The waiting line for BBM seems to be moving pretty fast

BBM Line Moving Fast!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Oct 2013 11:00 pm EDT

Earlier today BlackBerry launched BBM for iOS and Android. Instead of a download free for all, BlackBerry gave priority to the six million people who registered their email address at to be notified when the app became available.

Whether you signed up for the notifications in advance or not, you could (and can) still download and open the BBM app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. For those on the approved pre-reg database, you could immediately sign in with your email and finish setting up BBM. For those who didn't, entering your email address put you into the waiting line, which is getting approved on a first come, first serve basis (impatient people can try bypassing the lineup with this trick). Definitely annoying for those who didn't sign up in advance and just want to get their BBM action on now, but the good news is the line appears to be moving quite fast.

I registered a few additional email addresses earlier today, and it took only a few hours for the approvals to come in (and they did come in rapid succession, and in the order I entered them). So if you do sign up now, I'm **guessing** the wait shouldn't be too long. Let us know in the comments how long it took it took for you to get to the front of the line!



I can't get into the sign in screen on ipod 5th gen

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I'm sure bbm is currently restricted to phones at the moment.

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Cellular radio is needed. No wifi only devices.

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Kevin Id like to see another post with some Google analytics numbers related to the launch.

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Does not work on iPods or tablets. You can throw it in your drawer now.

Thanks for coming out folks...


IPad 4th Gen works great. Love having BBM on both tablet and my Zed. Next will be my Z30.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW


I was able to download to my iPad 2nd gen, wifi & 3G. No waiting. It's great, able to access groups

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It is supporting the cellular iPads. You can check the supported list on the App Store's BBM listing. :)

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!


It's supported on iPads? Didn't see that one coming.

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ipads 3G models, those you put a sim card in


Not 1st! (thought I'd get excited for something totally unnecessary.)
Yes it's moving nicely from what I can tell. The wife mother and father all have it working now and I of course pre-registered. So all is good in BBM land here.

Spent a decent part of the evening chatting with someone from the IMore blog where they announced it as well. Works as expected. Just wish all features were there from BB10.


Yes... I really need the Send Location to work. I would have assumed that would be something simple/quick to add.

jojo beaconsfield

Asked my isister in Vancouver to sign up and she came back to me and told me to use liveprofile,wtf!!


Tell her you'll try liveprofile

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If she'll try BBM...

Guess which messaging service I think will win out.

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When my wife searched "BBM for iphone" in the app store liveprofile was the first result that she got, later at night, I did the same on her phone got the same result but when I moved to see similar apps, BBM was there.

jojo beaconsfield

Thanks,my isister's a hard nut to crack,but as we say ,sell like hell.Eventually I will win !! nothing but BBM for me.


5+ hrs and still waiting....

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nick canada

Kevin came back today and we got BBM cross platform, tomorrow can we have 10.2?

But seriously big day today

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Longest I have been told has been 5, almost 5.30 hours and the shortest about 25 mins

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I'm afraid to tell people to download it yet. I'll wait a week before spreading the word once I hear it works perfect and doesn't go down :)

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Same here. If anything ppl want instant access.


Don't worry, it works alright and would stay, so, spread the good news.


How long did you have to wait Kevin? Just told my mum to install bbm!!

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My wife's iphone 5 worked perfectly

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I have a friend in Chicago "in line" for iOS for an hour now. Will let you know, but suspect she will be sleeping when it happens.

Kudos to Frank B...he was "actually" right about a few days.

That's progress.

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Works perfect...... the wife and a few of my cousins have it. very fast and smooth. True definition of instant . So glad it'd makin a comeback

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I suspect the numbers are going to be big on this.

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So Kevin, when is the cross-platform BBM stress test going to happen?


We know you have that very expensive gold iPhone 5s so why not stress it out a little?


That would be totally awesome.

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My android one took 6 hours (3pm to 9pm) but I was up and running by 7pm. My iOS is still setting up (hella long) and no email yet. Too bad it doesn't work on the iPod 5. Had to dust off my 4S to try it...such a tiny phone.

