VQ Mileage Tracker adds Outlook Calendar integration - 20 copies up for grabs!

By Adam Zeis on 17 May 2011 10:01 am EDT

VQ Mileage Tracker

VQ MileageTracker now automatically adds Outlook Calendar events to user's mileage tracking reports. In addition to the already great set of features, the app will now automatically add all of your tracked events to an Outlook calendar for easier tracking. VQ Mileage Tracker automatically tracks your mileage every time you drive and also captures date, time, distance, start address, end address and other log info for you. Also available is VQ CarFinder, a great app to help keep tabs on where you park your car -- either via Bluetooth or manual entry. Check out both in the CrackBerry App Store from the links below.

Contest: We have 20 copies of VQ Mileage Tracker up for grabs. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter to win. Contest ends this Sunday as Midnight ET. 

More information/download of VQ Mileage Tracker
More information/download of VQ CarFinder

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Reader comments

VQ Mileage Tracker adds Outlook Calendar integration - 20 copies up for grabs!


I work in Sales and am always travelling around the city. I need to keep track of my milage, so this program will be perfect for me!

i need to meet clients on a daily basis, this would definitely save me time from finding the location ahead of time .

Being a service technician and using my own vehicle for work daily, this app would be a huge lifesaver for me. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

I'd like a copy of this for expense reporting throughout the year. Although I have the Curve 8310 (a non-compatible device), I'll be upgrading to the new Bold Touch once it's released (from one extreme to the other in the OS world).

So because I've STILL never won anything on CrackBerry.com before, and because my device is now so out-of-date for many of these contests, I'm just going to start trying anyways and just save such installs for my new CrackBerry when I get it.

Best of luck to everyone, and sorry if I win (my first time ever) while owning a non-compatible device.

Thank you CrackBerry.com! =)

I use the freeware version and find it quite useful, but that Outlook Calendar integration??!!! Very very useful. I can keep track of all the miles my wife is putting on the car while on her shopping expeditions! That's the intended use, right? ;-)

Thank you for opportunity to win this cool app., as it would come in pretty handy with all the traveling I do for my Company.

Outlook functionality makes it a must-have. I use MyCallLogs for billing and love that I never have to think about tracking call time anymore. I'd love to not think about tracking mileage either.

Look I get lost all the time and my mileage is a mystery so this would very much help me in the future! Please pick me!

This would be awesome. I've recently started to keep track of my milage for my business and had been looking at this app. I'd definetly put it to good use!

I'd like to try something like this. Does the app have to be started each time you get in the car, or does it run all the time? I wonder how it affect battery life?

Now that I'm doing contract work again and traveling, this would be perfect for me... crossing my fingers, CrackBerry!

My new job that will require a lot of travel. This app would be ideal to use to keep track of my mileage.

Automatically adding Outlook Calendar events to user's mileage tracking reports is a real bonus and should make for even more seamless useage/integration. The more automatic/seamless the process is the more accurate, usable, and reliable the information will be.

This is a great program. I use it every day. Hope to win a copy for one of my fellow associates. Thank you for the opportunity.

My current mileage and expense tracker is useless. This integrates with outlook.... fantastic. I need this !!

I think this application very helpful and I need this apps.
I hope i'm lucky for this...
thanks CB team for the great contest

I travel for work all the time and have to keep records - this would be perfect - this and the holder up for grabs would be the perfect combo - I will keep my hopes up!

This app is good for saving and tracking mileage. I am living in a huge city and petrol consumption is something I look highly on. This app definitely will help me out a lot. Intregration with Outlook? Marvelous!