VZW BlackBerry Storm Now Supports GPS on Google Maps

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Feb 2009 02:40 pm EST

Google Maps on Storm Now Supporting GPS!

Yikes! The CrackBerry tip line just got flooooooded with emails from Verizon BlackBerry Storm owners happy to report that Google Maps version 3.0.2 now supports the Storm's built-in GPS. Finally!! Unfortunately, it seems this new love from VZW is only coming to the BlackBerry Storm as of now, so existing GPS-equipped BlackBerry smartphones won't be able to take advantage of this.

To grab the latest version of Google Maps, just head to http://google.com/gmm

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will let you all know my findings


Hey anyone try this on the Telus Network in Canada?


about time...lol.finally VZW getting in the game for us storm owners


Show the 8330 some love!!!


Not gonna happen. Curve's GPS chip does not allow 3rd party access, whereas the Storms GPS chip does.


Sprint's 8330 allows GPS to access BB Maps, Google Maps. Its Verizon blocking it. They want you to use there $10/month navigation program.


wait, so if i install google map verizon will charge me $10 a month still?


Wow dude, daft comment at its best, if it works with VZNav, it will work with any application, in this case, VZW is a 3rd party. First party is RIM, Second party is the user, 3rd party is anyone but the user and the company that made the device. So ya, Big Red is just taking our money, I got a BT puck for $40 so ya, in 4 months it pays for itself.


Are you saying that Verizon Curve's have different hardware than Sprint Curve's? Sprint works on Google and every other gps app does it not?


Now all we need is Shazam for the Storm


I have shazam on my storm, i don't remember exactly how i installed it but i don't think it is the version that is meant for the storm, but it works flawlessly for me.


Now that I am use to using BB Maps, my fav works too.


Best news I've heard in a long time!


fantastic, i just installed it and it seems to work like a charm... i was waiting for something like this, cuz i refuse to pay 9.99 a month for vz navigator.


just downloaded the updated 3.0.2 and the GPS does not work. It still has a 1600 meter radius around my location.

I am with Telus


Go into your GPS settings and change GPS services to Location on. Should be accurate to 5-10 meters


i just installed the new version, and the touch screen functionality seems out of whack, and it shows a full keyboard without any option to hide it. its like its setup for a different phone or something. any ideas?


put your finger on the top row of the keyboard and drag it down quickly


tried that. nothing happens.

and, with the rest of all the touch screen functionality, its working opposite what it should. for instance,

when it first loads, to scroll the terms downward, instead of tapping, and dragging up on the screen, i have to drag down. its all working as if i have a trackball rather than the touch screen.

and i have absolutely no My Location whatsoever.


disable compatibility mode under applications


disable compatibility mode under applications


do you have a 9500 or a 9530? i'd suggest a reinstall and a battery pull

mine couldnt find the gps until a battery pull


i have a 9530. i just disabled compatibility mode, which enabled the UI back to the old version, and i'm doing a battery pull now. will keep you posted.


it's in compatibility mode. Options > Advanced Options > Applications then select Google maps hit BB button and select disable compatibility mode.

EDIT: Oops...a little late to the party ;)


i'm working with OS .109 and i downloaded the new Gmaps and it's not working... want let me zoom in or zoom out... Can't get rid of the keyboard... What i need to do?

vinny bobberino

I'm having the same problem as keitheronie. I'm currently running OS v4.7.0.103 on my 9530 Storm. I can't get the keyboard to disappear, the dragging is out of whack, and better yet the accelerometer feature doesn't work so I can turn the storm on its side. All this was working on the previous version of G-maps. PLEASE HELP.


it kind of works...

i'm in manhattan

before, with the cell phone triangulation, it said i was about an avenue block away from where i was

now, it says i'm one street block from where i am

i'll take it, i guess

maybe because i'm in an office building with many floors above me?


it says i've drifted 3 blocks south
i havent left my desk

i've never really had a gps device before, but is this normal?


Before I upgrade it, I was floating on the hudson river..


GPS does not work well indoors. You need a clear view of the sky, in multiple directions, which means it is probably not going to work well in Manhattan with tall buildings around, since you won't be ab;e to lock on to as many satellites.


sweet! finally...


just upgraded google maps from 3.0.0 to 3.0.2 and am rebooting my phone as required....will keep you posted


Great news coming out lately...new themes...GPS on GoogleMaps. App center coming around the corner real sooon..