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+1 for tiny phone. That's what my wife has and I think if I drilled holes in it then it would still be too small to supplement brass knuckles ;)


Somewhat related, but are the BBM channels still in beta? I keep seeing CB talk about it but my BlackBerry does not have them and I'm using my Q10.

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I phone friend says he has unlimited texting so why get bbm...need more reasons to get him to get bbm.....

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Well, off the top of my head, there's the secure factor, you can send photos and files, form groups, uses data instead of msgs, share status, share location, eventually have voice chat...anyone else chime in with some others?

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PIN messaging service, so you don't give away your phone number to message someone.


Confirmed delivery? Texting is really unreliable.


BBM international is free. Sms? Not so much.

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Your friend doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want to do. If SMS is his thing then so be it. You can always say, dude, I've upped my data plan but had to cut out SMS to keep the costs down. So do me this kindness and download this uber cool instant messenger original and stop taxing me with your messages. White lies aren't always that terrible.


1. BBM groups. Cool for hang out plans when it comes to a common group of friends, family and colleagues

2. Broadcast messages. Everyone on the same page. SMS you sent a group sms or mms and get back individual replies instead of all in one string and everyone seeing the replies

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Do his recipients have unlimited text to reply? And I think unlimited plan rarely ever include internation text messages. BBM is much more faster and secure. A lot of folks can't support MMS so picture/file sharing is not ideal by text. Also, what if he met a someone he is chatting with and now want to block them. Kinda hard to do when they have your pone number.


Couple hours so far and counting

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Lola Controversy

Had it since last night..... Still nothing :(


No waiting line for me, have had a Blackberry ID for a few years now.

Lola Controversy

I have a bb I'd from a couple yrs ago can I still use it?
And how do I use it to by pass this stupid line? Lol


Been waiting over 5 hours for wife's Android. My brother has been waiting longer on iPhone. This is somewhat frustrating, to say the least.


I have a friend on ios7 she downloaded earlier one and a half hours ago, then she tried the 'bypass' method which didn't work. Then she deleted the app, re-download it and voila! I even asked her to instagram the welcome screen:

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7 hours and nothing on ios7


About an hour ago bbm posted on twitter saying they just approved another 5 million users, that's massive!

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My brother actually did the by pass trick and it worked... but then was booted out and sent to the line after a few minutes

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Should have sent him to the back if th line. :d

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took only a few hours. i was expecting a few days knowing bbry's habits


Ads would be a TERRIBLE idea. It would make them look like a desperate startup, rather than a serious communications and business focused company. Think about websites with ads versus those without. Which don't you trust more or take more seriously.

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Does that include Crackberry? Major News Outlets? Any major site at all on the internet?

Ads don't comment on seriousness. They comment on business sense and capitalizing on your market.


It's the relevance of the ads and the UK you provide to the consumer that determines how much the end-user I'd enjoying your service.

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I can install it on my ipad with an additional step, I sure it can also be installed on the ipod touch. Just PM me if you want to know the step, if there many people that want it I might post it on CB :). Btw if you haven't got email but already waiting for several hour try to close the app (Iphone) or force close the app (android) and try put your email again ;)


After pulling to APK from my phone I was able to get it working on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 :)


Friend has been waiting 8 hours, sister 5. Hope they get approved overnight sometime.


I have friends that have been waiting all day long and nothing yet. More than 10 hours

Hopefully they get it soon


Jay Woo1

Been waiting over 24 hours and still no email. This is ridiculous bb!! Really a virtual cue???


Only took about 5 hours or so to get to the front of the line for my S II X. But then again I'll probably be getting rid of it when I get my Z30 to replace my 9810.


I installed it on my iPad mini wifi only and iPhone without any problem. Didn't register earlier only after I downloaded it like a few hours ago. Work wonderful!

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Maesara Rahman

Did you installed it to your iPad mini wifi version without any problem? Did it charges you anything?


