VQ CarFinder on Sale for Only $4.99 - 20 Copies to Give Away!

By ObiGeorge on 17 Dec 2009 12:46 pm EST

VQ CarFinder is a GPS application that does just what the title implies, finds your car. There are 2 modes for this app, auto (if your car has built in bluetooth) and manual. If you have built in bluetooth you need only to start your car, VQ CarFinder will recognize the bluetooth signal and activate your device's GPS, tracking its location. Turning off your car will terminate the connection, storing your vehicle's location. To find your car, simply launch the app and select "Yes" when the application asks you to find car. A map then leads you straight to it. If you do not have built in bluetooth (a Bluetooth car charger is available for $24.99), you will need to use manual mode, which requires only one more step. When in manual mode simply select "Set Car Position" and give it a moment to mark your location. The application is great for shopping malls, sporting events, and those of you who are just a little forgetful. VQ CarFinder is compatible with all GPS capable BlackBerry's that run OS 4.5 and higher. Its available for download from the CrackBerry App Store for $4.99 (that's 50% off!) through December 31st, and is the only car locating app that automatically remembers where you park.

Contest: We have 20 free copies of VQ CarFinder to give away. Just leave a comment telling us a story about losing your car. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST when we'll pick the best 20 stories. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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VQ CarFinder on Sale for Only $4.99 - 20 Copies to Give Away!



I parked my car at Knott's Berry Farm and used the parking fee taker's booth and the side of a nearby building as landmarks. Six hours later, I'm hurriedly pacing up and down the lot, trying to find my car. My can't-fail landmarks were suddenly no help, and panic is rapidly setting in because friends I came with have already left, and I was supposed to meet them at a nearby convenience store ten minutes ago. Luckily, their eight year old son who was with me was extraordinarily patient and helpful. He saw my car before I did.

"Eric," he said, "next time you should get a car with a remote that honks the horn." Good advice, but in the meantime, I'd love to have an app like this that will help idiot-proof my life.

I lost my car in the mall and roamed around for about 45 mins looking for it. On one instance, I even thought I'd found it but realised its the same car model but not mine. This apps would've been useful had I had it at that moment.. :(

My wife and I were at an RV Expo show at the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico last year and were invited to go to the Night Glow where all the baloons light up at night and make a fantastic display. We had our bosses black Ranger Pickup [get the idea already?] and when I parked it I said "This is going to be hard to find later tonight". Even though the parking lot was lit with lights I made special care to count the light posts as we passed them. After the night glow we were invited to a party and spent a few hours there.
When we came out and went back to the parking lot ALL THE LIGHTS WERE OFF and we had no flashlight. We spent an hour wandering the parking lot looking for that black Ford Ranger even after counting the light posts in the dark [we had missed seeing two because of the darkness]. It was only by luck we ever found that truck and avoided having to walk 5 miles to the RV site and back the next morning!
This app sounds like something we need! We had visions of calling our boss and saying "Hey, we lost your truck!" or worse it having been towed away and never finding it the next morning!

Really is a great app. I'm feeling safe when I park my car.I not need to waste time to find where is my car. Please pick me. Thank crackberry for the contest

I go to a commuter college right now, and parking is awful. I normally get there a little later, so I can never find a decent parking spot either. One day I thought it would be faster to park by a different entrance, so thats what I did. But then after classes were out, I went out the door I normally park outside of. I spent about 30 minutes searching for my car in the rain, and began to call home to say I think my car got stolen. While wondering around aimlessly on the phone, I managed to round the corner and there sitting in all its glory was my car, just as I left it. Needless to say I was a little embarrassed.

lets just say after an hour of searching the Bank of America Stadium parking lot #1.....it was in lot #2!!!!

Let's be frank: I can use this like any other guy who"s walked twice arpund the stadium after having a few beers at the game. Only thing is, does this program offer a special mode that helps you when you LEAVE YOUR BB IN THE CAR????!!!!

Boy, this would really help this time of year. We are always having trouble finding the car in the crowded mall parking lot. I hope I win a copy.

not nice to forget where my car was with a car full of kids after the ballgame.

i was the laughing stock & won't ever live it down unless i win!!

For some reason I just can't figure, recently I've been harassed by hyenas. I'll get out of my car, walk toward a store and lo and behold, there they are, waiting for me! I have to run furiously to get away, and of course can't pay the best attention to where I'm going; it's either escape or be fodder for these relentless creatures. So far I've gotten away unharmed every time, but of course finding my car afterward is quite the chore. So then...I need this app!

