VZW BlackBerry Storm to Retail for $499.99?!!

Verizon Storm Retail Price @ $499.99
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Nov 2008 07:56 am EST

Verizon Storm Pricing from Verizon Stores - $499.99

Best Buy Storm Pricing - $599.99 Best Buy currently lists the Storm at $599.99

Over at HoFo, member VZW E posted late last night a photo of the pretty darn official looking document above (top image), which suggests that the Verizon BlackBerry Storm will carry a retail (no contract) price of $499.99. Seems cheap!!

On the other hand, Best Buy has been displaying the BlackBerry Storm on their website for the past few days, but with a retail price of $599.99. Hopefully they'll chop $100 off that price tag over the course of the week, or at least offer to match Verizon's $499.99 sticker, especially considering many of you already dropped your $50 deposit at Best Buy in order to reserve your Storm for this Friday's launch. At least it's a refundable deposit, but who wants to go through the hassle of getting it back to purchase elsewhere?

Big Thanks to BigVDawgy and everyone else who sent this in!

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VZW BlackBerry Storm to Retail for $499.99?!!


I've been happy with ATT service but considered switching to Verizon for the Storm. Can I pay full price and unlock the Storm to use my ATT plan? What is the process, and is it "bad" for the phone?

Does anyone know if you'll be able to talk on the Storm and such the web at the same time like with the IPhone? Sorry in advance if I've missed that answer posted somewhere else previously.

I sure hope Best Buy lowers its price to match VZW stores. If not I'll have to get my $53.00 back and walk across the street to the VZW store and get my storm there haha!

THAT IS AWESOME! I have to pay full boat for the phone and $500 is GREAT! I'm gonna be in NYC at 57th street. Who's gonna be there to join me? Hahah

This is great news! I am having to pay full price, but the wife is getting her 30 day deal. Can't wait to get it Saturday, I'll probably be the first VZW Storm user in Europe :D

I'm sure everyone has read that Vodafone is giving away a free Blackberry Storm for a 35 pound plan which is equivalent to $53USD that includes unlimited email, 600 minutes, and unlimited web and text.

$39.99 - $8.40 (21% Ernst & Young discount) + $5.99 insurance + $10 unlimited "in" text/pix/flix and 500 "out" = $47.58 for my voice phone.

$49.99 - $10.50 (21% Ernst & Young discount) + $5.99 insurance + $23.70 for tethering (its unfortunately $30 for tethering if you don't have a voice plan attached less the 21% EY discount) = $69.18 but if it's under $75.00, it's all reimbursed by Ernst & Young!!

I initially wanted to keep my voice and data separate as not to mix business and pleasure, and not wanting wifey to occasionally sift through my "personal" emails I was receiving on my work email address...and also having to highlight all my business related calls on the bill and fax it in for reimbursement, etc.....................but now in going to the Storm, I think I'm going to combine the two into one device.

I would have to pay the ETF of $135 on the second data only Blackberry line I just opened up in March of this year...Verizon's ETF decreases -$5 every month so 8 x $5 = -$40

Well Best buy might be 100 dollars more but there best buy card is no interest for 18 months. So if you buy yours on a credit card from VZW it makes sence to pay the extra hundred with no interest at best buy. Instead of paying the interest to a credit card!

Now you guys all know that Best Buy is going to match whatever the lowest price is that the customer can prove he/she can get elsewhere......and after not too long they'll know that VZW's price is $499, so that'll be the norm.

You think this will also be the same for Canada? If so, I already have about a $100 credit on my account, so I definitely wouldn't mind paying $399 for a new BlackBerry and ditching my 8830.

Ok, this might be a stupid question but I have not been able to find the answer anywhere. If one has already pre-ordered the BB storm from best buy then will they be able to get it on friday the official release date or will I have to wait till best buy releases it (on the 23 from what I am hearing). thanks

I pre-ordered my Storm in store last friday. They had signs up in the store saying they would have the phone on the 21st. Also the form said the 21st.

The Flyer for best buy says they're giving away a bluetooth headset along with the Storm. So Best Buy might be the way to go if you need a headset.

All I know is that Verizon sent me an email saying it was $250 with a $50 mail in rebate so MY phone will cost me? $199. Is Best Buy out of the friggin mind?

The $199 price is with a new 2-year contract. The $599 and $499 prices being discussed in this thread refer to the price without a contract.

