Wakeful alarm app for BlackBerry now available - Get it for 50% off!

By Adam Zeis on 15 Apr 2011 03:24 pm EDT

A while back we first checked out the beta of Wakeful - a super cool alarm app for BlackBerry. Wakeful breaks the norm of buzzing, annoying alarms and wakes you up with a voice greeting. You will be greeted with your name, weather, news and stocks so you can start your day off right. Customize the alarm to your liking, and never wake up cranky again.

Wakeful had a successful beta (mostly thanks to CrackBerry readers) and is now officially available. It sells for $14.99 in the CrackBerry App Store. BUT - you can get it for 50% off using the code WAKEUP. Still a bit of a steep price, but if you use your BlackBerry as an alarm, you'll be thankful after a few days. Hit the link below for more. Please note - the coupon code will only work in our mobile app store or app store client.

More information/download of Wakeful

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Wakeful alarm app for BlackBerry now available - Get it for 50% off!


I was one of the beta testers and I need to admit that I'm very disappointed with the price, even for the beta testers. For 15 bucks you can get a regular desktop alarm clock. It's too much money for such a simple app that does one thing.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with you. I did love using the app, but the price is too high for me. Too bad.

I feel the same way. I was also a beta tester... it's a cool app, but $14.99 for an alarm clock?!?!?!?!? They need to do a reality check.

I'd say $4.99 max as a regular price, $2.49 for beta testers... And even that's a bit steep!


I think none of us filling out the survey put more than $3 for the app. I have no idea where did such a price come from? And the fact that very often the app has problems with downloading data from servers and instead of personalized wake up call you only hear buzz. My standard BB alarm clock can at least play mp3s saved on memory card.

I hear ya. They're living in dream land...

I sent them an e-mail telling them they're crazy... I suggest everybody else do the same and maybe they will come to their senses.

After such a cold shower I won't even bother sending then anything. I think it's a lesson not to waste time taking part in such a bullshit. In most cases companies pay money for their product to be tested, in this case the developers flicked us off.

I agree. $15 for an app... People who suggested the price probably wanted the company to get destroyed

So they're offering the same discount to everyone even though their beta testers helped make the app better and more stable? How nice of them...

I have deleted the app, and will be telling all my friends not to buy this way over priced app, even though I've been telling them how nice it was. I'll go back to waking up to my fav song, and then checking my news and weather apps.

I too am very disappointed at what they decided to charge for it. I was one of the beta testers as well and needless to say when I got the email telling me how much they wanted I promptly deleted the app.

This is a good app but a $14 app it is NOT!!!

I spoke to a few other people who signed up and filled out the survey and none of them said they selected that they would pay anywhere above $5 and the $5 price point was being VERY generous.

Me thinks the developer disregarded everyones pricing suggestion and just decided to charge whatever they wanted for it. Im sure the app will not do well with that kind of a pricing. even at $7.50 its a huge stretch.

So i've never said this before about any app but THIS IS SERIOUSLY NOT WORTH THE PRICE.

Ditto here. It was deleted before I even got out of bed. The high price did help to wake me up with a WTF moment but that only works once.

I too am disappointed, first of all the app lagged out my bold 9780, then the alarm would not go off when it was supposed to (imagine being at work talking to the boss and someone telling you good morning from your hip or pocket) and now the PRICE!!! Come On Dude!!! As the other guy said before, you could buy more than that instead of an app that can only do ONE thing. By the way, its already off my Bold. My TV comes on in the morning ON TIME with news music and weather ;-)

Same thing happened to me! The damn thing NEVER worked on time, and when that happens, it pops up HOURS later. HOURS! Ridiculous. If it even did that much, sometimes I just got a log fail screen, to which they said "try testing it". Testing it, of course, did not work because their servers are insufficient. Don't waste your money. Chances are, you won't be woken up on time, but you'll certainly be alarmed!

If you're just looking for an alternative to the default alarm clock, try: http://software.crackberry.com/product.asp?id=386563&n=Musical-Clock---M...
Allows you to set multiple alarms for different days, and even set playlists or Pandora to be your alarm tone.

Not enough bang for the buck. 2 or 3 news items, no alarrm. Nice app but WAY overpriced, even @ 7.99. Deleted before I got out of bed @ 5:30am.