I am constantly traveling. Sometimes up to three cities in one day. Not only do I forget where I park the car...but I forget what kind and color car I have rented! Please send help!!

Back a few months ago I went to the Big E which is a big fair in Springfeild Mass. and I parked in this large open parking lot. I thought I had an idea of where I parked my car, but long and behold when I came out of the fair which was during the night I could not find my car. I spent about 45 mins trying to find my car. All the cars looked the same because the lot was so big and the I couldn't set off my car alarm because it was out of range. It would be great I I won this application because think of all the time I could have saved rather than walking around the lot all night trying to find my car. Sign me up!

Me and my mom went to a huge mall we never went to before. After a movie, we walked around the lot trying to find our car. Neither of us knew exactly where it was, though we did know what side of the mall it was on. We didn't think it would be such a big deal looking for this tiny orange car of ours, but finally we found it. We sat down, put the key in and we were ready to go! You know, except... something wasn't quite right. There was something in the car that wasn't ours... Then we realized, this wasn't our car! The cars were exactly the same and had the same key! Good thing we noticed! Then we eventually found our car. This app could prevent future almost-accidentally-stolen car thefts! Imagine if we didn't notice! =P How do you explain that?

I work in a mall and always forget where I park my car especially this time of year!!! Would love to win this app!!!

Where is my sleigh? Where is my sleigh?
I don't know, i don't know
Pls help me... Pls help me..
Christmas is coming,
I had loads to deliver
All i need for xmas is VQ CarFinder..
So i don't lose my sleigh.... Again :)

I take two steps from my vehicle...and it's like I stepped into a portal and my car is no where to be found...either way no more wandering nomadic trips around a parking lot for me... pick me pick me pick me...

It was the day that the Bold 9000 was released and I had 4 of them on hold for my employees an I. Leaving the store, carrying the 4 Bolds, feeling like a kid on Christmas morning I ran to my car, threw three of them on the passenger seat, cracked mine open, eager to get my SIM card in and powered on. While I was waiting for it to boot, I looked up in horror....this isn't my car!!! Sitting across from me, two cars up was MY car. Fortunately for me there is also a rental car company beside my cell provides store and this was one of their cars and not someone picking up their new BB. Now that would have been embarrassing.

My wife and I took a 5 day trip to Dana Point California in 2002. I parked my car in extended term parking and took the shuttle bus to ground side. I kind of made a mental note of the car's location, but with the bus riding in circles and the long flight, well that location was lost in my brain.

On the return flight, my wife kept asking if I knew where the car was parked "Yes, of course I do" I replied. It's a guy thing. Never admit your lost or lost your car. I knew where the car was, somewhere in extended parking. My only saving grace was to walk in the general area of the car and keep pressing the lock/unlock buttons on the keyfob (tucked in the palm of my hand) so the horn would chirp and the lights would turn on. I got lucky and found the car in a few minutes.

I would rather have Carfinder than luck any day.

Hopefully, you will add me to the winners list.

i once fell asleep in my car... i half woke up to find myself locked inside my car... i was like what do i do?... so i called my 60 year old mother and she came and found me... in my room asleep with my dog... my car was gone... so i went to the police station in my mom's station wagon... the cops did not know where my stang was... i drive a mustang... then i drove home and realized i did not sleep in my own bed that night... it was my buddy's house... and my mom was dead....
the question is... where did i get the station wagon from?

I live in Denver. Took a 2 week vacation. Parked my car in the surface lot outside the parking garage. Denver has 2 sides, east and west, and they are very LARGE lots. Needless to say, upon returning from vacation with my family, we spent 1 hour trying to find where we parked the car. The guy driving the shuttle bus thought we were crazy. After about 60 minutes, we spotted our vehicle. I tipped the driver for driving us around (even though he thought we were crazy). An app like this would of saved me the stress of looking for my car, and all the sh** I received from my wife.

I was pregnant and at the airport (OHare) with two small children in Chicago dropping my husband off! I could NOT remember where I left my car..so tired and drained close to tears! What a mess, had to call for security to help out!!Which took another hour!! :-(

Disneyland has a huge parking building. We parked on the third floor quite a bit away from the escalators. After a fun day we came back but had no idea where the car was. We walked around the entire floor pressing the panic button until we heard our car crying out to us. Although it was quite an interesting experience, I would rather have this app by my side than have to go through it again.

I was at a concert and had never been to that particular stadium before. I was the chosen driver and we got there just fine. And the concert was great....but leaving we all left the building from a different wing and hence, trying to find my car was not easy. It took us about 30 min to locate my car. Having VQ finder would really help out.