I have two friends who have both been waiting over 8 hours. Not quick at all.

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Signed up a couple of hours ago.. I still haven't received any approval email yet. However, I rebooted my Android device and turned off Wi-Fi. I was able to use the email I signed up earlier to set up a new BB ID. Now I am connected with BBM.

edit - forgot to mention that I did uninstall and reinstall BBM prior to doing the above... not sure if it made any difference.


Kevin just glad to see you post twice within 12 hours!

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Kevin Michaluk

Thanks! A little distance makes the heart grow fonder I guess! :)


i like your new avatar...looks really cool


I just got it for my kids iPhone. Wham, baby, done!!!

BlackBerry Z10.


I have a friend who found the email in her junk mail. Hope you are all checking there too.

We are all connected.


I keep getting Temporary Server Error in the Setting Up BBM page.

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Force close and reopen it

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Anyone else see it suddenly missing from Google Play? I deleted and went to reinstall.. Aaaand it's gone


people sure are impatient! LOL
I wonder what will happen to whatsapp.

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By fast you mean very very slow?

Friends have been waiting over 10 hours and counting.

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Was pissed off about the waiting list, but it only took about 4 1/2 hours. It's crazy awesome to have BBM on an android phone. Feels like I'm breaking the laws of nature

gonzo uk

Also getting temporary server error on my kids Iphone's.

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How long did you guys wait on average?


It's not the first time such announcements are made. In the past, we have seen BB giving many empty promises.
I won't be surprised to get disappointed again this time.

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Hey, any news on why BBM was pulled off the google play store?


This is great. This will raise brand awareness and publicity that BlackBerry has been craving since BB10 release. With all the media going on and on with privacy and malwares issues , BBM is surely the most trusted and reliable tool that no application in today's market can match. In regards to BlackBerry's churn increasing due to the loss of BBM can't get any worse.

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Aliakbar Mohammadi

I've been waiting 4 hours. Anyone else waiting as long?


Registered two Mailadresses yesterday evening round about 8 pm. No reply till now after 11 hours.
And No, nothing in the spamlist.
But I'm sure when time goes by it'll be all fine ;-)

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sitting at about 8 hours & still waiting....Same goes for everyone on other platforms that I told about BBM


Let's WAIT and SEE!
DIE or ALIVE of BBM this round?!
Too many empty promises from BlackBerry.

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Okay, well it's back up, but I'm having the same issue again... Can't get past the "got the email" screen.


Been trying since 3pm and can not get it to go past the email screen ,and I was per registered!

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Emma Graham1

I have waited 9 hours and I haven't got any email yet


Downloaded over 12 hours ago and still have not received approval.


Still waiting 8.5 hours later.


Yeah this a joke, I'm tired of this bullshit! I'm not going to bother trying with BlackBerry anymore,i bought the Z10 when it came out, I was going to buy the Z30, but I'm fed up! Deleting the BBM app and calling it a day for me and blackberry I'm afraid. Just going with Android from this day forward, it's too bad too because I really liked the BlackBerry OS but just to much uncertainty involved with BlackBerry.

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That comment is a joke. You hung around BB up to here so far and you decide to drop the day BBM4ALL finally arrives because of a waiting list (which is just to ensure smooth server-side registration)? Have fun on your Android, I'm sure you'll love it.


i tried to use an existing BBID on BBM from an android device and i still got the wait in line that supposed to happen?


Same here. My dad signed up together with some of his friends, and while his friends got their PIN within 2 hours, he is still waiting, 6 hours later. I sign up earlier than them and got it in 3 hours or so. I do notice that the E-Mail never arrived, we all just randomly tried and got in (except my dad of course...)


