Wanna get a better look at the BlackBerry WebKit browser? See it in action! [video]

By Bla1ze on 10 Jul 2010 12:05 am EDT
BlackBerry WebKit

Here is a nice surprise for everyone as we head into the weekend. The good folks over at Driphter.com have just posted up a pretty nice video of the new BlackBerry WebKit browser running on a BlackBerry 9800. So far, videos have for the most part skipped over showing the WebKit browser so this is certainly the best look at it for now. Hit the video after that jump and let us all know what you think in the cooments. Personally, to me it's looking mighty fine now all we need is RIM to start rolling it out to users.

Source: Driphter.com

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Wanna get a better look at the BlackBerry WebKit browser? See it in action! [video]


That browser does look awesome, and as that's only the pre-release version of the software and the phone, I'm dying to see the full potential of this in its full release, finished form!

Loaded full Crackberry.com site in 1/2 the time and scrolled with no checkerboard.

Looks to me like RIM added pinch/zoom and tabs to the old browser and slapped a "new and improved" label on it. Hard to compete when you release improvements that don't bring you on par wih devices released a year ealier. Step it up RIM!!!

yeah, i did the same test on my incredible and it took 17-18 seconds more on the new and improved blackberry browser.

It doesn't seem that great... Rendering is okay... but it should have those white blocks... still can be better... wasn't what i was expecting..

current model iphones do not checkerboard like that, and neither does android, at all. look it up, theres videos of people trying to get the browsers to do that and it can't be achieved.

It has to do with the processor on the device, not the software. Phones with more powerful processors don't experience the checkerboard effect because they process the information faster.

Someones forgotten lots of stuff, huh?

My Linux box with a Athlon 800--800mhz Thunderbird chip--DDR133 Single Channel Ram--256 megs--running Ubuntu can load every website my buddies brand new iPhone 4 can load, and can do it FASTER, EVEN when I force the router to only deliver 1 Megabit worth of pipe to the computer.

Now that Athlon 800 is pretty darn old, we're talking ten years old. That RAM? I've had it since 98. The motherboard is still kicking after 13 years--97--too.

So.... explain...

Just tried it on an iPhone 4 32GB over a wifi connection and it did show the checkerboard when scrolling down a fully loaded page really fast

I just tried and got no checkerboard and a way smoother pinch to zoom. BB needs to catch up. People want both performance and functionality nowadays not just functionality. Still love my 9700 though. its a great phone

Yeah it really shouldn't have those checkerboard... I got none when I browse on my Android phone (Evo)

That's because your battery dies before the page even loads.

Really, what is it with all these Android trolls? Are they really that insecure?

Oh yeah, and email doesn't take twenty minutes to show up on my phone, oh yeah and my phone has a keyboard that doesn't feel like a fisher price knock off. Oh yeah, and this is crackberry.com, not androidmakesmyballstingle.com

You can't be so ignorant to notice that android does things better than blackberry. I love my blackberry for the messaging experience but the multimedia is so behind it's not even a competition.

Have you used an android browser? How about an HTC with Sense? It all looks so modern and beautiful and works so damn smooth. Android is growing and RIM needs to catch up.

Ignorant is not reading the post your responding to. I made zero reference to browsing or multimedia. I have used the HTC Hero and the Iphone4 and both currently have superior browsers and multimedia capability to BB. In fact, the Iphone4 does web browsing and pretty much all facets of multimedia better than the HTC Hero. If you'd read my post, I referred to battery life, email delivery time, and quality of keyboard, all things my wife's Tour does better than both.

LOL! I love it, I just about spit coffee all over my computer when I read that.
I'm gonna have to use that one.

It's funny because it's true :)

battery really is a weak argument. remember, I loved my storm 1 and defended it to the end. I honestly still love the typing on it. BUT, i just bought a 3500 mAh battery for my incredible and it cost me $49. it can run a week on the incredible. it can take 48 hours without a charge pounding the device, GPS, maps, texting, web surfing, etc... does the stock, OEM battery stink? YES! can it easily be fixed? YES! and, you can do push email on the incredible as well, it's not as good as blackberry, but you can set it to check every 5 minutes if push isn't working.

Did you browse driphter.com though? With their god awful all-black background? That's the killer for screen re-draws on mobile devices. Put up a video or shut up.

