Wall Street Journal digging reveals very weak Q10 demand

By Chris Umiastowski on 29 Aug 2013 03:54 pm EDT

Someone who I find does a good job of digging into BlackBerry is Will Connors from the Wall Street Journal. He and colleague Thomas Gryata published a story yesterday highlighting the difficulties BlackBerry is having selling the Q10.

I’ll be the first to admit I was expecting a much stronger launch. With so many older BlackBerry devices on the market I figured there would be millions of people wanting to make the switch. After all, why stick with an older and out-of-date BBOS device when you can upgrade to a Z10 or Q10? And given demand for the Z10 that has been weaker than most anticipated, I was hopeful that a big portion of the remaining BlackBerry customer base must be people who prefer physical keyboards.

But that’s not what happened, or so it appears. According to the WSJ, Q10 sales have been dismal. They spoke to an owner of 16 Wireless stores (a Verizon reseller, by the sounds of it) in the Midwestern US. The owner told the WSJ, “We saw virtually no demand for the Q10 and eventually returned most to our equipment vendor."

Ouch. And the WSJ spoke to a variety of other retailers and carrier executives in the US and Canada. Remember when Thorsten Heins was quoted saying they could sell tens of millions of the Q10? It’s not looking like this was based on reality.

While we hoped otherwise, having had a while to look at the data we’re confident the WSJ report is an accurate representation of reality. During the last CrackBerry podcast, Kevin dove into some of the traffic and activity data with everyone as it related to the BB10 launch event and roll out of the Z10 and Q10. And while he saw the hardcore enthusiasts drive lots of site activity as you'd expect (regular CrackBerry visitors are more engaged than ever in fact - the article commentary and forums are buzzing these days!), there has not been the continued long tail growth of search pop in visits you'd normally expect to see with a device that's selling in volume to the broader, more mainstream audience.

This is the audience that isn't actively looking to talk about their phone in a community like CrackBerry, but is looking for help, apps, accessories, advice, etc. and inevitably land up on CrackBerry. It's actually hard to hit Google, search for anything related to BlackBerry, and not find a CrackBerry result near the top. As Kevin points out, the surge of new visitors related to the Z10 and Q10 launch traffic has now disappeared. Traffic is back to where it was prior to the launch of BlackBerry 10. There's still a BIG audience on CrackBerry, it's just not growing the way you'd expect it to grow if a lot of people were buying and using their BlackBerry 10 phones on a continued basis (conversely, CrackBerry's sister site AndroidCentral.com is seeing this type of long tail growth on the back of the launch of the S4 and HTC One). Looking at the numbers in real terms, you almost get the feeling that the bulk of BlackBerry 10 owners out there to date are CrackBerry people.

You can see the same thing in Google Trends. Here’s a graphic showing search volume in Google for the keyword “BlackBerry”. The peak traffic (indexed to a value of 100) happened just prior to the Z10 launch, and you can barely see any change at all around the time of the Q10 launch.

Obviously this is a problem. The launch of BlackBerry 10 looked like it was on track to actually help the company return to growth. That was then. Today’s it is very clear that something has to change ... and in a big way. As the WSJ points out, this is likely what drove the board to pull together a special committee to investigate strategic options. The status quo, for BlackBerry, is not anywhere close to acceptable.

One thing the WSJ article did not highlight that is worth mentioning in this discussion is the launch of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 as it relates to the timing of the launch of the BlackBerry Q10. The Bold 9900 became available in August 2011. Two years ago right now. With most phone contracts locking in users for two years, it's really only now for many people that they will begin to look at upgrading to their next phone. Likewise, companies that issue phones to their employees typically are not in a rush to upgrade them. We still see a lot of Bold 9900s in use out there, giving hope that we'll start seeing many of these Bold 9900's get upgraded to the Q10 this fall. Will it be 10s of millions of Q10s? Time will tell.

So aside from the discussion of strategic alternatives that we’ve been doing in blog posts, what’s next?  We’ve got cross platform BBM coming any day now. We’ve got the Z30 launch, we've got 10.2 ... but if the Z10 isn’t driving volume it's hard to see how the Z30 changes anything. What else can these guys do? 

What would you like to see BlackBerry do to pull itself out of this decline? 

* With contributions from Kevin Michaluk

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Wall Street Journal digging reveals very weak Q10 demand



Okay you know what. BlackBerry sucks. There am I popular and hip now. Wait, wait, I need an iPhone for that and some neon yellow Osiris shoes and Oakley glasses. I'm so sick of people being negative towards blackberry. Hey hipsters, why don't you go start hating on cars, they are old and have had 4 wheels and the same designs for 250 years.

I love my Zed 10. And want a q10

Man... just shut up. Some of you guys need to stop being BlackBerry supporters because you give ACTUAL supporters a bad name by being so corny.

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and you are right too; that guy went off oddly. I

Ironically, i may switch my dual device setup of Q10 and PB to a (single) Sony Z ultra.

Not that I don't like BB ALOT, its just that I can't take off of this falling behind and company future guessing.

There could be room for more if there were more cross platform apps and if they were able use tech like nfc cross platform. There are many TV makers because no matter what TV you have you still have the ability to get any channel.

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That would rock if all 4 platforms each had roughly a 25% market share, and exactly the same major app titles (built natively).

That may be the result if somehow someway a dev could write once for all the OS's a'la Unity gaming engine. That would pit an end to this app exclusivity s_it. BlackBerry went all out making their OS similar enough to the other two biggies that most code can be reused. BB10 has the most capability of any of them. It just needs to be made use of and built on.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Actually Samsung and Panasonic are the only 2 that make screens and all components. Everyone else uses their screens. Oh QNX just inked a deal with Panasonic and Garmin, so I think the future is bright, just not over the next few quarters.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

There is plenty of room for more than two ecosystems. Whoever gets third will be the company that has no debt, and is able to stick it out over a number of years (see "Android").
BlackBerry absolutely can do it, but they have to want it, and they have to believe it's worth fighting for.

Can I ask you guys a question...why can't blackberry make phones with the latest and greatest technology out there. Right now, there are only two phones (LG G2 and Sony Xperia Ultra) that use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, quadcore 2.3 Ghz. IF the Z30 were to come out with snapdragon 800, don't you think it would attract waaay more buyers? I think it's a no-brainer. If they want to be able to sell their phones, come out with the latest technology. I know it's not always about specs but personally, I would buy the Z30 in a heartbeat if it does come with snapdragon 800 processor and I'm pretty sure there are many that would do the same. So why does blackberry not do it?

I actually considered getting an LG G2 but I dont really want android. I hope better options come out in the near future.

The thing is if you ask the average consumer - one who doesn't read tech blogs - what a Snapdragon 800 is they'd probably look at you with a blank look on their face. So it's not a priority for BlackBerry. But they do need to strive for cutting edge hardware. They have done so with the Z30, only it has an outstanding design and not much in the way of hardware evolution.

