who knows, maybe @JohnLegere will make it happen.

Sign the Petition to Bring the Z30 to T-Mobile

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Want a BlackBerry Z30 from T-Mobile USA? Sign this petition and let @JohnLegere know!


This has got to stop. I would hope going forward Mr.Chen can work his magic and get the big name US carriers to get back on the BlackBerry train!! After all, these are some of the best devices in the world!

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

There was an interview with JC that I heard him say something to the order of "we know what happened with the carriers in the USA and when we are ready to go again that won't happen again". I really perked up when I heard it and I am looking forward to seeing what he meant by that

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That's amazing! Why not to try this way to improve BB condition in general? Social marketing is much powerful than e.g. Super Bowl commercials... Social sales policy seems to be also much efficient than standard point of view North American mobile Operators represent lately in relation to the BlackBerry. Next step could be something democratic leading BlackBerry back to the top of tops! Z30 could do a lot but at least one year ago and only with BB10.2.1 = WE NEED Q50/Z50 TODAY TO SLEEP CALM, without a fear we'll wake up tomorrow without BB...

[...] First ever London smartphone story powered by Z10: www.blackassistant.com

I think there should be a petition that asks Tmo to carry the next batch of BB10 phones. Z30 will be old hat by the time it actually makes its way to Tmo (if ever), and sales will be poor because of this.

Agreed. I don't feel that it would be just to do this for every new phone as paying customers. It is simple supply and demand. We demand that they supply :)
Just an FYI to all when I signed we still needed 367 more signatures. Let's keep pushing.

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I too use the Crunk and love it! Initially, not thrilled, kinda felt like it wouldn't be comfy or secure but since have dropped phone two, maybe three times and it protects just fine. Slips in and out of pocket without trouble and has a better grip than my Incipio Frequency case. Nice job Crunk/CB!

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On AT&T, but I'll sign it anyway. BTW, the "petition to bring the Z30 to AT&T" link actually brings up the "no longer carry BlackBerry phones" article. Just a heads up.

I will sign it, and I ask everyone, even those on other carriers , to sign it as well!

PS I respectfully encourage Kevin & Co. to put a greater leash on the 4-letter words etc. CB has a public responsibility to consider beyond personal exuberance. Thnx!

I curse like a sailor and I'm inclined to agree. It gives your readers an impression your writing and dedication doesn't deserve.

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Was wondering the same, our crackberry friends deserve our support! Clicked the link, went to white

On my awesome BlackBerry Z30

I'm a t-mobile customer so this is important to me. Any help from crackberry nation is appreciated!!!

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You could, but if it shows your nationality and that a lot of Canadians are voting, it won't help the cause because y'all aren't TMO's phone buying customers. I looked at the last AT&T petition and noticed a lot of Canadian sigs there as well.

I hope you didn't mean board, because that would be wrong... potentially on a few levels...

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Lol, No I didn't actually. The word "Heck" was supposed to be "Hell". Now I think my spell check did it.
Anyway, can a Canadian sign this petition?

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Signing & sharing the petition.

I agree with the comment about not using foul language in articles. That wasn't necessary.

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I believe it's coming. If you read in the forums, they're whitelist testing 10.2.1 with WiFi calling (yes, I said WiFi calling) and I think it's been going on for a month now.

I'm with AT&T but signed it anyway. I am getting very impatient with waiting for the Z30 STA100-1 to be available to purchase. I'm not understanding why BlackBerry hasn't made this available for sale on their website yet? I honestly prefer to buy it straight from BlackBerry because it will come unlocked and want my money to go directly to them rather then a US carrier that shows no support for BlackBerry

I think the petition should be to send a memo to all their staff reassuring their staff that BlackBerry is NOT going out of business and that they are not to tell this to their customers. Until this perception and attitude changes, what's the point?

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This isn't the right way of doing it. Voting with you dollars would be better. Tell T-Moble you want a Z30 or you'll walk, if they don't supply go somewhere else.

Maybe you're right... hmm, I HAVE been meaning to try out an MVNO for a while.

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Except the choice here (i.e. a carrier with the Z30) is probably $50-60 more expensive per month. I doubt more people would choose a phone over a saving of $1200 over two years.

I want one bad! Lol I have the q10 but I want the z30 to! So hopefully tmoible can get it

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I have had the awesome Z30 on T-Mobile for two months and t-mobile had update the same day everyone had it. They are progressive and they have bring your own phone policy, so they seem to provide update for phones.

