Download the latest Flickr images to your BlackBerry with Wallpaper Sky by MMMOO

By Alicia Erlich on 2 Jun 2013 12:11 pm EDT

With the introduction of BlackBerry 10, theme addicts such as myself funneled our passion into other outlets for customizing our device. I use Z Theme combined with Wallpaper Changer HD to switch wallpapers and modify select elements of the display to make it pop.

Popular theme developer MMMOOO has thrown their hat into the mix by letting us know about their own cross-platform wallpaper gallery application called Wallpaper Sky. It gives users the ability to download a variety of images to make sure their display is never boring. 

There are thousands of backgrounds at your disposal populated from Flickr and user generated content by sharing your own images with the community. Styles and categories range from landscapes and animals to abstract and technology. All of the images are high quality and free to download, preview, or set immediately as your background.

Images are arranged by category or popularity at either the bottom dock or by sliding to the hub on the left for easy access. Users can explore Flickr, search tags, shuffle images to discover new ones at random, and search by collection that also includes specific topics and a brief explanation about them. All of the images I downloaded were the correct resolution for my device without having to resize or adjust to fit the screen.

Of course there are some drawbacks. One is that you may need to go into settings to clear the cache to regain memory as it stores the thumbnails for quicker viewing but as such has long load times initially. The other is that the application is populated by ads at the top of each image. 

Wallpaper Sky is a FREE and native application in BlackBerry World. All wallpapers are downloaded to your device and can be moved to your SD Card if necessary to free up space. It is available for legacy devices running OS 5 and higher and the BlackBerry Z10.

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Download the latest Flickr images to your BlackBerry with Wallpaper Sky by MMMOO


Been using this one for a while. It's by far my favorite wallpaper app due to high quality and plentiful content. But beware it has an annoying bug where it downloads absolutely everything you view...

Posted via CB10

I can see lot of Apps are here for Z10 where are the Apps for Q10... show some love to Q10 also...

Posted via CB10

It's a great free app.

Plus Wallpaper Sky has ideal, simple feature missing from many wp apps: ability to Save!
If you use Wallpaper Changer, that's key. Many have option to Set as Wallpaper and that's it.

This is how you CB10, son!

Good app, lots of HD pics. The only problem I had was I had blank photos in my Pictures that would not delete. Had to memory wipe to remove.

Good app lots of wallpapers to chose from and there FREE!

Only issue I have so far is that if you're using Wallpaper Changer HD in conjunction, then whatever you have set as a wallpaper within that app overrides the Wallpaper Sky app. Only way to have the best of both worlds is to have the Wallpaper Sky devs get the download function working in this app.

Other then that, some really great wallpapers to choice from.

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

Edit: if you email yourself the pictures then you can save it to your phone and loan it into wallpaper HD. Little work around! Enjoy!

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

Cant seem to download the photos, and if i favourite them upon re opening the app the favourites are gone. Can anyone help me with these issue!

Posted via CB10