VQ CarFinder on Sale for Only $4.99 - 20 Copies to Give Away!

By ObiGeorge on 17 Dec 2009 12:46 pm EST

VQ CarFinder is a GPS application that does just what the title implies, finds your car. There are 2 modes for this app, auto (if your car has built in bluetooth) and manual. If you have built in bluetooth you need only to start your car, VQ CarFinder will recognize the bluetooth signal and activate your device's GPS, tracking its location. Turning off your car will terminate the connection, storing your vehicle's location. To find your car, simply launch the app and select "Yes" when the application asks you to find car. A map then leads you straight to it. If you do not have built in bluetooth (a Bluetooth car charger is available for $24.99), you will need to use manual mode, which requires only one more step. When in manual mode simply select "Set Car Position" and give it a moment to mark your location. The application is great for shopping malls, sporting events, and those of you who are just a little forgetful. VQ CarFinder is compatible with all GPS capable BlackBerry's that run OS 4.5 and higher. Its available for download from the CrackBerry App Store for $4.99 (that's 50% off!) through December 31st, and is the only car locating app that automatically remembers where you park.

Contest: We have 20 free copies of VQ CarFinder to give away. Just leave a comment telling us a story about losing your car. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST when we'll pick the best 20 stories. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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VQ CarFinder on Sale for Only $4.99 - 20 Copies to Give Away!



Please help my wife find her way so that I do not have to try and help her find her car on the phone...when I am not even there. I love talking on my Tour but eek...

My car is very basic and it doesnt have any alarm system so I cant use and I dont have a key fob to chrip my car, im deaf and this is perfect tool for my tour for my bb and because of this, i always go to football stadium with full of parking lot, this is great@

i lost my car in an airport parking lot after forgetting my ticket in the hotel. Please help my horrible memory.

well, sad to say there are a few... the one that stands out is I found what I thought was my vehicle... put my key in the door.... and tried to open the door repeatedly... until I had the sense to walk around the vehicle, and saw a broken window with plastic on it. Scary part, my key fit in the door!

Not really a lost car story, but my Wife and I camp often and like to hike and explore. Sometimes the trails can get a bit twisted--this app would be perfect for finding our way back to camp!

Thanks for the chance to win one.


Luckily my car is bright enough where I won't lose it as it is yellow but I can see this being useful for some maybe the old folks :)

I couldn't find my car after a Sade concert at Madison square garden. I had to call a cab and rack up a $30 tab to help me find it. I was juuust on the verge of reporting it stolen. Turns out i'm just a moron. lol You see why i need this app right?

I could use this... hook it up crackberry

i work in a place the makes us use a 15 story parking garage and I am always losing my car in that damn thing!

While out hiking we got lost. When we exited the park we realized we were on the opposite side as the car! 5 KM walk to get back. Wish we had this while we were hiking instead of going AWAY from the car

Whenever she goes shopping, she texts me where she parked her car so I can help her find it when he leaves the mall!

So much that I went and bought a new one once because it took me too long to find the one I lost...

and having this app would let my car track my Blackberry's position so when I walk out of a building my car can just drive up to me. That is what I would use this app for.

All I can say is "very cool" especially when you park in a shopping mall's parking lot this time of year.

Have a wonderful wife that loves to go shopping in Malls. And of course ones that have huge parking lots. We thought we parked in the NW corner but when we went looking for our car in the dark we headed South. Eventually we found our car which called for a minor celebration.

Went to the mall, to do some christmas shopping last year. when i was finished, i exited the mall on the Northern side, remembering that i parked on a corner spot, i walked up only to see the spot empty!. started to look around to no avail. Sadly, the carpark layout was similar to that of the southern side where i happend to have parked the car!

So this past weekend would have been great for this app. I was at a theme park and totally forgot what section we parked in. Dopey, sleepy, mickey, minne, I had no clue!!! What makes it worse is that i knew this app was out there and thought i didn't need it!!! Please oh please make sure this doesn't happen to me again.


As a sports lover, I frequently attend baseball, hockey, football, and other events. Part of that problem is parking in strange garages, open lots on confusing streets, and other less than ideal situations. As an example, the last hockey game I attended forced us to park in the open lot some distance from the arena. Since it was unmarked, it took us 45 minutes just to get to the car, what a headache! This app will save a lot of post game stress, what a great idea!

