Wake Up Be Bold BlackBerry Australia website goes live

Wake Up. Be Bold.
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 May 2012 10:08 am EDT

While we wait for BlackBerry 10 phones to hit the market, RIM has to keep pushing hard to sell BlackBerry 7 Smartphones around the globe. 

In the land down under, BlackBerry Australia is trying something a little.... ummm.. different with their Wake Up Be Bold campaign, that got off to a slightly *awkward* start with a flash mob at an Apple store gone weird. Though if you measure the success of a regional marketing campaign in terms of getting a lot of global attention, maybe it's actually doing quite well. Hit the link below. Sound off in the comments. I can't wait to read these ones. Lol.

While I'm not personally a fan of the Wake up concept, I gotta say I do like the notion of Do Different that they drop into the website's dialog. Who cares about Thinking Different? It's actually Doing Different that matters.


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Wake Up Be Bold BlackBerry Australia website goes live


I like the more aggressive marketing, just worried about the flash mob tactics and if that is going to backfire. There are good ways to market, and ways that make you look a bit desperate.

RIM just be careful not to draw negative attention while you get positive marketing happening.

Personally I don't think this makes RIM look desperate at all. It really does make them look bold. It's a different and interesting way to market. Although it is very direct, I guess this is the length you have to go to counter the incredible Apple hype machine.

My mother got a Motorola Defy for R$200 (~$100) on contract. I tried to upgrade my 9780 (actually, my carrier thinks I still have a 8520) to a 9860... R$ 919 (~$478).

Motorala has three real tv ads running non-stop on all channels (open and closed). We have night bikes and "portable/powerful" on cable (and only after midnight).

But hey! This isjust Brazil right? Why should RIM care about the strongest economy in Latin America? We're just the biggest country in here...

Kevin, if you read this, please let our CEO know of it.

Compared to users in China, you are lucky. Currently, 9800 is the latest BB model in China and the price is expensive than iPhone4S.

The best slogan for Blackberry has already been taken by Lenovo.

Lenovo, For those who do.

RIM should find a similar slogan.

Basically i think the biggest problem for RIM is the mobile carriers in APAC, the BIS subscription pricing is horrible in the region, some providers simply use BIS and bundle in with their own over charged products which doesnt help when it comes to users who prefer the Blackberry over other devices!!
Before RIM can capture the APAC market, they should work to ensure providers are not limiting the amount of business for RIM..... whether its BES or BIS connectivity!!

Good to see something finally posted about this. I would love to know why it took till the end of the countdown for a post to go up.

Um...Not sure if this will be a hit. I was a bit confused by the message for BB 7 devices.
If this were for BB10 devices, I can see it, but BB 7, no.

The point is that while the world waits for BB 10 which is still 2 whole quarters of the year away, RIM needs to try and sell what it has on the market now. If everyone stopped buying BB 7.1 devices, then RIM won't have enough money in the bank to market BB 10 when it launches. The only problem with BlackBerry World this year was that it was so great, yet the product that got all the attention is 6 months from market. RIM can't afford to take 6 months off from selling phones, especially since it may be closer to 10 months before the BB 10 phone that physical keyboard loving current BlackBerry customers are going to hold out for hits the market.

It got everyone saying they are gonna release a 4g playbook after the timer runs out and when they don't everyone will say. "this is it"?"Wtf are you serious" Fail!!

That's probably not a good thing.

It would be nice if it was about the 4G playbook because every day that it is not on the market it becomes all the more irrelevant as the Playbook is now over a year old and no one is excited about it anymore and to re-release it with a slightly bumped up SOC and a data plan requirement isn't going to set the world on fire.

That said, RIM need to continue to release tablets, but they need two sizes, a 7" and a 10" and they need to have a yearly release cycle and they need to update the design a little every year. I love my playbook and it's with me everywhere I go, but if RIM want's to continue to fight in the tablet space (and they NEED to to be a truly mobile computing company) then they need to speed up development cycles a little bit. Windows 8 may eat their lunch in the tablet space. They need to be 100% committed to it to hold on to any meaningful share of the market

I love it. Keep it up. Do more. Show devices.

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

Not crazy about this unless its coming with BB10 phones. I love the 9900 but its not a top notch consumer phone.

I am not sure how effective it is going to be but it makes sense to market to enterprise. You are not going to gain any market shares from the Android or IOS market untill BB10 is released. Gotta do what you gottta do to get rid of the BB7 inventory

Well, it got everyone's attention! It got iPhone users/bloggers talking, it got Android users/bloggers talking and it got WP and BB users/bloggers talking. If the goal was to grab everyone's attention and have them focused on May 7, 2112, then I'd say it was mission accomplished. It will now depend on what takes place on May 7, to determine if it was a success. I hope it's the 4G LTE PlayBook release; anything less will be anti-climactic.