How far into your two year are you? Mine's up in April and VZW customer service told me I qualify for the one year agreement price, which according to this sheet means $319.99 (or $70 more) for the phone minus the $50 rebate. THis is what I received from VZW:

"If you would like to replace your wireless phone, there are two alternatives I can offer you since you are not eligible for a standard equipment discount until on or after 4/1/09:

Option 1: You may purchase a new wireless phone at the one-year promotional price (the one year price will be released on 11/21/08) with a new one-year Customer Agreement. You will also receive any applicable rebate included with the offer. If you accept the discount and cancel service for any reason before fulfilling the minimum term of your Customer Agreement, you will be subject to an Early Termination Fee of up to $175.

Option 2: You may also purchase a new wireless phone at the phone's full retail price (this also will be released on 11/21/08) without any renewal of your Customer Agreement. If you choose this option, you will not receive a rebate.

Please be aware that the prices on our website are promotional and reflect the discount associated with a two-year Customer Agreement. As a result, the one-year promotional price and the full retail price will be higher."

Best Buy is honoring the $50.00 Instantly. So if you Pre-Ordered with 50.00 you'll only owe another $149.99. SWEET!

Hey everyone,
So I just got off the phone with Verizon Customer Service because I am adding someone to my current family plan. I was on the phone for quite awhile with the rep and began talking about my future Storm purchase. After awhile, I got it out of her that the Verizon retail price for the Storm would be $379.99 with no contract. I called back to confirm this and another Verizon Rep said the same thing. I am so happy because now I don't need to cancel my contract to get the discounted pricing because the retail price isn't that bad!

There you go: Blackberry Storm Retail (No Contract): $379.99

There is NO WAY RETAIL PRICE would be 399 when lesser (spec-wise) models are available for $599+

If that is true (which I HIGHLY doubt), I would be EXTREMELY surprised. I'm even skeptical of the $499 which is pretty damn cheap for retail...

You don't have to believe me, but that is what I was told by the Verizon customer service representative who I was speaking to for over an hour. I have no reason to make something like this up, but I thought I would just throw this out there. I am currently on a 2 year contract and cannot get the Storm unless I either buy the phone for retail or cancel my contract and start a new one and get it for the $199 price. I was leaning toward starting a new contract but the lady on the phone told me about how much hassle it would be and told me it would be cheaper if I just bought it for the retail price...which she confirmed was $379.99. Like I said, you don't have to believe me, but that is what I was told only a few hours ago.

Well..I believe you!
I have to believe you, because I am paying full retail price as well :( so i hope ur verizon rep is correcT! :)


I so hope your right regarding the price. I can deal with $379.99, since I am not eligible for NE2 until March.

I just spoke with a rep from Verizon and I was told $369.99. so whether its $369 or $379, I can deal with that. Cant wait until Friday..................

I was at Best Buy today and was informed that since they do price matching they will ABSOLUTELY match any other competitor's advertised price that can be confirmed.

Well if your a verizon customer and want to renew or not a verizon customer and want a new 2 year contract you can get ther Storm for 199.99 after a mail in 50.00 rebate....

i have alltel and i know verizon took over them and im currently under a 2 yr contract and i was wondering when the storm will be in alltel stores cause the storm is freak'n sweet but i dont know when they r going to do the merging? does anyone knw???

i have alltel and i know verizon took over them and im currently under a 2 yr contract and i was wondering when the storm will be in alltel stores cause the storm is freak'n sweet but i dont know when they r going to do the merging? does anyone knw???

This sounds about right. According to my sources, the Storm is going to cost us (a retailer) about 450. Add the fact that retailers usually mark up 50 dollars for phones purchased outright and you arrive at 500.

Didn't anyone get the invite I received from VZW for an early upgrade? I got a 8330 Curve a few weeks after they came out. A day or two back I received a flyer from VZW that said I was eligible for an early upgrade. Yes I do have to "re-commit", but hey what's a few extra months, when this is so close to getting the 8330?

A representative at a Maryland Best Buy told me two things:

1. The Storm is being delivered this evening or Thursday but Verizon is restricting a release prior to 11/21

2. Regarding the $599.99 retail price, the will price match any retail pricing as long as you bring in a copy of the proof.

I submitted my $50 on 11/6 and reserved the first Storm from the Gaithersburg location....I can't wait.

My darker side wishes I could tempt a worker to sell me one early...

I feel bad for the people that paid over 600$ for there storm like a month ago . And yeah since the economy slowed down majorly the price of things has fallen alot! Example, went to sell my old phone that I purchased 9 months ago thinking I would get 130$(early Sept) now its only worth 80$ from the same website!