Wack-O-Mole for BlackBerry Storm

By Adam Zeis on 24 Aug 2009 02:03 pm EDT


Who doesn't love going to a carnival or Chuck E. Cheese and wacking some plastic moles with a rubber mallet? Well now you can bring the stress-relieving goodness everywhere you go with Wack-O-Mole for the BlackBerry Storm. This classic game lets you go nuts on multiple levels of increasing difficulty. Designed specifically for the storm, this game has great graphics and optimized landscape play. The rules are simple and will keep you going for hours. With multiple levels, high scores and more, you really won't want to put this one down. You can grab Wack-O-Mole in the CrackBerry App Store at the introductory price of $2.99 until August 31st.

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Reader comments

Wack-O-Mole for BlackBerry Storm


Took the words right out of my mouth... 100(give or take) per month for phone plan = no problem. 200(again) for phone = no problem. 3 bucks for app...WTH?!?! haha :)

First of all devGOD it is too pricey not to pricey, being a dev and a self proclaimed GOD I would think you would know that. Secondly it is TOO pricey when when better quality apps and games than this are on the app store for 99 cents. Just because we use a BlackBerry doesn't mean that we should pay more.

b1gg134... my turn to correct you. First of all it is " Secondly it is TOO pricey WHEN (just once)". I would think that someone who corrects other would spot there own mistake.

Okay, being serious now, it is interactive touch screen game. $2.99 is very fare for a touch screen interactive game. Now, if the cost was 7-10 I could see a reason to be alarmed. I'm pretty sure it took the developer more than a few hours to create the game and to suggest that 99 cent, is what his time and coding skills is worth is crazy.

If everyone expects games of that quality to be free or 99cent well then... forget about seeing anything better come out.

*my two cents