No matter how they go about the Z30, without a proper marketing campaign to get them moving, it'll go nowhere.

Agree re marketing. It's been MIA but is a must have.

Re hardware, specs DO matter. So long as BBRY offers 2 year old hardware the sales dopes at Best Buy/Etc will continue to bad mouth it and it won't sell.

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I agree that their marketing effort has been horrible but I'm not really sure that marketing alone would solve the problem. Most importantly, the product has to be top-notch for it to sell. I'm not sure you can say that about the Z10 or Q10 when it has the same processor as mid-level nokia phones.


Yes its all about marketing,but lets go a little more deeper.If blackberry comes up with pathbreaking advertisements and demos and finally attracts customers and make them enquire about their new devices, still nothings gonna happen because the price point is something which doesnt justify.I have literally seen sales associates in famous outlets trying very hard to justify 700 USD/Device price tag when customer always go for a comparison with gs 3 and other devices in the league.Its hightime bb team should understand the market dynamics and come back with the right pricing strategy for their future bb10 devices.Else only crackberry enthusiasts will only buy their devices.

If they come out with the newest hardware, they will garner better tech reviews and will also get recommended more by knowledgable, unbiased stores sales people. Its just best to be ahead of the curve overall coz u cant quantify the difference it makes.

I don't disagree. But building a top notch device that garners the respect of tech media doesn't sell product (think HTC One). Hard hitting, clever, resonating marketing does. BlackBerry's board and executive seem completely clueless about that. It's frustrating to all of us who see the potential when we're powerless to help the platform realize its full potential.

It's all about the marketing and nothing else. This blog is for BlackBerry enthusiasts, unfortunately the enthusiasts don't don't critically assess... enthusiasts aren't the majority, it's the everyday consumer. the lay person and like you said they couldn't care less about processor speed, processor type or how apps can run simultaneously. Everyday consumers are motivated by marketing campaigns and nothing else. As I type on my Z10 keyboard I know I'm in the minority, like I was when I typed on my 6230 almost 10 years ago. The difference between then and now? BlackBerry had no competition, now they're fighting for their lives and acting as if it's 10 years ago

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Hmmm with all those specs those phones aren't flying off the shelves either. Specs only concern people who don't understand OS efficiency. BB10 has absolutely no trouble with high graphical games or high end apps. So, why would you need specs that majority will never require for their needs other than for bragging rights. It would be like buying a Ferrari to drive two blocks to get groceries. Whats the point other than looking good.

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Ppl buy phones, first. Google it and look the specs. Specs is a selling point. How many android Ppl really understand optimizing os when they buying a phone? They will lay the phone in store, and see the specs. I hate BlackBerry that is so stubborn on the specs even in this situation. Z10 is a great phone, but without the external gears, Ppl can't see it.

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Let's remember technology is both hardware and software and the BB10 OS does a great job where it comes to s/w. The conundrum now is that competitive s/w is also apps and we all know how that story goes with what the market demand/expectation is with that currently and what is available through BB world.

The h/w issue is also an economic (not that s/w dev isn't) since so many components need to be considered. I agree with Birdman_38 to some extent that most ppl don't give an a** about what's underr the hood but in my opinion specs like screen resolution and battery power capacity need to be on point. As long as the OS is action packed and smooth the under hood specs shouldn't matter.

So note to BBRY: Keep ahead of android with OS features and market like hell before you can sell like hell.

Agreed, obviously we can't compete in the apps race so might as blow the competition or at least keep up specs wise. And/or at least market that you don't need the fastest processor to run fast and efficient. The commercials I see for BB are like "huh??" The commercials need to show BB10 phones against the competition in real time just like they do to us. You realize what message that gives to consumers?? Of course it sticks especially when it comes time for them to phone shop.

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Blow the competition? We're are all great fans and all but I don't know how many of us are signing us for that level of commitment. ;)

I'm guessing u meant blow away. World of difference between the two.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

Android has more resources than BB to develop and extend Android's lead. It is easier said than done to "keep ahead of Android" when they have to *get ahead* in the first place.

BlackBerry can't use Qualcomm's quad core chip because Qualcomm is too busy pandering to the demands of Samsung to concern itself with providing support to what it may perceive as a platform with limited potential. (Unfortunate, but that's the way it goes. )

Posted via CB10 on Zed10.

I don't need a quad core because BB OS10 is well coded.

But I agree.

If you want to sell high end phone, you need high end technologies in it.

When someone wants to buy à New phone, he goes first on internet to compare phones. For the same price, he'll choose the best techno if he wants high end phone.

BlackBerry have to understand this if they want to sell phones to others than the BlackBerry fans.

Posted via CB10

If the specs can't been high end because it's not really required, then at least competitively price it. The issue here was that they priced it above the competition so naturally there was comparison and whatever was under the hood was found wanting.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

I completely agree with this. BB10 is efficient and runs very smoothly on lower spec devices. So BB10 devices, by definition should be cheaper since they have "lower specs" than what is currently on the market. Their components should be lower cost and by implication, be cheaper per unit to produce. Noone has been able to explain why BB10 devices were priced at the same (or even higher) than the competition.

"When BlackBerry Ltd. Chief Executive Thorsten Heins was asked why he decided to start selling the company's new keyboard-equipped smartphone months after a new touch-screen device, he said it was because BlackBerry "owned" the keyboard phone market and could afford to wait."

Ouch indeed.

Doing QWERTY first would likely have reinforced stereotypes.

We're probably all just as impatient for sales to pick up at folks at BlackBerry are. But the reality is not everything catches fire and becomes an instant hit right away. Part of BlackBerry's problem is that companies/organizations/consumers are waiting to see if BlackBerry survives before betting on BB10. It's kind of a chicken and egg problem. Getting around it will take calm and steady leadership. Panicking and despair won't help.

I've previously suggested that BB needs to be able to offset bad news like this with good news, particularly announcing the availability of new apps like Instagram for BB10 (and especially NATIVE apps). I know they're working on it but they're not getting it done. They need to be able to show more results. Having positive news to announce will help with marketing. Better ads would also help.

I totally agree with you wholeheartedly. Most of the sheeple don't know what they want, or they want what they are told to want. They could not care less if a phone fits their purpose, as long as it is considered "cool "to have, is all that matters. I love my z10, because it fits my needs....to those who own an android or iPhone, to each his own. i won't be swayed and stopped a long time ago to persuade sheeple.

Posted via CB10

Thinking the same, but that OS at the Z10 was horrible , it wasn't until the 10.1 OS did my Z10 really start to outperform my iP5. I could see the USA media bashing that Q10 at launch with the poor OS with headlines " Q10 is a flop of a phone " . Dam if you do Dam if you don't ! What they need now is a Power email text social user , Hollywood Type , Wall Street broker , Mother , and Student in a Inside Hook fashion commercial Ads really showing off the phone !! The Inside Hook ad from my feedback was " Get things done " really stuck with my feedbacks !!


