Walmart shows off a BlackBerry 6 Ready Curve 8310 - False advertising at its finest

BlackBerry Curve 8310 BlackBerry 6
By Adam Zeis on 25 May 2011 08:32 am EDT

This one definitely made me chuckle a bit. Nigel sent in the above image of an AT&T BlackBerry Curve 8310 on display at a local Walmart. It seems that wires got crossed somewhere as the device is being advertised as BlackBerry 6 Ready. As we all know, the 83xx series will never see BlackBerry 6 (unless Walmart knows something we don't) so it's safe to assume that this tag belongs to another device on display. Hopefully no BlackBerry rookies pick one up expecting to rock BlackBerry 6 :-) Thanks Nigel!

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Walmart shows off a BlackBerry 6 Ready Curve 8310 - False advertising at its finest


One of the Walmart stores near me had a Bold 9000 on display listed as a 9700. I asked the guy at the counter "I thought the 9700 had a track pad instead of a ball" and he told me no lol

Of all the places to buy a Blackberry, Walmart isn't even on the list of places I would go to purchase one.

Surprising that with the 85xx, 89xx & 93xx out there, that this one is still being sold. I understand having to clear out old inventory, but still seems a little strange.

The only way I'd buy a BB at Walmart was
1) straight up cash (no contract)
2) the salesperson convinced me they at least know SOMETHING about BBs.

if not, I'll go elsewhere.

Wallie World management only tells its employees to 'fill the gaps'. They don't say 'fill the gaps with the correct product'. It's too much of an energy expenditure.

That was my first smart phone. Seeing that pic brings back memories. I was a nextel guy before blackberry stole my soul and has refused to give it back. Lol That 8320 was stolen from my desk @ work. I was crushed. Great phone man. I then got the 8900 and then the 9700. Now I'm waiting on th 9900. I've been tempted to go to apple or droid, but when I have to pull the trigger I just can't do it. Like I said, blackberry stole my soul and they won't give it back.

And here I was about to apologize on behalf of BB users everywhere, for your first experience being one of the 83xx series...

that is really funny my first bb was an 8830 and is in pristine shape sitting on my bookshelf. I always hate talking to walmart reps on the phone because they don't know shit about selling phones and always promise the customer that fees would be waived.

leas in walmart if ppl are in the electronic department they should least put someone who knows about those kinda things and not just any random ppl... i dunno how some ppl get hired these days

Shouldn't RIM be concerned about things like this? In the end it's their brand that gets tarnished when the customer gets burnt by incompetent sales staff at places like Walmart.

Next thing you know, Wallie World will sell a BlueBerry and try and pass it off as a BlackBerry.

Wow, why all the hate towards Walmart? Sure they aren't perfect, but understand they don't make any claims of being a top tier boutique or anything. You want a good deal, you go to Walmart. They fill a need, and for some people it works well, others not so much. No need to bash them. Frankly if I wanted a Blackberry or any other phone really badly, and they were the lowest cost supplier, absolutely I would go with them. It's not like they sell second rate Blackberries, they all come from the same place no matter where they are sold.

And as for those bashing the 83xx series, the Curve 8300 was my first BB, and is what got me hooked on BB, and I'm glad for that. It is an entry level BB. If it wasn't for that model, I never would have gone to a Bold 9000, to a 9700, to a 9800, and hopefully someday to another great unit. The 83xx was a product of it's time, but remember it wasn't THAT long ago (what, 4 or 5 years?). They were very popular, and remain popular with many people who just want a simple Blackberry. Fact is, those are workhorses and last a long time. That and they just made so dang many of them...

If RIM gets a call from a customer saying they purchased a device at Walmart and said the Marketing stated that it was OS 6 ready. RIM would call up Wallyworld and tell them to correct the issue. I worked for a national book retailer, and when it came to titles that had embargos on releasing the book early, the store that would sell the book before its release date would have reprocussions from that publishing house. RIM would do the same with Wally World.