BlackBerry Messenger For Beginners

By Kevin Hill on 14 Mar 2007 11:06 am EDT

SMS Logo The BlackBerry Messenger feature enables you to text chat with other CrackBerry addicts in real time using your BlackBerry. To use this feature, you must have the BlackBerry Messenger program installed on your BlackBerry.

Getting Started

Using Messenger is easy and is a useful time saving device. It requires a little setting up but once up is easy-to-use. Click on the BlackBerry Messenger icon. The first-time you use Messenger you need to specify a display name that identifies you to other users. You must also create a password. After creating a display name and password, you are logged in automatically when your BlackBerry device is turned on and connected to the wireless network.

Creating Contact Lists

Your contact list displays your individual contacts and contact groups. A contact is an individual BlackBerry Messenger user. You must request contacts to install BlackBerry Messenger on their BlackBerry before you can exchange instant messages with them. Requests contain a link to where you can download the program and find out more information about it.

You can send requests to contacts by e-mail or PIN (personal identification number). To find your PIN click on the ‘Options’ icon. Scroll down the menu to Status. Click the Wheel and you will see the PIN listed on this page.

To add a contact, go to the Messenger icon and open Messenger. Click on ‘Contacts.’ From the resulting menu, click on ‘Add a Contact.’ Click ‘Use Once’. You can then ask this contact if they wish to be a contact on your list. Click ‘Request by Email’ or ‘PIN’ and then type either the address or PIN. Press the ‘Enter’ key. To add a message. Click ‘OK.’

If you request a contact by PIN and they are listed in your address book their contact name appears as their ascribed name, not their PIN number. To remove someone from your contact list, just click the contact on the Contact List screen. Click ‘Delete Contact’ from the menu. Click ‘Delete.’ If you wish to see a contact’s information, click the contact on the Contact List screen and then select Click ‘Contact Info.’

You can use groups to sort your contacts. The default group is Contacts. To add a group to your contact list, click the Track Wheel on the Contact List screen. Click ‘Add Group.’ Type a name. Click ‘OK.’

To move contacts from one group to another, click the contact on the Contact List screen. Click ‘Move.’ Select a group. To remove a group, click a group name on the Contact List screen. Click ‘Delete Group.’ Click ‘Delete.’

Sending and Receiving Messages

Once you have people on your contact list you can begin to send instant messages.To message someone, click a contact on the Contact List screen. Click ‘Start Conversation’. Type a message. Press the ‘Enter’ key. That’s all there is too it. Hopefully it isn’t too long before you receive a reply.(Note: During a conversation you can click the Track Wheel. Click ‘Ping Contact’ to cause the contact’s BlackBerry device to vibrate. To turn off the Ping vibration on your BlackBerry device, click the Track Wheel on the Contact List Screen. Click ‘Options.’ Clear the Vibrate When Receiving a Ping check box.)

To reply to a message click the wheel and click on ‘Reply’, type message and then click ‘Send’. To end a conversation simply click the Track Wheel and click ‘End Conversation.’

You can add an additional chatter during a conversation. Simply click the Track Wheel. Click ‘Invite’ to invite other users.

Closing your BlackBerry Messenger, does not automatically end existing conversations. You can still receive instant messages. A bubble icon in the BlackBerry device status section of the screen indicates that a new instant message has arrived.

Conversations that are still active when the BlackBerry device is turned off are re-activated when the BlackBerry device is turned on. However, if the battery is removed, all conversations end.

Availability Settings

You can make amendments to your availability status if you don’t want to be disturbed. You will need to set your availability status to Available in order to receive notification of instant messages. If you set your availability status to Unavailable you prevent the receipt of instant messages.

BlackBerry Messenger also updates availability statuses automatically. The Busy icon automatically displays when the contact is engaged in another activity. A busy icon displays when there is recent key or Track Wheel activity, the contact has received a BlackBerry Messenger notification in the last two minutes, or the contact has not read or responded to BlackBerry.

The Unreachable icon automatically displays when a contact is out of a sufficient wireless coverage area or when the contact is using the phone.