Looks like RIM might finally shake off the curse of the bad browser. Obviously it was a little choppy and not too fluid but it is still pre-release. Looking forward to trying it on my 9650.

years ago, this would have been hot, but, IMO, web-kits are way better than BB's induce....good luck RIM:)

My "cooment" (lol) is that it looks great, but why the you know what do we have to wait so you know what long for it? We should have had this at least a year ago and I'm guessing it won't actually be released for several more months!

Wonderful video about the browser. I am looking forward to getting a 9800 in January for my upgrade but before that I hope we get an OS6 with WKB before that. I have a 9700 so I hope it gets released for that. Thanks again for the video.

looks good for a blackberry browser, it's nowhere near android/htc/dolphin/firefox/iphone browsers in their respectable markets, but it's a pretty big jump for RIM. looks to be a few years behind, but will probably feel like theres actually something new to look forward to from RIM, since the OS itself isn't offering up anyhting.

Hopefully there will be a CDMA version of this phone for Sprint. I don't see a whole lot of benefit for anyone who doesn't have a touchscreen...

Slow...choppy rendering and choppy pinch zooming. To say this is on par to Apple or Googles browser is an insult to both companies. My EVO blows the hinges off that thing running flash and full javascript.

Polish it up and they might be where Apple was in 07. I guess this is better than nothing for the BB4LYFE!!one1!!

I have the newest model iPod touch running iOS4 and my wife has the iPhone 4. The browser in this video is only in its infancy and is faster than safari by far, and yes safari on all models checkerboards when you scroll down on graphic intense webpages. I don't know why the people are arguing otherwise, I will make a video as soon as I get home to prove this fact if people do no believe me.

The pinch zoom in this video was not at all choppy. The previous leaked video of the browser from the guy in China had very choppy pinch zooming, but this one is not choppy at all. I just watched the video again and again and it is not choppy it is crisp and smooth, and again this software is in its very early stages of development.

Blackberry will dominate if RIM keeps improving in leaps and bounds. Can you believe 5.0 was launched on a large scale just a little over a year ago!?...and now we are soon to have software like this! To me that is proof positive that RIM is taking its competition seriously and making the changes necessary to compete (or continue to dominate) very soon.

5.0 looks and works just as crappy as 4.7 did. Not expecting to much more from 6.0. It does have a slightly different look but I expect it to function just as poorly as 5.0 does(Compared to other smartphones OS). No reason to think RIM is gunna actually come out with a good piece of software now when they never have in the past.

Not sure what kind of phone you have, but 5.0 works great on the newly released Bold 9650. I had some issues with my initial unit, but after returning it for a replacement it's been smooth sailing since. Everything is great except the browser. It's descent, but the webkit will make everything perfect.

lol, I'm not sure I would go to the bank on that one video. the iphone4 browser is pretty good, and this is coming from an apple disliker :)

I guess you didnt hear the part where he said its rending FULL web pages. FULL WEB PAGES.

You're a fanboy, get over Apple. Apple has some great products but they are nothing but glorified 1 year old (at the least) technology slapped into a fancy case for double the price.

Looks like it has a lot of potential but they really need to focus on the speed of delivering web pages, particularly over WiFi. The bulk of my needs are mobile browsing. It's the reason I left the BB experience - web browsing was too slow.

I did the crackberry.com test from an empty cache on my HTC Desire over WiFi and the page loaded about 8 seconds faster than on the video. The text appeared straight away. Appreciate it is not very scienitific but I put the slowness on the BB down the time the traffic spends at RIM getting compressed.

Anybody noticed how the browser rendered the Flash ads of crackberry.com? Anybody knows how this works? (Is it really flash or it loads the image somehow?)

This is all on wifi! That bugs me

I don't give a damn about wifi. If I have wifi odds are im home and I have a computer handy.

Storm 3? No one knows squat about it except some rumored ideas. Give it a few months.

Idk I'm not disappointed nor am I impressed

Nice new features, still....

I'm pleasantly surprised by this video. I wasn't sure if RIMs method of constructing the new browser would work, since it was stated some time ago that they were only going to take bits and pieces for the OS.

Performance-wise, it does need a little refining, but, this is a browser I could live with. My gf's iPhone3GS does that checkerboard thing but only rarely on pages such as CB.com, so it would be nice to see if RIM could find a way to limit that in the final revision.

Like has been stated, this isn't quite up to par with the new Androids and iPhone4, but it may be closer upon release. Overall, this is a minor win for RIM, it will only be major 1. it works at least this well when rendering flash and 2. they've used this to speed up email rendering as well as app functionality.

