VQ Mileage Tracker Contest - 20 Free Licenses Up for Grabs

By Adam Zeis on 1 Apr 2010 02:11 pm EDT
VQ Mileage Tracker

The good folks at Xpressions Inc. (makers of VQ Carfinder) are again showing some love to the CrackBerry Nation. You've all helped VQ mileage Tracker become one of the top 5 business apps in the CrackBerry App Store, and to show their appreciation, Xpressions Inc. is giving up 20 free licenses of their popular VQ Mileage Tracker. The app automatically tracks the distance you drive, date and time for your trip and the address to which you drove. A great app for keeping tracking of your business miles when on the road. VQ Mileage Tracker is on sale for $7.99 through April 30th. A free trial is available.

Contest: We have 20 free copies of VQ Mileage Tracker to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

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VQ Mileage Tracker Contest - 20 Free Licenses Up for Grabs



I sure hope I win . .. .I travel a lot for my job and this will make my monthly reporting so much easier!

I may as well get one of these so I can track my movement around the region. The States been doing it for years.


Holy crap! I envisioned this app when I first got my BB since I drive for a living, and now it's a reality. Please, I hope I win this...

I purchased this app for my wife. It's flawless, and I would sure like to win one for myself.

First opportunity to see this... SUCH a great fit for our organization - would LOVE a free copy to use/test!

This would be an awesome application to help me keep track of my unreimbursed mileage! I hope to win a copy of this application.

I have to drive a lot for my job and its very difficult and time consuming to write down mileage after every single pit stop.

Would love it and use it everyday. am an independent sales rep traveling 45K-50K per year and could really use this.

I tell ya this is just getting better and better. What more could they come up with? Well, whatever it is, I bet it will be fantastic.

This could really help me out a lot, going on those long trips between stores, I'm required to log all mileage in order to be compensated.

Thanks CrackBerry & Xpressions Inc. for the chance to win.

I used the trial of this software a few weeks ago. Being a field rep, tracking mileage is an inaccurate, tedious endeavor. This software worked well to put in my expenses last week. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

I would really love to win this one!
I just started a computer repair business, and need a handy app for keeping track of my mileage.


I would love to win this app. would like to show it to our transport manager so we can track the vans at work

Then I could track my deductible miles for tax purposes when I "running" around for work.

Please Pick Me!


Wow...looks like a great app for all the traveling that I do! Hopefully I will get the chance to use it on the road soon.

This looks to be an amazing application!!! I drive about a 1000 miles per week for business and this would make my life so much simpler, however if I buy 1 more app at this time I will be living on the road when my wife throws my ASS out on the road. So maybe I can get lucky and win a copy, and save my marriage!!!

i drive thousands of miles a year as a contractor, its easy to forget to write in a mileage log every time i get behind the wheel, blue tooth is cool!!

this would be great for tracking my mileage at work, since i have to record and document it all in order to be reinbursed

o god this program would be great for me, i drive wayyyy to much with my job, last week i drove 450 miles in one day.

I've been using the free trial for a few days, and it works great! Only suggestion would be that you could put in a starting mileage for your car, so that it keeps track of the estimated odometer readings!

Absolutely !!! I put over 30K on my car each year for work !!! Would save me documentation time of my mileage !!!

I am a poor college student, who works for a non-profit. I take care of special needs individuals. I have to drive them to various activities and desperately need a way to track my mileage!! Please, Please, Please pick me!!

My wife just got a new job and she will have to log her travel daily. This would be great for her. Now I just have to get her to use a blackberry.

What does mileage tricker mean? You can trick you car into thinking it drove further than it did? Or not as far? What? What did you say? Oh, tracker. Never mind.

From tundra to city,
to make up my quota
I must track my miles
over northern Minnesota
an app like this
sure would sure be swell
is is my lucky day?
aw shucks, what the hell...

I'd really get a lot of use out of this app, as I do Security responding to bank alarms and we bill by the chit. This would be perfect as I could have a clear cut accounting of the alarms I responded to incase of any pay discrepancies from my company.

This would be a nice app for me to log times between clients and when taking clients on errands. So throwing my hat into the ring.

Well, I do a lot of driving during the week and this app would be great!!! It would save a lot of time when doing my mileage.

While I don't drive, this may be a great idea to track the range of my power wheelchair and help track it's battery condition (how much distance per charge and such) and even if I didn't win, I may end up buying this app.

Now I have to calculate the milage using mapquest then keep track on a spreadsheet of each trip, if I remember to do it.
Sounds like the perfect solution.

i drive a taxi in nj, it has a broken odometer, would love to see how many actual miles i drive, and be able to save addresses and such....

Drive half of my work day and would rather not throw down 100$ for a little box that does this for me. Hope I get it!

As a truck driver I drive the lower 48 states and would definitly be interested in a copy of this app. Thank you

I love to drive!! I'm from Ma and I drove to Va five times last year. I also drove to Fl, Ga and S.C. I drive 400 - 600 miles a week for work. I ended up driving well over 30,000 miles last year. I'd love this app. I'd put it to great use.

Good luck to all.

It would be my first app for my Storm I just got it and it is my first BB so I thought I'd do it right and get a good BB the Storm I was gona get the Pearl but said to hell with it give me the Storm
Thank You in advance

I do outside sales for a living and I have to keep my miles for tax purposes; MAN would this make life easier.

Fingers crossed.