New video helps us further envision BlackBerry mobile computing

By Bla1ze on 10 Aug 2013 08:16 am EDT

Ever since Thorsten Heins took over as CEO of BlackBerry back in January 2012 we've been hearing plenty of talk about mobile computing. Some folks chalk it up to a buzzword while others see it as a direction for the future given how powerful smartphones are these days. One form of mobile computing would be to ditch the laptop and instead, make use of accessories that compliment your smartphone. 

For years now, BlackBerry has been loading up on patents covering such things and if all the rumors we've been hearing are accurate, they'll soon be unveiling some of those accessories and peripherals. If you want to add some more fuel to those rumors though, check out the video above that was sent to BBIn. It clearly shows off some form of desktop-like interface with the BlackBerry Hub. An idea we've also heard BlackBerry has been toying with along with BBM on the desktop.

Granted, the video could be some undiscovered concept that someone put together. It does have a Windows 8 look to it and there was plenty of BlackBerry 10 info out there to copy at the time or it could be a good, albeit quick look, at something BlackBerry is working on internally. The date indicates it's fairly old, like pre-BlackBerry 10 launch old, whatever it may end up being. 

In any case, it's interesting to consider though I have to say, I'm not fully sold on giving up my laptop and using strictly a BlackBerry based add-on. I hope whatever BlackBerry has in mind, can be melded with my already existing laptop. Sound off in the comments folks.

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New video helps us further envision BlackBerry mobile computing


Reaaalllllyyyy wanting to further see the dream of 'Mobile Computing'.

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Hi, just a personal enquiry what do you think is the best tablet, I have a PlayBook but now it's been dropped I need something more 'not an ipad been there' thanks

SGN8. Best mobile tablet on the market by far. The extra price is worth it.

Great concept but it's only going to be on their phones. So much more potential if it was on a tablet.

i seriously think CEO Hiens comment on tablet a BS! for me BlackBerry need to advance on tablet ASAP! not just tablet that is similar to iPad and android coz we all know those two are just plaything! but tablet that are similar to windows 8! the need to be a mobile computing device but with a power of a desktop PC OS! i know QNX can still be push! BlackBerry just need to push it!! the OS is amazing and they need it to be on more market!

seriously looking forward for the next Playbook! i need BlackBerry Tablet!

I'm drooling with excitement thinking about a BlackBerry Super Tablet!

BB10 is a phenomenal OS and for them to package it into a tablet will be amazing! Tablets are a niche market, but a big one and growing...look at iPad Mini sales.
I own a PlayBook and have loved it from day one! I believe the apps available were really lacking, but the integration of apps unto the OS itself (ie: Gist and Tungle) took the functionality ahead of all those on the market at the time. Honestly some still haven't gotten there.

I believe BB10 as it matures can and will be a major player in mobile computing! BRING THE FIRST BB10 TABLET TO THE MARKET!!!

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I think it would be great if they made the focus of BlackBerry 11 for tablets and launched a new tablet along side BlackBerry 11. If course the BlackBerry 10 phones would be upgraded too and there would be new phones but tablets would be the focus.

Why do you keep talking about BlackBerry 11 when BlackBerry 10 should already be delivering the functionality? BlackBerry needs to step up or shut up about mobile computing.

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Or, it could be a BlackBerry PC virtual space. I wish BlackBerry 10 would transition to PC or tablet,i would buy one asap. That looked really fluid though. Almost like what BB10 may be in the future.

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Not sure if they would make it only for blackberry hardware or also as an addon for pc. Cause I would pay money for an addon like that on my Windows 8 system

I'm not ready to give up my laptop either because I have 2 1TB hard drives connected to it. I hoard data. If BlackBerry can give the customers unlimited about of cloud storage I will jump on board.

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Yup through bb link, just add whatever files or drives to share, and you can access from anywhere! Wifi at home or mobile network while away, great feature, transfers or steams files.