12 hours and still no email


Great! Just great! I already have a BBM ID from an old curve and I still have to wait in line. That's just nuts.


that has been my experience too..i'm bummed existing BBID still have to wait in line to log on to BBM on other platforms


You had a month to register. If it was so important for you to get it right out of the gate, then why didn't you register? Stop your whining. BlackBerry is being careful. Which other APPs have been downloaded so quickly from takeoff? If you were too lazy to preregister, then wait in line.


don't be a jerk off...use your head before you post crap...i had an existing active BBID and that should not require pre-registering to work on a cross platform BBM


It's been 10 hrs since I registered hubby's email for BBM on his iPhone. Nothing so far...

On my chosen one... z10


Working fine on my HTC One. Is great to re-meet friends after a two month absence since I sold my Z10. When I get the Z30 I'll use the BlackBerry ID from my old Storm. Very happy, excellent application despite not having channels. Thank you BlackBerry!!


Hope all goes well. A couple of time in have messaged my friend who has an iPhone 5 the messages had a gray check mark and we're not delivered.

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BS. One address has been in line for over 12h. That's not fast, but it doesn't matter since it seems it's not possible to log in anyway. Their registration server is down.


I went online, downloaded and sign up, 10 mins

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Iv been waiting since 10.30pm last night, it's now 9.40am and still nothing?.....


I was playing with BBM on my sister iPhone 5, the iOS app need urgently an update, few bugs detected, week UI improvement, i want my sexy and classy BLACK option or background. The keyboard has a fuzzy cheap black, they need to make it crispy black, BB fails in details, they are not perfectionist. Time to buy the new iPhone 5S :)


better still...get the Z30 and all your BBM dreams will come true


You almost sound convincing. The more I see the new iPhone on action, the more I realize how old it's getting.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!


iOS really is the "black sheep" of the platforms that handle BBM:
- keyboard is system alert style. Cannot be changed. They could have gone with standard white, but didn't for some reason.
- UI guidelines say the toolbar needs the back button, not a bottom bar. So they had to put the standard "back" button on top instead.
- my iOS keeps inviting myself to a chat. No seriously. That's a bug.
- no custom sounds

Android runs no problem.

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two hours gone by, no notification yet.

To me, a waiting list seems like a very Apple thing to do.


My mom registered yesterday at 9 pm and still not received a PIN. Now it's 11 am....

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Yohan Setiawan

 'Definitely annoying for those who didn't sign up in advance and just want to get their BBM action on now'

I actually registered quite a while ago and I got 'message telling me to wait' while my friends who didn't register to was actually able to get connected.

I downloaded the app this morning and it is already 5pm in the afternoon and I still haven't gotten my approval so it does actually take a while.

I don't have high expectation, but they should actually be ready for this. I have never downloaded an app that ask me to be patient and wait a while after I download the app.

da beanster

I've had some issues on an iPhone 5s. First messages will show sent but not with a blue D next to them. But messages sent after that one get read while the others still just have the check next to them....btw I'm sending to someone with iOS 7 on an iPhone 5. Secondly, I will get a notification of a new bbm from that same contact but when I go into that chat it's not there, yet I saw the content in the notification banner. I've since switched back to bbm on my z10 and it seems to be working fine with that same bbm contact.

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Pretty fast ??? I have been waiting 8 hours and nothing happens?? This is ridiculous! :(


I signed in with my BB ID but still nothing happens! :(


Took 6 hours for my wife Iphone. Works well, I have the BBM Channels on my Q10 and I can send and receive messages :) the only problem is the sound alert on her Iphone can't be adjusted and the volume is a little bit low :(

Join my BBM Channel C000E96F6


No confirmation yet from BB (been waiting for 9 hours). Fortunately, I remember having signed up the waiting list using another email address and re-entered the email needed. Now I'm rocking a Nexus 4 with BBM installed. The best of both worlds...LoL


Its now been 12 hours here


5 hours and counting. Oh well, lucky I have my Q10. Shall test the app myself on the Note 2 before recommending it to my fellow friends. =D

Boredom is mankind's greatest adversity


It's a beauty on Note 2. Just, the first time help screen is not sized correctly. Gives you the feeling,"yes, I know my note2 is larger than life itself. Shut up!" :)

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Still waiting... didn't get any message!!
I'm waiting since yesterday!!

