The waiting line for BBM for iPhone and Android is no more

By Michelle Haag on 26 Oct 2013 04:41 pm EDT

When BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone and Android debuted there was a waiting list to gain access, with some people waiting a few days before they could get in to the app. That's always a good way to mitigate against massive server loads, but not a great way to satisfy everyone who wants on now, now, now. Well, looks like the waiting list is a thing of the past, and millions of downloads later, the gates are wide open for anyone and everyone who wants in.

If you haven't tried BBM for iPhone or Android yet, or you have friends or family waiting to get in, it's go time! Get to BBMing, now!

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The waiting line for BBM for iPhone and Android is no more


If the BBM website is such a great roll out (by a SMALL company) is such a success,
why is the US Health Care website roll out (by a HUGE country) is such a failure?
Money thrown at a project does not mean instant triumph.

This is great, I hope we see 200,000 active users by the end of November and a decline in active Whatsapp users

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Eeer did you miss three "0" there are already 60,000,000 users before the launch of cross platform BBM.

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When are iPhone users or Android users going to have calls or video calls from BBM?
That would increase the users. Otherwise they will always preferred WhatsApp or others.

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Within a few months they've clarified the timing and also stated bbm channels will be out of beta shortly also.

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Skype's Desktop screen sharing feature is one thing I can't do without. Its amazing for collaboration and also for helping my parents with computer issues they have on a weekly basis...

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One on one screen share and video on Skype is free. Group video and screen share is a premium thing.

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Even when I had a blackberry in its heyday I didn't have these many contacts. I'm loving this app and more and more of my friends are too! Great job BBry!

^ I agree....none of my friends will be all that interested in BBM until video calling arrives.

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So how many downloads and activations are they at now? Must be more than 10 million for sure, one would think.

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Their fb acct says 80million plus... that's included BlackBerry users as well. so I think we are close to 20 mil

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Convinced my wife, who has an S4, to download it yesterday. She has never owned a BlackBerry and she is loving it. She already has more contacts than me and I have a Z10 and have used BB's for 10 years LOL. I may even convince her to get the Z30 when it arrives in the US now.

Can't wait for the voice and video to go cross platform.

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Please, you sent me to a religious site. That is just wrong, If you want tospew religious messages, find a religious web site. I really don't that you have been born, re-born, or whatever a few times.

I just read the N4BB article and they are claiming 45 million downloads so far.

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That's over 100 million for sure! I say 200 million by the end of November! Any wagers?

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there is a few things.. make sure this roll out is stable... listen to the ideas that have been presented here as far as what chris has stated , and get voice and video out there ... asap.. but prefrentially a strong release of voice and video with as little bugs as they can manage.
bbm will be quite large then.. especially with the advent of channels, in which i have shown a few people and they are waiting both ios and android.

I have to say... that my usage of WhatsApp has already gone down since the BBM 4all has launched... I actually didn't expect it would happen so quickly.. but WhatsApp usage has dropped considerably.

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At leats, give the audio call for android & iphone, before whats app does.. & reserve the video.. for us

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Create Family groups, a bunch of my family weren't all that crazy about it until I created a group and every one started posting pictures and Christmas events.


It's true just tried downloading BBM for my niece I was gobsmacked I told her you'll have to wait a couple days they'll respond to you and you'll have to confirm it she uses an iphone 5s I use a blackberry Q10 and Z10! "A blackberry Fanatic "

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I got put on the waiting list and never got an email saying I was in on my iPhone.

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Could have been because I used the same E-mail attached to my current BlackBerry Q10 and the system got confused?

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Nice! NOW I will encourage all of my Android and iOS friends to download BBM. I was afraid to do so in the first few days. I wanted to wait for all of the wrinkles to be ironed out. :-)

Since the launch is so great...
Now BlackBerry team need to work hard & bring next update for ios & android ASAP...
I mean for voice & video call

We know many of us succeed attract their friend & people surrounding.
They did download it but people keeps on asking... what's the differences with whatsap...
And I'm happy to explain to my friend over & over again, but it seems like they keeps on went back to whatsap

The D&R sign, the powerful 'PING', the discreet BBpin, the customized picture & status, the broadcast message.... these are our pride... but they (ios & android) seems like not care much

So... let give them the 'ride' of BBM by bringing what whatsap don't have.

(don't mind my broken english... importantly,the message is understandable)

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Now only if we had a good way to convince iphone and android users to adopt BBM as primary messaging service.

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Imagine the success of bbm had it launched 2-3years ago. Lol I honestly don't think the exclusivity of bbm slowed down the decline of total BlackBerry users in anyway.

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It did slow it down, but not as much as BlackBerry people claimed. In the US BBM lost its hold on users a couple years ago because people didn't have enough contacts anymore to hold them onto the BlackBerry platform. In developing countries where cheap BlackBerrys and cheap BlackBerry plans were also a draw, BBM probably was still keeping people on the platform, but even there it wash really enough anymore.

BBM is useful for me again because of it going cross platform. I have a Z10 but never once BBMed on it because I didn't know any other BlackBerry users anymore. Now that it is cross platform I'm actually able to use it!

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BBM has not missed a beat. My contact list is growing daily. We always knew people wanted BBM. Great job BlackBerry

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Bbm in Android and iPhone is free but is chargeable to
blackberry phone users,
It's like wife charging husband for sex, and giving free sex to the

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Not only BBM is free on BB10 phones, it also baked in with much more functionality.

And... sorry to say a phone is not a wife.

Sharing BBM to other platform is called sharing the love, sharing the good stuff to friends, sharing a jug of beer so everyone will have good conversation and fun.

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You are still living in the older era...
BBM is completely free on BB10... and I don't even use a data plan to use BBM.

Wake up to reality man... the world has moved and BBM is here to take back its throne.. :)

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The world would be a different place if they would have released this two years ago, but we've got to roll with what we've got. Let's just hope for the release of full functionality for the other platforms and then move on to the next mobile computing features that will help us "leapfrog the competition" rather than just catching up.

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OK, time to let a few of my contacts know.
On another note, too bad this doesn't run on Android phones running Gingerbread.

Mmmm gingerbread. Now I'm getting hungry!

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While the waiting line may be gone, BBM doesn't seem to be available to everyone who wants it. After I talked a friend into downloading it on an android device today she recieved a message stating it was not available for that device.

Yes, you need to be on a device that runs Android 4 or higher. A couple of my friends are on devices that run Android 2.x and cannot install BBM. :-(.

Wow BBM was mentioned on Click on the BBC news this morning! However, they were using a Torch! Although, for once, the review was positive, they finished off by saying, "however, there is a queue as there are over a million people trying to download it"- unbelievable! I have emailed them, asking why they didn't use one of the new Blackberry 10 handsets and there is no longer a queue and they got their figures wrong.

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BBM is useless until we can get a true voip chat like facetime and Skype. WhatsApp is just better for now...

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You're crazy if you think that... do your homework man!

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I still don't think it's a fair idea...if ios and Android get bbm, bring Snapchat, Instagram etc. to blackberry 10.

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Sad that my whife (using Samsung S4) did not recieve the information!! Unless I read this in Crackberry!!! We wondered how the other Millions would know that it is availavble now!?!?!?!?

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So what is the current count? How many people registered since they re-released the apps? 10 million? 20 million?