Wallpaper Changer 1.0 Launch And Contest!

By Bla1ze on 25 Jun 2009 05:16 pm EDT

Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free copy of Wallpaper Changer... 100 Free Copies to be Won!

Auto Wallpaper Changer!

CrackBerry forums member Shao128 has just released version 1.0 of his wallpaper changer appllication which can change your device's wallpaper at timed intervals using whatever wallpapers you assign. Great for those who like to keep things fresh looking on their device! The app requires OS 4.7, so works on the Storm and will work on devices like the 9630 (if you for some reason happen to have one) and should work with other devices as 5.0 rolls out.

In honor of its launch Shao128 has cut the price down to $1.99 from the $2.99 original price (no coupon required) up until July 1st and to give you all some love back he has also set us up with 100 free copies to be given away to the CrackBerry Nation. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post for your chance to win. Contest entry closes this Sunday at midnight PST. Remember  - OS 4.7 minimum OS is required for this one folks!

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Wallpaper Changer 1.0 Launch And Contest!



this sounds like it will be pretty sweet. i wonder how customizable it is? and what a good ringtone switcher apps is.

Please, Please, Please can I get a copy of this. If I have to look at the same photo all day anymore I may have the urge to beat my wife !

My son is 15 months old and my wife is pregnant with our second child....sounds like an automatic wallpaper shuffler would allow me to always view those special moments in life.

Wow sweet, I been looking for something like this. I hope I win, it would be a great addition to my Storm. (fingers crossed)

I meantioned to my wife the one thing I think they should add to the blackberry is a wallpaper changer! Now there is one! I would love to have a copy of this, been looking for something like this for a bit now. Cool app......

would love to use this to display my family photos and slap the face of my friend who has this on his iphone

Few 3rd party apps make it onto my Bold, but this would be one I would be glad to add. Please enter me into the contest. Thanks.

Greetings you all,

Just like the weather, my Storm is always changing. Now I see a slicker way for that change to occur. Nice one

Catch ya later

This would be a great app for me. I always like to have different backgrounds. I change it up at least once a day if not more.

First off great work, app looks great! A couple of questions come to mind, when will it be available for the 8900 curve? up to how many pictures can be placed in the rotation? does it affect system efficiency? I'm really excited about this app, again great work and thanks to anybody that answers my questions!!

It is nice application. Back in Symbian days, I used Wallpaper Changer.
With Storm screen, Shao128 can develop more "animated" changer, like slide show in Power Point. Cheers.

Interesting this should be a nice app to show off if I win a copy:)
Like the concept thanks for the hard work and effort.

Can I please get a free copy of the Wallpaper Changer application?? I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks!!! =)

This would make the phone very interesting and ability to see more than one pic. I have my two boxers on my wallpaper and always (silly I know, but pet owners will understand) felt guilty not having my cats pics. Parents could have it rotating with their kids.

I do wish that RIM would make it possible for you to change your landscape wallpaper behind the buttons and allow you to choose to only have four icons showing as in portrait.

This might be a fun app. and something to do with all the pictures we collect on our phones so yeah sure pick me please, if it were not for bad luck i wouldn't have any luck at all.

This type of application is the greatest thing ever invented for desktop/laptop computers. Now we have it for the Blackberry in our lives. WooHoo!

Not expecting to win but this would be awesome. I can never decide what wallpaper to use this would help dramatically! lol

Its a nice idea and i wished there was a feature like this in BBStorm. Would love to try it out or be even great winning one of the free 100.

thanks to the developer

This, just by the thought of it, sounds like a great app. It will be cool to keep going to my Storm with a new look. Please consider me in the lucky 100...

This looks like a great app. Would love to get for free since i dwnld a tone of wllpprs from crackberry. this way can get to enjoy all of them. thanks.

Even though it won't work right now on my 8900. I would love to use this app once 5.0 rolls out. I've been searching for a theme that changes wallpapers but lets you chose your own.

This looks like a great app. Just what my Storm9530 needed! Been waiting for this type of app. since my initial purchase of my BB .Getting tired of switching my wallpaper every few days!!!!

I've always been interested in something like this. Now I don't have to do it myself all the time. I'm always switching between 10+ wallpapers.

sounds like its for me. I love change. I go crazy trying to decide which wallpaper I want for the day. I would love this application. Pick me please.

Definitely I do want one of these. A free one as a prize would be most welcome. I have lots and lots of images to use as wallpaper.

This is so awesome. I am a photographer so this would be nice so I can view all my pictures as my wallpaper without having to change it manually. Please choose me. Again this is sweet!

I use this site religiously and no other for my blackberry needs. I've actually never bother with contests anymore cause i've never won anything in my 31 years of existence lol. I figure hey why not give it a shot. I buy all my programs from here anyways so I figured hey why not try something for free. Awesome site by the way. If it wasn't for this site i'd still be blackberry illiterate. I know everything I know now cause of you guys. Keep up the good work.

Come on....pick me atleast once already!!!
Need to feel lucky :(
Love this new wall paper changer....
Hope to get it...

oh man. It sucks that this is for 4.7 and up. I wish RIM would release an API so that those on 4.6 (e.g. Bold) can use this!

this looks like a great app and would be great for me as i would be able to see all my new pic's of my new baby

thank you

I get bored with having the same wallpaper all the time, would sure be nice to automatically have a program change it up for me =)

i love this program i always wanted it... im so glad there is a contest for this program... i wishi really really wish i could be one of the chosen one

sick of changing the wallpapers every 2nd day coz i get bored of them...especially when you've got over a 500 wallpapers and you dont wanna go through them all to pick one....awesome...would love a free copy

I would like to grab a wallpaper changer app please this is a sweet idea to see different wallpapers throughout the day

Add me to the bunch, This is a great idea for an app to keep your BB original. Plus I have four kids and this would be nice so they dont get mad every time they see their brother or sister's picture on my phone and not theirs.

New BB owner, would like the opportunity to get new wallpaper. Would also like the know how to add them. :-)

Great Idea..Now my kids pics can rotate instead of them getting jealous when a different sibling is getting all the love!