VZW Website Shows Signs Of BlackBerry Tour?

VZW Website Shows Signs Of BlackBerry Tour?
By Bla1ze on 12 Jun 2009 07:50 am EDT

We know it's not really much to go on, but any news that puts the words "Verizon" and "BlackBerry Tour" together in a sentence is good enough for some, right? The good folks over at Engadget were given a little tip that by visiting http://vzw.com/tour, you will automatically be redirected to http://estore.vzwshop.com/bbtour - which of course is Verizon's online shop for purchasing devices.

While nothing is set up there currently, the fact that it even redirects to that page is enough on it's own.  It almost acknowledges that the Tour will be hitting Verizon (and seemingly soon) if they are getting weblinks ready. Exciting times, stay tuned folks!

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VZW Website Shows Signs Of BlackBerry Tour?


from what i was told (and everyone uses: from a reliable resource) the tour will be a verizon exclusive and that it should be hitting around july, but we will see

click on both links and got error 404, wonder if they pulled the link. they may have posted it for testing purposes and pulled it.

Actally, I would also like to see a comparison stat sheet if anyone has it.
I believe the Proc and Radio are the same but the memory for Apps is doubled, and you dont have the 1GB built in, but memory cards are cheap anyways.

for this why not just get the bold? this phone is just a smaller version. it doesn't even have the optical trackball like the 8520 or whatever it is. i don't think this phone is worth buying, upgrading to, or switching carriers for. as long as the bold is out, this phone will be at the bottom of the "new blackberry phone" list.

This device can not come soon enough. I love my Storm, but I am so over it. The replacement that I got just yesterday wont even charge (and there is nothing wrong with the charging port). It was a BRAND NEW replacement and not a refurb. I digress.... *sighs*

This phone IS a big deal for Verizon 8830 Users that don't want to go to the storm because of the lack of a physical keyboard and are VERY tired of the 8830's smaller internal memory. My internal memory on my 8830 is so full that I have to restart 1-2 times every day. Also, I am so ready to have a camera in my blackberry!

The links aren't supposed to work, if you look at your browser it's the fact that it's redirecting to the site. There's no actual page up yet, but they are obviously getting ready because of the redirect. For instance, if you're using Firefox and you hit the link, and look on the bottom left, you can see it redirecting.

Somebody please let me know when something better than the BOLD drops, until then these are all dumbed down versions of the same phone, every last one of them. Each one has a little tiny thing the other doesn't thus giving it a different model name and eveyone gets excited. If you're willing to swtich carriers for this when it comes out, just switch to AT&T now and get a BOLD and be done with it and wait until something better comes along. If you're on VZW, then this is good news, other than that, who cares?

When I see all these new phones and there are so many now I can't even keep up with the codenames, I ask "is it better the the BOLD?" If not...NEXT!!!

Every one of those other phones has something for me that the Bold doesn't........A SIGNAL!
No AT&T service within a mile of my house.

Thank You. Not everyone likes AT&T, so yes if you have ATT then great stay with the bold. but all my friends and family have VZW, which then it is free for me to call them, AND I like it when my phone actually gets a SIGNAL.
so enough with the "Bold is better crap" since not all of us have ATT. yes it is a Bold without WiFi (which I would have liked btw) but it is better than the other BBs that VZW has so enough with the hate please.

It doesn't help if you throw the Storm against the wall. You get the replacement and the same sh!t happens as the first one... Trust me, I know.... :-)

I have to admit my storm has gotten alot better since the software upgrade but I'm so done with not having a physical keyboard! This thing cant come out soon enough!

Remember, its the "Carrier With More Bars!" Ya right...............I'm sorry, I crack myself up everytime I say that. "More Bars!'Go ahead and stay with the Bold.

lol @ people claiming this is a dumbed down "Bold". I wish people who didn't know what they were talking about would just shut up.

server error 404 - when you click on either one of the links. It appears it has been moved or something.

This is another good thing for all of us waiting for the Tour. I am counting the days down till this phone drops. I have been waiting for a new Blackberry with physical keypad to come out for some time that was worth it.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LOOK HERE
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LOOK HERE

To everyone saying they are getting an error: Yes we know you are, everyone is and always has been. The point is that if you look at the web address you are clicking on, then look at the address bar on your internet broweser, you will notice they are different. That means you have been redirected to another page, something that does not happen if link lead to nowhere. The fact that you ARE getting redirected means that a website is being prepaired for the BB Tour by Verizon Wireless.