To change your availability status, click the Track Wheel on the Contact List screen. If your status is currently “Available,” click Available. If your status is currently “Unavailable,” click ‘Unavailable.’ Click ‘Unavailable’ to set your status to unavailable and vice versa. Click ‘OK.’

If you set your status to Unavailable, you will still receive instant messages but you do not receive the notification. When you turn on messenger you will be able to see your missed messages, although the senders may now be unavailable themselves.

To receive notification when a contact becomes available, click an unavailable contact on the Contact List screen. Click ‘Set Alert’ to turn on an availability alert. To turn off the alert Click ‘Clear Alert.’

You can set notification options such as Vibrate or Tone in the Profiles menu. To create a notification profile go to In the profiles menu, click a profile.Click ‘Edit.’ Click on a notification option.Click ‘Edit.’Set the desired options and click the Track Wheel. Click Save.

Other handy features

Another feature of Messenger is the emoticon feature. To insert an emoticon while you are typing an instant message, press the Symbol key twice. Click on the desired emoticon.

The AutoText feature will automatically correct typos or replace abbreviations if you set the feature up. Your BlackBerry device has built-in AutoText entries that correct common typing mistakes. For example, AutoText changes thier to their. You can also create AutoText entries for your common mistakes or abbreviations. For example, you can create an AutoText entry that replaces ttyl with 'talk to you later.'To perform that function you must be in a conversation. Click the Track Wheel. Click ‘Edit AutoText’. Click an ‘AutoText’ entry and then select one of the following actions: Edit; New; Delete.

Reader comments

BlackBerry Messenger For Beginners


I have been succesful with using the messenger. Although as of today I received the message but can't open to read it or reply. What could be the Problem?

OK, this is probably a dumb question, but are conversations via BB Messenger just plain old data (that is, included in my overall data package) or are they more like text messages and going to cost me extra?


I was wondering the same thing, i dont have a data plan for my blackberry but a text plan, i want to know if this is included in the texts and not data so it wont cost me more. I wonder what it goes under, did u find anything?

I have a blackberry with the voice and data plan, therefore all my conversations through BB Messenger are free and not viewed as text messages. I have confirmed this through my service provider. Hope this helps. Happy messaging!

so... as long as you have a blackberry plan on your phone its totally free? doesent use data or text messages or anything?

i got a blackberry 8520 can i use the blackberry messger with out it costing me i have a contract, the contract plan says unlimted text so can i use blackberry messger?

Hopefully someone can help me. I can send messages to my contacts but I do not receive any messages. I have tried this with several people so it is definitely me and not the other guy. I can ping others and not receive pings also.


I am having the same problem Robert, this happened me before but all of a sudden everything was it is happening..I can send but not receive..Anyone have any ideas???

Great article. Thanks for the help.
I have a quick question though. Every time that I add a contact to my Messenger, my e-mail address appears on the Pending list. I can either add it (which would then have myself show up on my own Messenger contact list) or reject it. I can usually delete myself from the list so it's not a big deal, but it is kind of annoying. Has this happened to anyone else? Any thoughts?

i have done everything that you have said. Sent the PIN and everything to my sister becasue she has a blackberry also but its not asking either of us to "accept" the invitation! i dont know what im doing wrong. neither of us have a data plan we just have text messaging so is that what the problem is? The guy at the Cingular store said it didnt matter.

I just got a Blackberry and am having the same exact problem. Did your situation ever get fixed, did BB Messaging ever start working?

Mine is doing the same thing. My husband and I both have BB and I have verified that the PINs are correct. Neither of us are receiving invitations.

I am having the same problem with the ppl i send requests to not being able to accept the invitiation.
did anyone sort this out?

I just recently got my new blackberry pearl 8220. I was told that I could use blackberry messenger to chat with my friends who aslo have blackberry's. But when I send my request for a contact, I type in the PIN and it sends it and it shows that my request is pending. My friends don't receve the request and when they send me a request I don't receive it, we all have the same problem. I live in Haiti I have a few friends who are able the use blackberry messenger, but most of us can't. I went to see my carrier Digicel in Haiti, they told me that it was a problem with all the new blackberry's. Can you confirm this afirmation? If it is not true can you tell me how can I make it work?