I too was a beta tester and was disappointed with the actual price and especially having it "turned off" today. Even the discounted price is too high! If they would have given the beta testers it for free they wouldn't be getting all this bad press. Poor way to start off!

I agree with all the posts above. I was also a beta tester and just started laughing when I saw the price. I got the stupid "purchase the official version" message this morning right before I deleted the app. That was the first beta test where I felt like i got kicked in the junk at the end.

I was a beta tester, $15 is not a 'bit' steep, it's a rip off, plain and simple. Maybe if they actually got the Jarvis voice... maybe then.... ......

Okay, as a fellow beta tester, I can empathize with the rest of the comments. However, I don't think the average Joe is going to care whether we got compensated for being a part of the beta or not. What I would want the public to know about this app is that although it has a lot of potential, it is not ready for prime time. This week alone one of the servers went out one day, and on another day they found a bug that prevented the alarm from going off in the last beta version. I would strongly recommend giving the app a trial before buying and see if it does what it is supposed to. Then you can decide for yourself whether its worth the price or not. I should mention that some beta testers did purchase it (although I was not one of them).

No one says this app should be free for all beta testers. All we say this app is too expensive in general for all it really does. Not mentioning all the bugs it's still full of.

This is just a alarm app. thats it ! I was also a beta tester and liked using the app but this price is just too high. I dont know anyone that pays more than 2 bucks for a app for your phone. I wonder who makes money faster the .99 cents apps or the apps that start at five bucks? Wakeful you got us we helped give you some advice on how to make the app better and you didn even think about sending beta testers a free copy. You will soon learn the power of the Blackberry universe. we are like the new grass roots movement. Wait!!!!!! I had to send out a broadcast message that wakeful is not worth the time it takes to download..
Deuces :)

From the previous posts, it seems unanimous that this app is way overpriced for what its supposed to do. I was also a Beta Tester and found some features and lack of convenience absent. When the feed is finished, there is no pause to turn it off. It only repeats the same text immediately. Also, upon "loggin out," you must re-enter email & password to re-open the app. That is time consuming and annoying. There were many instances when the server would not connect in the test mode. This app should have remained in Beta until those issues were resolved. On a smaller scale, no option for sports to be presented in the feed. There should also be a field in the menu for a bell or buzzer. For the kind of money this developer is asking, Wakeful does not appear ready for prime time!

It's funny that the developers think so highly of this application by setting the price ridiculously high. Don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful app but for $14.99? Like we're not going through a recession. But yes, once I got the email I did what most people above me and deleted it....

Anyway, it was fun while it lasted... Now back to my old trusty BlackBerry alarm clock.

Also Rim will soon have a native version 10x's better nad the blackberrry beta zone will let us try it out and listen to our concerns then whan bam a new native feature for 2011

Overpriced! Plain & simple. I was a beta tester & while I thought the app was "cool", its nowhere near cool enough to warrant a $14.99 price tag. As stated above, there were several occasions where the alarm didn't sound (thankfully I had another alarm also set - just in case - throughout the beta phase) due to server errors/crashes. I know it costs a pretty penny to setup, run & maintain servers, but this price tag is ridiculous.

And honestly, yes, beta testers should be compensated when their input helps a developer to create & sell a product they profit from. I'm not saying everyone who tested should get a free copy, but compensation should be a given. The 50% off would be perfectly adequate, but at $15 (or even $7.50) I won't be buying it. This is a $2-5 app at best I'm my opinion

p.s. Loved the message this morning instead of an alarm, letting me know I now needed to buy the app. Awesome! Lol...

I was not a beta tester, but tried the trial version. Its a pretty good app but the cost is to steep for what you get-only two voices and the female sounds to much like my ex--and I don't like waking up to a dudes voice in the morning. Also you can't set it for each day of the week..its everyday, weekdays or weekends. Like I said i really like the idea, but --not the price. I realize its a work in process but definitely not a buy in that price range

I was a Beta Tester and there is no way that I would pay anwhere close to their asking price . I am deleting it.

Another beta tester here.

While I think this app is quite unique, I don't think it currently has enough features or enough customization to warrant the $7.49 price point (initially offered to beta testers, now offered to everyone), let alone the $14.99 regular price. After having been involved in the testing, development and improvement of the app, I would have gladly paid between $2.99 and $3.99 for it.