If they did this correctly, I'm sure apps such as Facebook can become a bit quicker receiving their information, but the apps would have to be re-written to take advantage of the speed increase.

Overall, I must say, good job RIM.

When I see demos of browsing iphone4 or droids all the rendering is cached so at least that pop blocking doesn't happen. Lord knows how this thing will handle frames but not as "crisp or "smooth as droid or iphone4 yet .. Still unimpressed. Keep pushing RIM!

There is no pleasing some people... this new browser is a massive improvement over the current one. Saying that the current one on OS5.0 isn't THAT bad, it gets the job done, just a bit slow. People don't give it enought credit.

Anyways this looks impressively smooth and who gives a shit if it doesn't load as fast as XYZ phone's browser? Its still damn fast! Are people really that fussy these days? Its stupid.

I can't wait for OS 6.0 and the new browser.

There's just a lot of Android trolls on this forum.
All the BB owners realize how great this is!
I am really excited. My Storm2 will be damn near perfect with 0S6!

The onlY thing that was bad in that video is that he said the browser was still in it's early stages. I mean come on when is this browser going to be released.

Cannot believe all these people complaining about the browser. If you see it on Sals site first, its very clear that this version is an early beta that will be massively improved on. This is just a taster. Please stop moaning and whining about the checkerboards. When this is on 9800 it will fly due to processor speed. I really don't care how webkit runs on an Evo this is a BB site, so why post about Androidm

I want to see it running on the storm 2. It worries me that there are no videos of it running on the storm 2. So I can't wait for os6 though its my last hope before i switch hopefully this will make me stay blackberry.

Welcome to 2007, finally!

Good to see that RIM is doing...well, something! It's taken one hell of a time for RIM to reach this point for some reason but at least they made it. I think Blackberry users will be happy with this. Since there aren't many great apps, at least now you'll have access to the web to get what you want done. It would have been nice to see him visit some other websites and even try enter text into some fields but maybe in another video. The only thing that needs work is the pinch to zoom speed and I think the browser will be solid.

Now they only need to address the App Memory issue and then I think Blackberry devices will truly be solid devices.

Every day that RIM takes to drag its feet on releasing this browser means more and more folks will be going to the iPhone or Android devices (or at least get them thinking about it).

They need to get this web-kit browser out the door and backwards compatible with their current generation devices.

WIll this webkit be able to finally stream youtube videos? thats the main reason why Android and Iphone have an advantage over RIM

You can't stream youtube? Maybe you need to add your carrier's APN to your settings, look it up on the forums. I just saw this video on my BB...

I must admit I have been looking at the droid X or maybe the Droid 2 for my upgrade in August. It just seems like RIM has let Blackberry fall behind the past year. It seems everything cool I read about is for iphone or Android.

After watching this video it gives me hope. I like what I am seeing. Now let's hope this comes out soon. I can't wait to ditch this Tour and it's shitty trackball.

I am so impressed with that phone and browser...if you want a toy, get an Iphone..if you want an all in one-serious piece of hardware, you get the latest Blackberry. All these stupid phones that they show people watching movies/tv on...who really wants to watch an entire movie on a 4 inch screen? Certainly not I. For a quick youtube video, sure. If I am mobile, I do not sit for 2 hours watching a 4 inch screen--if I am going to watch a movie, I have a Pioneer Blu-Ray and 58 inch Samsung Plasma to do that..cmon people, it's a PHONE, and an awesome one, at that.

I want a 9800 as bad as the rest, but a more accurate comment would be, if you want to physically possess a phone NOW or probably in the next few months, get an iPhone, as who knows when we will see this unannounced Blackberry

Awesome! I want the 9800. Every leak I see it looks better and better.
Webkit is a big improvement for RIM. I can see where the haters get the ammo and
Will agree the video shows room for improvement. But if its just CB's
Web page that has issues I'm not worried. *note to CB, fix your page so it loads better on os 6*
Iphone shows checkerboard when loading some pages as well, not all pages and not all the time but it happens.
If Rim can improve that I will be very impressed.
The tabs, pinch and zoom and full page rendering are very welcome improvements to BB.
I just showed my daughter(18) who is in the process of looking at google phones(against my wishes)
And she might actually keep her 8330 till the 9800 comes out :)

looks good to me...some people are so impatient or don't give enough credit when credit is due...I mean these are phones after all and just several short years ago we were stuck in the dark ages and could never fathom all the things we can do on a phone. IMO opinion as I have been through quite a few phones from dummy to smartphones, we have quickly been spoiled by all these things, from lighting quick browsers, to gaming and oh, who can't forget the 1000's of apps to make peoples lives easier...quite your complaining, enjoy what you have and stop with all the bickering/arguing over a flippin' phone! I mean it is impossible to make everyone happy no? So at least they are trying and that is all they can do. I am happy with 5.0 and can view mobile pages just fine on EDGE to boot.if it is slow, take Java Script off...if need it, get some patience or use a 3rd party app browser...some of ya will never be happy and nothing will ever be enough...

