Wall Street Journal Confirms BlackBerry Thunder

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 May 2008 10:41 am EDT

BlackBerry Thunder?!Disclaimer: YES that is a Photoshop. :-)

Earlier this week we brought details from the BG on the rumored BlackBerry Thunder touchscreen smartphone.

After reading those rumors, it seems the Wall Street Journal has gone on to do some investigatory journalism and has confirmed some of the details earlier reported.

WSJ has confirmed the BlackBerry Thunder will launch as a Verizon and Vodafone exclusive, but unlike BG did not confirm that this would be a life-time exclusive. And while the WSJ confirms the Thunder will have a touchscreen, they did not confirm that the Thunder would be completely without a physical keyboard.

If you missed the first story on the BlackBerry Thunder, check it out here for more details.

You just gotta love (or maybe its hate?!) the blogosphere. After months of reporting on BlackBerry Bold 9000 rumors, literally minutes after its official announcement the focus turns to the next device in the pipeline. Maybe I'm growing more patient in my older age, but somedays I just wish things could sit still so we could simply ENJOY our current devices (they do ROCK ya know!) without worrying about what's coming next.

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Wall Street Journal Confirms BlackBerry Thunder


I think it's cool that BB is appealing to other markets by creating a more multi-media phone with touch screen. Will attract a teenage crowd to the RIM family. As far as me switching I'd have to play with it first...not such a big fan of touch screen.

I have to agree with you on that one. I mean while I do want the Blackberry Bold, I truly love my BB Curve 8310! And while yes it is cool to want the next phone coming, I mean sheesh can the BB Bold at least hit the stores first before we are already running to the next one. Yes the touchscreen one sounds interesting, but I'm more interested in when the Bold will come out before worrying about the next new device that hasn't been announced yet!

I agree also. It's nice to want the next best thing but after you own it, that feeling goes away. If you select the right device, you will like it for months to come.

It's nice to see RIM gather market share from Apple's domain. If they do it right, they can be successful.