Marketing is, and has always been, the problem. It's sad to see a great device not get adopted because those idiots in Waterloo don't have a clue about how to market it (or think that Twitter is going to sell phones for them). They deserve to fail, even though I don't want to see it happen.

So true... f'ING market the thing. you think apple was popular because they didn't? Cray. No demand because they didn't create it.

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True. Apple creates the cool factor. BlackBerry has yet to figure out how to market their devices as cool, even though the BB10 handsets are legitimately cool.

I'm glad to see that other people hold the same opinion as I do with respect to the marketing of the blackberry device. I've tried my best to market the device phone to other individuals - both on other platforms, and those trying to get into the smart phone era.

Try as I may, people aren't buying into the blackberry device. This is because when one does a simple Internet search of the device, all they see and hear is negative reviews and news. Look on the television, you see commercials for every other frigging device EXCEPT for blackberry. There was a Super Bowl commercial that was just laughable.

They've failed to bring the apps that individuals desire, they've failed to be aggressive in brining the apps to the platform, they've failed to market the phone. How hard can it be to actively go out there and bring the apps in? Money talks, wave the dam money in front of they noses and get the job done.

I tied my best, but blackberry failed me, and just plain out embarrassed me, as people thought I did not know what I was talking about when it came to smart phones.

The last report about the sales of the phones, for me, drove the nail in the coffin for me. As much as I love blackberry, I finally gave up.

My blackberry bold 9900 has thoroughly been used for the two years that I owned it, and I really needed a new phone, but with the uncertainty of the future of the company, and blackberry no longer being honest with the real sale of the device, I have switched to android. I hated the decision to switch, but I could not risk purchasing a blackberry device to have the company go under and I'm stuck with a melon.

If things turn around for blackberry, I sure as hell will be back, but for now I'll have to consider myself a retired blackberry user. I know blackbery can do better, and I think that's the most frustrating part for me.


You have a Z30 on the way, put the latest technology in there. You can't bring mediocrity to the table, and expect people to take it because they are "loyal" people are shelling out their hard earn money, and want value for the dollar. Remember that blackberry.

Not sure why people are surprised. I havent seen any BB10 device while travelling around Ireland, Italy, Poland, Scandinavia. Seen a couple of ones in the UK and that was all.

People here tend to be fanboys - I've been critical since the launch as I could only see mistakes and I got lots of c-r-a-p from people in this forum.

The launch of the new platform has been laughable, it launched with average hardware with half backed OS, that lacked of most of reliable features BBOS was famous for. Probably only with the release of 10.2 (9 months from launch?) we will get closer to what should have been there last January.

Unfortunately they started develop BB10 too late - at least two years late and being in a cutting edge technology business you cant afford to lose two years. BlackBerry havent been innovating for longer that.

Business is made of two key components: innovation and marketing. BlackBerry has been failing to deliver in both areas for many too many years.

Unfortunately it's clearly now too late and I hope they will be able to sell the company into pieces at the highest bidder and bring in some value for the investors as I am a stockholder.

Nobody cares about you Dave. That's the reality. Your stocks will be much worse off if the company is sold than they are today. Only a handful of people may benefit from it, but not the average investor.

I'm not sure about that - there could be a few spike of the stock pricing which I'll be taking advantage of. I bought most of the shares when the price was very low so I'll be fine just hoped they could do a job delivering BB10 and perhaps see a price of 20$ but that bet is lost now. I hang in there another bit to see how it develops and then I'll sell BBRY.

Agreed! They'll need a miracle (or folks to work really long hours) to pull through this.

Wish they'd released the Q10 (I'm an owner) way earlier! I hope BlackBerry survives, to at least provide competition in the mobile market.

That's the point many BB7 but no BB10. It was BB10 that could save the sinking ship.

Posted via CB10

Dave, you are very ignorant. They have been innovative. They have been doing everything they should be doing. The problems have been with marketing. Alicia Keys, the Super Bowl and keep moving campaign has failed. I suggest that they get their devices used in Hollywood movies by very famous people. I can still remember spider man searching on bing. They need to put their name into the culture to reach people on an emotional level. That is how you sell your product. Most of what you said is irrelevant and your comments on breaking up the company are bullocks.

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It's not the marketing. The phones and ecosystem are just not that great. There ok.

Posted via CB10

They have been catching up not innovative. The OS delivered in January was half baked, barely usable.

It was missing all the major app people want. Even a simple I use on daily basis on my BB7 wasn't there - I contacted the developer and he told me until they will release headless app he won't bother develop it.

BB10 was so innovative that last January all the review were: meh. Most of them from BlackBerry supporter.

Guys you gotta be realistic and yes BlackBerry is a sinking ship but clearly even if they put a big FOR SALE up you still think the problem is only marketing?

The problem is not just marketing it's also lack of innovation and fail to deliver. 10.2 should have there in January but because they are two years late they're rushing to catch up with iOS and Android.

And yes the company will be sold into pieces. You should wake up to reality, they put a big "for sale" sign if you didn't get the memo. They even gonna spin off BBM in its own company, why? To make the most value for the stockholders from it's sale, the parts are worth more than the sum.

But yeah you still keep calm and think BlackBerry is innovative and the problem is just marketing and these a-s-sholes of Instagram and Netflix that refuse to develop for BB10

Posted via CB10

Just like I'm sure there are some WebOS fans that think someone will buy it and release the most innovative phone, people here are so one sided that fails to see that BlackBerry is failing in deliver a great product, they are catching up and it's too late. In an environment where in 6 month the technology is obsolete they failed to innovate for at least two years and they are catching too slowly. They tried but they failed.

I think after 10.2 with headless support they almost completed the catching up to iOS and Android but the ecosystem isn't there. The hardware don't have have any wow factor. It's still missing lots of features that BB7 had.

The Z30 will be a huge flop, I hope they won't produce more than 1milion as they won't sell more than that over a 12 months span.

Unfortunately for BlackBerry is basically over. I hope they will sell of the company parts to companies that can make a good use of them.

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You're right Killjoyhere... when the 9000 first came out, my young teenage daughter kept seeing it in MTV videos & that's why she wanted it! "That's the phone I want" she would say. Marketing! They need to make young people aware of how great these phones are. I live in the UK, & I can honestly say I've seen hardly any BlackBerry advertising...but plenty of IPhone adverts!

BlackBerry, please do more to make people aware, coze these phones are the business!!

Posted on CB10 with my Q10

same here, PINK is in !! Its a great conversation tool about the Q5. Most people just wanted a good QWERTY with a browser and some main social apps add the colors and you have sales !! that simple !! The Q5 then will sell the Q10 !!

I'm in the camp that believes the marketing sucks, and I think there's a lot of other people who also think the same. It started with the useless Super Bowl commercial which didn't stir any excitement, no hype, no nothing.
It's beyond me why they don't take a great feature like the Time Shift camera and turn it into a 30-second clearly laid out commercial. Instead, they had a Z10 commercial with people slipping and sliding across the TV screen with a quick mention of the camera.
We all know BlackBerry can't draw in users through apps, so they need to highlight the other features that make BlackBerry 10 worth the switch. Unfortunately, they're failing at that with miserable TV ads, wasting the company's money.
I wish there was a way for CrackBerry to get this point across to Thor.