I have the same problem of not being able to send or receive invites but most of my friends can and one of them who also had this problem when she got bbm said that if you've only just got bbm you should wait a while or do what she did which is going on to network connections and turning on services while roaming apparently.hope it helps.

I have a corporate owned bberry. Can my company "track" my bberry messenger conversations? If so, is there a way to block them from viewing it? Finally, what about SMS texting, can they track that too?

Did you ever get a reply, I was wondering the same thing, is this information linked to the network or is once it is cleaned is it like IM

it's always been there ever since I started using blackberry messenger.. but just yesterday the bubble icon disappeared, even though I have an active conversation going on. does anyone know why and how I can fix that and get it to appear again?

When I send messages through blackberry messenger, there are checks next to each comment I send. Some checks have a little R next to them, some of them have a little D, and some just have a check by itself. What do these abbreviations stand for?

Hey Anonymous.....

So the Check mark means your message has been sent and is en route.

Once the message appears on the recipient's BB, the check will display a "D" above it meaning "delivered"

Once the message is acutally read by your recipient, it will show "R" above it.

Hope this helps!

Hi, i have the same issue with my phone but instead of getting an R I get an "A" does it mean the same thing???

Did you ever get an answer as to what the "A" means next to the check mark on your BB messager? I was wondering the same thing. Thanks!

So i've sent several messages to one of my friends, and they all have the checkmark w/D, which means they've been delivered. He never read/received any of them (whatever the R means), so I called him and asked. None of them ever got there, according to his phone.
What the?!? Has this happened to anyone else? I'm guessing it's a problem on his end and not mine, right?

d means the message was deliverd to the otner person R means they r reading it or received it.... nothing next to it means that it has not been delivered

please help me. I seem to have moved my messages folder off of my home screen and can't seem to put it back? Any help please!?

I really liked your article, and i followed each step, but the problem is that when i click "add a contact" i get sent to my address book. when i click on the contact I want to add, it does some weird things. I see this option that says "send to mess..." but i don't know what the rest says. So i click on that, but nothing happens. Can you help me?

In bbm go to contacts, expand your contacts and it should say "invite contact" click that and it should ask for an email or pin. I think you are trying to add bbm contacts from the wrong place.

My brother pays for my BB phone bills & I was wondering if the messenger costs my brother anything extra. I was curious so I turned on the messenger. I don't use it at all or or have any contacts, I just don't want my brother to take my phone away. If it does charge extra money on the bill, HOW DO I TURN THE BB MESSENGER OFF?!

with t-mobile you don't have to have a data plan. but you can get unlimited text/pic/vid/instant messages, would bb messenger be apart of that or no?

i have a data plan with tmobile. i pay $20/month for unlimited data sent and received. my bbm falls under that.

Once the conversations are deleted are they erased or can they be viewed somehwere else? Are they saved anywhere or are they confidential?

do you or anyone else know how to print text messages that are on your blackberry? i need to print them but dont know what to do or where to start...

I Have tried everything. me and my friend have both added each other via PIN and niether of us have been asked to accept. Can Anyone Help. Whats wrong??

I am having the same problem. Me and my friends both have blackberrys and we have sent eachother requests using the PIN but we havent been asked to accept each other. We still remain in the pending group. what am i doing wrong?!?

I had the same problem. Make sure both you and ur friend have a blackberry plan. I finally went into the store and I had a date plan but it wasnt a blackberry data plan. So if you guys both don't have a blackberry plan your friend will stay pending and won't receive your request.

The red "star" is showing on my BBM icon to indicate that I have a new message. I have checked my BBM several times and there is NO new message. Anyone know what the deal is?

Check you SMS text messages folder, you may have a new text message. you can find it by going into your email folder, open the menu and select "view folders", then open the SMS folder.