I am looking forward to getting a BB 9800 when it is realeased. This looks great. All of BlackBerry's qualities plus a nice browser experience added.

And for the record, who cares about Android & iPhone on this website? For you Android & iPhone fans, what is your point? Who is your target audience with your enthusiasm for your phones? What is your objective by posting on this website. In short, please give us our website back. Post your comments when they are beneficial to the readers of CrackBerry, but don't boar us with fanboy fanfare.

I love the BlackBerry experience. It's not as flashy as others claim, but it's fast in doing day to day tasks. Things such as coming out of standby, replying to messages, Calendar entries, keypad shortcuts, etc.

Most sites I view are mobile versions. I usually have no reason of seeing full fledge sites with advertisement adds and other fluff. I prefer the mobile versions because I can get right to the content I need pretty fast.
This new browser will allow me to view full HTML sites with no problem, when I have the need to.
When you compare the size of a mobile phone's screen to a laptop/PC screen, I still prefer to browse on my laptop. I like using my phone to view sites I visit on a frequent basis. If I have the need to do extensive browsing, or to look up tons of information, I'll pull out my laptop.
Some people want their phone to replace their laptop completely. I still use both my phone and laptop, and I will continue to do so.

This looks slick and will add to the BB browsing experience, but I carry my laptop and my phone has a tether plan so I can do whatever I need to.

I've had a blackberry for about a year and the number of critical times the current browser has let me down is 0.

In my opinion arguing about what phone browser is best is pointless, but I guess those with newer hardware have to try to justify the upgrade.

Apparently he has never used an EVO 4g. I can scroll around all I want and it never lags or the tiles never show up. Nice improvement though especially over my storm 1. But rim has a long way to go.

Looks good and thanks for the video. But will the Storm2 be running version 6 with the webkit? Either way, RIM was too slow for me, still using my S1 but switching to Droid X comes Thursday. I don't like keyboards even on the Droid/9800.

I really like the new web-kit browser. I dont need an iphone or android web browser, just a quick fix on the go, and this browser seems to provide that and more!.. But, the only thing I dont like is that it seems slow, but I have hope since this is not the final version. Great video.

This was coming to Vz. Still using my S1 and it's on it's last legs; the 9800 looks great!! And Webkit is light years better than what I'm using.

NOT BAD!!! Could be the beginning of a RIM comeback! 9800 looking better and better... especially with this webkit browser!

The earlier comments about wi-fi performance being impacted due to compression are interesting.

But I seldom have the opportunity to wi-fi browse, and do most of my browsing via regular cell.

For browsing over cellular my guess is the performance will be improved by compression, not hindered. So it's probably not fair to judge until devices that are network connected hit the street.

Otherwise it looks good to me and a vast improvement. RIM has many advantages in other areas that will be more visible once the negativity towards its browser is resolved.

1. why do people constantly cry about other platform users posting here. crackberry is all inclusive.. take a look at the forums why dont you! and the comparison comments are relative! i think if you stopped taking the comments so personal and realized for a moment that the majority of posters here, regardless of current platform, are all still blackberry enthusiasts.. you might be more open minded to the comments and comparisons made.

2. the browser is looking really improved. it's one of the core reasons i left bb. touch screen browsing is absolutely the best user interface and it looks like they are getting it right.

3. considering what we've seen in the web kit (and os6) i'm wondering how this relates to qwerty users? most of what we see is all based in the touch screen experience. the os6 previews (including the official rim video) are all about the touch screen consumers. where does this all leave qwerty lovers in the candybar form factor? is this browser.. though improved.. going to be any gain for a 9650 or 9700 user? i cant think it will much. this comment leads me to #4

4. i really hope we see a touch screen non sliding qwerty device in the future. the slider looks great and the storm3 will certainly continue to improve the full touch screen line.. but qwerty fans are going to be left behind if a qwerty/touchscreen doesnt become a reality. for many users the qwerty keyboard IS the killer app on the blackberry platform. i know if i went back to blackberry.. it'd be for a device that had a qwerty keyboard first and foremost. i just dont see that happening if a qwerty/touch screen phone doesnt become reality. altho the slider (if a cdma ever gets released) would certainly draw some consideration (with a soldi webkit and a new improved os that people develop for being needed as well)

1)If their comments were based on something of substance rather than "My phone does _____ so much better. RIM is dead!" or other insecure nonsense that seems to come with every Android purchase, I'm sure people wouldn't mind.