My first +1000 or whatever, but yes ... the marketing group has failed and demonstrated they cannot compete.

Replace them please. BBRY.

Posted via CB10

Agreed. I don't see any marketing effect from Mr. Boulben. With all due respect, I don't think that the keep moving campaign is working. They are simply not present enough

I am Zeeing things. There I Zed it.

What marketing!! Why don't they get some high profiled celeb to promote their products - that recent picture with Usain Bolt would at least make people notice that Blackberry do actually still exist!

Posted via CB10

Yup. I think marketing + apps are the issue.

On the marketing side, BlackBerry was crazy not to spend more of the 2+ billion dollars in cash on a MASSIVE marketing campaign.

They're financial folks also are to blame here. Their launch marketing budget needed to have been 3-5 times bigger than it was! And they should never have bothered with that COMPLETELY USELESS super bowl ad. However signed off on that should be FIRED!


Posted via CB10

Off to the exciting new "Armchair CEO" forum with you! You can demonstrate your skills in corporate finance and marketing genius there!

THOR should of hired Boulben as an Entreprise Marketing Officer then hire a Consumer Marketing Officer with major effective communication marketing credentials !

I'm waiting for the private price on craigslist to drop down to Z10 levels. Which is around 300$. Then I'll grab a Q10. My Z10 is perfectly fine for now

Posted via CB10

$0.0 on a 2 year contract on Telus, at Future Shop today only, getting one for my wife tonight. Just need to get more people to try the phone.

Put up some giant displays in the malls, with games and hub etc and just let people try it. Swiping is fun and it feels great!


Why should they, I love BlackBerry but it makes me angry that I have still to wait for apps. I actually own a so called "business" phone... oh but there are no business tools/apps available at all... still waiting for bloomberg and other financial apps.. native ones... screw you android ports!

Posted via CB10

Download the ports first and they will update to native. It has happened for a few other apps. Many copmpanies use the Android app to test the waters. By purposely avoiding a port, you inadvertently tell the company that there is no demand.

Let's take a look at logic here, when a dev has a non native app (port) anybody with half a mind understands that the user experience is NOT up to snuff. Now unless these dev's don't care, they will eventually realize this bogged down version of the app is starting to see some traction and anybody who values their own work would not want a shoddy experience for their bread and butter (consumers). So once demand is high enough to justify pooling more resources into native and money is rolling in they will develop a native app.

That's the big problem ecosystem + lack of communication here in France. Mr Boulben we need ads on TV here in France.

Most of my friends bought a Z10 or a Q10 because they saw my Z10 and how powerful BB10 is ... demoing the hub, the flow peek the swiping gesture, time shifting and the leaked BlackBerry OS 10.2 notification... come on BlackBerry!!!

There's something I don't really understand about the guys at marketing... why would Apple show ads with face time, and why wouldn't BlackBerry shows that not only we can speak face to face but also share our screen at the same time... Frank Boulben really need to do something

Posted via CB10


Frank Boulben is horrible :(

EVERYONE outside of CB still thinks screen sharing is just the ability to have two different apps on the same screen at once!

It was marketing's job to educate the public on BlackBerry 10' s unique features and they failed more than anyone ever dreamed they could have possibly failed :(

I hope they're all fired and never get another job in marketing again. I doubt they would be successful cooking fries at Macdonald's let alone running a marketing department :(

Posted via CB10

So true when I was in Italy , I showed off my Q10 and it was a hit !! THOR should of hired Boulben as an Entreprise Marketing Officer then hire a Consumer Marketing Officer with major effective communication marketing credentials !

It's true. I am a small business owner and yet don't have an app to take credit card payments a la square ? Hello?

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Man I am trying but the brand is so tarnished its now gathering traction from the old Bold and Torch users that the company is going under. Maybe a Q10 launch should if been first. BlackBerry better do a great presentation launch for thé 10.2 OS on the Q10 and Z30 and wow the audience !

Posted via CB10

pumping Q10 on Facebook right now! Everyone in CrackBerry Nation, start pumping BB10 on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, the grocery store, everywhere!!

I've been doing this for the last 6 months. All I get is.. blackberry sucks... and people posting head to head reviews with the z10vs other phones and showing the lack of apps

Posted via CB10

Yup. I can't mention BlackBerry on Facebook without getting "BlackBerry sucks" comments.

No one wants to even see the word "BlackBerry" in a status :(

Posted via CB10

I guess now my msgs seem relevant enough. Just to remember, I was the first to speak of the wsj report.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

That's all I do at work I see blackberry I pull out my phone in front of them and most ask how is it? Or I just tell them to upgrade! It's a great phone people! I don't care if they bring me the phone to side load apps for them! Just get on it! Z10 user! 4 life

Posted via CB10

When we see people using another platform we need to get them to migrate! Don't just tell the existing BBOS users, tell anyone you see using a competing phone.

Posted via CB10

We still need the Apps. Every person I convinced to defect from Android and iOS are now back on those platforms swearing never to come back ever to bbry. It has been heart wrenching for me to see how things have been going. I mean yeah we have a great phone and a great platform but that's just not enough because without the ecosystem, it's just a very expensive mobile phone.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

Isn't that where advertising should play a part? Iv not seen one bb10 advert in the last 2 months on TV in the UK. Seen a sgs4 one every other day though.

Posted via CB10

You're restricting yourself.

They have failed to execute across ANY consumer marketing channel. They have failed to raise awareness with ANY customer segments they did not already have.

The numbers are proving it: fanbois are buying their devices. And there are not enough of us to support the BBRY device business (as proven through their attempt at a tablet).

Posted via CB10

Not just TV. I'm going to be completely honest here.

If not for Crackberry and the "doom and gloom" articles from engadget and the rest, I wouldn't even know that BB10 exists. I've never heart it mentioned, never seen or heard an ad, never noticed a device displayed in a carrier store (if they're there, they're well hidden).

If I hadn't kept hearing the name "Frank Boulben", I would doubt that BB even HAS a marketing department.

I'm really sorry Kev, I waited on an upgrade forever to get the Q10; waited till Jan, then had to wait for US release, then (cuz I'm on vzw) had to wait till June, then early CB forum posts said "doesn't do this, can't do that . . " wait till next update, then next update "still can't do this, still doesn't do that . ." So I bought a 9930 . . maybe with the next software update, but dang it seems like we're always waiting, and its still 199 on verizon w/ contract . . I'm really sorry if I sent the company under, but even some of the hardest CB fans seem to think its still half-baked . . . idk, I really, really wish BB would have just nailed it from the start and made a compelling, can't miss offering . . I wish, I wish . . .

