Walmart Canada now taking BlackBerry 10 pre-orders in select stores

By Bla1ze on 15 Jan 2013 08:30 pm EST
Walmart Canada

Taking to Facebook, Walmart Canada has now announced that select locations will be taking pre-orders for BlackBerry 10 devices. Sadly, the list of which stores was not mentioned and currently the Walmart site isn't giving any hints either. No matter though, I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before they get something up. In the meantime, feel free to give your local Walmart a shout and see if they're one of the select locations. Thanks, @bbqkid8!

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Walmart Canada now taking BlackBerry 10 pre-orders in select stores


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Nice I saw a tweet that said as of now htere were 600,000 preorders worlwide. Pretty good. Add a few 100k more Wal Mart!

Lord... way to post false information to get the others riled up. The tweet read:

"The number for 'Pre-order' interest is coming in from around the world this week. Stay tuned for a number. My guess is around 600,000."


"as of now htere were 600,000 preorders worlwide"

Where are the North American carriers and retailers? Have any of them announced pre-ordering because I haven't heard of any?

"Where are the AMERICAN carriers and retailers?"

Fixed it for you as Canada is part of North America. :) I agree though; I'm waiting to hear from Verizon.

This is true! (To be honest, in grade school that whole "Central America" thing always tripped me up so I could never figure out where Mexico belonged.)

The thing I like about the article is they give a reason why to buy a BB10 (timeshift), not just a blend BB10 available for pre-order. They even made it compelling :-)

I'm curious...with all of these providers offering pre-orders, what are they doing for pricing, and what are they requesting to hold your reservation? Are you basically just being put on a waiting list?

Rogers just adds the 40$ to your rogers the bill yesterday. Then the 40$ will be added back to your account when you buy z10.the reservation is free in the end. If you change your mind you can cancel the reservation and they credit you the 40$ back without buying the phone

What if you decide not to buy a BB10 after you find out the price of the devices? Will you lose those $40? How can you pre-order something you have no idea how much it will cost?..

BlackBerryscoop the one that tweeted Bla1ze mock up of a BB 10 Netflix app and claimed it was a real photo of Netflix beta for BlackBerry10 :)

Yea I'm all over him. He has insider information shhhhhhh.....

Perhaps because RIM is Canadian and QNX is Canadian. Normally the US gets all the best prices and all the best products with Canada lagging behind.

Anyhow here in Canada, people are salavating for Blackberry 10, they just cannot wait to buy one. Most if not all Carriers will be giving Blackberry 10's for $0 but with either a 2 or 3 year term. Good deal IMO.

Our company needs BB10 NOW !!!!

But we will wait till they arrive because they are way too cool !

"Anyhow here in Canada, people are salavating for Blackberry 10, they just cannot wait to buy one. Most if not all Carriers will be giving Blackberry 10's for $0 but with either a 2 or 3 year term. Good deal IMO."

It would be nice if they offered that deal here in the US, but these mobile carriers would never allow such "financial chicanery" for new devices. If they did, it would be part of a 4 year contract, minimum, which sounds unsavory.

EsJayDee does have a point about that, here. Jan. 30 is a great day to be a Canadian.

Agreed, though getting a brand new phone for free on a contract is unheard of.

P.S. I'm thinking the "$0" mentioned might be a typo, especially when the buzzword here is "FREE" (it was never mentioned).

No way we'll get it for $0 in Canada. And there have been a lot of cdn carriers starting pre-orders, but they're not really "deals". Don't worry I'm sure you'll be able to get a BB10 the same time as us :) AND with a cheaper monthly plan than any canadian :)

We in USA don't deserve much. Our stock analysts and press constantly ignore all the good RIMM news. However, Yahoo Financial news did report VISA approval.

Yeah there's absolutely no way any canadian carriers will be offering BB10's for $0. Even on a three year they'll still probably try and charge us $100. And a 2 year probably $500.

From Rogers Wireless (


How much will the reserved device cost?

When picking up the reservation, you have several options for purchasing your new device. As an existing customer, standard hardware upgrade eligibility rules and fees may apply. Please speak to your Rogers representative in store when picking up the reserved device for your specific upgrade pricing.

If you do not wish to commit to a new term agreement, you are able to purchase the device at no term pricing.

Additionally, if you are reserving the device to activate a new account for a friend or family member, new activation pricing is applicable; please Click Here to see the current pricing of our lineup of devices.


The BlackBerry Bold 9900 costs $49.99, with a new 3-year plan, so there's no way in hell, given all the info, that they would give away a BB 10 phone for free. After quickly reviewing the available phones and prices, $100 with a new 3-year plan seems most reasonable.

Love Blackberry but Walmart can suck it. I wouldn't buy toilet paper from them to wipe my butt.

15 more sleeps to go guys!!

I was hoping Wal-Mart was going to step in. I work there and have been waiting for these to come in stock before the release so I could check one out.

Walmart, ....... the same company that dumped iPhone5s on North Americans at deep discounts to move their stale inventory to make way for Z10?

Like the iPhone being sold at Walmart...they do it because they offer a good deal using a Walmart credit card. People that can't get a VISA or MasterCard etc. have a much better chance at getting a department store card; thus being able to finance it. I believe Wally World said something like $25 a month payment wise, and for many people that want a nice high-end phone, that's an affordable option for them. I'm pretty glad to see that even Walmart will carry these phones. There won't be too many carriers that are not carrying it...globally! That is good news for RIM and us consumers.

"attention walmart shoppers, we have a deal on pork chops and z10's. Don't forget to grab 3 family sized bags of doritos for 4.99 on your way out"

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Stuff Canada, what about the UK? Come on Asda(Walmart) and Virgin Mobile, the UK is a major RIM market. Parity with Canada is the least we can expect.

As a Canadian I will greet you by saying, politely, blow it out your @__ for the "Stuff Canada" comment. Have a nice day.

All of these places that are taking pre-orders are dong so only for the Z10 and they are not giving customers the option to reserve a white one. I need three, and one of those has to be white, so I suspect the family member who wants the white one will have to wait and not be able to pre-order. Unless all these stores are ordering based on anticipated demand for white and will let people choose on launch day until they run out of white ones. That, or the white one will be launching some time after the black one. So many unanswered questions, Oh well, less just two weeks to go before all will become clear! Bring on change! The smart phone market is so ready for BlackBerry 10!

Pre-Orders? OK, I'll take the bait: Didn't we go through this before with the Playbook? I know I did. Couldn't wait to get my hands on my playbook...only to find out that it was an essentially a paper weight that couldn't even surf the web. But I had mine first:)
Been there, Done that...I think I'll wait for a "hands on" review this time!!!

Playbook was testing ground for BB10. So if Playbook is better now, imagine how much better BB10 phones will be than current updated Playbook. Some reviews are limited hands on now.

The most important thing.....HOW MUCH WILL THESE PHONES GO FOR??? also they expect more than 4 versions of BB10 to be released in the year. What is the difference between all of them?