We were visiting LA last summer adn went to Universal studios. I parked the rental car in the lot and thought I had taken good note of the location signs. Guess not. After a day of walking around adn having fun. I had forgotten the signs of where i parked the car. Amd being as it is a rental, I wasn't even really sure what it looked like. Long story short, I wandered around for almost an hour before I litterally stumbled onto the car. This would really help me out next time

My dad and I went to the mall. It was a very big mall in California that had just open recently. I had parked the car on the lower level of the parking structure and let my dad out. I waited for 2-5 hours, he was lost, and couldn't find the car. The new mall was so big he couldn't mistrace his steps. He said he walked up and down both level parking structures but couldn't find the car. So he decided to just take a two mile walk back home.

Mountains are huge, and skiing can take you anywhere. I would love to have this app to point me in the right direction after climbing a mountain to ski down the correct direction. It's no fun hiking back up to your car after you passed it or went the wrong direction. It's cold up there!

Well you see, I'm from a town in MN just outside the twin cities and my wife and I decided to take a trip to the Mall of America! Great idea during the Christmas season ....ugh not really. well we go in and park and they have different states as their parking areas and levels. I thought we had parked on Florida. We go in and shop the whole day. it's about 9pm and she's FINALLY ready to go. YEEEHAAA I'm excited as ever. We start making our way to the car, and walk out to Florida and guess what no car! Well I am pretty sure this is where we left it. Of course its her brand new car too, and the first thing she thinks of someone stole it. I say "no I don't think so" So I start looking. pushing the alarm button and after 45 min of looking I cannot find it.I've checked other floors everything. I cannot find it. I'm starting to believe her theory and call security. They play back the tape and don't see us ever pull in. So great we have no clue what floor we are in. needless to say I'm pretty mad right now. I turn around and walk out of the parking ramp and there is our car in the lot just past the wall on the outside of the parking ramp. Apparently there is electricity in the the wall and it was blocking the signal from the remote. Once I got past it, the alarm went off when I pushed the button. By now I feel like a complete iddiot for not remembering where we parked.

That's my lost car story!!!

Mall of America - last August. We thought we were doing so well, wrote down which entrance we came in, which stores it was by and the car location, but lo and behold...of course that little piece of scrap paper disappeared. Neither my sister nor I had even thought of making the note on our phones (we both have Blackberry's) and by the end of the whirlwind day of shopping and exploring, we could barely remember our own names, nevermind where we had parked. It amounted to about an hour of walking and memory searching to finally be able to leave.

I procrastinate a lot, so i'm always late =P because of that I'm in a hurry all the time, whether it's to attend a meeting at work, or going to the airport to drop off my parents. in my adrenaline rush, i almost never remember where exactly (which building, which level, which floor) i park my car on. it takes me 5-15mins to find my car each time. I'm just a moron who needs to change his habits, but by having this app i wont have to change my habit =)

I had gone to the local Wally World and went in and got everything I needed. Had a cart full and came out to load up my car. Well as I started walking around I couldn't seem to locate my car. Now if you are just walking around in a parking lot you can be a little inconspicuous that you don't know where your car is but when pushing a loaded down shopping cart it's pretty obvious. I looked and looked and was about to hit the panic mode and call the police to report the car stolen when I saw my wife's car. Then I had the Homer Simpson moment of "Doh!" because I realized I had driven her car and not mine! Man I felt like a doofus! An app for locating my car would be great for me!

It happens to me all the time, can't find my car. So busy w/ the kids and making sure they're not going to get run over I forget to remember where I parked the car. This would be a great help.

My 2003 toyota has low reception on the unlock fob, I need to be 3 feet away fpr it to work. Wen im in a large parking lot, i search fro my car for more than 10 minutes sometimes. its nausiating.

One time I lost my car on a parked street, and my heart jumped out my chest until, I realized it was stolen by a tow truck.

My wife and I were returning from our honeymoon in Gatlinburg, TN when we decided to grab a bite to eat and stretch our legs in a Chattanooga mall. A little bit later we came out and started looking for the car. This car was an Alfa Romeo Spyder, which because of it's small size is relatively easy to hide. We looked for about 45 minutes, and I thought the car must have been stolen for sure. We decided to try one final entrance to the store we parked by, and there she was! I tell you, for a while there, we were both feeling pretty bad. This would be a really cool app to "mark the spot".

Heck, i come out of walmart from shopping and walk around for 15 minutes before i find my car....lol And its cold here in PA!

