Wallpaper Changer HD and Z Theme team up for some awesome integration

By Adam Zeis on 10 Apr 2013 10:12 am EDT

We've covered both Wallpaper Changer HD and Z Theme in previous blog posts and now these two best-selling apps have teamed up for some awesome BlackBerry 10 integration.

First, Z Theme brings styling and personalization options including icon borders, phone & camera backgrounds, slider bar and more to your BlackBerry Z10.

Wallpaper Changer HD can then use your custom designed theme and apply it as it changes your wallpapers while also adding the recently added SuperBar feature. The SuperBar adds a banner on your homescreen which can display your battery percent, date, weather and calendar events among other things.

The two apps work together seamlessly now so if you're at all about customizing the look and feel of your Z10, this is a killer combo.

Create your theme in Z Theme, click the export to WCHD button which will launch Wallpaper Changer HD and let you set the theme.  It's as simple as that.

Once you're up and running, feel free to share your screen shots in our forums so others can see your creations!

It's great to see developers working together hopefully in the future we will see other developers doing similar things.

More information/Download Z Theme
More information/Download Wallpaper Changer HD


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Reader comments

Wallpaper Changer HD and Z Theme team up for some awesome integration


Awesome post Adam!
BlackBerry World is currently reviewing a version of Z Theme that lets you export your theme (except the wallpaper) and share the backup with others, who can load it into their own copy of Z Theme - so everyone can share more than screenshots soon ;)

That's awesome dude! Buying your app at the moment. I don't really need the theme but that super bar is great! Thanks for this :)

Thank you for this post. I just bought both and can't wait to customize. Thank you to Crackberry and to both developers.

Posted via CB10

I just bought both. They both work nice and as advertised.
I won't be using the Wallpaper Changer HD, steadily, until BB allows Devs to run their Apps in the background. I don't want to constantly keep an active frame in use for a Wallpaper Changer. It's the Super Bar (Battery %, Weather and Date) that I wanted showing most of all.

Hopefully devs start to see the advantage of developing for BB10. My thoughts all along was that BB left certain blanks out (maybe to save development costs) that developers were expected to fill in. Not ideal for us yet, but good opportunity for devs to make cash. More opportunities, more devs, more apps? Hopefully.

Just bought both of them and I have to say, this really helps with the customization I was missing since switching to BB10. Thank you very some awesome apps, and I look forward to the integration update so I can close the live tiles. :-)

Posted via CB10

I had both apps, and the minute they integrated, "Wooo-Hooo!!", I was all over it!
Kudos to two great devs!


I wish I could get these to work. WCHD doesn't even default to the BB Wall Papers folder, (and I can't find it) I have yet to see a "Super Bar" and the Z-Theme doesn't seem to work either with the exception of their wallpaper that I set but I can't seem to change it now.

Just trying to understand something. So you guys are saying that when you purchase both these apps you still have to have them open for it to work.

Posted via CB10

With Z Theme, once you apply the theme you can close the app. It says you have to set the theme to default before you in install the app, otherwise the theme will stay "Forever".

Posted via CB10

Hey so just to make sure before I decide to purchase one or both. z theme runs without a active frame and wallpaper hd has a active frame but is updating to do it without too?

Posted via CB10

And wait am I reading they sync together type of thing? I don't want active frames I know it's not a big deal but I don't lol :p

Posted via CB10

Is there instruction on how to get the Wallpaper Changer to work. It basically does nothing on my Z10. Contacted the developer and haven't received a response.