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Signed, sealed and sent! Why is it taking BlackBerry so long with selling the Z30 direct? I believe it would move at a nice rate. Also please slash the Q10...it cost almost as much as a Z30 on Ebay lol.

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They do. After you pay off what you owe on your device, they will unlock your device upon your request.

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1. That's carriers you're talking about. BlackBerry does not do any unlocking AFAIK. Carriers do that.
2. He probably meant BlackBerry should sell factory unlocked phones (Z30s) like they do the Q10 and Z10.

I am a Verizon user, but I signed anyway.....every carrier needs the Z30 (and other BB10 devices)....its the best phone on the market and if people don't have the chance to use it, then how are they gonna tell people and spread the word on it?

Hope they change their minds but I also hope everyone who signs actually buys the phone from TMO. Lol I did when Rogers reversed their decision :D

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Not to be a negative Nancy but if the user rate for BlackBerry in the USA is in the 0.8 range how is signing a petition going to do anything?

One year later and BlackBerry customers dropped over 3% since bb10 came to fruition.

They don't add up. Just MHO.

Posted using the best phone ever, the white Z10!

Quite frankly I don't give a shit about the Z30 or any new models. I just want T mobile to support models already sold. Where's the effing 10.2 update????

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Was wondering when this would happen... On another note, which version of the Z30 should I get unlocked for tmo? the forms say sta100-5 and some say sta100-3 I need to know for sure

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I've also contacted customer support and marketing regarding the lack of advertising on their website. They only have a BlackBerry Curve running BB7!! I've complained because it's not a fair representation of the BlackBerry. Someone email me: inbox.genesis@gmail.com regarding anyway to keep pushing this compliant. According to multiple representatives, it's claimed that they don't have a stock of new blackberry's online and that you would have to order on the BlackBerry website. I find this ridiculous because retail stores direct you to their website. They should have the new BlackBerry 10 options and an email system to sign up for availability or something. If they ran out of iPhones I bet they would quickly provide a backup to order once available.

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Excuse the poor sentence structure and language. I should have typed it all once this train stopped. Tons of people cramming my space. Apologies.

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... and Kevin has to put $20 in the "Excessive pinging of John Legere on Twitter" jar.


I'd rather see a petition for Blackberry to sell the Z30 direct. They have all the inventory for all carrier bands by now, no?

Forget T-Mobile just switch to Verizon, if T-Mobile wants to loose customer let them. Sometimes companies have to learn the hard way

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Not after Verizon spent all that time and money effing net neutrality in the courts. The FCC needs to just classify the internet as a telecommunications service already. We are clearly far past the "information services " days of the mid-nineties.

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+1. And btw, I am guessing there's no point in a Brit (effing) signing it, so I haven't, though I most certainly would in spirit.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Net neutrality? Huh? Can you explain a bit more what that has to do with device availability?

Nothing. But it is related to why some might not just hop over to Verizon. My comment was a reply to that comment, not the post. Feeling snarky today or something?

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Are you aware of the service pricing difference between the two carriers? Serious money over time.

Psh of course ima sign it! If I would've waited longer I would have gone with the z30 instead of my z10. But I really love my z10 . Wouldn't change it for anything. Also I would like to see the 10.2.1 update for T-Mobile US in the NEAR future. Yes?

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If Verizon Wireless has an exclusive on the Z30, T-Mobile doesn't have the money to change this. They can only wait until the exclusivity expires. The petition would be better served toward BlackBerry to sell the devices unlocked and directly to consumers.

I'd like to see this phone come to TMO first, because that will pretty much guarantee WiFi calling coming to the Z30. THEN they can direct sell phones.

Even then, TBH, I doubt a whole lot of people on our carrier would buy factory direct phones because of a little thing known as the EIP :)

Duh.. really. Let's have them put the phones in the stores so we have more idiots tell them how much the phones sick and buy a iPhone or samsung. Forget about it...

Posted from a Blackberry Z10 os ,

Fyi Kevin - T-Mobile US is not even carrying the Z10 on their website now. At least I can't find it.

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Petition is a waste of time. Americans don't want blackberry phones hence the zero point zero market share.

Many Americans do want it, hence the petition.

BlackBerry is responsible for the poor market share. They haven't done ANY real consumer marketing in over a year.It's hard to sell a device when nobody knows about it. The only people who really knew about the Z10 and Q10 were people who read tech blogs. Other than that, people rely on carrier sale staff and marketing, both of which haven't been present or positive. Ignore the market like they've done and sales dwindle.