3) Considering that the majority of RIM's current customers have QWERTY phones, I'm sure they have designed the browser to be very useful to the non-touchscreen form factors.

4)They are rumoured to be having several touchscreen/QWERTY phones(such as a version similar to the 9700) set for release later in the year.

"i really hope we see a touch screen non sliding qwerty device in the future."

You either end up with a small touch screen or a really long ass device. The slider is really the only way to get a full qwerty and a big touch screen.

It's gonna take a lot more than just a webkit browser to stave off people switching. Being that I'm on T-Mobile, my best alternative is a MyTouch 3G Slide, but I think my the time my contract is up and I'm elligable for an upgrade, a better Android device may be out, while everyone else will still be waiting on the 9800 for T-Mobile.

I'm wondering if this browser will be available on the Storm2 9550? I'm not sure I care if OS6 is, other than OS5.0.0.713 has not been very good to me when talking with people on the phone. I had read also that the new OS6 will require more RAM to run. This wouldn't work for me unless Verizon were willing to give my phone a free RAM upgrade HAHAHA.

I'm glad to see RIM is trying to put out a decent browser...It's obviously an upgrade to the current BB browser,but I'm afraid it's still behind everyone else...shucks

And it was rendering full web pages, not mobile versions. I've just been on my iTouch with WiFi and OS4 and that too checkerboards when you zip through it. I made a vid if anyone cares to see it.

This browser looks solid; plenty able to handle anything I'd need to find on the web.

Internet browsing other than to get a phone number or Wikipedia info is not important to me, but this browser will make the BB an even more rounded device. Good work RIM!

Well now that was refreshing and about bloody time! But when the heck is this ever going to get released? I just hope we are not taunted with more bits and pieces for months to come. We all know this is overdue. Positive side is that the browser is beautiful...I really thought the video walk through was well done and thanks to them for doing it.

I wasn't disappointed at all with the load times...I mean even here in BC the crackberry site lags on load time on my powerhouse PC!
And as allot of people have already said, he was loading full public websites, not mobile ones which blew me away. That was great to say the least. I personally love the look and style of the 9800, I just thought I'd get a little more mileage out of my 9700 but oh well. Anticipation is killing me....lets get this puppy already and revive the love of BB. ;)

Okay, so the demo looks great (despite all the whining and complaining from the two-year olds) except I want to know if it is going to work with the Bold 9650? From the looks of things, it would appear that some of the features (i.e. the pinch zoom) would only be available on the touch screen phones. So lets hope that it will work because I would like to see this on my Bold 9650

Love this video. It just made me want first dibs on that 9800 slider. At first I wasnt to found of a slider type phone, but this one really looks promising. Good job with the video!

Those frames were horrible...he is like oh it shows up not even half a second later...BWAHAHAHA

Thats was a terrible display of what the phone is "suppose" to do...

TIP: Don't show this crap anymore just release it and let the loyal members buy it much like the storm and return it over and over....


Cool story brah!

Too bad droid is a fad. It's nothing more then flavor of the month. Seen the htc legend? Lolz talk about an iPhone rip off. Nothing special there.

Nice to see some improvements from RIM... Browser on my S1 is almost useless for actual browsing, so any improvement for future devices is a step in the right direction. But still have to see it in action over 3G, and in comparison to the lighting fast browser that Android 2.2 has.

That said, from what I hear OS6 is barley going to run on the STORM2 and any older device with only 256MB of memory... (that is IF the carriers approve one) so not sure how great this is going to be for the majority of BB users.

And with the 9800 only an AT&T devices and the S3 not expected until late in the year or 1st of next year, not sure how most of us VERIZON users are going to benefit from this for quite a while.

I'm really hoping the S3 is going to be a huge turn around for RIM and that it ends up being release this year. IF not don't believe RIM will have any problems with the BES network being overloaded anymore.

I stopped using my 9000 and got myself a Nexus One. I actually watched this video, fully embedded, using full Flash 10.1.

