Wallpaper Sky by MMMOOO updates to - Brings bug fixes, updates, and a special collection!

By Alicia Erlich on 16 Jul 2013 10:29 am EDT

Not too long ago, we showed you Wallpaper Sky, an interesting application for downloading and viewing user and Flickr generated content as backgrounds for your device. This simple application not only features the ability to save images to your device but there are a plethora of pictures to choose from sorted by category and popularity. Since it's initial release, the developer implemented several improvements, bug fixes, and a redesign of the application.

Speaking for myself, I find myself switching up my walls on a daily basis and this application offers the quality and selection to pick just the right one. All of the images are easily accessible with a simple swipe.

Features v2.3.7.78

  • Easy to click the "like" and enter the feature collections
  • Add downloads counts for "Users" Tab, now you can see how popular the wallpaper you uploaded is
  • Add email address cache when uploading wallpapers, more convenient now
  • Daily wallpaper been optimized in this upgrade
  • Small bugs are fixed

Features v2.4.3.200

  • A special collection from Alec Saunder's Flickr! P.S. Alec is the VP of BlackBerry Developer Relationship Department and a professional photographer as I know! So just enter Wallpaper Sky, and click the 'Users' tab, you can find the collection
  • Daily wallpaper has been optimized, there will no blank any more
  • Small bugs are fixed

In addition, I do like how they have implemented using a secondary or standby server (accessible under settings) so that there are no issues retrieving the photos. As no update would be complete with out a proper walkthrough, check out the video above. Wallpaper Sky is free and compatible with most legacy devices running OS 5 and higher and BlackBerry 10 devices.

More information/download Wallpaper Sky

Reader comments

Wallpaper Sky by MMMOOO updates to - Brings bug fixes, updates, and a special collection!


Can they please change that logo icon....lol. thats all i want haha. Good app tho.

Z10in' since the Beginnin'

Even opening via My World is showing me "Requested content not found" right now.

But searching for app lists as if it's a separate entry. The button says Download even though I already have it.

I'm going to hold off for now and see if BB World works itself out. (Not seeing Twitter update yet either.)

This is how you CB10, son!

This is a great app by the way, for some reason I can only save the wallpaper within the app but can't actually store them on my internal or SD memory. Is there actually a way to store the wallpaper "save as"?

Crazyback, I had the same problem. The solution is to grant the app permission to access files. You'll have to delete and then re-download the images.

What I haven't figured out is how to save to media card rather than device. I'd like the option.

Posted via CB10

Thanks! I got them. Re-download is fine I wasn't über happy with my selection anyways, kind of went trigger-happy the first time I used this app. LOL. No SD option but I'm fine with that. Up to the developers whether they want to add that to future updates, as of now I'm indifferent.

Hi Naveen420, could you please tell me now you are in which country? I am checking if in some special country can not download this content.