Dont forget a near perfect OS coming out soon in the form of .118!


I sure hope you are right about this. I am sick of being sick of waiting!


Where did you hear news of the .118 Storm OS leak?


Loaded onto my Storm .103. Works great. Immediately pin pointed my location. Finally a great Map.


It's a crock that none of the other verizon berries are supported. No love for us 8130 and 8330 and older users.


Doesn't seem to be working for me on Bell Canada....sigh.


I downloaded and it works, but I am not able to use the transit function which I think is the routing. It says that it is not available in my area. Are you not able to use this program like a true GPS for turn by turn directions?


Transit is public transit, ie: bus routes. I don't know if it has subway or train routes though, but in Pittsburgh it's showing the correct bus routes just fine. I'm happy that I no longer need to pull out my darned bus schedule. Hmm...I wonder if it'll show detours...probably not, but it's awesome nonetheless.


Mine is working. Although it shows my current location as my next door neighbor's house. But I will take it!


I'm pretty sure the support came from Google, not VZW. From what I understand is VZW left the GPS wide open for 3rd party to take advantage of, but Google finally stepped up and built a version of Google Maps that takes advantage of the Storm's GPS. This is from a Google employee on the Google Help page before the support was built in.

"We're still working to integrate the app with this device, and we haven't yet put out a new release since the Storm has launched. I reallize you're all eager to use your internal GPS with Google Maps for mobile - and we're working to get an update soon. I can't give you a timeline as of today, but I'll update this group when I can give a more accurate picture."


doesnt work for me, Telus 9530 user


Can't seem to get it working for me. Using Verizon with OS 4.7.075. Downloaded the new Google Maps, enabled full GPS utilization, battery pull. Still nothing. Was going to try disabling comptability mode, but that setting wasn't there under Options - Advanced - Applications - Google Maps


Scroll down to Google maps and just highlight it, don't press it.
Then hit the BB hardware button second one from the left
and it'll bring the menu where you can select enable/disable compatability mode.


I tried going to google.com/gmm and had the download link txt'd to my phone. Both links aren't working. Anyone else?


had to reboot...my internet stopped working....damn storm


All i can say is wow. I walked outside of my house and the blue and white blinking circle followed my exact path. This will be very handy because now i won't need to always put in my starting location.


Google maps with GPS works fine on my Telus Storm even though it has me a couple of blocks from my actual location


that would mean it does not work. Google maps always put us a few blocks away.


After installing and executing the requested reboot, I received this message, even after several battery pulls;

"A Media Card has been inserted that contains errors. To correct the errors please use a disk error-checking utility on a computer."

My Media Card worked fine before. Any suggestions on a fix?


I had this problem before. I connected my phone to my laptop and I believe the BB desk top manager did the rest. When diconnected I did not have any more error message. I hope this help.


I can't seem to get my GPS to work period. Are there any setting that I need to change? Or anything else for that matter. Thanks


Options>Advanced Options>GPS

Choose GPS Services to "Location ON"


Does this have voice navigation when you search for directions?


Downloaded on Storm with TELUS and the GPS works!!! This looks to have fixed the STORM issue which is not carrier dependant.


I just installed it on my Telus Storm and its not working for me did you do anything special to get it to work?


I was able to use google maps ver. 3.0.0 with GPS on my 8830, 3.0.1 on my storm and 3.0.2

whats the difference between 3.0.1 and 3.0.2? turn by turn? Like VZ nav?



It keeps saying waiting for GPS? Any suggestions? Should I try changing settings?


You have to step outside. Mine did the same thing, even though the phone part worked inside the GPS didn't.


I just got my BB Curve 8330 from verizon about 2 weeks ago and the GPS works great on both BBMaps and on Google maps....


Does it still not work with Telus or am I just not able to get a signal through the current snowstorm?


Running .103 and works like a charm. It's like Christmas morning.


because Google Maps just placed me in the middle of a big lake about 2 miles from my actual location.