Blackberry BB10 for the 21th century!

If you don't look good, you are not Blackberry BB10!

Don't hate me because I am Blackberry BB10!

BB10 must do more commercial compare and contrast between Iphone/Samsung Galaxy III against BB10. Just the typing/photo technology alone make me want to switch from Iphone 4S already. I'm still waiting for the BB10 but waiting has limited.

It's sort of unheard of (to me at least) so I'm cool with it.
I agree with someone who said that RIM should have given them something to follow it up with.
Like pre-orders of the 4G PlayBooks for instance or exclusive additional previews of BB10 at least.
ATM they still look like trying to create a storm in a tea cup.
Keep it up anyway :)

I hope the new CMO is an Ozzy.

I was waiting for a lightsaber to extend from out of the blackness...RIMpire Strikes Back

I don't care if they're a Martian, as long as they are freakishly good at marketing. Whatever the result of this "Wake Up" stunt is, I'm just happy to see RIM taking marketing more seriously.

On a positive note. I feel it, love it, and know this is how I have felt about being a blackberry user from the very first moment I had it in my hand. All the other phones are cool, but BlackBerry means business and not just work. Go RIM!!!!!!

I'm in Melbourne on business and I passed a huge 'Wake Up' billboard. Glad to see they are spending some $ on advertising.

Beyond the marketing perspective there is the simple truth.
BlackBerry devices are used by people that know what they want and go get it.

I don't get a phone for a camera. I get a camera for a camera.
I don't get a phone for movies. I get a TV for movies.
The Bold has a fine camera and plays video well but it is not its main purpose.
I see how people lose focus of what their device does and get sucked in to some marketing gimmick. I see people walking with large TV Screens on their hip because the phone is so large it does not fit in a pocket and I wonder what the priorities of the person are. I see someone taking about the megapixels and I wonder if they realize that at some point printers can't produce that kind of resolution or that even the human eye can't tell the difference.

BlackBerry is the best, worldwide, secure, push everything, communications device. The rest if for kids. Siri is for people that get off point for a gimmick or for people that surrender their decision making to a program.

This is why Presidents don't have one "should I go to war today?" or "should I bring an umbrella?". These guys don't need someone to think for them. They need real time information and they take it from there.

The right tool for the right job.

The BlackBerry Bold 9930 is the best communications device ever created.

Do us a favor, Thorsten. Fire the Australian marketing.
While this is something new, the issue is what is shown now for BlackBerry 10 is just insufficient to convince anyone that they're competitive in the consumer crowd without any time criticality in what they do.

I dare say that most iPhone users are in that position. So what would they be waking up to?

If you must go with the wake up angle, perhaps you can stress how BlackBerry will take care of the tedious stuff in the day quickly - respond quickly, and track your tasks, appointments, etc, giving your customer time to really enjoy time with people in real life.

People associated BlackBerry as a tool that gets people too wired in, sapping real face time with everyone. People are less likely to say the same for iPhone, even though frankly they did just as much harm. Breaking that bad image is far more important than putting down your potential customers.

Totally retarded marketing jabbing at Apple! Focus on marketing your strengths! Your security, emails, BBM do you really think this will convince an iPhone user to switch? Please all they have to do is pick one up and start using it! They are supported by a strong ecosystem i.e. Tons of apps and an extremely easy phone to use! I SAY AGAIN FOCUS ON MARKETING YOUR PRODUCT!!!!! You have BB10 start now with the marketing!!!!!

No not Apple, but the customer who makes purchasing decisions with whatever direction the wind is blowing. You know, the ones who blindly follow everything Apple says, who rush out and buy the latest idevice when they already bought the previous model less than 6 months ago, and who think everything Apple makes is superior to every other product.

Mate, take it from a Sydney sider that's a bloody awful commentator and bloody awful copy. who on earth wrote that crap?????

We call a spade a spade here in Aus, and that promo SUCKS!!!!

BTW ..... someone should have done a google search before using that Wake Up slogan .....

Check out this website:


Wake Up Sydney is an organisation whose aim is to:

'Our grand vision is for Sydney to start a kindness revolution - to become a "Kindness Capital"; a beacon of inspiration, creativity and peace. The campaign is underway with our free "kindness card" campaign. The kindness cards are beautifully designed cards that encourage anonymous acts of kindness. In just over two years, over 45,000 free kindness cards have been posted out. Order your free kindness cards here and read more about the kindness revolution here.'

RIM DO use google before thinking your ideas may be original!

AND yes .... I want RIM to have a grander presence here in Aus, and I have 2 BB phones and the PB, and don't contemplate other brands .... I know when I'm on a good thing and I stick with it!