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14 hrs and still no email for Android. Kinda crazy.


Not that fast in my case. I signed my other android phone 15 hours ago and still no news from BBM!!! I also forced two of my friends (android) to do the same, and they still haven't heard anything...
They make fool out of me saying "this BBM is amazing! It has a realy cool first page! But how it works???"
What is the matter with you BlackBerry?????????


So it seems we will wait another 3-4 weeks till we actually be able to use the BBM.
And off course we will not be complaining about the delay on the 10.2 update for Z10 Q10 Q5 wich it supposed to be out allready. Its almost November!!!!


Dam right :(

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I have been waiting almost 11 hours and still haven't gotten an email!

Russel Pinto

Been 5 hours arvo still haven't got the email. I just switched to android two weeks ago.


IM Still Waiting From Last Night. And My Brother. Anyone Know If The Trick Works For The ?

Mathew Simons

i pre- registered o and also got a mail in the morning saying...

We promised you'd be the first to know when BBM™ for Android™ and iPhone® is available. We’re excited to announce that the rollout has resumed!

Due to incredible demand there is a line-up to start using BBM. But, since you took the time to sign up in advance, we'd like to give you the chance to start using BBM on Android or iPhone right away without having to wait in line.

but now when i started and entered my mail id, the insane creatures saying i have to wait till i get my spot. Pathetic people working at Blackberry.


About two hours. But I kept tapping "already received the email" every so often. Email came a good 45 minutes AFTER I was actually able to start signing in.

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Oh right -- the email was in my Gmail spam folder. Which may have contributed to the delay.

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Yep the trolls are filling up crackberry again. All the people I know with iphones and android phones that have downloaded BBM are rocking it no problem. Kevin, can we get an official report. This site and others get trolled so hard you can't put much faith in these comments.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!


Are you trying to say that I am a troll??? Get reall baby.... I am probably most loyal to BB than you.
After a Torch, a 8900, a Playbook and a Z10, I am able to complain when BlackBerry fucks up.
And now, after 16 hours of waiting, I will complain as much as I want.


six million reasons to cry, choose one. (lol I kid but couldnt resist)


this is a joke, got the email saying i can now use bbm, only for the app not allow me to move to the next!


It keeps me on the waiting page even if I got a email

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Bjorn Coetsee

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Invite from iPhone doesn't work.

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someone help us all out and post an email address that has got you past the wait inline part...what a joke this all is :\


So it seems we will wait another 3-4 weeks till we actually be able to use the BBM.
And off course we will not be complaining about the delay on the 10.2 update for Z10 Q10 Q5 wich it supposed to be out allready. Its almost November!!!!

Mathew Simons

why pre-registered users also have to wait for there spot to come


Because its the best way to destroy another Blackberry big release!!!!!!!!

Mathew Simons

this is the self destruction for blackberry

Beth Williams 11111



blackberry need to sort this out....what a joke.....


You at BlacBerry...
Since you where not able to deal with a global BBM release, why didn't you do it in regions???
Why did you left the whole world waiting for a damn e-mail???
You seem to be allright with regional release of smartphones..
Thats another EPIC fiasco...


I signed up in advance and still have to wait.

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Z10


I have multiple friends who have been waiting for over 14 hours! That is unacceptable.

I'm not sure if that is too much demand, or BB is not on point, but 14 hours seems bit nuts.

Steph Mchugh

Not working fast for me waited 12 hours and still waiting now

Sparsh Kumar

it's been 15 hours, no luck yet. :( Frustrated


I submitted my email around 00:30 this morning, I still haven't received any email, I tried this a few times out of pure frustration to no avail! I am so not a patient person this wait is driving me crazy! Almost 14 hours now

Vernon Bay

Not fast enough. I put my name on list weeks ago. But added my wife yesterday and still unable to get BBM going. So I hope they get quicker. BBM is useless with out others to chat with.
But will have to say BBM icon looks good on my android phone. Which when contract is up will be going back to Blackberry!!