Do you have any bbm groups? Is it possible that you read something in your bbm while you were typing/sending a message to that contact so it never registered as being read? Try closing all of your conversations and see if that eliminates the problem

Some of my bbm contacts seem to have cool symbols next to their display names, such as a spade and a lightning bolt, i can't find these symbols, and when I try to paste them into the change display name field, it does not give me the option. Does anyone know what these are and how I can get them?

has anyone figured this out yet? i too am trying to enter these unicode characters, but have no luck in finding them

go to Edit My Info, then change display name, click symbol, there are two more pages of symbols, so click symbol three times and there should be more symbols like simile faces and hearts and stuff.

How do i hide my PIN from showing in my 5830 curve. i have had someone get my PIN by scrolling through a friends phone. I want it to not show on my profile but cant seem to find an option to hide it. I am on sprint/nextel provder

When I am using Blackberry Messenger and a friend is typing I used to get a message that they are typing a message at the bottom of the messenger screen. I do not get this message anymore and want to know how to turn this back on. Any ideas? Thanks.

the same thing was happening to me for a while, i turned my phone off and took the battery out for a few seconds then put it back and restarted it. It worked fine after that.
hope that helps!

Great artical thanks for that.

I have a blackberry and everything seems to work fine. When I recieve a message with an attachment I am unable to forwards the attachment, the mail sends fine but no attachment come through. Is there some setting that I am missing, please help.

can anyone tell me with the
R and the D mean when using BB
Messenger. It comes up by the
check mark in the convo?


I like the BBM but it doesn't capture the conversation string. I did notice a copy history option and when you choose it, it indicates that the conversation has been sent to a clipboard but I can't seem to locate this "clipboard". I have searched the RIM site and can't find a cross reference for this option. Any ideas.


C. Beke

There is a simply way to capture the conversation for later printing, etc. In the Messenger just use the copy history to put it into the device clipboard. Then you can paste it into the body of an e-mail to send to someone, or paste it into a note - which will show up in Outlook, etc. when you sync with your computer.

My BBM used to work great until I went to work for a company and they upgraded me to BB Enterprise. Now I can receive messages but no one seems to be able to receive mine, even though it shows the messages as 'delivered'. Our IT person said there's no configuration/setting that says to enable/disable two-communication on the server. Do you know what the issue may be?

I understand that as long as you have a data plan there is no charge for using BB messenger to send messages internationally. Does that also apply if I'm messenging back to the US while vacationing in Italy? Do I have to have the ATT "International Data Plan"? I hope I'm making sense here. I'm just not sure what to do while I'm out of the country. And does anyone know if an "Italian" SIM card would have any effect on the messenger service?

Did you ever get an answer to this? I have a friend messenging me from the UK to my bberry in Canada - my BB is company ownder and I don't want to cost them money.

at the top of my home screen, it shows a number 1 with a smiley face, but i have no new messages anywhere. anyone know why it's there or how to get rid of it. Also, sometimes, on one of my contact's names it shows a clock/timer icon. what is that?

did u ever get the 1 smiley face off bbm.I know its the new message symbol in blackberry messenger but i dnt have any new messages I have deleted contacts ended conversations nothing woeks so has anyone found out how to correct this error because it is very frustrating to always have a new message alert then when i actually get new msgs it shows multiple numbers after i check that 1 smiley face is still there

pleas help

Are the messages sent back and forth between my and other workers confidential, or are these seen by other people such as IT or are they deleted when the history is cleared?

i just purchased a blackberry curve and i got a unlimited texting plan. does that mean i get unlimited blackberry messages? or do i get charged for each one i send and receive. please answer back.

i would like to find some help here asap.

I can't add my friend, i use A TT. He uses t mobile. I heard this doesnt matter with BB messenger, so idk what's the problem. I tried everything, taking out the battery and re adding. I don't get his request and he doesn't get mine.

Hello there!

I had a similar problem too, but got around it by adding contacts using PIN. Here's how it's done.

