Walmart to sell the Sprint BlackBerry Torch 9850 for $99

Sprint 9850
By Bla1ze on 20 Aug 2011 03:11 am EDT

Looks as though the BlackBerry Bold 9930 isn't the only new BlackBerry 7 device that will be going for cheap on Walmart. They've now added the BlackBerry Torch 9850 to the line up and, a new 2-year contract will get you the device for the low cost of $99. That is of course, $50 off the Sprint cost of $150 though a contract renewel only drops the price to $142. Either way, once again you're saving money and that's always a good thing.

Source: Walmart; Thanks, @JoesTxGirl!

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Walmart to sell the Sprint BlackBerry Torch 9850 for $99


Can you say "massive blackberry adoption". At this price there is no doubt this device will be widely accepted. I've had my 9930 for a week now and I'm back to the days of never letting my BB go. For the most part due to the speed and ease of use of the OS and hardware. If the the 9850 can do the same, with as much ease, then this phone could start to take some the market away from the teen age consumer demographic. BBM is still RIM's marketing alure. Can't say that the adoption will happen fast but Walmart has a nack for helping good products get out to the masses. At this price, I can't see how it won't sell like hot cakes.

If more carriers/retailers did the same thing as Wal-Mart, new BlackBerry phones would be selling hotter than iPhone, but no, that's not likely to happen.

Gawd - if only Verizon would get with Walmart & do this...or even announce they're gonna carry the 9850!

Wonder if this is an admission that economies around the world are suffering? Pretty low price for a new line of phones, but its DEFINITELY a good thing for the average consumer.

I think cell phones were among the last things that people would give up - even in a struggling economy I'm sure people will dig deep for a new lifeline (smart phone).

I wonder if Walmart in Canada is going to do the same sort of thing for the 9850? I'd payout my TELUS account in a second if they did.

I pre-ordered mine at 1 am this morning and it will ship Monday. I am switching from VRZ to Sprint.

I am very excited for this. VRZ lost a long time customer and maybe two (family member).

I am happy. :)

Hey Michele,
I am also switching to Sprint but from AT&T. Our business account is with Sprint and they have been great.

The new BB phones are world phones so traveling won't be a problem and they are just awesome.

Sprint pricing is awesome and they provide free voice navigation and Sprint TV (basic) is also free.

Not bad. They really seem to want my business and AT&T does not seem to care so bye AT&T and hello Sprint.

Don't forget Sprint Navigation, which is also free. I use it all the time.
I was also with ATT for one year. (Had an Iphone 3GS). I converted to Sprint with a 9650 BB and couldn't be happier. I'm looking forward to getting my new Bold.

Yes this mean that you can now buy the blackberry off contract from Walmart rather than having to deal with shady amazon dealers who mail you a box full of rocks

Wal-Mart can kiss my A@#! I'd rather spend a few extra dollars and go to my local Verizon Auth Retailer. At least then I'm supporting a local business owned and operated by people that grew up in my own town and actually gives a damn about me. I know they'll take care of me if/when I have a problem.

No thanks, I ordered mine this morning and paid the 149.99 price to employ local dealers rather than large chains. Dealers have a much better support system than Walmart and I know my new BB will arrive next day. Also who knows how long you will have to wait to have the device in your hand active.