On the other hand, if its good enough for Kevin, then maybe . . just maybe . . .

Go ahead, I'm giving someone an open door here to do some marketing ;-)

I guess that sounded critical, I didn't mean it to be, just had such high hopes, but still rooting/cheering/hoping it will get better - I know, I should root/cheer/hope with my wallet right?

There are really good apps on bb6 , bb7 that dont appear on bb10.. like Fandango. Pandora and some others.. advertising and the app selection is a problem.

As someone who still uses a 9900 and is eligible to upgrade to a new device, let me respond to this by saying -- NO WAY! Not to a Q10 anyway. Not a bad device, physically almost identical to my 9900. But I have no loyalty or ties to BB10. BBOS 5-6-7-7.1 I can navigate 1 handed in my sleep and have been able to for years. Q10 is a totally different experience. Not a BAD experience, but a different one. So with nothing tying me to the ecosystem, I'm free to judge the "major" OSes on their own merits versus rather than just choosing the one I am most comfortable with. That in mind, why would I swap my 9900 to a device that looks almost exactly like my 9900, has an unfamiliar OS, still has next to none of the apps I want to use regularly, will lock me in to another 2 year agreement, and doesn't have the benefit of BIS compressing my data to keep me under my 200MB a month cap? In my case, I'm really struggling to see the draw of the Q10...

Why the hell would I do that? I don't work for BlackBerry and these days BlackBerry is not working for me. I miss my 9930 and wish I had kept it instead of my Q10. When my old BlackBerry can do more and has more available apps than my old BlackBerry there is a real problem. When I see someone with a 9900 or a 9930 I will tell then to hang it to as long as they can or until BlackBerry gets it together.

Again, BlackBerry fanboy land is not doing anyone any favors by cheerleading mediocrity. My Q10 has no BofA app, and no, it is not just as well to use the browser. No, Bloomberg app. My Q10 has no Check (formerly Pageonce) app. I still cannot get individual ringtones for my SMS/MMS messages. In fact SMS/MMS messaging seems to have been ruined on BB10 (maybe a wayward attempt to promote BBM?). I don't even use Instagram and Pinterest (sp?), but I know that most of the rest of the U.S. does. Who wants a phone that cannot do what everyone else's phone can do? There are sooooo many things lacking with BB10 it is ridiculous. Don't give me the "you can sideload it" crap. I didn't buy a premium priced phone to become a tech guru. If I can't push a button and just have it work I am not interested.

Kevin, why don't you and many others in CrackBerry nation get your heads out of your rear ends and start letting BlackBerry know that they really are messing up. You should not tell someone with a 9900 to get a Q10. You should tell Blackberry to make the Q10 a better phone than the 9900 is. The Z10 is in the exact same boat. A full screen phone that the kids can't play Candy Crush on is a waste of time... Does anybody know when we can stop "previewing" Skype? Will BBM cross platform allow BlackBerry users to join the rest of the world in the video chat fun?

Reading all this silly fan love makes me sick. BlackBerry does not rule, anything. No market share, no sales volume, nothing. I can't even honestly say BlackBerry phones outperform any other premium phones on the market. You can't compare them because they can't do what other phones can do. Stop cheerleading and start telling the truth. I have a Q10 and my wife has a Z10. We love to email on them and the typing experience is great either way. When we want to do anything beyond that we pick up the iPhones or the iPad (don't get me started again on the Playbook fiasco). My father has a Z10 and a Galaxy S4. He controls his TV with his Galaxy S4 while his Z10 collects dust. The only reason he has it is because it was free and he always like BlackBerry... He just has no real use for it.

Every time a prediction about the thriving future of BlackBerry comes up on this site I roll my eyes. I have loved BlackBerry for a long time and still do. I had a BlackBerry before it was cool and kept one even after it wasn't. I know the truth though. BlackBerry has been failing for a long time. Marketing is awful, business practices have been clueless and now they are making a dumbed down product. Can anyone create a group in your contacts list using BB10? Didn't think so.

I can only pray that a Lenovo or Cisco buys a sizable piece of BlackBerry and makes what remains of it useful. I would even hope the hardware side of BlackBerry survives somewhere. BlackBerry in the current form will not survive and it is time to have a serious conversation about that.

I will not even begin to tell anyone to get a Q10. I may tell people to get a Z10 because if you are on a contract in U.S. they are free. (You can't beat free.) Otherwise, those if you with a 9900 or 9930, keep it. They are better than the current BB10 BlackBerry phones.

Here Here Byron.

I have been with Blackberry since they had antennas sticking out of them. Am on a 9930 now that I love and I have already passed my New Every 2 upgrade date.. Why should I? The 9930 is the best communicating tool I have ever had. I tried an iphone 4S. Completely inferior. I use the BB9930 as a tool not a toy or for entertainment. I have plenty of other things in my life to entertain me. I was going to get a Q10 and turned it down for 99 bucks. Who is going to compensate me if BB goes away before the contract runs out? At this point listening to all the Iphone fanboys it sounds like BB wont be around this spring let alone 2 years. Think Verizon is going to say oh we are so sorry. Here give us the Q10 back and just pick out an iphone or Samsung or some other such crap for free.. No I am going to wait until I see that BB has a plan to keep going even if it just means to sell units to government and business customers and forget about the whole consumer phone of the day mess. Wolf

Agree, Blackberry want to sell millions of smartphones but they don't make a competitive offer. I like my Z10 but "why they didn't put the last hardware available"? Dual-core? really? the camera? I don't want a "is not bad" camera, I want the best camera....... I want to be on "the best 5 smartphone" and even the Z30 is not bringing anything that can make people get crazy. I don't want the 8 limits active frames, I don't want to close apps because lag, and if the reason is battery live!!! Well I can tell you that in this moment I'm nothing without my extra-emergency-battery. etc etc.

What I want to said is this:::: I want a Super Z10 with Super BBOS10 with all all all the apps on the Blackberry World available.

Now the real question is:: Do you think that someday Blackberry will offer something like that???????

+1000. If only I hadn't bought the Q10 on contract, I would've actually kept my 9900 and buy an additional sgs4 because of the apps & functionality it has. At this point it's too late to hope that BB/RIM will be able to improve.

"Don't give me the "you can sideload it" crap. I didn't buy a premium priced phone to become a tech guru. If I can't push a button and just have it work I am not interested."

This! A million times, this! I don't want to have to get a technical/engineering degree just to sideload a damn Android app onto my BB10 device!

General comments from the forums regarding the sideloading process: "Oh, but it's so easy! Just use the sideloader...oh, but wait. First you have to do this, then you have to do that, and when you're done you have to stand on your head, stack bb's, and blow bubbles underwater to get the apps to work, and lucky you if you ever decide to upgrade your OS, you get to do all that again for practice!!"

Nope! I want to be able push a (single) button/icon to load a native BB app onto my Z10 and have it work. Period. I don't think that's too much to ask.

