VZW Branded BlackBerry Tour Live Pic!

By Bla1ze on 17 Jun 2009 06:56 am EDT
VZW Branded Tour Live Pic!

Oh boy! Seems the floodgates have opened on all things Tour. This pic was posted in the CrackBerry forums by Touchpro247 courtesy of Mangold55 who was able to get their hands on a Verizon branded device fresh in the box. And to answer the question some have been asking regarding the OS loaded, Mangold55 reports is currently running on the device. Any questions?

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VZW Branded BlackBerry Tour Live Pic!


I've noticed a trend among BlackBerries ... almost all operator wallpapers look the same, lol .. red and black!

Im still going to let a few of you rush out and buy this thing whenever it comes out, before I do the same.Im not having any issues with my curve 8330, so I can wait a little longer. "Remember The Storm!". Thanks for the update.

I'm sure the sprint version is exactly the same as vzw. The "official" release date hasn't come out yet, right? Wonder what it is gonna cost?! No matter... Gonna upgrade from my 8830. Love it! Dissed my omnia- didn't like wm (it sucks)!

What a great day it will be when people get their hands on this phone. Looks like a great phone for Verizon, Sprint, etc. I can't wait to see an AT&T branded Onyx!

(Joker's voice) "where does he get these wonderful toys?"

If Verizon disables the internal GPS, I'm not buying it. (cough)

I've noticed a definite lack of picture quality on these Tour pictures. I'd be happy to take a nice hi res photo if someone wants to send me their Tour! :)

So i don't understand. it has 4.7 os on it, but will there be an update for version 5.0 on all blackerries? Or just the ones that were released with it?