Thank you! So true. Sales reps all tried discouraging me and offered iphone and Samsung, showing me all their bells and whistles plus stating that this was the way to go. I ignored 'em all and here I am, Q10'ing and loving every minute!!!

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I signed I want a Z30 even though I love my Z10. I updated the leaked OS and it works fine minus the wifi calling. But the tmo unlimited package makes this feature obsolete. The leak has a minor bug as it doesn't allow you to login onto Facebook but I use the awesome Web Browser to access things. So I don't know why anyone before was crying about apps. If Verizon has a lock on the Z30 BlackBerry should rename the device and give us an updated version. Let's go BlackBerry

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I signed the petition even though I am in Canada....

PLEASE people, sign and let of voice be heard, let's make some noise blackberry

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

I want a Z30 from BlackBerry not from a US carrier. Non of them are supporting BlackBerry so BlackBerry should sell it directly to us. Enough with this nonsense

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Not a T-Mobile customer, but signed it anyway because I am a loyal BlackBerry user. Good luck!

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Tmobile in the Netherlands also don't sell the z30.....
As a matter of fact, a haven't seen the z3o anywhere... :-(

And I want to see and to hold one because I want to buy the z30..

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Switched from ATT to Tmobile and the girlfriend and i wanted a Z30 :( unfortunately both the GSM carriers here in the states aren't too keen of BB

I live in the UK and a T-Mobile customer, to get my Z30 I had to go to Mobile Direct and my handset came the next day. My problem now is getting my number ported over as I used a third party I've had to move it to a pay&go with Vodafone then move it back to T-Mobile all because they don't stock the Z30..................

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

Signed from Australia. If friggin' Optus can carry the Z10 (also online), and Telstra have all BB10 except the Q5, why can't the Yanks have a decent phone?

Z30 is awesomatic, Z50 will be absolutely killer if quadcore on BB10. Imagine quad, if already dual is knocking the socks off other phones. Go the Berries!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Telstra (TELecom auSTRAlia) have all BB10 (except Q5) on display in their stores, even in a backwater regional city like Cairns (nice and tropical all year round, gotta love it!), why are US carriers so obsessed with the spyPhone and the Scamdroids?

Sold out to Apple and Samsung, that's what they are / have.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Signed it...even though I love my Q10 I wouldn't mind being able 2 purchase a Z30...maybe then I could finally get an update from T-Mobile...I'm starting 2 really hate them...

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I think there should also be a petition to bring the new 10.2.1 software to T-Mobile!!!


Just signed but saw only a little over 500 signors on the petition. That's not going to get it done folks. Everyone- TMO customer or not- should sign this. It benefits all BlackBerry users, regardless of the carrier.



Not true, TMobile has a finnicky little website. You have to login, logout, then log back in before you can say they don't advertise a certain phone anymore. Whoever is the webmaster is either a slacker or a huge android/iPhone sympathizer. Because all these "mistakes " and delays are coincidentally only happening to BlackBerry devices. Anyhow, all BlackBerry devices "offered by TMo at least ", are in fact back on the website.

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I signed the petition with my BlackBerry Z30. Works perfect on T-Mobile. Get yours at GSMNATION. STA 100-5

I remember a few months ago there was a twitter blast that went out to support the Z10. possibly another twitter blast should go out, tweeting both T-Mobile's main account and John Legere's, asking to make the Z30 available. Maybe a twitter blast to AT&T as well...

Go ahead! lol
I've been twiting them both whenever necessary but i feel like im by myself on this
im just one person

Upsetting that this happens! For the longest I waited for updates or the new BlackBerry that would never make it into TMOBILE. Finally, I get my hands on a Q10 and for what? To be left in the cold with no 10.2 update and now removal of BlackBerry altogether? No way, totally blows!

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Oops! Got ahead and posted, wasn't quite done. OS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry all appeal to different folk which is why consumers should continue having these many options to choose from and by T-Mobile pulling BlackBerry off their shelves really leaves it's customers with one less option. Mr. Legere clearly is moving the company in a great direction ( I truly admire, but) and we, consumers, are obviously benefiting from his bold moves but removing BlackBerry kinda leaves us (BlackBerry) users stuck in limbo and possibly having to move back to a carrier that will force their evil contracts upon us. Why? #uncarrier would you #unleash these awful news? Please support all platforms, BlackBerry included!!!

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