With true mobile computing you don't need any desktop computer therefore no BlackBerry Link.

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I have more than double this in data I access it when ever I want were ever I am on my z10....why trusting someone else with my data when I have a personal cloud system ? Think about any larger screen with wifi capacity, hook it up with your hard drives and access it instantly any were. If they make that happen, your problem is solved.

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checkout the
new RRAM technology could soon provide TB storage

No doubt cloud storage will be BlackBerry number one priority if it wants to shift to mobile computing. If BlackBerry can prove this workable and offer them the cloud storage, I am sure companies will jump on the bandwagon with BBRY. Can you imagine how much corporation save money on the IT? They will save millions of dollars not spending money on their networks. Cloud computing is next century of networking.

How quickly you forget BlackBerry sold the cloud storage business it bought shortly before the changes instituted by CEO Heins.

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Actually, if you look at it, it very much so has the Windows 8 Metro design. If BlackBerry can make a service like this available, I will be jumping on that bandwagon.

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Nice to see a concept video such as this. Looks promising, but, as with most things dealing with BB, it needs execution....timely and thorough execution.

I dream of the day I can fully drop my laptop. Hope something eventually comes of this

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I don't have to use my laptop for work or school, so I only use it to load MP3s and leaks. The main obstacle of having bb10 replacing the laptop is the ecosystem. There are a lot of services that aren't as available. PCs basically allow you to download and run pretty much everything from bit torrent to the autoloader for leaks.

Another limitation is storage. I know there are new models coming, but as of now you can't get a mobile with 250GB of internal disk space. The cloud may change that, I have more than enough storage between the phone, SD card and cloud, most consumers would agree. For some it's just not enough.

I would love to be able to plug my Z10 into a dock and have it be my PC, a few major changes need to happen first though.

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I saw this video before. It's basically a BB10 device connected through a dock to a keyboard and mouse. So you get the desktop feel right from our trusty bb10 device. It's pretty slick.

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So the "dumb terminal" or dock is real?? This had been mentioned in one of the forum threads t asking about the "6 six BlackBerry 10 devices" to be released this year.

When the heck are they going to release it? When the Z10 is EOL'd?! I'm tire of concepts, saw plenty on the PlayBook that we know will never come to fruition, I want to see results.

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Yup. This dream sequence set to video is nice and could possibly be the future.

Given the major players track record which organization will actually execute and monetize this experience: apple? Google? BlackBerry? Windows? A disruptor?

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Hasn't this been the plan for Ubuntu for a long time too? Dock your smartphone for a desktop experience. I don't remember when Canonical started talking about this though..., and they are further behind in implementation as they can't seem to get crowd funding for their new smartphone, and time is getting close.

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Would be amazing if this was an app that you can load on the PC or Mac, connected through bluetooth to our BB10s. And then you can do your emails, bbm, Facebook, SMS, tweets all from there.

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Just pair your BT KB/Mouse like you would any other BT device. I've done this with a little Apple keyboard and a Microsoft mouse on my Z. All the gestures work as well. Very neat.

I have a desktop PC, Laptop & PlayBook. I have uses for all three devices, and the Smart Phone will never replace them. PC for Gaming, Laptop for work and PlayBook for browsing the net and sending/receiving end-mails. My BBRY phone is foe BBM and for work also.

Actually, the docking station can be active. With this, it could have CPU power making use of the QnX distributed architecture, additional storage, etc.

So, It could substitute your desktop and your laptop.

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Exactly, it can be much more powerful than most think, thanks to the power of QNX.

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That will be one of the next steps. You can already see evidence of this in link.

The only OS that they won't, or will be last to integrate services with will be Apple, even though, to the best of my knowledge, BlackBerry and Apple already have some agreements in the auto industry media systems.

I love the concept. I just hope they will push the envelope on things like docs to go to gave a pro version. Support or get something like outlook for managing emails. Really if they just get the integration that existed in the old os BlackBerry WILL be the cat list to mobile computing.