1. Go to menu on BB Chat
2. Add a contact
3. Key in your friend's PIN
4. Press the menu button (do *not* click to select the [Use Once] option
5. Select "Request by PIN"
6. Select "OK"

And here's how your friend can find out his PIN

1. Go to Options
2. Select Status. The PIN is listed there somewhere.

And you're on your merry way. Good luck!


Was wondering if you know how to fix this if the blackberry pearl does not allow you to add by PIN? My friend and I have tried me adding her.. her adding me and we both accept the add requests but we never get moved out of the pending section. When I try to add a contact I am ONLY allowed to add by email. I have added her PIN number to her contact info though...

Any help would be appreciated.


I have a Blackberry Pearl 8130. When I'm talking to someone through Blackberry messenger, the little faces beside the persons name change. Sometimes a little clock is beside it, which means they are idle. I think there is also an icon when someone has their phone turned off. Does anyone know if this is true? I looked for a web site with pictures of the different icons and their meanings. I had no luck. If anyone knows such a site, that would be great.

I get to the point where it sends the request. My friends accept, but it is still under the "pending" area. How do I fix this?

Please Help!!

I am having trouble opening up messages. I can respond to them by what I see in the sms msg screen, but I can't see the entire messages. I tried clearing the history and this allowed me to see the old messages but I still couldn't open new ones. Help!

Does anyone know why the type style changes on the contact list from time to time? Some of the names will appear italicized and others will not. Does this mean the person is on the phone or is unavailable?

I have a problem. i send a request to add a contact but that person never gets the request. i checked the pin number and everything is right. Can anybody help me?

Can anybody help me with this? I've been using my BB messenger regularly. Usually I have not problems with it. However, today I tried to send multiple messages and the check mark is there but there isn't a letter indicating that it is delivered or received...nothing. I talked to my contacts and they haven't received anything from me. I can send out standard text but not IM's. What's going on? I tried taking out the battery etc, yet nothings happened. I don't know if that would even help the situation.


Can you please explain what the different incons means on the BB Bold BB Messenger. e.g. against a contact there's a smiley face with a clock, against a message there's a tick with either an R or D (assume it means Read or Delivered - but don't know), etc

Many thanks

my blackberry messanger was working then if i send something it comes up with a clock next to the message in the history
how do i get it to work again?

I have a Blackberry 7100g, and even though the messenger worked in the past, i deleted my contacts by accident. On attempting to "add a contact" i go to my address book click on the person i want as my contact, but there is no option to request them, all i get is: Show on Google Maps, Filter, New Address, New Group, View, Edit, Delete, SIM Phonebook, Options, Cancel. None of these options are what you refer to. Please help me as i am really considering flushing this phone down the toilet!

You are in the wrong place to even be trying to add bbm contacts! You have to be in the bbm app & select add/invite contact from there & then it will ask you for a pin or email.... or if you have the bbm update it will also ask if you would like to add by barcode. You must either know the contact's pin number or the email address they have associated with their bbm.

recently when I have a conversation open with Friend A on blackberry messenger, it says "Friend B is typing a message" on the bottom of the screen, but I never receive a message from Friend B. When I try to click on "Friend B is typing a message" it takes me to an old conversation that is neither with Friend A nor Friend B. Is Friend B trying to message me and am I just not receiving it? Or is Friend B not typing to me at all?

i have a problem of my messages not going thru. on the other end, they are available so I am not sure why my messages are not getting thru! I have copied and pasted, over and over... deleted history and i cannot seem to figure it out! HELP! anyone else with this problem?! thx

I have a friend that is able to read my conversations from his blackberry on bbm. How is this possible? it a hack!?'s horrible!. :( Someone help.

I deleted someone from my contacts yet they still have my pin saved and keep popping back up and sending me bbms. I do not get an approve or deny this contact screen and i would really rather not have that person on my bbm.

i am having the same problem as some people who also commented. i send a invite for bb messenger and they dont get the invite and vise versa i dont receive an invite as well. what is the problem? do i need the bb plan?