I upgraded from a Storm 1 (my 1st smartphone) to a Z10 and there is a LOT I love about my Z10, but honestly...? If my Storm 1 was still working (it died 2 wks before the Z10 was released in the US), I would probably switch back to it. In the meantime, I use my Z10 to make calls and text. For everything else I use my iPad. Why? Because it works. (Let the bashing begin!)

Let me be clear...I love BlackBerry. I want to stay with BlackBerry, it's all I've ever known! But when I can't perform basic tasks on my phone either because the apps aren't there or the OS settings won't allow it...well, in my case it's made me think twice about getting a BlackBerry device in the future. Sad to say, but true.

Byron you are absolutely correct. I kept asking why would users switch from os7 to os10 when they are less apps on os 10.

* banging this out from my GN 10.1. My playbook is somewhere catching dust.

Holy smokes , bad eggs for breakfast, ...Kevin is right.....if you have a 9900 please upgrade to the Q10 or wait for the 10.2 OS. I have used the 9900 and my Q10 / Z10 with the 10.1 MR OS beats my 9900 and my iP5 big time. The beat is on the Gestures, Multitasking , Email , Sharing , Docs to Go, signing PDFs, Storymaker , Remember / Evernote , Notes , the tri-lingual keyboard, BB World has productive Apps and more are coming !! I do not use Instagram ...and yes that will becoming. Now there is room for improvement like the iP5 email is an outright joke its clunky and primitive do not get me started on iP5 email . Now Real Estate agents have useful apps on iP5 so Blackberry lost a lot of real estate agents who still use BB for email but have adopted the iOS. Now real estate agents are starting to miss the communications excellence of the Blackberry Q10/Z10 so much they now have adopted the Q10 / Z10 but use a iPad or iPad Mini to access the real estate iOS apps eg for the Door Locks Apps etc . So folks please switch from 9900 to Q10 / Z10 and Z30.... this is all Good !!

No, reasonable eggs for breakfast. You are making a sad argument. You sound like the BlackBerry marketing people. Who are all of the Real Estate agents with their BlackBerry phones and iPads? They must not be showing up in BlackBerry sales figures along with those who want tools, not toys... Please stop the "more good things are coming" crap too. Get a Q10 or wait... How ridiculous. I bet you were one of the poor souls waiting with your breath held for BB10 on your Playbook. You don't owe BlackBerry anything. If anything they owe you. I am glad you enjoy your phone. I am ok with mine, but I don't have blinders on and I am not a fan of Kool-Aid.

Hey, if it's over for BlackBerry then I take my Z10 Q10 and drop it in the toilet then I ask you what do I buy ? Till then my Z10 and Q10 is better then the clunky iP5 and forget the S4 to confusing for me.

Till then my Kool Aid is berry flavour !

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry should offer a trade-in credit for Bold / BB7 users the same way Apple is offering upgrade credits for older iPhones. For those who are reluctant to move, give them a financial incentive. Better to maintain the user base than to let even more users consider defecting. More users on BB10 also increases the chance of more app development and vice versa.

Why??? I want my track-pad. I want my customized notifications. I want all my context sensitive menus. Why in the world would I get rid of my 9900 for ANY device? CrackBerry Nation... wen you see a BBRY executive, tell them it's time to give BB10 the features that make a BlackBerry a BlackBerry!

I do and they tell me ,it's up to the company they work for and it looks like they are going with Apple.What more can I say?BB just can't seem to climb the mountain in front of them ,maybe time for some new boots.

It's not up to the Nation, Kevin. The onus is on BlackBerry to pony up for the proper marketing. I wonder if it's too late or if they're just not interested at this point in time?

I saw them....I told them to upgrade, they said they would...and then I saw them the following week with the HTC One!

As a Sprint customer, unfortunately, finally I guess the Q10 tomorrow. I got my 9930 last May and can upgrade Jan 1, 2014. So wanted the Z10. I will wait and hope that things get better and I can look at the Z30. Girlfriend has a Galaxy but I really want something different and am hoping for a decent BB phone.Not a business person and my 9930 works great for me but really want to go to BB 10. So hoping the company survives somehow. God knows competition is a good thing for all!

Kevin that would be great. But I personally know many BlackBerry users who have torches and 9900's on sprint and have told then to upgrade but sadly the Z10 isn't available at all and the Q10 finally shows up today. If someone on sprint wants to move from a bb7 to a bb10 full touch on sprint what do we tell them? Wait for the Z30?

By then the GS5 might be released along with the iPhone 5s and 5c.

Also the exclusivity of the white Q10 and Z10 on Verizon doesn't help.

It's not that consumers arnt willing to buy BlackBerry but it's just that they are so limited as far as device options, colors and carriers.

I would love to see the Q5 in the states on pay as you go plans

Sincerley Loyal BlackBerry user.

Posted via CB10

No can do, Kevin. The Q10 has not lived up to expectations. For every feature that marks an improvement over the 9900 there is a disadvantage. That is without the inopportune reboots.

I will wait and see whether the experience improves with 10.2 otherwise I'll look for one of those 9900's you're talking people out of to use with my new carrier.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

I'd like to see them announce a big partnership with a company that will put BB10 on more devices and get the software into more people's hands.

Exactly, Blackberry needs that to happen in order to survive. Blackberry should make BB10 free to license and even give incentive to vendors by sharing app revenues. Or may be, Blackberry should some how make Google Play available on BB10 phones. May be with BB10 Android runtime unlocked, that could be the next big thing. If Blackberry can do that, all their problems are solved and it's back in the game.

I agree. If BB just enabled full Google Play access in their Android environment it would be a hail mary that might actually work. Let them do that to get the mass market apps and focus their own resources on building high-quality, secure, value-adding business apps.

I have never seen a Q10 in the wild. This proves it. I think personal observation is pretty accurate.

Posted via CB10

I've seen one. And considering everybody has there phone in there hand that's a bad sign

Posted via CB10

Saw my first Q10 in the wild last week. How long since launch? Incidentally have only seen three z10's in the wild. Mime, my wife's and my son's (who moved from the iphone)

Posted via CB10

I've never seen anyone using a BB10 device here in Germany. That's horrific I think.
When it comes to ads, they've made one Z10 ad which ran a quite often on some tv stations, but it didn't show anything except for the hub and Alicia Keys album cover in the music player. They talked about something in the ad, but I can't recall anything of it and that might be the case for most people watching the ad.

Posted via CB10

Yup. It almost feels like Boulben wanted bb10 to fail. Where are the demos of video chat, screen sharing, time shift?

No one is going to buy a phone based on an ad with abstract video of people running and flying on magic carpets. :(

Posted via CB10

Blackberry need to meet lower price points. I cannot behave as it did in the past. Lots of BB7 and prior OS users are using cheaper Blackberry. High end is always a small fraction of the clients, even for Samsung and except for Apple. This is, I think, the big problem of Blackberry. It is not competitive enough in terms of pricing.