One time I lost my car in a large multi level movie theater parking lot during on a second date with a girl. That was so embarrassing. It took us 15 to 20 minutes to find it. This app would have helped.

I have never lost my car but my father-in-law did. He was at a meeting at the Fairgrounds in Detroit, Michigan and parked on Woodward (a pretty major and well know road). After spending a few hours at the meeting he returned to where he thought he parked is car. After walking up and down the road a few times thinking he was out of his mind, he decided to go to where he knew he parked his car. Well after investigating the general area he found his car, well a piece of it. It seems that his 2000 Dodge Intrepid had been stolen and all he had left was the door handle that had been sitting on the ground where he knew he parked. Although there isn't much that VQ Carfinder could have done, I still think it's a good story.

Went to the Detroit autoshow one year with some friends and when we left we couldn't find my buddies car. We went through 5 different parking garages before we finally found it.

You know that one, right? Where they lose their car in the mall parking structure? That's me, all the time. I spend so much time looking for my car, and giving myself mini heart attacks because I think my car has been stolen, when in fact, I'm on the wrong level/street/lot. I really need this! :D

So what you have to understand about my wife is that she is NEVER WRONG (in her own mind).

She was out shopping at a local mall during holiday season last year. She parked her car in a spot not far from an entrance. She went in and shopped for about 3 and a half hours. When it was time for her to leave she went to where she believed her car was parked. When it wasn't there, she called me in a panic believing her car had been stolen. I told her that it couldnt be the case and that she should go to mall security and ask for help. Mall security drove her around the parking lot and when they would leave the area she thought she had parked she would go bat-shiz crazy because she KNEW she was in that location.

I showed up and took over. By this time I had called the police and met them there. Mall security dropped my wife off with me and gave me the "Im Sorry You Have to Deal with this Crazy Chik" look. We began filing a police report and I excused myself to drive the rest of the parking lot, you know, just in case. My wife gave me the look of death. Think Medusa, in the Clash of the Titans flik. Almost turned me to stone!

Long story short, I drive up and down EVERY row at the mall only to find MY WIFE HAD PARKED ON THE EXACT OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE MALL. Precisely where she thought she had parked, exactly on the other side. I excuse the police officer with my apologies and take my wife to her car.

She to this day will not admit she was wrong. She believes I moved her car to play with her mind. Oh, BTW, the police department charged us $150 for the frivolous dispatch of a police officer!

Please gift me a copy of this WONDERFUL APP!!!!


You know that one, right? Where they lose their car in the mall parking structure? That's me, all the time. I spend so much time looking for my car, and giving myself mini heart attacks because I think my car has been stolen, when in fact, I'm on the wrong level/street/lot. I really need this! :D

On October 8, 1982 I parked my car at a mall on Long Island, NY. I am still looking for it. I need this app badly.

Once I lost my car in the massive underground garage in Grant Park in Chicago. The garage is a series of underground rooms that all look the same, and if you forget where your car is, then you're stuck looking for you car among the 1800 or so that the garage holds. That day I parked in the garage to go to work and then had to get the car to get to a different job...but not knowing where the car was took an hour of looking, and needless to say I was late to the second job, not a happy day at all. That's the worst, but we've had other idiot days with less serious consequences, so the app would be nice.

Miller Park in Milwaukee after a Brewers/Cubs game. I left the game and couldn't find my car. There was still some tailgating and people in the lot after the game. My wife and I and our 3 year old son walked around that parking lot for an hour and couldn't find the car! By now it's getting really late and I've got an hour drive home and have to be to work at 8am the next morning. Anyway, we went back into the stadium and waited for the traffic in the parking lot to thin out and then went back out to look again. This time we found it. My wife had one of those little balls on her antenna on her van with the stupid little smiley face. She wanted me to put one on my car. She said it would have been more visible. I hate those things. I could have really used this app!!

So on my first date with my girlfriend, we parked in downtown San Antonio to go to the Riverwalk. It was a record cold December, with the temperature outside being about 20 degrees. I assured her, who is terrible at all kinds of directions, that I had great directions and not to worry, I knew where the car was. So 3 hours later after walking around the riverwalk and a couple of beers, we decided to go home. So we set out for the car, and walked 30 minutes in the wrong direction. What a nightmare, and a terrible first impression. To this day, I will never live down parking somewhere for the first time. This app would remedy that nicely!