I KNOW!!!! I just read ALL of these posts and NOBODY explains how to fix the issue...both a friend and I invited each other and accepted...but both of our BB Msgrs state that we are both still PENDING!!!!!

I have a storm, and with a couple of my contacts I have issues with bbm. When I message them their status turns to "busy" or "unreachable" for an extended period of time, sometimes lasting days. Does this happen to anyone else? Does anyone know if Im doing something to make this worse?

I have been using bberry messenger for quite a while, but have encountered a new problem. I have an incoming message in my inbox, and when I click on it, the conversation window is completely blank. If I try to read it by entering the conversation from the messenger application and not from my in box, it's also blank. Help!

I've experienced this once or twice as well. What I do is delete the conversation of the blank screen and do a hard reset. So after you delete the conversation remove the battery while the phone is still on. Put it back in and power it back up. Try starting a conversation with the same person and this should fix your problem.

wondering if somebody could enlighten me, new to bbm, there is a little clock symbol next to one of my contacts, what does that mean? They are writing someone else? or unavailable? on the phone? etc. also when it says someone is active, what does that mean? they are actively using the phone, or actively writing someone on bbm, or what?

Is there a way to use different display names for different contacts? My friends all me a nickname, while my coworkers call me by my full name.. is there a way to either just have an email show or hide my username to some?


i have the new blackberry storm 2 and i cant add a picture for (BBM) and nobody can do it for me either.. has anyone been able to do this sucessfully? 30FD712A

Do you have the BBM 5.0 update, the pictures only work with the new version of bbm. From the bbm messenger app hit menu, click help. Select the online help option. Towards the top of the list it will say blackberry messenger, click that & click download. There will be a couple of times during the download process where you'll be asked if you want to replace (replace your old version of bbm) click yes, when the download is complete click reboot after your phone reboots you'll have the new messenger that will allow you to add a photo to your contact profile. From menu select my profile & scroll so the box with the little blue guy has a black outline around it click & it will give you the option to add a photo.

I am new to this whole blackberry thing, but I have tried several times to add people to my messanger and they stay pending. I cant understand why it won go through. It also happens with people trying to request me as well. Any ideas on whats going on? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


i have a pending pin in my bb 9000 waiting for authorization...need help on the next step...nothing in menu to "add to messenger"...really stumped & getting pissed off...apprec any help here tia

I have requested people, it just states pending and the same is comin up on their phones, so i cant get it working

I'm finding some rather asinine comments/questions here in this forum... after you request them/they request you the request has to be accepted!

If they never got the request from your phone and send you a request or vice versa it's because one of you doesn't have a data/blackberry plan!

I've seen a TON of comments here asking why is my bbm not working, when I request it stays pending & vice versa.....

Blackberry Messenger is not a part of txt messaging, that would be sms or mms, bbm does use data so if you are having trouble using your bbm or you aren't getting or your friends aren't receiving your requests it's because you are not on a data or blackberry plan. Doub;e check with you service provider but I'm 99% sure that is the problem & will answer all of your questions.

A more recent comment, "Does this work with Blackberries only? Or all smartphones?" Ummm It's called "Blackberry Messenger" It's a blackberry app and I have yet to meet anybody that has been able to run it from any other smartphone, mind you I know a lot of different people that work at verizon including some techs & they have yet to find a way around it as do a lot of my techie friends.

The things I would like to know:

1. How secure is the bbm messages?
2. Is it sent in clear text?
3. If requested for legal purposes, can the messages be printed out from the system?

I do not have a blackberry but my husband had one provided by his company...they are way too complicated for me. My husband talks to female "friend" on his blackberry messenger, she has a blackberry as well. He tells me the converstions are innocent but when i ask to look at them he says oh she must have ended the conversation so now they are gone... is this true? when someone "ends the conversation" is the message automatically deleted? If it is deleted is there still a way to retrieve them? Can anyone help me with this...thank you

Help! I've just started using BBM recently, and it seems like we can actually set our own display photos like in MSN and stuff? Problem is, I've already set mine but it seems like none of my BBM contacts can view it. Neither can I view their photos. I've already tried re-installing BBM and rebooting my phone but it just doesn't seem to work! Can someone help me with this please?