I cannot even imagine being forced to use that browser in the video. Makes me shudder to even think about. RIM is further behind the big boys than I thought.

If you're using a BB you might as well just forget about browsing the internet on it and just stick to messaging.

Droid is here to stay

Coming from a fanboy who is praying for the Storm 3 specs to be true...why? Because the OS now sucks and is super slow. When RIM finally gets there you'll be happy for the 1ghz that DROIIIIDDDDDDDD already has.

It wasnt about a droid vs BB anyway, its the fact that he keeps saying look at that fluid mootion..LMAO and it's chop blocks....They will say that early stages crap till launch day.

Here we go BB! I like the improvement! "Not as fast as as device XYZ." We understand you people, go grab yourself one of those other devices and your problem is solved as easy as that! There are plenty of great devices out there, no need to bash constantly. Of course, I'm waiting for the Storm3!

"There is no pleasing some people... this new browser is a massive improvement over the current one. Saying that the current one on OS5.0 isn't THAT bad, it gets the job done, just a bit slow. People don't give it enought credit."

BerryUK.... How can you say no pleasing some people.....

You find it acceptable that RIM continues to leave the BB users in the dust with inferior products in comparison to the other phones that are coming out. Why should we be pleased with an outdated and inferior OS and a web browser that works at a snails pace ?? Why do you think that people are leaving BB by the droves for the much more up to date Droid based OS ?
It's actually quite embarrassing to be a Storm owner nowadays.

Even with this web kit browser..... from the looks of this video, RIM browser will still be paces behind the competition..... yes... thats what it is competition.... wake up and smell the coffee RIM.

Why is it that so many non BB owners feel the need to bash rim now? To me its like bullying. Bullies do what they do because the have low self esteem. Are you droid/iphone lovers so disappointed in your choice to switch that you now must put diwn BB to make yourself feel better? If you left BB why are you even here? I thought the droid felt like junk when I tried it but you won't find me on your droid forums bashing it. Nope. Why? Because I could care less! Why would I waste my time if I don't own one? get a life.

I bash RIM because I used to own BB exclusively. Loved my Pearl and LOVED my BB 9000.

Then, RIM decided to start calling every device they release a "Bold". It's a joke and the joke was on me. I wanted a POWERFUL Blackberry device but instead RIM went BACKWARDS from the 9000!

I did not leave RIM, RIM left me. I still check in here because I used to spend so much time here.

I spent enough money on RIM products that I feel I can now bash them all I want for their misguided ways. They have become a joke. Just check out the latest post at Engadget and you will see what I mean and what normal people think of RIM.

Sure, if you have to use Blackberry because of work or because it was given to you, then fine, use it, but do not try and pretend RIM is even remotely keeping up with the pack. That browser video is tough to watch if you've ever used an Android browser with Flash 10.1. I'm not even bashing, just being honest.

Wow, time to let go of the hate brother!
It's a phone.
You found something you like better? Good for you.
Bye bye

Its because we all previously owned BB's until we finally woke up and smelled the coffee. Answer this most people who go to Crackberry.com are somewhat tech savvy right? Well if your tech savvy would you rather use a device with endless possibilities or wait like a starving dog for the next update thats years behind the status quo? Another side note if BB was so great you would have developers lined up to build apps. PS flashlight and fart apps dont count.

It is no where near Android or Iphone, the guy in the video is nuts. No text reformatting and not smooth at all. But hey, if you must have a blackberry, its a definate improvement.

I'm dying to get my hands on the 9800. My hubby will be a VERY happy man when that device gets placed in my hot little hands ;)

I too don't understand why other device users log on to tell us how much better there device is. Do they think we don't do our own research before getting a new device. I'm still running my 8330 becuase I've tested all (except the Iphone since Sprint doesn't have it) and I'm going to wait before upgrading. I'm actually anti-touchscreen (yet go figure that I like the 9800) and the Evo just felt too bulky to me.

Please get this browser out ASAP!!! (as soon as possible)!!! Oh by the way, the new BlackBerrys have to come quickly too!!!!

Exactly...I paid the cost to be the BOSSS.

I used the storm and tour....RIM failed with the storm and forgot they made the tour.

Simply because I can be here and post what I think, you can say whatever you want. Wish is always "how is your battery life and Iphone is a toy" LMAO...same thing everytime

you wish any BB out would move as smoothly as the Iphone in it's OS....

But when RIM does impress which has to be soon or end up like PALM.....I will be here to say congrats, until then it's Research In Slow Motion :)

I'm pretty sure all devices prior to the 9800 will have a lighter version of os6. just like WinMo has/had a Touchscreen and non touch screen variant.

