Wakeful alarm app for BlackBerry gets a price drop - now only $4.99

By Bla1ze on 5 Jun 2011 10:26 pm EDT

If you've been holding out for a price drop to come to the awesome alarm app -- Wakeful, then we have great news. Previously available for $14.99, Wakeful has now dropped down to only $4.99 which puts it on par with other clock applications that are out there. If you're looking for an alarm app that is awesome, and totally different from anything else available then by all means, give Wakeful a shot.

Click here for more info and to download Wakeful for only $4.99

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Wakeful alarm app for BlackBerry gets a price drop - now only $4.99


This is how you put a new software on the market - drop its price by 70% within the first 2 months - NOT.

So sorry for the people who paid for it. I liked the product, but no way I am going to pay. I'm just gonna wait another month - then it's 0,99$... or they are bankrupt ... who knows.

And it's funny how they state in their email to beta testers why they dropped the price:
"Great news everyone, after being on the market for over 2 months and interacting with our customers we've decided to lower the price of Wakeful. We feel our new pricing is inline with other alarm clock apps available. So if you haven't bought yet, now is the perfect time."
(oh and that isn't even true - the final version was launched on April 15th)

That doesn't even make sense.

$15.00 for an alarm clock app?
I can buy a boom box for that price. Too many great FREE alarm apps to be paying that sort of money.

How does everyone like their PlayBook?

Lol, it took them a while to realize that $14 for an alarm was just WAY too much.

Sorry for those who actually paid this much.

This app should sell for 0.99$

Yeah, they should have hired someone with business experience.
I download the Beta but didn't have time to mess around with it. I figured I would maybe buy the app anyway to try it out, since they're a local company (they're not far from RIM actually!) but $15 is crazy.
Its much easier for them to convince 15 people to pay $0.99 than 1 person to pay $14.99 // Not sure why they weren't able to figure that out from the beginning.

I was interested but I've had enough server-based apps on my phone over the years to realize it wouldn't be reliable enough for me.

This has got to be the funniest app story...... and the explantions they give are just hilarious. Are they giving their old customers a rebate?? Wait they dont have any old customers.... LOL.

I am going to wait till the app drops to 0.99.

As a beta tester I found that the app wasnt reliable enough and the last thing you need after paying 4.99 is an Alarm that won't go off....... Rather pay 4.99 and get an actual alarm.

As an alternate I got this app and it works great.

I think I'll just stick with the basic alarm that comes with my Berry, I know it works & the price is right! When it comes to alarms I need it to do one thing, wake me up! The loud, annoying sound from my Blackberry alarm does just that when I need it to (when I'm traveling & MUST get up early is the only time I use it) so it does it's job. Judging by that demo video I would have slept thru that anyway. Maybe replacing that voice with that of Sam Kinison would be better at waking people up.

Like many of us on Crackberry, I was a beta tester of this app and it was a great concept with decent execution. With some refinement and reasonable pricing- this could have been a very successful app. However the insane cost of this app that was launched before it was ready simply soured everyone on actually paying for it. Beta testers will recall there was a survey email sent out asking what would you be willing to pay for this app- I doubt anyone suggested $15 for this application. Let this be a lesson on how NOT to market your app.

I was a Beta Tester, too. Wakeful even asked the users if - and how much - they would pay for the app. In the last email they stated that the price was based on user voices, too.

14.99 is just ridiculous. 4.99 is, imho, still far too expensive.

i am sorry for everybody who bought the app - i would try to get my money back if i had.

I agree with all the previous posts. As a beta tester the app was mildly unreliable and when I saw the cost I couldn't believe it. People get mad cause angry farm is 5$.... Why on earth would you pay 5$ for an alarm app?

I got to agree with others; only an idiot would pay $4.99 for an alarm clock let alone $14.99! That is, and was, an absurd price for an alarm clock app.

I laughed when I saw the headline here. Talk about unnecessary and redundant apps. What's next, a phone call app? How about an email app?

I beta tested this junk app and would not pay $0.99 for it myself. I thought $14.99 price was the stupidest move ever, now if they had started at $4.99, then reduced it or ran frequent sales maybe, they might have caught a few suckers, but download the free trial before you buy and see for yourself. ;)

I did purchase this app at 7.99 after being involved in their beta program as many of us crackberrians did. I submitted comments, reported bugs and filled out questionnaires.
When the beta period was up I believe we had 5 days to purchase at 7.99 or lose the service…Classy move!!!

Then we are told if we don’t purchase at 7.99 within a week we would lose the discount and have to pay 14.99. Another dumb business decision by the Wakeful developers.

I have to say I like this app, I really like it and since the last update it has been very stable and reliable. I like getting news and weather first thing in the morning. Yes I know a traditional clock radio would provide the same and for free but that’s not berry cool is it? I have always used by blackberry for the alarm everyday and this offered an interesting twist to my alarm.

After being notified of the price drop, I emailed the developer to express my opinion regarding the treatment of testers and ultimately customers. I received no response. Funny they don’t want to hear from us now!

Maybe they should rename this app shameful…

dumbasses finally came to their senses but im still NOT gonna buy it. noone should buy it until it's at $.99 or even free!

Another Beta tester here. As soon as they bumped up their price to $7.99 for a limited time for faithful testers, I uninstalled the unreliable app. When they sent their public release price of $14.99 in an e-mail, I unsubscribed from their list. Laughable business practices. They were too greedy from the beginning.

I'm sure they're going to read these comments and it wouldn't surprise me if they dropped the price to $0.99 or free "for 5 days only!!!" Then jack the price up to $7.99. This company stinks of an amateur eBay seller.