Wakai by Hedone Design - A fresh new theme for your BlackBerry!

Wakai by Hedone Design
By Michelle Haag on 13 May 2011 11:48 am EDT

What do you get when you combine fresh ideas with unique graphics, toss them together with hand-coded precision, and top it all off with a heavy dose of attention to detail? You get a new theme from Hedone Design, that's what! Wakai is their latest offering, and it is all of the above and more. Leave it to them to design a home screen full of useful features while maintaining a clean and open feel. Don't be afraid to try out different wallpapers with this theme, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how many actually work well with the layout.

The vertical text dock on the home screen actually expand to reveal applications, the majority of which are also text with the exception being the Favorites menu, which opens to reveal a hidden dock of your first 8 icons from the application screen. This is easy to get used to and quite intuitive to use. The clock sits in front of two semi-transparent numbers which represent your battery and signal meters. Wakai is very pleasing with green accents throughout the theme that are soothing and stand out well. Wakai is available for $6.99 and is compatible with BlackBerry 8330/50i, 85xx, 89xx, 9000, 93xx, 95xx, 9630/50, and 9800. From now until May 18, 2011, CrackBerry users can get Wakai for 50% off with coupon code CBWA527! Make sure you are buying the theme ON YOUR BLACKBERRY from the link below. Add it to your cart, enter the coupon code, hit update and wait for the page to reload to reflect the discount. It's as easy as that. Thanks Hedone!

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Wakai by Hedone Design - A fresh new theme for your BlackBerry!


Man what a dull week of blackberry news -- wasn't interested in one post all week. Actually, it's been a lackluster week in Tech overall, no new teasers of the 9930 or anything :\

Hey now, not need to be mean, you could have just read what he said and not said anything to it. Someone like me could be like: "There really has not been any breaking news which kinda makes sense as it was just BB world so we got a lot those few days." and maybe he would understand. The 9900 is coming out hopefully within a month so IMO I don't care if there is NO new news on here as long as it comes out within a month :p

sorry just annoying to see ungrateful people. The team works hard I"m sure to get out what they do, and it does suck if there is no news but to say your uninterested in the posts is kinda like a slap to the face of the writers

He just isn't looking at the site as the hard work behind it, but more of the information.. There are many BB new sites out there so it kind of turns this into a competitor site so people do have the right to feel like that. CrackBerry is obviously on top and I live by it, but I'm sure he did not mean what he said in that aspect. BB News has been slow on all sites this week and there is nothing wrong with saying that because it is true. I appreciate the work that goes into a post like this, even though I am not going to buy this theme, I know that someone sat down for at least 20 minutes to get everything figured out and posted. I appreciate them reviewing themes to try and hold us off when there is no MAJOR news coming out and at the same time help HedoneDesign make a buck or two because they are a great theme developer. Not everyone is like you or me is what I am trying to say.. Some people see these sites as "there should always be new MAJOR BB news because of the recent showing of the 9900" but it doesn't always work like that.. I don't know, all I am trying to say is he obviously appreciates this site as he is checking it for info.. It is his right to be "bored" but I am sure he did not mean it towards the CrackBerry team being lazy or slapping them in the face.

Geez man, if we were standing next to each other on the subway and I happened to say something like "wow, slow news week, not much happening...", would you go for my jugular and bash me?

@flip4life4751 - thanks fo defending my apparent controversial comment :)

Nice discount,but a $6.99 theme is to much for me,maybe if it turned my phone into a live jungle,with monkeys swinging on vines,eating bananas,and grooming each other with babies on there backs

The discount with the coupon makes that price 50% off, making it $3.50.. I can be wrong, but all of their themes are always $6.99, so a discount of "6.99" isn't a discount. They put the code underneath saying it is 50% off with that code it is $3.50, so does that change your mind? :p

Is it me, or is this a copy of elecite's echo theme? Hmm...but I guess it's okay since elecite copied hedone's psb theme :-p or vice versa, something or other...

Hm, as someone who have tryed playstation theme from both designers.. on 9700...you have to be kidding me. There is NO comparison between two. PSHD is in its own leaque; or maybe someone equalizes dacia with ferrari haha. I havent tryed the other one; but love wakai ...and i think HD is better in overall quality. So i stick with the best ;)

Really nice theme! My only complaints are that you can't hide the "theme options" from the home screen and that the BBM icon is pretty pixelated.