Brad Dugan

I just downloaded it and it does not work at all. it still says "location within 1000m"

Also, in the help menu, it talkes about "my location (beta)" Isnt that the triangulation method? Not the gps?

Any ideas to get it work


Go into your gps settings and change it to say location on instead of e911. should be accurate within 10 meters

Larry Adams

Well, it may not be as good as VZ Navigator. But one thing I have to say, if Verizon cares to listen. I am already paying over $190/month for my service. If it were not for the company reimbursing me, I would tell you to do something with yourself and the service. I'm not going to pay another cent.

I used Google Maps over the weekend, and now that it has GPS, VZNavigator can kill my ever loving...

Kindest regards,


Larry Adams

Meant that they can "kiss"...


Amen brother, same here. If it were not for corporate discount, I'd be with another provider.


DL onto storm 9530 v4.7.0.75 - worked well once downloaded, faster once completing the battery pull. Someone commented on another bulleting board that deleting VZ Navigator sped up all processing, while another said dont - as it was one of the best apps on the phone. Well- VZ navigator is gone, google is here, and the speed is good!


Now we just need voice directions and this will be the best app on the web


Doadload went fine....rebooted and ....No differnce...still waiting for GPS!!!
Verizon user; 0.75 0S, running VZNav also


Just contacted Telus and they said its not compatable with the TELUS STORM GPS, It will give you an approx. location to where you are but THATS NOT GPS....Doesnt sound like it will be available anytime soon from what i heard...BOO


new to tha crackberry comments. hwever, downloaded it on my vzw storm and its working great. yep.


Is Verizon charging any fees to use this app?
Seems like they would rather we use VZ Navigator?


I have my GPS Services set to Location On and Location Aiding Enabled, but still no GPS love from Google Maps 3.0.2 (9530 on Verizon running .103).

Then again, I also haven't been getting any GPS action from my 8820 on AT&T for weeks now. Maybe there are just never any satellites over where I am.

Ted Wilson

I have been using Version 2.3.2 since December 2008.
I think I'll stick with that unless I seen an overwhelming reason to upgrade.


Just to let u know Google Maps 3.0.2 is also available on the BB storm ....I have Rogers if that makes any difference


The GPS will only lock on satelites when you are outside. This holds true for every application on the Storm which uses GPS: Google Maps, BB Maps, Nav4All, Garmin, and Weatherbug. The reason why VZ Nav works indoors is because it recieves assistance from the cellular provider.


I realized I should try it closer to a window, and it worked. Normally this would have been a no-brainer for me, but I've been getting GPS locks with no problems on BlackBerry Maps from indoors so the thought only occurred to me after I posted.


thats wassup ! its about damn time! wooo hooooo!!


Do you need to click the Start GPS button in BBMaps to get GPS to work in GoogleMaps?


Do you need to click the Start GPS button in BBMaps to get GPS to work in GoogleMaps?


DL, installed, "waiting for GPS", batt pull, same -- no GPS for my Google Maps 3.02.
OS: .103


working perfectly, within 5 meters.


This makes no sense why wouldn't it work on Telus not like it's that different. Kind of frustrating.


Thank god.. Blackberry maps is actually missing highways in the NYC area (Cross Island and Clearview Expressways)


Still doesn't seem to find my location. It's this is your location within 5000 meters. Not very precise.


Thats the error i get since my update. What am i dont wrong im still 3500 m from where i am!!! AAAAAAAAA

domestic violence

ok- i guess ill be the first noob to ask the dumb question... how is this different from BBmaps? i downloaded and installed Google Maps and its working- but it doesnt seem much different from BBmaps.

like i said, im a noob!


The map graphics on BB Maps are much poorer, and on Google Maps you can utilize the cool (and sometimes creepy) features like Latitude.

If you're in a pinch, though, BB Maps still works pretty well.


You get street view with Google! :)


Works for me, about time, been a while something worked flawlessly from the start..........running .103


Linked up the instant I walked out side (+/-5Meters), I walked around my building and it even tracked to what side of the sidewalk I was on.




doesn't work for me.. all I get is 2300 meters


Running .75 no problems, alot faster than BBmaps. Liking it so far


It works great on my BB7130e as well as my storm.


so does this mean it is more accurate placing you on the map? dont need a GPS puck?


under options>advanced options>gps>gps servces: do you keep it on E911 or do location on to take full advantage of google maps?