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To be honest, I'm totally fed up of my Windows experience. I would definitely go with this BlackBerry software for sure! It looks pretty swell.

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Can't wait I pretty much stopped using my laptop and PlayBook after I got my z10 this would make it even better

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I would buy a BlackBerry laptop, convertible, portable pc, tablet, whatever this concept (If it is legit) is. They've got me hooked! After you experience the flow, there is no going back.

I have seen loads of class stuff BlackBerry can do but nothing to market... concepts will not make you money... other companies are brilliant at marketing what can be described as gimmicks, yet BlackBerry 10 has a bucket load of great features and it doesn't come across anywhere near as good through the media... please try harder...

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Your right on the money, BlackBerry has a great product but they need great advertising or they won't sell sh!t.

To my eyes, this looks like it has design elements from BBLink. Seems like less of a "concept" and more a deliberate effort on something real.

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It would be awesome if something like this was a separate tab in BlackBerry Link. Sign in with your BlackBerry ID, whether you have a BB10 phone or not, and start managing every account that could show up in your hub right from your existing computer. It would be a time saver for anyone while at work, and a GREAT way to get non-BB10 users hooked on the BlackBerry experience. Cross-platform BBM could be the first of many ways to get people hooked on how great BlackBerry is at managing communications.

Maybe I'm in the minority here but I don't think anyone cares anymore about "mobile computing." Playbook is dead, Z10 not selling, and Q10 appears to be doing (barely) ok. I think Blackberry's priority is survival right now.

It looks awesome but I guess the thing that's going to let bbry down is there marketing and advertising to peeps like us... I don't or can't even remember seeing PlayBook ads on TV in the UK a few zeds and que ads appeared now and then but disappeared off screen... I see more apple and Samsung ads almost every time on TV... again it's going to be targeted to business and commercial enterprises so awareness is going to be low and a failure as we the buyers and users are the ones making them sell units in millions rather than thousands... bbry need to rethink there strategy and be more like apple... even so like samsung... bring toys that big boys and girls like...

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This "mobile computing" stuff looks great, especially if QNX is running the show but it's going to take a very long time for this to not take off and get adopted by developers, but to become a viable alternative (like Ubuntu?) to Windows and OSX for the average consumer. Until then, it'll no better than what my PlayBook offers now with the exception of better specs by then I suppose.

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Qnx would,/ could make a good desktop os. It's posix compliant so many open source apps could just work.

Put a nice little bb10 like ui on it and it could be very compelling.

Currently the only people who appear to be really serious about mobile computing are Canonical with mobile Ubuntu. Basically an entire Linux desktop OS with a UI for mobile use. If/when that comes to fruition it will be the biggest forward step in mobile devices for a few years. The current batch of mobile OS including BB0 are just playing at it and remain significantly less capable and versatile than their desktop counterparts despite the fact the hardware they run on these days is more than capable of running a full Linux desktop.

My fist lap top in 1999 had a single core 300Mhz single core processor and 32MB of RAM and 2GB for video. My Q10 has a dual core 1.5GHz processor and 2GB or RAM yet think about how restrictive and inflexible BB10 is now compared to ancient Windows 98SE. Despite significantly better appearance, current mobile OS lack the sheer computing flexibility of even outdated desktop operating systems and there is no real reason for it

Given the opportunity, I would gladly slap BB10 onto my laptop. The more I use W8, the less enamored I am with it, and that's with a fairly decent, yet value-conscious rig.

Can I have that time back? Lol. No need for "desktop" bbm since bb10 device will serve as the desktop. This article is a confused waste of time.

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Considering the "we will bring OS 10 to the playbook" I'm not holding my breathe. I have a dream of buying a Dalorean and making it fly. Doesn't mean it will happen. Note: Powers at be, don't quash this just because it's negative. Thanks.