Yep its is pretty fast... Got it for the iPhone ( not Mine) Its working!!


Yeah not so fast as the title says. I think the "waiting line" was moving fast until the masses found out about the application and started flooding BB with emails. Or, BB are facing issues again - here's to hoping that's not the case.


my bud cant get it working on his galaxy tab 10.1 any advice?


This version doesn't work on tablets, I believe it needs to have a SIM card, I read that is working on Ipads that have 3G/4G.


12 hours and still waiting.


If you think you should have gotten your email but haven't yet, make sure you check your Spam inbox!


Been waiting 17 hours, and counting. Was pre-registered, and have an existing BlackBerry ID. Yes I have checked my junk folder, no I am not impressed.

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Sent in the email request for my wife's iPhone at 5pm yesterday. 9am today and still no email. C'mon, folks, let's keep the momentum going and get this out to the masses!

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14 hours and still waiting.


Waiting about 12 hours now for the "front of the line" email for my wife's Iphone...

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They need to update this Blog....Coming up to 15 hours & counting


A friend of mine has been waiting for the iOS version for over 17 hours now.


Still waiting after 15+ hours...

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over 6 hours gone by, no mail for me.

What happened to the days when one could simply install an app and then just use it/register/whatever?


There's just way too much demand for this, for any server. They have to do it this way.

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actually not so much. They counted 4 million possible users which are distributed pretty evenly on timezones so with a timed release the activation would be handled pretty linearly and you won't have that number connected at one time except until AFTER launch (maybe). Also consider that Facebook and its chat are handling more simultaneous connections than that every day.


My two daugthers registered yesterday around 18:00, still no message :(


Getting a little annoying now. Think I'm at 17 hrs actually. Even tried inputting another email and still nothing on that one for 6 hrs. Have checked my spam also. Pretty sad


All three of my kids have iPhones. They downloaded BBM around 8pm last night. It is now 9:30am and no notification yet. They think it is dumb to have to wait to use an app that they have downloaded. In their thinking, they didn't have to wait to use any other app, cross platform or not, so why do they have to go through this with a BlackBerry product. Thus it confirms in their mind that "BlackBerry blows". They would dump it in a heartbeat, but they are staying in line (because of me) and are waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting....

digicloud email...typical of BB. No surprises.


Im on ios7 on iphone 4 in ireland, doenloaded and registered yesterday afternoon bout 5pm i think and still no email , not in junk spam or inbox :(


I restarted my wife's IPhone 5 still on IOS6 and it worked without waiting for an email.

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Lola Controversy

Downloaded this app LASTNIGHT!.....
Still nothing!


Been waiting a day now and still no email. The bypass trick didnt work at all. Think im gona have to just wait for it. I didnt know about the pre reg on the website though.


The question is: .... R we gettin that email!!
Or it's just a joke from BlackBerry company to make us wait with a hope!!

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Not going well for my friends scattered across the US on iphones and android devices... They have been waiting since 4 pm yesterday, it's After 10 am now.... Still no email for none of these 3 guys


Has anyone tried sideloading the android BBM app onto a playbook?


ive been in the line-up for 10 hours now and nothing? does it have anything to do with the carrier or country i am in?


Wow I didn't realize we had so many cry babies out there. Will you die if you have to wait for BBM? No I think not!!! You have all been without BBM for some time because you chose another platform. Grow up already and have a thing called patience. Even if you have to wait a week for it BIG DEAL!!!!


24 hours waiting. Both e-mail addresses. From what I can tell only about 100K people downloaded in USA, so not sure why still waiting. One of the email addresses was pre-registered from September - AND STILL NEVER GOT AN EMAIL it was available.


Is there any way to make sure you are on the waiting list... waiting wouldn't be a big deal if your positive you are on it but it asks me everytime I launch app to re enter and says your now on waiting list??.

