Wallpaper Shuffle Now Supporting OS 5.0 Devices

By Bla1ze on 18 Jan 2010 12:06 pm EST

Fabian Heuwieser has updated one of his best selling BlackBerry applications to support all OS 5.0 devices. Wallpaper Shuffle as you may remember, was an application first for the BlackBerry Storm and later the BlackBerry Tour that allowed you to swap out your wallpapers at a timed interval. Effectively, ensuring you never get bored of seeing just one wallpaper all the time while having minimal impact on battery life. With the latest update you can now get Wallpaper shuffle on any device that is running os 4.7 and higher. From now until January 25th you can pick it up for only $1.95 in the CrackBerry App Store.

Reader comments

Wallpaper Shuffle Now Supporting OS 5.0 Devices


I keep getting the error message: "Error starting WallpaperShuffle_14: Symbol ' HomeScreen.setBackgroundImage' not found."
Running 5.0 Bold. I tried the forums and techinical support but haven't gotten any answers.
Any ideas about whats wrong?

odd thing is its not even showing up in Myapps or mobihands direct site.. its like i didnt even buy it lol.

oh well whats $2.


I downloaded this application on today to my Storm 2 running 5.0 OS and the main issue I discovered is when you do a battery pull or use the quickpull program to simulate a battery pull, once booted back up this program does not start up automatically making the user to have to go manually start it back up....Would be nice for the program to automatically start on its on or atleast have that option.

yeah i won one of the free copies of this app back when it first came out and loved it. though recently my phone went stupid during an os upgrade (that i don't even think i needed) and lost it. If i can't find the original file than i will definitely buy this app. For just under 2 bucks its a steal.

p.s. If anyone knows why it is on macs that when i do a full back up it doesn't back up apps and can let me know that would be great. Because i know it used to on my pc, but when i tried to restore my files it didn't come up as an option.