Something like this is on kikstarter where the the smartphone docks to a netbook like unit via wifi or Bluetooth and then the smartphones screen, is used as the dock units trackpad.

I like this idea.

I hope BB can produce a high performance BB10 software/ hardware platform which operates like a first cousin of Cromecast, but is geared toward social communication and productive applications and works wirelessly on your HDTV and a few dumb laptop convertible units i.e like Asus padfone/ Transformer products.

Why not ever pay Asus to build a BB10 version of the padfone or is it Fonepad convertable Smartphone docks, one for A10/Z30 to slot directly into the back of and one for the Q10/Q5 to slot in. That would solve the Playbook mess if sold for under £100 with a massive battery, high PPI screen and the usual assortment of radios.

Just need a WOW product from BlackBerry to bring the faith back to the doubters and the longtime fans, that means BlackBerry, it's time to get ya Transformer on and deal with these Decepticons.

I really hope when this launches we can simply connect our mobile device with a desktop and use the phone on the desktop with full functionality.

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Im not giving up my laptop/desktop for anything.But if BB create BB a bridge that letsus BB10 on OS.Brilliant.

It needs to at least beat ChromeCast. Given the fact that ChromeCast is already available, it is once again a tough battle. If it is a physical dock, forget it - last decade's technology.

Why BB is always a couple steps late. Bad execution. This is why I am not interested at what products they are building. I want to see they rebuild the organization with proper ownership and disciplines. I'd like to know they give contributing employees more incentives. I'd like to see they reward all A players and get rid of all B players. "If you have a B player, then over time all A players become B player" (Sorry I don't remember the exact wording of Steve Jesus). Call me color blind or having a black and white vision. But anything else at this point of time is meaningless.

I look forward to hearing news about ownership change and execution with disciplines. And I hope they don't do this by taking the company private. Because they are routing peta-byte mission critical data every day, this company needs more public scrutiny than any other organization.

A desktop/peripheral dock or whatever else really doesn't mean anything.

BlackBerry needs a COMPLETE re-org.

Hey, that's exactly what they're doing. Have you not been following anything BlackBerry has been doing. What they've been doing is a "re-org" on the grandest of scales. Seriously, you believe they need another one? LOL, no, they don't. They're completing a "complete re-org" as we speak, they've even built a new platform called BlackBerry 10. Did you know they have released 3 new handsets using this newly created platform? Have you seen the Q10? Okay, cool.

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Yep, and Microsoft made Tablets before Apple.

Well thought out implementation and excecution is critical to the future success of a product.

I'm currently using my berry/laptop about 80/20. I mainly build powerpoint presentations, excel files and browse the web on my Q10. Strangely, it's become my preferred device for the above 3...Love the speed and interface.

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Seriously, if BlackBerry are not going to fully utilise the potential of TAT, they should just sell them on to a company that will value this amazing demonstration of UI expertise.

In my opinion, The stance BB holds, is very disrespectful to TAT.

People are completely clueless. A complete re-org some dude days. LMAO, that's what they're doing. LOLOLOL. Absent mindedness abounds.

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Re: pgg101 they won't even give us the vision and time line. How can product be coming? OK, is it just me or do you all think they keep they're cards too close to the chest? Detail what you going to do and DO it! What they afraid of?

Z10STL100-3/ using CB 10

BlackBerry 10 is the best computing solution available. Thanks to BlackBerry's "complete re-org", they've changed pretty much everything about the company for the better AND built a new computing platform from scratch. If somebody can't recognize that based on some extreme ignorance to facts, that's just plain weird. It's completely obvious that they're changing everything. LOL, wow.

What cracks me up is regardless of how obvious they're being with how much they're changing, regardless of what they do, and regardless of how awesome BlackBerry 10 truly is - there will always be some literal clowns (most likely dressed up and everything, with makeup) will always find some minuscule BS to whine and complain about. That's what dealing with the public is like, they're mcdonald's customers spouting the absolute worst BS opinions on BlackBerry's progress while lurking outside the walmart mcdonald's with some sweet and sour sauce in the corner of their mouth, after consuming and before consuming.