Rosa de Cuba

i constatly get that since i downloaded it about 14 hours ago!


Also my neighbor got e-mail, said Congratulations..blah, blah, blah, her BBM says connected, she entered her country and birthday and sitting at setting up BBM for 4 hours - she had to plug her device in (Verizon Droid 2? - the one with a keyboard) so battery did not run out. How could this all be still so botched up?

Oh yeah, forgot...............nevermind.

Owen Collings

On iphone does your mobile data have to be on or does it work with wi-fi ?

Rosa de Cuba

I downloaded i last night, 14 hours ago, at midnght when I woke up to go to the bathroom I checked my phone I had received some messages, I checked the bbm app and it said, setting up, than after a few hours this morning its back where I need to fill in my email and wait in line! 14+ and still waiting, im thinkinh on deleting it.. its too much waiting!


My partner had a BB but now has a GS3. Downloaded yesterday at 4 PM. After about 4 hours, she was in. Restarted her phone and works like a dream. From my BB to her GS3, loving it!!


I've been waiting to be first in line all day!?! Help!!

Tyler Nellissen

My friend has been waiting since 3pm yesterday. Not so fast line.

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Tony Tamilia

All you have to do is loan a friends email address that has registered and use that to bypass the activation screen, did on my sons iPhone just now. works fine


I got mine after about 5 hours yesterday and it does work on wifi only there is no sim card in my Android.

Works flawlessly for me

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Not impressed with this launch.

1. Every time you log in on a new device WITH THE SAME BB ID it generates a new pin and of course they don't tell you this so if you have your pin posted anywhere or the barcode you need to update and remove the old posts. Why would someone think it's a good idea to generate new pins for each device. Yes I know they did this with their own phones but that was hat coded into the phones OS and on the sticker on the back. iPhone and android don't fall under this. What's the point of a BB ID and logging in if I can't take my pin with me to each device? Yes I know you can't log in at the same time on multiple devices.

2. Since no one decided to put a pop up or something telling me my pin was going to change, I had posted the pin when I logged in on my ipad because my iPhone was giving me problems (which had to do with my iphone being jail broken). So I got my iphone working and logged back into it with the same gmail bb ID. I created a new bb ID (hotmail) on my ipad and deleted and reinstalled bbm on it and low and behold I am still getting bbm adds from the original gmail account on my ipad even though I'm logged in under a new BB ID on my ipad.

Now let's add to the fact I had the New Zealand bbm since the original scheduled launch which randomly stopped working Sunday night. Let's also add that even though I had that bb ID already in that when I delete and reinstall bbm each time on either my iPhone or iPad and login with my BB ID that I go back into the queue to wait for access to get into bbm again. Absolutely ridiculous honestly.

I still have my bold 9900 at home and tried to login there until I found out you have to wipe the phone to use another BB ID so to sum this all up, I'm not impressed with the way they handled these 2 launches. I will still use BBM but not a happy customer. Your pin should be able to go with you on each device not a new pin each time


been waiting 10 hours still nothing tried 2 different email accounts. ... NOTHING


I have an iphone 5 dowloaded the bbm app last night at 8, entered my email clicked next and have been waiting ever since. It's been close to 18 hours now. So i dont think the line is moving fast at all! I tried the trick about entering your email clicking next then force closing the app and nothing. I even tried shutting off the phone then turning it back on and still nothing.
Can someone please help?? Thanks.


Been waiting since yesterday


12 hours now and still waiting...

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Mohamed Mohab

lol im waiting for 12h tell now xD


Stuck with the big email queue?? Just managed to hack it! See my latest tweet!! Follow @Prashanth_BE if you want to thank me! Happy BBMing!!! #BBM #bypassemail


Update! She just got her email! All good here now!

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Ontario here. .nothing so far


It is taking my friends and family around 24 hrs

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Khaled Mohammad

24h +++ and still waiting.