I guess I'm, like many others, not as impressed as I wanna be. Now, that doesn't mean I'm not impressed. I am. It's a vast improvement and this phone looks great and fast. The fastest and greatest? Probably not. I love my BB, but if an Android phone could ever match the physical keyboard and messaging experience, I'd consider switching. Right now though, RIM does those things best and that's wht I stay! I hope to see this phone soon so we can see just what it is.

1) Build a device with a fast processor and a transmitter nearly always on and the owners get a fast smooth experience, for the 4 to 6 hours the battery lasts.

2) Or set out to build a phone with a 20 hour battery and you quickly understand you can't have a blazing fast CPU and you need to minimize the transmitter activity.

Option 1 = iPhone, Droid
Option 2 = BlackBerry

Your the customer, make your choice. Or whine that BBs are slow and ignore that you have to plug in your phone at work because it can't make it a full day. Even for Apple and Google there is no free lunch.

You CAN fool some of the people. Is the overall browser speed really that different? As I understand it, when a BB requests a page, the RIM server goes and gets it, packs and compresses it and sends it to the device. This means the BB has a blank page for a period before anything shows up. Which makes it look slow.

The other devices get and display content right away. This makes them look faster. However, I wonder if the overall load time for a complex page (like CB) is really all that different.

I've watched some of those comparison videos and it often looks to me like both devices finish the page load about the same time.

Complaints about "checkerboarding"? Seriously? That's all? Maybe you forgot to take your Ritalin and can't be bothered to wait .002 seconds, but I'd rather be able to swap out my battery when I'm nowhere near any place that I can charge it, than to have an Iphony die on me and have to wait until I can get to a power source. I also enjoy the extra security. A friend of mine showed me some things about hacking an IPhone and it seems that if identity theft is your style, then IPhone is the way to go.

but not forward enough. Based on competing platforms, both software and hardware, RIM is still 24 to 32 MONTHS behind Android and iOS.

Years behind.

When was the t-mobile G1 released? My friend has one. We compared load times to that video of RIM's NEWEST, LATEST, AND "GREATEST" and it nearly cut the time in half to load Crackberry.

I'm very sorry, but after the Storm, and now an AT&T exclusive phone (which is somewhat attractive) that SHOULD be on Verizon as well to make up for the SH¡TSTORM they served up 2 years ago, RIM has permanently lost a client.

I have zero respect for RIM as a customer-oriented company, and Lazardis proves it every time he opens his mouth. Sadly, I am not alone in my thinking, and RIM just keeps plugging away at moving backward.

Good riddance. I can't wait to blend my Storm and mail it to RIM with a little love-letter.

Wha wha wha whaaaaaa! I dont know why I keep coming to this site and expect to find something groundbreaking or at least post 2005 but this is sad to say the least. I had used blackberry since 2005 but I gave it up for android a few months back and it was the best decision I ever made. For all you who say battery, battery, battery well if all my phone could do was text and email then yes my phone would last just as long if not longer.

PS Flash is AMAZING but you wouldn't know would you?

BB vs Android vs Iphone?
For me phone has to be a world phone. Large screen is the future and optimum size seems to be 4.3 or may be 5 inch! long battery life is desirable. Browsing should be fluidic and if web access is easy and fast you dont need many apps! There is no messaging like BBM. No point having more than 5 mega pixel camera. HD video is a plus. Media playing, photo viewing etc is nearly the same across all platforms!
No one phone comes near these specs...hence I will stick to my S2 for now! Works all over the world for a small fee to change the plan to pro-rated international plan with vz. With this plan internet is free & unlimited and so is email. Use skype and it completes the needs. BBM keeps me in contact with my family for free!

Your joking right.... no really your joking right?? BBM is a glorified text message app with send and receive status symbols for insecure people. My 8mp camera is awesome but who needs HD right?

considering this review was done on wifi, I really was hoping for it to be better.

this doesn't compare at all to the speed of the android browser, android blows it away even when its not on wifi.

Some people, the RiM haters and RiM fanboys drinking the Blackberry Kool-Aid, take the internet/forums waaayyy to seriously.

