Vringo - Video RingTones For Your BlackBerry Bold Now Available in Beta Form!

By Bla1ze on 13 Aug 2009 10:40 am EDT
Vringo- Video RingTones For Your Bold Launches In Beta Form!

Vringo is a service which allows you to create video ringtones for your Blackberry. Vringo is seeking out beta users to help further the advancement of the application to other devices and collect feedback - this is one of the best reasons to have a public beta. Currently, only the BlackBerry Bold is supported but with your help Vringo is hoping to gather enough feedback to move development to other devices as well.

If you're into the concept of video ringtones and have a BlackBerry Bold be sure to check it out and please -- if you download and use it, provide feedback to Vringo to help make the application even better. Consider the fact many applications are closed betas, to get in on a public one is a great thing!

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Vringo - Video RingTones For Your BlackBerry Bold Now Available in Beta Form!


got an error
" The application JVringo has attempted to open a connection to a location outside the firewall which is not allowed by your IT policy. "

pops up about 50 times before i can get into the app

So far I haven't gotten any error messages and I was able to set a video for my ringer. I am about to give myself a call to see how it works out.

Hey, thanks for the feedback. (I'm with Vringo's marketing department.) Glad to see you got into the app, despite that error message...

While we haven't encountered that error much, different IT and corporate restrictions may impact the experience. Would you mind keeping us posted on any other issues or gremlins you may notice?

feedback@vringo.com is always open. Thanks again.

Hey guys. We just uploaded a new build to http://beta.vringo.com that should address the 'JVRINGO' error. I'd recommend uninstalling your initial version of the app, rebooting and installing the new one.

Let me know how it works for you.

Hey, I'm with Vringo and we totally hear you. We love the Storm and, as soon as we can get the Bold to a more 'final' place (is software ever totally final?), we'll move onto other models.

As a matter of fact, we've been playing around with a nice touchscreen interface that would look really nice on the Storm...

It is actually a pretty cool concept. I am going to monitor my memory and battery drain throughout the day.

Basically when someone calls you, a box pops up with ther number at the top and the video plays below it.

but I want the final version, would even pay for it
as long as it works and I can get more vid tones

Jeez, I was just thinking to myself "how would it be possible for me to see a video of a cat playing piano instead of hearing the phone ring when someone calls?" My prayers are answered! Well, almost. I still need to find an application that administers a lobotomy when I get an email. Come on folks! This kind of junk is what led iPhone into the "toybox" catagory... :-( Thanks for keeping us up to date though. In general I like the articles about new apps. That's what keeps me logging in at lunch.

First we just had Viigo, Then we were given Vlingo and now thankfully we have Vringo.

Seriously? Couldn't come up with anything else?

Is this going to be the blackberry equivalent of putting a "i" in front of everything?

You can take any mp4 file, name it to a mp3 file and put it in your ringtone directory and it works fine. Why use their service to do the same. What a total waste of cyberspace.

I can believe it but it works on my Jav.
I downloaded it to check to see if it works due to it being a beta app, and it does.


Well I totally love it. its so cute..i have a cute lil lovey dovey thing for now...alot more vids on the site...no probs or issues and no lags on my bold.
i wonder if you can set certain vids for certain ppl? gotta see bout that cuz i just downloaded it a few minutes ago. but yea I think its cute....

Would love to see this for the BlackBerry Storm, with its huge screen it would be PERFECT for something like this! Willing beta tester here <------ :)

So this is just random videos?? when I first saw this and thought it was music videos - ummm I will play with it and see how it goes, but these vids are lame.

I have loaded it on my 8900 and works pretty good.

I think there should be a option to have it silent and still show the vid so you can still use the custom rings. I also think it would be cool if you could assign a vid to contacts so each would have their own vid.

When I was browsing through the other vids in the selection I noticed it would only load 10 at a time. I found that to be a little to slow for me when using WiFi, I would like to be able to load a little bit more when there is like 400 to browse through.

works fine for me on the 8900 besides the fact il hear my phoens ringtone aswell as the video ringtone. i donno how to turn my phoen ringtone off or something...

I found all the thumbs of the vids from when I was browsing. I dont think that stuff should be stored on the phone takes up the limited memory on the phone already.

I have a BB 8900 and you will find the stored thumbs under media pictures device memory and all those thumbs if you were looking around will be found on the phone and not your memory card.

no no, i know bout the thumbs, but i just erased them. the vids were still stored and played. dont know why they store in the pics but i just erase them. no harm done :)

I dunno, it just seems kinda pointless to me right now. Most of the time you are not looking at your bb when it rings, and when it does you usually don't look at it before you answer it (if you are using a custom ringtone that is). Even if you do, look at it, it's just a quick glance to see who it is. What's the point of having a video that you will at most look at for like 1-2 seconds??

guess it's just not for me. I am sure others will love it though.

i downloaded this and was able to save a video to my bold but now i can not use it as a ringer.....how do i place it in my ringtones