I wish the Wakeful team lots of luck with their product but feel it's not going to move as fast as they were hoping it would.



I am truly disappointed by the guy.

These guys are living in a dream world. Are they really kidding me? Take a look of the video on their poor at best website. Have they ever heard of a closeup? So their app has an alarm that talks to you and gives you the weather and stock info. Whoopie ding. The word has already spread about this nonsense. No intelligent person will pay this kind of money in this economy.
I've beta tested many apps in the past and for my time I have always received a free app. Your marketing and business departments better get their heads out of their ass. Delete, delete, delete.

Let's keep in prespctive what THIS APP does for me. It provides me with sports scores before I even roll out of bed. Gives me weather, which in Tampa FL is low 90s every day from mid April thru mid Oct.
If you just want an alarm; yes, this isn't marketed towards you.

Beta tested it, didn't even like it enough to keep it, much less pay more than $2.99 for it, sorry this is a fail.

This is a shabby way to treat beta testers. The "special price" for beta testers is the same price that is available to the general public.

Perhaps the product should be renamed to shameful. Perhaps beta testers should reconsider doing anything with company in the future.

Aside from that, the program has a fatal flaw in that (if your device is password protected) you need to enter the password before you can snooze or deactivate the alarm - but I guess that's one way of getting you to wake up.

Bad software and an even worse way of treating testers. From now on, they need to pay me to test their junk.

Add me to the list of disappointed beta testers...nice app, price is a BUST tho, I would feel ok with $2-$3 as a fair price...maybe they have a severely flawed business model that simply cannot be made to function...say that after seeing their repeated statements of data use being high on their end of the deal...sad launch for this product. I they wanted to make a successful app out of this the would need to give all testers a free license in hopes of them talking it up enough to encourage other sales. FAIL.

Even with more features like twitter/facebook updates or rss headlines I'd feel the beta testers' price is too high for even a regular price. If they don't adjust the price someone will do it better and cheaper any day now. There is potential here, don't mess it up with short sighted greed. "Pigs get slaughtered".

Btw. I deleted the app as soon as I got the email with the price. I like the app but it wasn't a difficult choice at all.

I was also a beta tester and when I got the e-mail with the price of $7.49, I couldn't believe it and then saw it was a discount, absolutely speechless. I can't believe that they think someone will pay $15.00, even $7.49 for an alarm. I liked the alarm, but not at these prices. They need to wake up. I have also deleted the app.

I have never been a beta tester before Wakeful so I had no I don't understand why you would ever pay more than $0.99 for this app. I just don't get it. It's ok, but was didn't work consistently and truthfully I found it more of an annoyance than helpful.

I really don't need a robot voice to tell me the good morning, the time, temperature of the top news. Maybe a decent idea, but just doesn't seem to work. Just my 2 cents.

I was a beta tester too. Half the time it couldn't connect to server. Checked my email today and Wakeful wanted to thank me for testing their app by offering it to me for 7.50! Really? Good bye Wafeful. Go hose someone else. I will stay with my free blackberry alarm which has never failed me.

I took part in the Wakeful beta process as well. When I got the email stating it had been officially released, and it mentioned the price tag, I couldn't even believe it! I was like, "What the f*ck?!". Then reading their discount offer for testers almost felt like a slap in the face! I had to recheck the email because for a second there I thought someone was messing with me.

I will admit, it is truly disappointing. In their email it mentioned that they thought the price was fair because of server costs, etc. I understand that it costs money to make money. Really tho, I believe if they had gone with a much lower price tag, than they would have sold a hell of a lot more copy's of their app because it is a decent app for what it does.

To be really honest, even tho I was a beta tester and did like the app, I won't be purchasing it any time soon, unless the price becomes more reasonable than it is now!

nice,but i need something to scare me when i wake up,a 12 guage shotgun blast as a alarm sound would be nice

I bite the bullet and bought this app, I was a beta tester and honestly, I just love the app. I know $7 is alot for an app, but I am very confident that new features will be added making it totally worth while.

What I am hoping for is the ability for it to read me my calender/to do list.

It obviously can't read you your calendar unless you've uploaded it to their servers.