Anyways, I keep hearing a November release. If that's true time to move on. The 9800 and OS6, from what I've seen, aren't worth waiting 4 months for when one could get a good/better phone now or in 30 days or less. I unserstand it's still being developed, it's still early, blah, blah, blah... Good for RiM for finally making a decent browser. But remember, the phones are also part of this discussion. They need better of those. Rumours of Storm 3 late this year? What about now or the next couple of months? No? Nothing?(Assuming the rumours are true). So they expect people to wait another 4, 5, 6+ months when there are other phones out there right now?

And let's not forget the Apps. You may not need 6 fart apps or games(besides BrickBreaker) but some people want them. For "Business and for Fun.

I'll give it another 30 days or so. By then I should have a new phone, Blackberry or otherwise.

Hey, look. Notice I didn't say Android or iPhone once?

I'm not a Fanboy of either.

I have an EVO and the browser is awesome. But I don't see how the BlackBerry Browser is any less impressive. It seems to do just about the same thing my EVO does. If that's the case, then the browser is amazing. The bb browser is supposed to get full flash support too. I am excited about seeing OS 6 and the new browser in action. With the EVO now, but stir a bb fan.

The browser and alot of other aspects about OS6 aren't even complete yet. I'm pretty sure by the time its actually announced and released the browser will be much quicker, and satisfying to the eyes. Then again you can't please everybody though I know I'll be satisfied. :)

This is ONLY a beta..........meaning it's NOT finished and STILL in development. Please stop making the "RIM is years behind" and the "phone XYZ is SOOOO much faster" comments until a finished product it out. Again, this is only a beta...........

We have been waiting... THAT is the real problem! I get tired of seeing people going on line to look somthing up on the DROID or iPhone, and I'm too embarised to even try. I know their browsers are TWICE as fast... if not faster than the BB Browser.

I already have webkit on my device, lol :p RIM takes too long my berry will never be able to get it. RIM gunno have to stepit up esp. with Microsoft jumping into the game later this year .An Android growing every day.Who knows palm may pass RIM next.

The RIM browser looks to have a strobe effect(flashing) OMG that would drive you nuts

LOL looks like you got a winner there RIM !! NOTTT I could not watch all of that vid made me dizzy so I had to stop .

has nothing to do with the browser. It's the video recording of it. Some people just like to complain about everything!

Much better than before, but I think its too little too late. R.I.P. RIM! You had your chance to stay on the top, but you clearly didn't listen to your customers.

about the web kit browser. If I want to get on the web I'll use my PC or laptop. So for the few times I do access the web on my bb it looks like the new webkit browser will work just fine.

Probably won't happen, but it would be sweet to have this running on my Curve 8530. And upgrading the phone isn't an option, that's the only model supported by the carrier I use. :(

Hi, did anyone noticed that the antenna is turned OFF while he's browsing on the internet?? Maybe we will be able to work on full wifi :P

Yeah this is friggen great.. but iPhone has had this since 2007, Android has had this web browsing for years too.. so don't act like it's the cat's meow.. RIM is so far behind the curve on this it's pathetic.

One more thing, this video was shot with WiFi, NO SHIT the pages are going to load fast! NO FUCKING SHIT!

RIM- You better pull your head out of your ass, because your far far behind on this.

Please get this phone to market and please have plans on making a 4G version. One last please,...T-Mobile, please get this phone!

Haters are just that,...haters! I admire the iPhone,..but hate the control of Apple and AT&T. I want to be free!

I'm sold on this phone,...but only if another carrier gets it,...preferrably "T-Mobile".

Have Bold Will Travel!

Why do so many people have to fill the comment section with complaints? If you're not happy with RIM or all you want is to bash BBs & hype another type of smartphone, why are you posting in this forum to begin with?

.. because I have a blackberry and an andriod that give me the right to post my comments here , just as you did. No I am not happy with RIM they drag their feet to long,in that sense the drove me to andriod.
Also I got pushed email just like my berry has only on the android I get it without a 10 minute delay , yeap on the curve there was a 10 minute delay from email on blackberry compaired to the same email viewing from computer .
I can bash RIM if I want to its my opinion and have just as much right to voice it as you do , otherwise it would be censorship. Dig It? :p LoL.
My 8330 isnt bad but my android is better thats the truth if you never used any but BB you just dont understand.
Things do change with or without RIM the choice is theirs to make what road they follow , lil grasshopper LOL

It's sad that so many of you see this as something amazing. Have any of you ever browsed on a non blackberry phone? Pick up an android, this bb browser is still shit and YEARS behind everyone else. RIM is sure enjoying their slow death.

I wanted to come back to BB eventually but from the looks of what they're trying to bring to the future...it doesnt look like its going to happen.