Is the one app I truly want and won't shell out the cash to get so if you guys could hook me up it would be sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Came out of WalMart with a card full of stuff late at night. Couldn't find my car and ended up pushing the card up and down 3 parking aisles.

It was late at night. My attire and pushing the cart around made me feel like a homeless person.

It would've been great to pull out my Blackberry for this. CB...hook me up.

I once had a silver Honda Civic. I just got out of class and was heading to my car in the lot. It didn't come with a remote and I had my trusty key in hand. I went up to my car, stuck the key in and turned. Nothing. It didn't really hit me until after a few more tries that this wasn't my car. After my mistake, I finally found my car further back in the lot and headed home.

I travel to the City for business. I'm a small town guy (pop. 2,000). I parked the company car at this Ritzy Hotel that had at least 5 floors of parking. My boss met me there and wanted to take my car (As opposed to his SUV) around the City. I told him where I parked and gave him the keys. Not ONLY was I wrong about the level (by 3 stories), he had ALL our gear with him (weighing over 100lbs) and was LESS than impressed when he called me to meet him to find the car.

Needless to say, this could REALLY save my bacon!

To be able to use my blue tooth with this. I'm a big crack fan and I lose my car all the time. It's even more when in Dallas in one of those parking garages. eh.

PLEASE help me to get rid of the, almost daily, references to that terrible movie, "DUDE!, Where's My Car??"

I can literally forget where I've parked in my own garage.

A free copy of this would be an ULTIMATE time saver for me, and prevent me from convincing my friends I REALLY don't need to be checked for Alzheimers....just yet anyway.....

As with many young adults, I love going out and living it up a little. After visiting a couple bars, my buddy and I decided to change locations. We live in SF and parking is always an issue. After finding a spot to park, we rushed off and didnt check our cross streets for parking. Long story short, after some more fun we were unable to drive and needed a cab.

Skip forward to the next morning when I only had an idea of the neighborhood I parked in. We ended up driving up and down one way SF streets for 2 hours, until we stumbled across my vehicle.

Surprisingly this is not the first time this has happened and while I am not endorsing partying all the time; this app would make my life a little easier.

i once went to a concert at the Nassau Collisium and could find my car at the end. I had to wait for most of the cars to leave to find mine. This would be a big help

my girlfriend and i lost our car ar the Los Angeles INT Airport for 2 hours! This was the biggest parking lot I've ever seen. This app would definitely come in handy.

lost my car at the staple center this will help me, getting old and forgetting, next app you could make is a key finder.

on several occasions, I have forgot where I parked the car at the airport. It is very frustrating to walk up and down the rows to find it.

Once had a Seinfeld "The Parking Garage" episode moment when I spent an hour looking for my car a couple years back. Please don't let me be like Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer!

Luckily I wasn't carrying an AC!

This is a funny one. I left my vehicle at the airport lot for the weekend. So I get back and just knew I remembered where I parked. I was sure since I wrote down the section. I get to the lot & no truck. I'm roaming around a half empty lot looking for a big Chevy truck. I'm now pissed because I'm thinking it was stolen. I start making frantic calls to get a ride plus tell of my loss & my anger. In the end my CAR was right in front of me. You see I had recently purchased a little Saturn to save on gas. There I was looking all over for a Chevy truck- DUH!!!

This is a funny one. I left my vehicle at the airport lot for the weekend. So I get back and just knew I remembered where I parked. I was sure since I wrote down the section. I get to the lot & no truck. I'm roaming around a half empty lot looking for a big Chevy truck. I'm now pissed because I'm thinking it was stolen. I start making frantic calls to get a ride plus tell of my loss & my anger. In the end my CAR was right in front of me. You see I had recently purchased a little Saturn to save on gas. There I was looking all over for a Chevy truck- DUH!!!

Sometimes after a night of drinking I can't find my car... wait that's not the kinda story you're looking for is it? Can't find the damn thing sober half the time either. :)

I travel a lot and am always forgetting what my rental looks like. With this I'll have something to remember for me.

Im not putting that crappy mapping program BB Maps on my device for it. If it used Google maps I would already have bought it. I'll take a free copy though, just for fun.

ive lost my car a million times at college but the best story was when i was trying to get into my car and it wouldnt open .. turns out it wasnt my car!! lol then i didnt know where i parked my own car! what a story!

As always, in a rush.. forgot to write down my space number.. complete pain in the butt. This would be cool!