Anybody who can't see what they're (BlackBerry) are doing is positive, is simply being like the brat at the store who can't get the candy they want because their mom doesn't have enough money for cigarettes AND candy, plus the huge slurpee the kid is already half done.

BlackBerry could come to your house, give you each BlackBerry 10 phone, demonstrate all the awesome features and cool stuff a person can do with their new BlackBerry 10 computers - and the person would be sitting there, cross eyed, looking for the apple logo, drooling. They would miss everything, just like they are now. So, it clearly doesn't matter what they do or how good the products are, human stupidity seems to prevail, at least in the comments and forums of a BlackBerry news blog and on the BlackBerry facebook page (I remember from when I used facebook, the ignorance of the public was absolutely outstanding as conveyed by their commentary).

I'm sure a lot of people are going to hate my attitude, good.

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No your good lol

I think I coined the phrase, ( Collective Dumbness ) which basically means, generally, " Common Sense, does not exist "

This in my own life experiences and therefore my opinion, holds true to most people I have had the pleasure of meeting on this planet.

However, BlackBerry do not need YES YES PEOPLE to help these through their current predicament.

They need people inside and out, to make radical changes to the cultural mindset and future stratergies of the company.

This is a Geek world now.

The children of Google rule this land.

If you don't fix up and start thinking beyond the stars, you are finished.

You put too much truck into "common sense". These days the common sense holds that BlackBerry is bankrupt. The common sense at one time also held that the sun revolved around the earth and that the earth itself was about 6000 years old.

Well you definitely have a point about the common sense or lack of a certain point in time and history, but I think your overstepping the mark with "BlackBerry is Bankrupt"

That, at this point in time, is not a fact and is therfore surely not a candidate statement for ... "Common Sense"

He's saying that the general public thinks that BlackBerry is bankrupt, not that it actually is. People think that that because the media portray them as on the brink of destruction, just like the "media" used to tell people that the world was round. You both are in agreement here. I think you may have misunderstood what they were trying to say. He was giving examples of instances where certain ideas were accepted as common sense (or more accurately common knowledge) but were later proven to be wrong.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

But the thing is, there's nothing hinting on the updated bridge for such a thing in 10.2 which won't even be released till the fall. So maybe 10.3 in Q1 2014 we will see a new bridge with some screen accessories.

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If this is really the future, why isn't blackberry creating hype about it?

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i Love my BlackBerry Z10 and the idea of Mobile computing with BlackBerry is something i am not really looking forward to. just the way they fucked it up with the PlayBook and i cannot trust them with anything else beside the phone.

Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Where's the execution? Where's the engagement for customers & investors? Oh yeah I forgot, it's all a part of the master plan for BB to bumble, fumble, mumble and stumble their way to the end game, taking BB private at peanuts on the dollar. Thanks for taking shareholders over the barrel Heins & Co and Stymiest and Co.

I'll definitely buy into this as soon as the hardware goes on sale.

With BlackBerry's long history of successful product launches, commitment to long term support for existing products and fulfilling its CEO's commitments it would be silly not to.

[insert sarcastic smiley of choice here]

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So this 8 second video is what you are talking about? What am i supposed to be looking for? The mouse usage?

I hope a real BB10 desktop extension with Hub, BBM Voice, screen sharing etc is coming. BlackBerry needs a desktop presence. As for your smartphone 'being' your computer (I remember Thorsten talking about this), that's exactly what Ubuntu has been working on. even though they're "not trying to get into the smartphone game"

I don't see my smartphone 'being' my computer as realistic. No matter what level of security or the amount of storage there would be, so many things can happen to a little phone; get thrown in a pool, lose it, etc. Nowadays you can put down your phone, log on your computer and pretty much pick up where you left off with most services, anyway. Every smartphone OS company's ultimate goal beyond desktop/web/mobile services syncing, is for everything to look, feel and act the same no matter what kind of device is being used. Apple and Google have shifted leadership roles around to make sure this becomes a reality. This has been Microsoft's plan all along but I feel like consumers are scared of Windows 8 and IE 9 doesn't match the metro theme.

