The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook!

The Walking Dead
By Michelle Haag on 10 Mar 2012 05:26 pm EST
The outbreak has struck, but no one knows it yet. The chaos has only just begun. You are Shane Walsh, a small-town police officer in the adventure game, AMC's The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning. Keep yourself and your people safe from harm. You have two objectives: Prevent people from being killed or turned into walkers–and keep yourself alive.

The Walking Dead is a comic book series that was developed into a TV show for AMC, and now it's also a game for the BlackBerry PlayBook! Styled like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book, The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning is actually a comic book, but you need to make decisions throughout to see what happens next. Though the game isn't very long, it's nice to see something like this come to the PlayBook. You can play it a couple times, making different decisions each time to see how the story plays out, but don't expect this one to have a ton of replay value. I'm hoping that AMC has plans to add more chapters to the story in the near future. Meanwhile, check out the game today while you wait for the next new episode! 

*Game is available in the US and Canada only at this time. 

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Reader comments

The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook!


this is good. looking forward to testing it out. Shane is boss in my story line! New episode tomorrow as well. Good timing for release

what's up with this "only US and Canada" stuff, did RIM already forgot what part of the world is holding up their pants at the moment...that sucks....

The game's availablilty has nothing to do with RIM. This is decided by the app developer and I'm sure has something to do with licensing rights to the franchise.

Agree, my understanding is 99% of the time when I hear, only available in x country or province, it has to do with licensing rights or legal reasons.

This seriously pissed me off, klicked on the link on my PlayBook and all I get is "This item is not supported by your current device profile" WTF RIM? You missed some goegraphy lessons apart from USA and Canada ?

RIM doesn't like you. They want to punish you and they don't want your money. That's why they're not releasing in your country (rolls eyes).

Again, has nothing to do with RIM. Also, was noted in the post that it's US and Canada only, could have saved yourself the frustration.

My zombie addiction has been growing, first plants vs zombies, then Night of the Living Dead, and now this. Hopefully it stands up to the first two zombies games I've come to love!

Haha They listened to me! They said ti was availiable for Android so I commented and said where is the BlackBerry version?

Well I have my answer now.

Great game. I can't wait for more chapters.
I felt like I was living in a zombie world playing this game.

WTH(eck)? I just followed the link and tried to download on my PB and it said it wasn't available for my device yet...

Gonna go restart my PB, and if that doesn't work try resetting App World...

Yep - after restart I searched in app world and it was the first thing listed...downloaded just fine and shows as "installed".


I'm gonna restart again...sigh.

For some reason the link didn't work for me. But when I searched in App World for it manually it came right up and installed just fine for me. :)

Looks like I'll have to wait till April 1st when I get back to Canada to download this. That's a shame. Hope they allow this app to be downloaded in other countries for everyone soon!

The link didnt work. Says "not supported by your device ". But a quick search located it. :)

Happy bunny, was able to download this in the UK via proxy server.

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