Wallpaper Changer HD for BlackBerry 10 - With secret super features!

By James Richardson on 20 Mar 2013 06:35 am EDT

Are you the type of BlackBerry user that often changes your wallpaper? If that's you I can assure you that Wallpaper Changer HD for BlackBerry 10 will be of interest - plus it has some extra special features.

Viewing your wallpaper on BlackBerry 10 is a little different to on older models due to the Active Frames we now have. That said, I've seen a few people that like to close frames when they are not being used. I'm not one of those people but I do love to view my wallpaper when I unlock the screen - that upwards glide is still so sweet.

So Wallpaper Changer HD will switch your wallpaper automatically. You decide how often - You may want it every five minutes or every hour, but there are a ton of options within the settings. As well as using the photos/images that you already have stored on your BlackBerry, the app also gives you the option to download more galleries - a nice touch.

And now onto the special feature. When you open the app you will see a tab that says 'SuperBar Settings'. This is awesome. The SuperBar will display your battery percentage and local weather in addition to the day/date on your BlackBerry home screens. That is fantastic if you ask me.

The application does need to be running in order to work but that doesn't matter as we get a sweet Active Frame that also shows battery percentage - good stuff.

Wallpaper Changer HD will set you back $1.99/£1.50 and for what you get it is a bargain. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Wallpaper Changer HD for BlackBerry 10 - With secret super features!


Great app, have had it for a while and this latest update to the super bar is fantastic. Dev is super responsive to all inquiries

Posted via CB10

Shao is the dev who quit his day job to develop for BB10 so I encourage folks to check out his apps. The super bar feature alone convinced me to buy this app and I am very happy I did.

Posted via CB10

Great app, I bought the previous version on my 9900, I bought it without doubt on my bb10, and hopefully you can provide more free pack for download.

Posted via CB10

Great app, does what it says and looks great. Shao is very dedicated to the app and customer service which is great to see. Buy the app, it's a very reasonable price and you won't be disappointed.
PS don't know him or get a commission, his customer service has won me over and we need to support devs that do great stuff.

Posted via CB10

Now if he could combine this with a feature to customize the led alerts we'd only have to use up one active frame. (he made arguably the best-looking popup msg app, if I'm not mistaken.

How did you get the battery percent in the top bar? Yours seems to show percent, carrier and then date. Mine shows date and carrier thats all... Regional thing? I can't find a setting for it

Try rebooting if you havent already but on mine i have battery percentage plus a message that says Blackberry Z10 and then the date.

Bought this app a week or so back and i love it, only downside to it is that it needs to be running as an active frame but i guess when more API's are released to devs then we can have headless apps ie apps that can run in the background without them being active frames etc.

Also if you dont want to rotate the wallpapers, you can turn the rotation settings off in the superbar settings as well.

The new version of Wallpaper Changer v2.3 was just approved last night, if you have already purcahsed it previously check for updates in BB World to get the new version with the added features.

I know the app shows battery percent in an active frame but I'm actually not talking about anything to do with the app. If you swipe down to pull up the quick settings menu there is also a black bar that for me shows the date and my carrier, but his seems to show battery percent carrier and date.

Just a couple quick notes.  As of right now the active frame needs to be open when BB releases their background APIs I will be adding it right away to Wallpaper Changer.

Also there's a couple more new SuperBar features in the app :)  Such as it can show your next calendar event or free memory (and a couple more).

Love the update. Is it possible to put the battery percentage back to the right of the battery like previous versions?

Posted from my Z10

Does anyone know if leaving the Superbar indicator on all the time will consume battery like any other apps? Thinking of buying this but not sure about battery consumption.

Posted via CB10

No battery drain. Several weeks if using it to confirm this.

Your typical developer would make the super bar a separate app but this guy just tossed it in for free.

A must have app. And look forward to more like it.

Posted via CB10

Guys try the wallpaper app called 'car' when theyre set to the background the whole theme looks amazing.. try it! I was surprised at how good it looks lol

Posted via CB10

I'd love to be able to change the font size in the super bar. But it is still a great app. Looking forward to BlackBerry releasing the hold on active frames. I like stuff running in the background.

Posted via CB10

Also - and this is just a request - as it shows the battery % on the superbar (if you're using it), could it not use the active frame to show a secondary superbar option (ie, superbar shows % and weather, with the active frame showing next calendar event)? At the moment (unless I'm doing something wrong!) it shows the battery % in the active frame.

If you want this basic wallpaper changer functionality sideload the Android app Wallpaper Changer, works great on Z10 AND in the background too, don't ask me how it does it but you can close the active frame and it will still change your wallpaper!

Thanks for the app, but I can't seem to get a wallpaper to work. I've downloaded the free ones but can't find were they are stored. If I choose to use one of mine what size does it need to be?

Posted via CB10

Same problem here. Sent a message to Shao support but it was rejected.
Anybody found a solution?