Wallpaper Changer 1.0 Launch And Contest!

By Bla1ze on 25 Jun 2009 05:16 pm EDT

Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free copy of Wallpaper Changer... 100 Free Copies to be Won!

Auto Wallpaper Changer!

CrackBerry forums member Shao128 has just released version 1.0 of his wallpaper changer appllication which can change your device's wallpaper at timed intervals using whatever wallpapers you assign. Great for those who like to keep things fresh looking on their device! The app requires OS 4.7, so works on the Storm and will work on devices like the 9630 (if you for some reason happen to have one) and should work with other devices as 5.0 rolls out.

In honor of its launch Shao128 has cut the price down to $1.99 from the $2.99 original price (no coupon required) up until July 1st and to give you all some love back he has also set us up with 100 free copies to be given away to the CrackBerry Nation. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post for your chance to win. Contest entry closes this Sunday at midnight PST. Remember  - OS 4.7 minimum OS is required for this one folks!

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Wallpaper Changer 1.0 Launch And Contest!



Now this is something I would like to win.

Have about 50 wallpapers that I change around.
Was getting sick of doing it manually. Please :)
And Thank You

I have been waiting for this app for a while now - might as well buy b/c I know I'm not gonna win one.

This should be a pretty nice app to have. Kinda gets old seeing the same wallpaper, but I don't get around to changing it. Would be nice to have an app do it on a timed interval.

I've been waiting for an application like this for my 8900. Now I can get the application and I will have to wait for a new OS to use it with. Dang it RIM, come on!

I would have so much fun with this app. I change up my wallpaper on my laptop multiple times and on my Storm but now i wouldn't have to do it manually.

i'm never 100% satisfied with any wallpaper i choose.
this is going to be great!
congrats Shao128 on a great app.

Constantly changing my wallpaper to something different and love the display on the bold. Would love to have a copy of the wallpaper changer.

Absolutely my top pick app for any platform! Keeping stuff looking fresh and random is what it's all about!

This would be a VERY cool app to have. I change my wallpaper's all the time and to have an app do it for me would be cool.

How cool is crackberry?? The absolute coolest on a hot summer day!!
Sure do hope I can win !!
Want for my new storm I'm getting in a few weeks

I get bored with my same old wallpaper and change it daily, so having an app do it for me would just make my life that much easier. Count me in!

I am wallpaper obsessed!!! i need this program, but have spent way too much money this month on apps!!!!!

This app would be nice way for me to see all my favorite baby pics without changing the wallpaper myself.

I would love to have this app. I liked the option to do this with my dare. It would be great to have this on my storm.

This would be great for my Xbox theme, i have so many different pictures that i would like to have rotate instead of just one...good luck to me

This is big change for everyone to try the best soft about weather.
I really like but I am not lucky man in this game.

Good luck everyone

entered so many contests hopefully i win this one pick me please i have over 1,000 wallpapers this would be a lifesaver.

from Pearl to Bold. soon!!

it would be nice to have this in my next BlackBerry :)

send some love my way CB and Shao 128 :)

Been wondering when this would be available. Seems like it should already be on our blackberrys. I do hope I get one of these!!

...since I must change my wallpaper like 6 times a day. I spend a great deal of time with my Storm and tire easily of looking at the same wallpaper. This app would do the trick. Thanks Shao128 for the freebies.