Ultimately, Blackberry needs a desktop web browser that runs all BB services and mimics the mobile UI.

I was hoping that the A10 would have a dock that could replace my laptop, but now I am not sure it will. It seems like they want some more time to perfect it before releasing it. Thor has previously said that he got rid of his laptop a few months ago so clearly they are working on this. Really hope that it pans out at some point!!

And really hoping that BBRY doesn't promise us something without delivering.....

I would love to see their vision of mobile computing come to fruition. I've heard Thor mention mobile computing so many times yet I still have very little clue on what it's about and what it can do for me.
Hopefully it will be developed properly and also marketed properly. Not something half baked that Apple/Samsung will end up steeling, making better, then calling it their own revolutionary design.

On second inspection the second video looks like a demo of the HUB online. If you wanted to see what the hub was all about on the computer before going into the store.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

Mobile computing is pie in the sky invented by visionary Blackberian Thorsten Heins in his position as CEO. From that position, he can attend the Australian Grand Prix and hang with Lewis Hamilton, and then fly back to NYC on shareholder G5 the night before his mobile computing vision flops in NY.

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Lol! So true. I thought that as well.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

If BlackBerry could make something like this appear when you connect your BB10 phone to an HDMI display, using the phone as a trackpad... this would be explosive. Truly revolutionary.

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Awesome. Awesome! Awesome!! Awesome!!! If the Z30 releases with this, I'm buying at launch... maybe, I'll buy a couple of them. Awesome!

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With touch-screen text selection being so inferior to that of a mouse or TrackPad, how can "mobile computing" evolve to be more than "mobile content consumption" with the most rudimentary content creation? Seriously. I dare ANYONE to attempt to compose long-form text on the BB10 devices as they are today without just coming to their senses and heading straight to a desktop PC.

Is posible, a Desktop Bridge port, letting you run your BB10 phone on the desktop. As the PlayBook bridge with OS7, you have the GUI part on the Desktop but executing via the phone. If it has more services for business than the regular BBBridge it could be a hit. The phone become the Central Unit and the desktop, laptop, car console, etc, become just an extension where you can work more comfortable and productive.

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Apparently thor believes he has enough zealots supporting him that merely repeating the words mobile computing will create such an experience.

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More on the previous, imagine just download an app on your windows 8, Mac, iPad, android tablet, desktop at work, connect your bb10 via wifi, enter a code on the device to have a secure connection and do your stuff, finish, disconnect, and leave no trace on that other device or desktop but all the work still on your phone and all messages and communications still there on the phone also. Can also be in the form of a HTML5 app via browser being even less intrusive on whatever you choose to do your work.

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If Blackberry really intends on pushing "mobile computing" then they must put out a new tablet, IMHO. A 7" or 8" tablet to pair with my Q10 would be awesome!

If you think about it, mobile computing is already here in some ways. Only a few short years ago I would not have even thought that my laptop would take a secondary place to my phone but it has. While I'm not ready to give up on my laptop just yet, I can see how moving forward mobile computing will become a more and more present reality and not just a buzz word.

I think it will be less about the devices themselves, but about the interface and a fully integrated and imersive experience and connection. The devices will just be the platforms offering the seamless transference of that experience . So we will be able to move between our smart or superphones (Canadian carriers like Bell and Rogers as well as some retailers refer to the Z10 as a superphone.), tablets, TVs in one continuous and fluid movement without interruption or fragmentation, issues which still plague today's user experience.