While I was studying abroad ten years ago, a few friends and I decided to borrow a friend's car and drive from Brussels to Munich for Oktoberfest, truly one of the funnest weekends I've experienced.

However, on the last night before we had to go back to class, in a drunken stupor, we all panicked about making the last train and so we all ran to the hotel, shoved our stuff into our backpacks, and jumped into a taxi to the train station.

The next day, the car's owner asked us how our trip was and if we had filled up the gas tank for him. Needless to say, we all stared at each other and then panicked when a) we realized we forgot the car and b) forgot where it was parked.

Lucky for us, his cousin called asking when where we getting the car b/c it was still in his driveway from the night of a party. Unluckily for us, we had to take another 10 hr train ride that night to get the car, then drive back 6 hrs to return the car.

Enjoy ;-)

I am walking around Park One at LAX and cant remember what section I parked in. Round and round I go until my alarm is finally recognized by my car. Success! Its like finding your keys after you lost them (is there a program for that?)

Each morning I drive my car to a park & ride lot and commute by bus. Recently after work I got off the bus and couldn't find my car anywhere in the (very large) lot. I thought it had been stolen! I charged around indignantly and cursed loudly within earshot of everyone there. I forgot I had left the car at home that morning and walked to a different bus stop. Had I a copy of this app, this embarrassing display could have been avoided.

I once parked in an underground parking lot and took the elevator upstairs. Afterwards, as I was leaving I rode an elevator down to the parkade and tried to find where I was parked. I walked around for at least 30 minutes trying to find my car in a 3 level parkade. I started panicking, figured maybe I've lost my mind or someone stole my car. Turns out there was another seperate parkade on the opposite side of the elevator I took.

A couple years ago I left my car in the airport parking @ LAX for what was supposed to be 2 days. The job I was going to was delayed 5 times as I sat in a hotel bar in Oshkosh, Wisconsin enjoying adult beverages for what seemed like forever. 2 weeks later I finally made it back to LA only to realize that I had no idea which lot I was in. After 4 hours and 3 shuttle buses I finally found my car after walking up and down the rows clicking the car remote non-stop while holding it above my head for that extra bit of range.

On a side note I had to replace the battery in the remote a week after I got back.

I live in California. My brother and his friend and I went to the six flag (Magic Mt) instead of going to school (Ditching is always nice). We parked the car then hang around until 17:00 then came out, but none of us remember where the car was. We were searching for the car for "6 HOURS". We came back home at 00:00 A.M. Horrible, horrible memory of my high school days.

I was stationed in Germany at the time. During our off time there the recreation of the country is drinking. One evening, we set out on the town in my 1985 VW Golf named "La Pulga." Not knowing much of the country yet we parked in downtown Bamberg somewhere and went out to drink the night away. Well being the smart soldiers we are, we took a cab back instead of driving planning on coming back the next day to get the car. To make a long story short 2 weeks of searching for my car later, the Polizei contacted me letting me know that an angry business owner had it towed thinking the car had been abandon. I lose my car a lot, I could really use this product.

But the car remote starter has a distance limitation to be able to remote start, so this limits the distance that the GPS find can locate on. I gueswhat I and really saying is if you are close enough to start the car, why couldn't you sound the alarm with the remote and find the car without GPS?

graduated from boot camp in August and there was probably over 10,000 people at the graduation...we had to park in a big field and walk about a mile to the graduation site...needless to say after the graduation we walked in circles trying to find our car..this app would have really helped

i parked my car at a mall one time in a huge parking garage. after shopping for a few hours i walked back to my car. after about one hour looking for my car i realized that there are four huge parking garages surrounding the mall. about an hour later i found my car in the third parking garage. i never went to that mall again

Now, one of those apps would certainly help an old guy out. Sometimes I just completely forget where I park my car and try to find it with my key fob, but the batteries are about shot and it takes forever to start the alarm. One of the CarFinder apps would be a big help in those situations.

I've been in five cities over the past four days, flew home on a different airline than i flew out on, and am only 50% certain I am in the right parking lot (about 80% certain I am in the right airport). walking down aisle after aisle. after about 40 minutes, i turn a corner and who do i bump into? my dad, doing the same exact thing! we teamed up, found his car first, and drove around until we found mine. guess the apple does not fall far from the tree.

so, my dad has the Droid, already has an app for this. he already has a newer phone, so please help me keep up with him on apps! thanks a lot.

The video is very interesting. I need one of these apps as I have bluetooth stereo in my car!