At last someone hit on the real problem. Pricing. I too though a loyal bbry user was reluctant to move to Q10 in spite of its advantages only on account of the steep ask. Get your prices worked out else it's downhill from here.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

USA, WSL, NSA !! I don't believe what Americans write or says! My point.. :)

Posted via Le White Z10

Very Sad. I love my Q10. I think a lot of BlackBerry fans are waiting for their contract to end but I maintain the app issue is a problem. They need to get the apps and advertise the phone! I live in a major metropolitan area and have yet to see one add. But, when I bought my q10 at Verizon, they said fewer people have returned the q10 than other phones after buying. I finally have the perfect phone and am worried it won't be here long.

Posted via CB10

Die...that is best, sorry to say. The fans here and BB management are all hype with no reality. Truly sad that these folks mislead people.

the trouble is they decided to put it on sale in Summer! How the hell do you build so much hype in January and start selling the star product in June/ July?? Only Blackberry!
The BB10 hype died a week or two after official launch, and with poor Z10 sales already, they put the Q10 which is what people really wanted on sale 5/6 months later. Stupid!

How about a Porsche slider since all those Engineers who 'couldn't ' get BB10 working on playbook need something to do?.

On the other hand... shouldn't BBRY fire these fucking losers who obviously don't know what they are doing and cannot execute?

Posted via CB10

I want my BB10 Torch or "T10" device so I can have all the goodness of my Z10 screen size and the physical keyboard shortcuts etc. I love my Z10...but I'm kind of a greedy a-hole and want the best of both the Q10 and Z10 in a single device.

Other than that BlackBerry needs to spend a ton of cash on getting all the apps people want to remove the app argument. Then they need to spend a ton more on advertising. Maybe they should let us CB fans put together some add campaigns for them. Hold a contest and the best idea gets all the new devices or something like that.

Posted via CB10

What do you think the Z10 is? If you think the general public considers the Z10 to be a high-end all touch, you're sadly mistaken. Most people look at the Z10 and see a boring design, unfamiliar OS, and cheap feeling device. Especially when the Z10 is sitting next to a phone like the HTC One, the iPhone, an S4 (even though it's made of plastic too), etc...

I feel really bad for BB. Things don't look good.

Most people have never touched a BB10 device? They see what they are told to see. Change the message!


That should have been the Z10, rather than an overexpensive flag ship wannabe. I love it, but I can see why people have not even thought about buying it.

I think what Thorsten failed to realize when he said 10s of millions of Q10s is that most people buy the lower cost curves. His strongest markets are in "developing countries" and they are not paying for expensive Bolds, they are paying for low off contract and low monthly payments of phones. I think he counted on too much of the subscriber base to pay the extra money for the Q10 when that wasn't very realistic.

BlackBerry needs to get its pricing together. I'm not trying to tell somebody how to run a tech company, but a huge reason why Windows Phone has pulled ahead of us is because their Flagship phones cost close to our budget phones. Competitive pricing means more sells and more market share and a larger subscriber base.

Posted via CB10

I agree the Z10 is NOT A flagship phone. Don't get me wrong I love my Z. But I think the delay of the BB10 coupled with hording money in order to survive crippled the BB10 release.
I hate to be the Monday morning quarterback and we all know hind sight is 20/20 but if the Z and Q's were released 6 months sooner and were put out as mid range devices at mid range pricing maybe there would be more users.
The other problem is that the Z30 will be released after the next batch of idevices. That will also assure very low sales for BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry should be a revamped / secure version of Android.

This is the only way.

BBM: 2AEABBAC | twitter.com/heyart

BB10 is pretty much that now. The only thing android would give BB10 is an ecosystem and then how do you convince users to buy ur android phones over the competitors.

Everything else including user experience. All those cool BB10 features like Hub, Amazing Keyboard, multi-tasking etc.

It almost already is. If they add support for the Google services API and allow access to Google Play, then it would be a dual Android / BB10 phone.

They NEED Google Play access directly through BlackBerry World. It's the only way their handset business will survive.

Posted via CB10

Makes sense now why my carrier dropped the 2 & 3 year contract price of the Q10 after reading the 9900 was released exactly 2 years ago.

I don't know if this is a common happening, but I was all set to get the Q10. Then I was complaining with my wife about people I know not wanting to learn new tech, as if technology was going to stop at some point. She pointed out I stick with keyboards even though most everyone has moved on; so why don't I switch? It's hard to argue with that. I wonder if other people just realized that touch screen keyboards aren't going anywhere, and that the likelihood of top of the line qwerty smartphones sticking around much longer is low.

Try a Z10 man... you won't be disappointed at all!!! And... there you go...that's also the answer to deal with your wife's arguments :-)

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry needs a radical change in design of its phone. A new OS is not enough. It needs to give itself a completely new image like how Apple reimagined itself when it threw in the then radical iPod/iPhone design.

When the designs for the Z10 and Q10 surfaced, I had felt it wouldn't go very well. If the designs were like some of the concept designs we saw floating around, I'd imagined BlackBerry would be in a much better position now. It is not simply a matter of apps numbers alone but you do have to catch a consumer's eye first, then hook them with the new OS experience and then nail it all with the apps they want.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Yup. I had commented before that the industrial design renders seemed a red herring and we would see more of a 'Victory' or 'Bkade' design released.

What a disappointment. The Z10 is ok... but... this is the best BBRY can do after delays of over a year?

Can't compete. Simple.

Posted via CB10

Good point. There's no reason why those concept designs can't come to fruition. They just don't want to invest any money into hardware innovation.

I know! I don't mind the Z10, but when I first saw the Q10, I was not impressed. Using almost a similar design as their predecessors I knew it wasn't going to go well, even though I didn't want to believe it! And here we are now! I Agree, if the designs were like the concept ones we've see floating around, Blackberry would be in such a better position. And it's not like they didn't have the money to radically change their physical appearance? And that's what the Q10 is lacking....the WOW factor! First impressions are a must, and right now, the Q10 doesn't cut it.

Maybe I can contribute a little to those stats. Other devs can chime in?
Our app usage per device for last month:

BlackBerry Z10: 59%
BlackBerry Q10: 39%
BlackBerry Q5: 2%

You would obviously have to factor in how people are purchasing/downloading apps on the different devices (Q10 might have a lot of enterprise presence, hence no app downloads / Q5 users might have less buying power), but it seems the Q10 is not the cash cow it was hoped to be.

I think the stats you provided might be depend on the region. In my case, I have an app mostly used in the middle east. The numbers I am seeing for August are as follows:
Q10 53.0%
Q5 18.6%
Z10 28.4%

Here are some I posted in the forum earlier, broken down by month:

May June July Aug
Q10: 20% 14% 24% 23%
Z10: 80% 86% 72% 70%
Q5: 0% 0% 4% 7%

Obviously same disclaimer as above applies.

Here ya go, keep in mind that mine is a Web Design app, so a very niche market.