We already have some examples of mobile computing, Samsung for example offers an example of that with their laptops, tablets, phones and TV sets being integrated and operating as one through Android. But since mobile computing is still in its infancy the synergy between all those devices is still plagued by problems, flaws and the limitations of the actual existing technology.

As we advance in the area of computing and all other related fields, and as the Internet itself evolves, mobile computing or whatever other catch phrase will replace it, will become more and more of a reality.

Think about it, 20 years ago a device like the Z10 was still considered science fiction...I remember watching "Time Cop" a 1994 movie with Jean Claude Van Damme, in which he has different gadgets, one being very similar to what the Z10 is now, and I remember how cool it would be to have one of those...and now I do...and I'm typing this message on it!

The possibilities could be indeed endless in this new emerging technological field. Thinking through the prism of what mobile computing could become, BlackBerry's slogan " Keep Moving ", makes a lot more sense.

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There is talk of BB10 supporting wireless HDMI and also, in some Dev video sometime back, there was talk of BB10 supporting external screens.

What was interesting about the external screen idea as it was explained was that the User Interface could be different based on the size of the screen and BB10 Cascades would just change the UI automatically based of if you are using your small phone screen or if you are projecting it to a larger wirelessly HDMI enabled TV. Of course there would be developer APIS to support this. Currently the BB10 cascades API makes it easy to target different screen sizes, this idea could simply be an extention of that. I.e. Cascades displays a different UI if you're on a Q10 vs. a Z10 for the same application and it's quite easy to setup in code.

So you can envision a situation where the BB10 UI would look similar to what it looks like in the video Bla1ze posted when "projected" wirelessly to a large TV screen via wireless HDMI A la Chrome Cast, and be different (as we see it currently) when viewed on the small phone screen.

This is purely speculation of course and things like how you would actually control the UI would need to be ironed out. But one could see the possibilities here.

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Native Q10 and Z10) -

Yeah I think it was but I can't find a link to it. It was quite an interesting idea indeed.

I only hope that BlackBerry can get this to market pretty quickly because it appears that Google is thinking of doing something similar with Chrome Cast & Android. Apple might do something similar too. Anyone that has used the Apple TV settop box, knows how powerful and compelling the paradigm is. You can simply "throw" content (say a movie) to your Apple TV from your iPhone or Mac and it "just works".

However, I think the Android & Chrome Cast stack is more similar to what was described in that BlackBerry Dev Video. The TV / External Monitor just becomes a natural extention of your phone's OS.

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Native Q10 and Z10) -

Wow this could be really great. I know Motorola has tried something similar with Atrix and it dint work well, so BlackBerry has the opportunity to be the 1st one to change the game and be the 1st one to 'get it right'. Just like Apple did with iPad. Let it run playbook apps and let bb10 apps eventually optimize for bigger screens.

For me the main concern would be weather or not bb10 phones can power such devices wireless. If it can work wireless when in close proximity, then this would be great.

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Yeah all this futuristic hocus pocus is nice and tickles someones ears somewhere but how about selling some phones!

Launch and penetration in the US is pathetic, almost like BBRY has given up. I can still walk into most any US carrier store and see zero BlackBerry presence. And I have to ask the staff to get a BB10 phone from somewhere in the back to see one.

If there's going to be 10,000,000 units sold (the magic number for market viability) by the Z10 US Launch anniversary someone better get out there and sell some phones and quit talking pie in the sky vapor ware.

Tiny Thorny needs to man up and get aggressive selling whats on hand not the iffy future.

That's my opinion and I'm entitled to it. ;)

You took away (or will as it gets no up dates, my mobile computer vision with the PB. I don't care what TH thi nks.

