Throw away that old alarm clock and start your day right with Wakeful for BlackBerry [beta]

By Adam Zeis on 23 Mar 2011 11:04 am EDT

Tired of that same old annoying alarm clock? Do you use your BlackBerry to wake up in the morning but what something a bit better? Wakeful for BlackBerry is currently in beta and ready to start your day off right. This alarm clock app changes things up from the normal annoying tone and gives you what you need to get going. Simply set the alarm time, and Wakeful will sound with a voice (male or female) that greets you and gives you the time, weather, latest news headlines and stock updates. You'll be in the know as soon as you wake up in the morning and ready to start your day. I honestly feel kind of futuristic when it fires up for me, like I have a personal computer assistant greeting me in the morning (geeky I know). If you want to check out Wakeful, you can sign up from the link below or head to the forums for more info.

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Throw away that old alarm clock and start your day right with Wakeful for BlackBerry [beta]


I think that would freak me out. My alarm is set to the local radio station and it gradually gets louder but I'm so intune to when I get up I hear the click first as do the dogs.

This is such an awesome idea! I usually just use music but after a few weeks it gets so annoying. What a great thing to wake up to!

I don't neccesarily use it as an alarm but I have it set to go off about 10 min before I leave for work. It makes me feel like I have a personal assistant reading me the headlines. Lol

I wish RIM would add more clock face styles for Bedside Mode. Something with colors and thinner numbers that doesn't light up your room like a neon sign.

Hahaha! Right!?

"Good morning. The weather where you live is cold and wet.

A lot of people died today, from natural disasters and wars around the globe. Possibly someone you know.

You also just lost another $500 on your investments.

Have a great day!"

Come to think of it, that's just about what it said in the is the day the Earth died...

I use the female voice and I changed my first name in my profile options to sexy. So now she says....

"Good Morning Sexy......" lol

I've had this for a bit over a week now and I really like it. I am a crazy deep sleeper and it actually wakes me up. It gives you something to focus on so you don't just hit the snooze and end up being late. Mind you I still do usually hit the snooze button though.

All I got was an email saying I'm subscribed, what's next? How do I actually get the product??

I hope it has a little intro music first, that would be a nice touch.

Same here.

However I just got an email from them a few minutes ago saying that there's a new version along with a link for the download so if you haven't gotten that yet be patient - you should get it shortly.

I installed it on my 9330, and it's stuck in a loop "Communicating With Server". It's done it about 20 times now. Just keeps doing it over and over again.


Yeah, I did the same thing on my 9630, and the same problem occurred. I did a battery pull after about 5 minutes. Alarms need to be reliable, so I'm not sure how great this will turn out.

I received an email from Wakeful. They were hit with 5,000 alarm requests in 20 minutes and 20,000 server requests. All of that crashed their server. It is repaired now. I guess that is the power of Once they get the word out, watch out.

It wouldn't let me register with the email that I used to sign up to be notified of the beta release. It said my email was in the system but because I didn't have a password, I couldn't log in.

It works now that I used a different email. However, it won't save my location.

So I signed up, and downloaded the beta... The servers cannot find my city? It's Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (the nations capital).

Canada, you know? That huge country to the north? With all the igloos and Polar bears?

Well it's not all ice and snow... We have a population of almost 35,000,000 and guess what? We have blackberries too :D...

Common now!

Since it got posted on the front page here they been suffering 'Server Stress'. They did send an email out 12 hours ago about server problems which they've fixed but also stated about location problems:

We have resolved the server issue, but there's another issue regarding location right now. We use Google's API to get the best location suited to you. As of now they have limited our queries. We are working hard to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. In the meanwhile if you enter in a location it may tell you that it's "unknown".

Woke me up this morning after installing last night.
Works brilliantly.
Great idea.

Would be nice to adjust the snooze time.

Tried using it last night, and the alarm didn't go off this morning (had another set as a back-up, just in case). Turns out it wouldn't work with the phone in bedside mode. I'll have to play with it some more, to see if I can change any settings to remedy that.