You want it to say Location On, not 911 Only.

OC Pcar

.103 and work great!!


Google Maps 3.0.1 works great on my Bold. DL'ing 3.0.2 now.


Didn't work in my house next to a window...1600 meter circle but did as soon as I walked outside. No battery pull. I will need to get used to it as the search function seems very simple. But it does give me an option to save $7.50 a month for VZNav.


i originally downloaded from a different link, didnt work to well, said location was within 3000 meters, boo. so i deleted the whole app and went to m.google.com/maps from my storms browser and BAM, now its within 5 meters, pretty damm sweet. i like the join lattitude part, cool to see where ppl are just for fun


Every time I go to run G maps it runs fine for awhile but when i close it out my phone has some weird white error screen and then needs a batery pull, this happened on both versions of g maps


I installed it on my new T- Mobile Curve 8900 and it works great. It found me within three meters and when I tested the directions feature it was cool. I like it better than BB Maps which i cant for the life of me understand. Oh well... Good luck CB addicts.


Works for me... w/in 6 meters.


Mine is showing me 2700 meters from where I am at.


Is this only for the Storm? Google maps has always worked on my curve and now my bold. What is not working for people on Verizon? (i'm on Rogers in Canada btw)


mine shows 3 meters from my location. Pretty good IMO


That's normal for GPS. Anywhere from 1-10 meters is good. Even the most accurate GPS available, will only come to within a few inches of you actual position. Its the way GPS works, since it cannot exactly triangulate your exact position. This doesn't happen because even if you are standing still, the earth and satellites are still moving.


You need to check your email! LOL!


Damn, 243 messages?!? LoL


Why do I have a feeling that Google will be releasing a free GPS Turn-By-Turn navigation program which will utilize street view? :)


That would make Google the ultimate leader in GPS. Turn-by-turn, street view navigation!


That would make my day!!! I am sure Google is working on it.


take tour card out and plug it into the adapter that fits your computer and run the disk check , it will fix the erros and the card will be fine


Upgraded from 3.0.1. Downloaded OTA, installed, rebooted.
Pulled up my location within 6 meters in seconds. Switched to Sat. view to check and looked close enough to exact in my apartment. Even followed me as I walked through. About time.


What in the name of all that is holy is going on with the forums???


What do you mean? I'm having database errors with my account. I didn't know there was something wrong with the forums.


Can't get in through the computer or with the Berry. Kev buddy if yer out there, what the heck is going on.


user accounts. Logged out and it let me through.


Has anyone heard about this new .118 Storm version?
I just heard wind of it, but I can't seem to find any concrete info. Thanks!


Worked great for me...even showed when I walked across my apartment to the front door!!


moves even when i walk in my house have no troubles with it indoors...not they need to take google maps and make it a turn by turn type deal...


Just wondering if you have google maps, why do you need to pay for the vz navigator, too? Shouldn't just one of them do the job?...

Blackberry Guru

Be careful! This new version has crashed my phone already. I had to uninstall it :\ You might be ok as long as you don't use latitude? Cant quite determine the exact reason.


Wow...this person has 243 unread notifications!!! lol

I don't know if its just me but I'm anal about making sure I've read every one...or else I can't sleep at night...lol


this is sweeeet! It works nicely, was able to pin point me. Can't wait to play w/ it more tomorrow :D


Finally latitude actually does some good, instead of showing all my friends at random points around the map! It knows where we all are! I'm so happy. This made my night :)


Now that Google uses the GPS, it really eats up my battery..it could be b/c I have Lattitude enabled???


What do you mean "so existing GPS-equipped BlackBerry smartphones won't be able to take advantage of this"

Googlemaps has been using GPS on my GPS equipped Bold since I got it last year!


My .75 storm will not even allow me to open the link or receive the text from google. when i try to open m.google.com/maps i get http error 503 service unavailable. does this mean im out of luck?


It works on the BlackBerry 8350i as well.