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I'm on board with the mobile computing idea, but transitions aren't instantaneous. This stuff takes time. Thor has a history of success in his career. He is battling a monstrous public perception of BlackBerry failure and lost timing and execution. BlackBerry has turned a corner and is riding the edge of a razor blade, as evident in the apparent comments made by all of the brilliant CEO s posting in these forums. If you think it is so obvious, and the logistics are simple, then send your business plan and resumes to the shareholders so you can resurrect BlackBerry back to glory and make the masses hair stand up on their arms when the word BlackBerry is spoken. As a Business owner, i frequently encounter "well, you know what you should do" comments from the ignorant. To wish or speculate is natural, but to think the ease of solving massive negative perception, and solving problems accompanied with that, by more advertising (money) higher spec phones when they don't need it (ie Apple) (more money) and still release relevant products (more money) is a daunting task. You are not privy to the inner workings of this company. To think idiots are in charge is dopey. There are so many facets to business it can make your head spin. Its amazing the amount of brick walls you are up against. Stonewalling like the carriers do has caused far more harm to BlackBerrys new kick at the can by the poor carrier support causing frustrated buyers and increased returns of phones. It is a huge dilemma when things are NOT in your control. BlackBerry is never going to please everyone. That is totally impossible. There are way too many variables for easy solutions or choices. If the BB10 on the Playbook thing is stuck in your craw, then grab a friggin drink of water and swallow
Get over it! It was the right call. I own two Playbooks and was excited to hear that BB10 was coming, but I get why it didn't.
So should you. If you can't shake it, move to another manufacturer. Stop dwelling. Look forward.

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Eventhough I have very serious reservations about the CEO and the management and their vision altogether the whole idea is extremely appealing and I am hoping they have an ace up their sleeves ( still doubt it)

Bb10 is amazing it's really mind blowing on how good it is at the same time how underutilized it is and how badly implemented on certain occasions.

Hoping there is more to it than the 7sec video....

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Bbry is the only major tech company and I know I can run better than thor . I think not being a two faced liar who's totally out of touch with reality helps.

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Why is this not announced at the launch! Lol I really hope they turn this into reality. If they can let us have the hub anywhere we go... just plug in without having the need to log into everything....

I'm sure BlackBerry will take over the world.

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Omg. Mobile computing is nothing more than a catch phrase. This company has demonstrated zero actual functionality outside of a two year old smart phone (the hub is not a game changer) . There are no visionaries or leaders. THEY CAN NOT EVEN BRIDGE THE BB10 TO THE PLAYBOOK! Who are we kidding.

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That's what I'm guessing, too. Ubuntu Phone -- which is still basically vaporware -- is a phone that will dual boot Ubuntu mobile and Android and, if you'd like, operate as a full Linux desktop when paired with peripherals like a keyboard and monitor.

I think that QNX / Nuetrino has some advantages over the Linux kernal and there are so many people frustrated with Windows 8 that BlackBerry 10 might be able to become a general, desktop computing platform. Developers should cheer!

On the other hand, this video could be showcasing some kind of cloud service or desktop service that integrates your BlackBerry hub experience with your PC. That might not be as geeky cool as the "phone becomes computer" concept, but I think it would still be useful. As of 10.2, I prefer the Hub to Outlook on a desktop. Sharing or invoking isn't as cool in Windows 8 as it is in BlackBerry 10, but all in all I could see this as a big productivity booster.

I need my laptop for work, so I don't think a phone, no matter how smart, can replace it.

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That's not really 'mobile computing' per say but more of a version of blackberry hub on steroids.

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This should all be running on an 8 inch Tablet by now.

If nothing else, the Z10 has shown that BB10 scaled up in size, is very compelling, and in tablet form, would surely be one of the most productive, user friendly "mobile computing" operating systems in the world.

Given the BlackBerry PlayBook has been abandoned I am confused by Thorsten's definition of mobile computing. The combination of a smartphone and tablet connect via BlackBerry Bridge was the quintessential mobile computing experience in my opinion. I don't want a phablet nor a tablet powered by a smartphone; two discrete devices please. A docking station for the smartphone would be nice for people whom don't want a tablet and for people whom desire the compactness of a smartphone while on the go plus the "desktop" experience at home or at the office.

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