Approaching 24 hours and still waiting. The workaround worked for me, but when I couldn't remember my old BBID password and had it re-sent, it not longer let my bypass the line :(.


24 hrs now and waiting for my wife's Iphone bbm email. Not complaining, just informing! Also, no one seems to have received the download invite I sent them from BBM.COM yesterday. Anyone else experience that? I'm wondering whether they are delaying sending the email invitations until the demand has slowed so that people invited don't have to wait after downloading.

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Ha! Never mind, she just got it!

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24 hours and m still wating for it .... very slow


Just received my e-mail... HOWEVER, when I entered it on the app, it spit me back to the "we are holding your spot in line" screen. I have verified that it is the correct email address entered exactly as shown, and even force stopped, cleared cache, cleared data, and even re-installed the whole app and still it will not let me proceed. I have forwarded this to the blackberry team, but I do not expect to hear from them anytime soon.

I was ok with the wait, but don't tell me I'm good to go and then reset my wait status.

Rona O

I am encountering the exact same problem. I am beyond frustrated. I can't believe I've been pushed to the back of the line even after getting the confirmation email.

Stephanie J1

I too am having the same problem and tried all the same tricks. I waited almost 26 hours to get my email and for it not to work is a bit ridiculous, almost makes me not even want to use the app anymore.

lucky setiawan

I have in waiting line for a day now but still no confirmation from bbm yet lol

kshitij parasrampuria

i have been waiting from yesterday 22nd 10:00 am IST till now 23rd 10:00 am IST and have not recieved an email.........i have already tried force close and restart along with 2 times of reinstall. my frnds ave downloaded the app after me and started using it almost instanteneosly........... pls help.......... currently using sony peria ion

Zeeshan Shaikh2


taylor moore1

Over 30hours later and I'm still not in the front of the line. I'm not impressed

Daniel Redzic

Ive actually had to wait longer than a day..

Clifford Eli Afedoh

Am in Africa and is only available for Samsung users. I have been waiting in line with close to 15 hrs now. Really sucks to wait.

Stephanie Yamniuk

I've been waiting over 24 hours to get a bbm pin

Samuel Westhead

joined the line at 6am yesterday morning with two email addresses and still no email??? bullshit


Still waiting for my confirmation e-mail after 1day... Any advice?


Bypass Blackberry BBM Waiting List for Android & iphone (100% working)

phone rocker . b log s pot . c o m

Bhavesh Pravin More

It has been more than 25 hrs. and I registered since my friend told me to download it, but till now haven't received any eMail. I am Just sick and tired of it, I had tried all the tricks but no use. Please don't use any tricks as they are useless. The photo shown in the NEWS Post is of a BlackBerry Mobile and they may be getting it faster than the other mobiles.

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vince valentine

See my post downside to solved


Have mine after 24 hours yaaaaaaaah

Ashfaq Karim

Its more than 24 hrs and still waiting

Ellie Taylor

I have been waiting since 3 o'clock yesterday that's 25 hours and still nothing!:(

Jacqueline Wilson

Been waiting for 9hours and still nothing!

Saurabh Bhandari

It has been 34 hours still no mail from blackberry :\

vince valentine

Guys, try this, i've been successful bypass. Still working till BlackBerry closed the list. I've use it on my S3, Note 3 and mega 6.3. Input email " " to bypass. Hurry guys, before it's been closed.


This one did actually work man, thanks.

Bhavika Merchant

My bbm started on android cant believe... :-) thnx


18 hours and counting.....bypass not working on iPhone 5 and iPhone 4.


I downloaded BBM to my iPhone 4S yesterday at approximately 3:30 CST, I signed up and still have not gotten any sort of email to let me know the app is available. It is now 1:28 CST, 22 hours later. So I'd say it's going to be a very long wait.


Been waiting almost 24 hours and still nothing. Not sure this is worth it and big reason I left blackberry in the first place.


I am heading into hour number 26 and I have still heard nothing from the blackberry team. I'm trying to stay optimistic, but irritation is creeping in.