BlackBerry Z10: 73.5%
BlackBerry Q10: 23%
BlackBerry Q5: 3.5%

(Same disclaimer as above)

For completeness sake:

Dev Alpha < 1%
Unidentified Device < 1% (Z30?)

Calling the Q10 sales abysmal might be a bit far fetched, let's say It didn't meet expectations, especially the tens of millions Thorsten Heins promised.

What I find abysmally bad is the performance of the Q5 (at least on a Global level when comparing the stats posted by others here). Our stats are based on paid apps, anyone's based on free app downloads?

My results are quite similar when broken down by free vs paid

Q10: 20%
Z10: 78%
Q5 2%

Q10: 14%
Z10: 83%
Q5: 3%

Price point is another main issue, why would I spend so much on a phone when there are a few phones at the same price point with better specs in the market. I love BlackBerry and own a Z10 but we all need to say it as it is.

Posted via CB10

1) Lower prices, 2) a lot of good stuff is missing in BB10, 3) better marketing and 4) more attractive devices

Is it really a surprise? I like my Z10 well enough but despite what I read here I'm seeing surges in Windows Phone - heck, they had Netflix immediately - and I bet WPCentral is having a surge. I see the technology beating Blackberry as they ONCE AGAIN concentrate on launching too many handsets rather than on improving the software. Hardware is great if it has something awesome to run. The OS is fine, but it really isn't a standout. Security issues have gone by the wayside to allow companies to save money and avoid the HR and other hassles, and just letting people bring what they want.

The reality is that Blackberry was beaten long ago. It trained a bit for this fight but wasn't going to win. The cash and resources they have available are much less than what, say, MS is putting forward, and MS is supporting devices that initially failed in the market with new versions, like the SurfaceRT.

I don't know that BB can turn this around. I know that my next phone will not be a BlackBerry, much as I like my Z10.

I read the CEO felt he could wait til summer to launch the q10 because he said BlackBerry has the corner on qwerty phones.

Posted via CB10

1. A differentiated ecosystem. Blackberry has a cheap facsimile of Google Play and iTunes. Why isn't Blackberry building cool apps of their own?
2. Sell the hardware division and focus on software and services.
3. Fire Frank Boulben. The Super Bowl and the Keep Moving ads suck
4. Innnovation? What's next. They should start beating the drum on the next line of products. Mobile computing? Dummy tablets? What happened to all of that stuff? Where is TH - in a cave in Afghanistan?

All that being said, let's not get too worried, we are only talking about the USA. There are plenty of other countries where the Q10 could be doing just fine.

The situation in other countries is worse. In other markets which are often price sensitive, BB10 hasn't seemed to taken on itself.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

I think if they lower their prices, you'll see better uptake. Dropping the price of the Z10 will help when the Z30 comes out.

What BlackBerry needs to do is to do its best and get an investor (a new owner perhaps) who is keen on the growth of the BB10 platform and BlackBerry in general!

These guys need some heavy spend on Marketing! With low sales affecting revenue, BlackBerry needs an investor who is in it for the long run!

Easier said than done, hope BlackBerry is able to find its Savior Prince!

Posted via CB10

Off course the Q10 was made to fail...I don't know why people expected it to sell much and be the so called "cash cow"...most of the world have moved to full touch screen phones...they should put their energy and resources in making very good and competitive touch screen phones... my name is *insert name here* and I am a Z10 owner ...lol...i've kept this rant in me for so many months...lol...Lemme go back to my prozac ...;)

Posted via CB10

No one wants to buy passage on a ship that is rumored to sink - simple as that. BlackBerry devices are not sufficiently superior in the perception of the average consumer to warrant taking the chance of getting stuck with a dead-end brand. Personally, I am waiting for a solid 10.2 upgrade to BB10 that contains all the little fixes that should have been there right from the start and call it a day for me and BlackBerry, after many, many years. Those guys in Waterloo are not acting like they are fighting for their survival.


I also pulled for them for a long time and it seems for many many months they have been phoning it in.

Developer relations? I scoff.

Posted via CB10

"They spoke to an owner of 16 Wireless stores (a Verizon reseller, by the sounds of it) in the Midwestern US..."

16 doesn't make the United States.

Posted via CB10

But it's more than 10 and trying to downplay the significance of what the 'trend' could be doesn't fool anyone.

I said the same thing. Most orders are going to come from the wireless vendor portals like AT&T Premier and Verizon Vec. Moist who would get a Q are corporate customers. They have them shipped to the office.

1000% BlackBerry freak, but I need apps... so I will keep my Z&Q another ~12 months.. till then if there are no significant good native apps... I have to move on... sry you can call it corporate / business phone... but there are no business / financial apps at all... joke!

Posted via CB10

As much as I love BlackBerry, they just refuse to understand what they needed to do....market a change and what the change consists of. Most people hate BlackBerry and even though we know 10 is totally different, they have been given no idea.

Posted via CB10

That is really defining the actual situation. You need to market BB10 as completely NEW, nothing to do with the negativity that legacy devices carry with them. Most BBOS users hate BB and do not even know that the new OS is nothing to do with the junk they use. BBOS is driving users away from BB10, not the other way around.

I wouldn't call it a lack of BES 10 adoption. People want to move to it. Its just a lot of work. Now you are talking about an EAS connection versus MAPI. You have to spend money to buy hardware, hands and feet to install it, etc... It will take time to switch over in the enterprise. Enterprises are really in the place of moving to fast. IT security needs to vet out everything as well...

The truth is that BB10 has failed to launch - why do you think BBRY is so keen to get BBM cross-platform as quickly as possible and has slashed BES pricing? (which also trying to sell itself) - It's to try and grow the company as an agnostic services only company before handset sales completely tale off.

I somehow have a feeling that there's a big shocker coming on the handset devices like the PlayBook shocker. All of a sudden TH and Co might decide to tell us to take a hike.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

As much as i love my Z10, they need a new crew in the marketing department, advertising s....k from blackberry.

I can't for the life of me understand why I haven't seen more headlines for huge purchases for more of the top Fortune 500 companies and more US/Canadian/UK government orders.

I'm sorry. But if the CB folks don't know by now or BlackBerry it's a lost cause.

Sell what folks want!!?

Stop doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

Stop asking fanboy what will sell.


Verizon Z10. Running Posted via CB10

There's a saying that "insanity is doing the same thing over again and again yet expecting a different result."

Posted via CB10

Well, I guess the same could then be said of us for continuing to support a company product after product expecting something different from them.

Posted via CB10

I've heard people say that their govt IT depts won't support BB10 until late this year. Adoption in the enterprise side is dependent on server upgrades. Okay, the consumer side is larger, but I thought and still think that getting respect will come only as fast as those servers are upgraded.

Come on BBM & 10.2

I don't think getting more apps will help them a whole lot at this point. They need to seriously cut prices for people to even consider BlackBerry. At this point most consumers won't even find out that BB10 is missing apps, simply because they won't consider it an option in the first place.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10