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The Wall Street Journal comes to BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 21 Mar 2013 01:35 pm EDT

Another popular news application has made its way to BlackBerry 10. The Wall Street Journal can be downloaded for free from BlackBerry World, but it does have a slight catch. Some of the content is locked and only readable if you have a WSJ subscription. You can purchase one from within the app but for those of you that already subscribe this will be a great news app to have on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

There are still plenty of articles you can access for free and the app works pretty well. Once you are in a story you will find some handy tabs at the base of the screen. There is a share one which connects with any accounts you have integrated into your BlackBerry Hub. You can also alter the text size, which is a nice touch, and finally there is an arrow to move you onto the next story.

Jumping into the main menu you can filter down a few sections. For example - If you are only interested in Money and Investing then you can just view all related stories rather than scrolling through all the content.

As usual - this is a perfect example of how the whole BlackBerry 10 user experience is so awesome. Using BlackBerry 10 apps is all about making the users life as easy as possible.

More information/Download The Wall Street Journal for BlackBerry 10



Downloaded Thank You dear.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


App day today! :)

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That's an important app for business folks. Good win!

Detective M Downs

This and NYTimes are 2 of my requirements, so we're getting close.


NY Times already has a native BB10 app in BB World :)


I will get a WSJ subscription just because of this....when Verizon gets around to delivering my phone.


The app looks SOLID!!... Like most of the apps i"ve seen on the Z10. Someone should address Ewan Spence at Forbes since he claims all the apps are shit (Today)


I'm ready to see some of these apps on my PlayBook!


I would sooner put needles in my eyes than give Rupert Murdoch one penny of my money, will pass on this one but there were other goodies today so it's all good.


Are those sparks erasers?


I think it is BabyBel cheese with a logo on it!

jojo beaconsfield

so let's see,I've got The Economist , Financial Markets , CNBC Stock Updates , US Stock Updates , Top Stocks , NASDAQ News , WSJ Updates , NY Times , Stocky , The Globe and Mail , USA Today , and now i'm getting The Wallstreet Journal.How cool is that. I've got more than enough apps in this file alone to keep me busy.What a steal when i got my Z10 ,i never imagined life could be this good


Is this native? I'm really beginning to think that BB World should let you know whether an app is native or an Android port. That way people could email the developer and demand that they create a native app.


Video (above) says it's native.


Obviously it's native or it wouldn't have hub integration.

The London Geezer

Superb app from the WSJ - thank you!


I'm curious to know what difference does it make if it's native or android port over? I'm quite sure developers r using port overs to determine if take up rate justifies if it warrants native development.

So, if ppl r only concerned about native apps... we'll have to wait till the cows some home

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world traveler and former ceo

well done WSJ and Blackberry!!! Z10 rocks!!!


Can't wait for the big American corporations to convert all their staff onto the BlackBerry Z10 or Q10. The win will come! Gonna download this app when I get back into wifi zone!

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The WSJ app for BB10 is horrible and I reloaded it multiple times! On my second BB10 (yes, I dropped it and learned that the broken glass has functions built into it so for $275 I could have it repaired) and the app struggles to open current articles. For example, I am trying to open the the Larry Summers article and I am reading about the Transocean settlement form Jan 3, 2013 instead. As much as I am a loyal BB guy this is causing me to want a vibrant company or PE firm to take BB over clean up these basic messes.