VZW BlackBerry Storm to be Announced on Monday?

Verizon BlackBerry Storm to be Announced on Monday?
By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Sep 2008 07:54 pm EDT

The net is buzzing today with word that Verizon is set to "announce" the BlackBerry Storm this Monday, September 15th, with sales targeted to begin on November 1st (will believe it when the device is in my hands that day!).

This news comes via an internal email that's been floating around Verizon Wireless featuring the image above (notice the Stormy clouds in the background and the touchscreeny-like fingerprint. Subtle. Not!!). Word also has it that Monday's announcement should be accompanied by the launch of a teaser site at http://www.verizonwireless.com/storm (link not working yet).

The BEST thing about this news is that the 15th is less than 48 hours away. Two more days and we may just know most of the secrets behind RIM's up and coming touchscreen smartphone.

[ Via BGR and BBNews and HoFo (thx Kevin Byrne!) ]

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VZW BlackBerry Storm to be Announced on Monday?


The link doesn't work because that link doesn't exist yet. The rumor is Verizon will put up a site there come Monday, September 15th. Check for it then!

And I just was saying yesterday that it looked like I would be heading to AT&T and an iPhone. Looking forward to Monday and the nest 3-4 weeks!


is there any word whatsoever about the storm coming to any other carriers? Dont want to spend money on a bold (ATT) only to have the storm be available a few months down the road?

I have been following this damn phone sense the leake of it comming out. and now come monday!!! too excited for this phone ! my ex had an iphone and he got rid of it saying it didnt do enough now ha i want this phone i dont care how much it is i am going to get it!

Nice to know at least Verizon can release a product in a suitable timeframe as opposed to AT&T. The AT&T Bold website has been up for how long now? 3-4 months? The Verizon one will be up for a month and a half before release not to mention actually giving a release date as opposed to this "Coming Soon!" crap. I'm still not a fan of the Thunder... if I wanted a touchscreen, I'd get an iPhone. I'll continue to wait for my better-be-bug-free AT&T Bold.

I really hope the Thunder doesn't come out on Rogers.. that just wouldn't make sense.

I don't get it.. Rogers has released the iPhone and the Bold and totally failed at BOTH launchs WHY ON EARTH would rim allow them to release the Thunder. Especially since they have a cdma version for Verizon anyway.

If the released it on Telus or bell, either company would promote the hell out of it and launch it right, they'd snap up the portion of the market that want the iPhone but don't want to switch to rogers and they may even get some people who moved to rogers and gave up their BB to get the iphone and realized what a mistake it was.

They'd conrner the market by running in both platforms.. those on rogers that bought the bold and those on Telus / Bell that bought the Thunder.

Why are these companies so blind.. I'm so frustrated right now!

This is talking about an announcement, not a release. It's kind of unusual for Verizon to announce (9/15) a phone a month and a half before its release (November?), but maybe they are feeling the pressure of subscriber loss due tot he iPhone, and want to stanch the bleeding.

I'm patiently waiting for The STORM..... Man I hope it's as good as the all the hype as been.... It would be nice to have all the capabilities of my BB Curve and touch screen too.... Only time shall tell

I think Verizon is going to introduce the Bold will be released next week under Big Red's service. WOO HOO!

Screw you AT&T!!

Sorry, was typing with 1hand....cause the other was full of Doritoes.

I meant to say Verizon was going to introduce the Bold and have it released next week, not what I said up there.

I saw that Telus speculation too but the latest rumour coming from the mill is that is is now being released through rogers...

What time is it gonna be announced? Does anybody know? I can't spend all day at work refreshing this site for the announcement.

hey guys

im told by my business rep @ vzw that it will be out on the 16th. price has not yet been determined.

can't wait! 10 days and counting