One of my contacts' R's are not switching to R's even after receiving my messages, We even keep chatting the the previous D's are all still there. I even upgraded to the latest messenger so we could have the same software. I took the battery out, and still. It's pretty annoying since I can't tell when he has read my message. Please help. Thanks!

Hi, this might be a bit of a dumb thing but since Wednesday last week my phone has been showing that I have 3 new messages on bb messenger, I keep going onto it but I don't have any new. Does anyone know how to get rid of the icon telling me I have 3 messages?

I just got the newest version of BBM ( and I'm having a lot of trouble with it...
Often times in the middle of a conversation my typing box will freeze and nothing will show up in it, however, if I continue typing my message will still send I just can't see it in my typing box. Furthermore, some of the messages that I type, if it's a longer message, will send in the wrong order (a.k.a. the words mix up)... The only way to fix it is restarting my phone which takes at least a couple minutes each time. This only started when I recently updated my BBM...
Has anyone else experienced this problem and knows what I can do to fix it? It's quite annoying having to restart my phone every few minutes...

I love BB messaging, but I have a question. I know regular SMS messages are charged if you text overseas. One of the reasons why I love BB is because it just uses data. My question is, if I have a friend in England, and they have a BB and I add them as a contact, will I be charged?

You've probably figured this out by now, but won't be charged extra.. that's the beauty of BBM.. My boyfriend (in London) and I have been doing it for over a year - its great!

What does it mean when u send a BBM and u just get a
Check mark with no "D" or "R" ?? I've looked all over
And can not get an answer. Can someone help me?


Hi, I'm able to receive via Blackberry Messenger but when I reply a clock appears next to my name. My contact sits directly across from me. We tried removing/adding each other multiple times. I can receive his messages but he doesn't receive mine. Same issue with all my contacts. My status is Available so I have no clue what's wrong. Please help!

Can u plz help me out.. I'm done wid downloadin the BBM but the problem is I can't add a contact! I mean I can but that person isn't receivin my request nor m receivin theirs.. Wat do I do?

I have a couple blackberry groups...Is it possible to just turn off the group notification an not individual notification?

My boyfriend lives in England and I live in the US - for a year, our bbms have been the best way of keeping in touch, however, for the past couple of weeks, his name always has that 'unreachable' symbol next to it (like when he's on the phone or the underground, but he's not...) he tried taking out the battery and sim card but to no avail..
Has this been a problem for anyone else and is there a way he can force/fix it? He mentioned that he isn't getting normal texts either - is there some data thing that might have been turned off and, if so, does anyone know how to turn it back on??
Please help.. that little red blinking light that lets me know I have a bbm gets me through the days in a long distance relationship...

I had a 9700 which i used to use and i sent it to Australia to my brother. Now how can he deactivate my email address from bbm, so that he can register his own email address on bbm?

Please help

I'm new to this Blackberry thing. Recently my Blackberry had everything wiped out, pictures, contacts, emails. Almost like a virus. Now I am trying to add my instant messenging contacts back. I've gone to the instant messaging icon and then to 'Invite Contact' and select 'By email or PIN'. I select my email because I've lost all my PINs. I get a message "Cannot send invitation by Email since no email address is configured for this device." Can any one help?

I have just joined ... where do the answers apear to the questions asked? I would not need to ask again if I could reas the answer to the last question but here goes: I have been succesful with using the messenger. Although as of today I received the message but can't open to read it or reply. What could be the Problem? Thanks!

i have a blackberry curve and im adding people on blackberry messenger and they are adding me but its not working what do i need to do to get it to work ???

Hello I have followed all the instructions as stated above, but on my phone people added on the BB messenger are still pending, and its been two days since done so. When i spoke to my friend this morning, he said he never got my request, so i assume nobody else would have. How do i resolve this matter? can someone please guide me?

Thank you