Yesterday was the best day in a long time for me and coming home to find this piece of news just put the icing on the cake....w00t


That as little as I use google maps... i'm way beyond excited to hear this because i'm tired of seeing my position triangulated within a radius of thousands and thousands of feet.

sidenote. yes i have the storm. yes its working fine. i even signed up for the overly invasive latitude thing they have.


I may be missing something but how does this vz navigator?
it doesnt give turn by turn! It only tells you exactly where you are. i dont use vz nav either as i have a garmin but i would sell that bad boy if google gave me turn by turn!


What's up with this Verizon?! If they provide free GPS to one Blackberry, what's their rationale for not providing it to ALL Blackberry owners?! It doesn't make sense. So because contractually I can't (or want to?) get a Storm I get penalized? I have to PAY for VZ Navigator in order to get GPS to work on my Curve 8330?? That's not right. Unless anyone knows a way to get GPS to work FULLY on my Curve?


Dl'd yesterday, love the real time GPS tracking, this makes Google Maps much more functional for me, great update!


God Bless Google and all that it does to make everyones life just that much easier!


it works wonderfully, almost too good, pinpoints almost down to my exact address, 1 house over! street view is awesome also.


... and its more sensitive.

After installing this update, Google Maps had me pinpointed within 6m. Looking at the satellite view, not only is it within 6m, but it is showing the part of the house (home office) that I am working from.

Damn that's impressive.

Kipp H

I downloaded it last night and it works!!!! I was even in my basement where I cant get cell signal and it put me right on target! Im so happy they finally got on the ball and gave us storm users a working app! Now if they could just get a OTA software update to fix some of the glitches in the storm. We are almost there a perfect phone eat that IPHONE!


Before I give up VZ Nav. Does Google maps give up updated fuel prices when you search gas stations? Does it give you phone number of the location that you can one touch dial?


downloaded yesterday and messed around with it today the only quick bug i saw was i was sitting still and the blue dot was moving across the map on it own like i was moving, but closed it and re hit the blue dot in the bottom right so the map centers on you, put it in satelite mode and to give and idea how close it was i was sitting still and it even showed the right parking spot i was sitting in...its sweet...


this is the most treasured app i have right now that's installed on my storm. downloaded it today, tested it by the time i got out of work. that pretty little blue/white dot followed me exactly where i was. it's just awesome. with a stable .103 os and this version of google maps with a work gps, i'm starting to be more happier with my choice to stay with VZW than switch to ATT for the iPhone.


Wonderful.. this will make life easier for a person like me who travel a lot.


SWEET! Yet another reason I love my Storm. FWIW it appears Google changed their code to use the Storm's internal GPS instead of the aGPS system from Verizon. There is an extensive thread in the forums about this for anyone who cares, but I have to give Google big props for releasing a new version with this fix.

I went outside, waited a few minutes to get a fix, started Google Maps and it pinpointed me in my front yard. I could zoom in and it literally put me right where I was standing.


Just downloaded it and it's got my location within 5 meters.


I downloaded it on my storm and other vzw blackberrys and it doesnt give me pinpoint...it tells me within 1700 meters or 1900 meters..even when i am on the road its the same thing...on the other hand AT&T blackberry i downloaded and it works fine..pin point to where I am at and going...any advice...maybe its just for vzw right now...new updates maybe thank you


I am having the same issue the only difference is mine is off by 3K or 4K meters. What gives? All my permissions are properly set, yet I still can't get within 4K meters. Am I missing something. Any help is appreciated.

New to CrackBerry.com, but not a new BB user.



the gps finally place me within 7m... Now i can't hide the keyboard or the zoom in or zoom out icons on screen are not working... Please help!


in satellite view, it shows my location right at the steps of my front door. that's wicked. almost kind of bummed that i jumped the gun and bought the garmin software, but it never hurts to have a backup for sure. :D


But i had to set the location switch to on and I stepped outside to update the sat nav info.

most excellent!

michael shields

I am new to the Storm. After learning that Google Maps GPS was enabled, I downloaded it. It went to the app after the download; but I see no icons anywhere on the BB... I am assuming that it's stored somewhere and I just can't find it. Anyone? Thanks.


I downloaded Google Maps on to my Curve and I use Sprint and it's working fine.


Just loaded the Google Maps update and it works great. Gps is within 7 meters. Street view looks great, I can even see my house.