Several years ago while bar hopping in New York City with a friend of mine I lost my car. I swore it had been stolen from the spot I thought I left it and proceeded to the police station to fill out a stolen vehicle report. Took the train home and went to bed. The next day my friend calls me and realizes it wasn't parked were I thought but 4 blocks away at the first bar we went to. Took the train back into the city at what do you know. There it was. Well another trip to the police station to inform them my car wasn't stolen. They weren't to happy with me but understood and asked me not to drive into the city again unless I can remember where I park. How funny that now there is an app for my cell phone that will allow me find my car when I'm to stupid to remember where I park it.

I always forget where I park my car. Last trip to Phoenix, my uncle had rented a mini van for us to get around in. We parked at the mall, after shopping we saw the van go to unlock doors and it was unlocked. He gets in passenger seat and I in back. To our surprise there was a stranger driving the van. LOL. It was the wrong van! He was a hispanic man and didnt speak english but if he could I'm sure it wasnt nice. We apologized, jumped out and our van was 2 cars over.

Still laugh til this day about it, but would like to avoid if possible.

A few years back on a rainy day I went to the airport in Washington, D.C. to pick up my sister (who at the time had an undiagnosed heart condition) who was visiting from Los Angeles. I parked in one of the airport lots, and went into the airport to wait for her in baggage claim.

She was exhausted after travelling all day with terrible weather across most of the country. Her flight had been delayed for several hours, and she was exhausted. She woke up for a very early morning flight, only to sit around airports for most of the day.

We collected her bags and went to go find the car. We walked through the lot where I thought I had parked. We could not find the car. She was dragging her suitcases behind her. With her in tow, I walked up every aisle, to no avail. We then went to the next door lot. Same thing. She was so upset after all day of travelling and now just dragging her luggage around in the rain. Finally, she just sat down in a covered area at the entrance of the next parking lot and said "let me know if and when you eventually find it."

By some miracle, I finally found the car and picked her up where she sat. We drove to Georgetown where I had just moved into a new apartment. And then, guess what? I couldn't find my apartment. See, in Georgetown, all of the row houses look exactly alike. I thought that I knew exactly where I was going, but it turned out that I was about 2 blocks off. We started to get out of the car, and then it just didn't look right, so we eventually had to go back in the car to look up the address of my new apartment.

So, you can see how this new app would help me!

My wife always drives the car and she can never find it, expecially at malls. Please, for the love of God, help her out!!

LOL, I just lost my car a couple weeks ago at the stupid grocery store of all places. There's a Sears and a market right next to one another and I was going to both. I thought I parked right in between, but had actually parked on the Sears side. I walked all over the market lot looking for my stupid car. Luckily it's pretty tall so I finally saw it above all the others, but I sure felt stupid walking around with a grocery cart...lol! My biggest problem is when I make repeat trips to a place. When I come out of the business I will be thinking I know where my car is, but really I'm thinking of one of the other times I was there. So, I remember where I parked three months ago, but not today...lol!

Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me! :)

So a few years back i was living in Bloomington Indiana going to school and kinda broke. With gas prices high and money low i decided to buy a "economic" vehicle unfortunately everyone else was thinking the same thing. The only cheap vehicle I could find was a cherry red geo metro lsi convertible. I'm 6'4" and 220lbs and some might say a bit gruff looking so you can imagine that i got lots of uh..."compliments" :). To make matters worse i made ends meet by working as a laborer for a construction company that was building a few new school buildings (construction workers are not nice to fng's to begin with). Anyway i used to park a long long way away from the jobsite for obvious reasons and on several occasions i got a bit confused as to where i left it. One friday night this was the case i must have walked 5 miles searching for the thing well walking that much must have had a serious effect on my brain cause i convinced myself someone had stolen my sweet ride. I called the police filled out a report with a cop who kindly laughed out loud when i described my car to him. So now i had to go ask some friends on the jobsite to give me a lift home. On the way to my buddy's car strangely a large group followed us talking about my misfortune i soon found out why as they led my to a new building and someone pointed to the roof! They had used a lull (large boom forklift) to haul my car 4 city blocks and then perch it on the roof (!@$holes) I had to call the cop and tell him what had happened he was cool about it in fact he came back to watch the removal. It really sucked having to get into that car and drive away in front of a crowd of probably 30 all rotfl.
I hope you can see how an app like this could have helped me :)

i purposely chose a yellow car so i never lose it, but in parking garages you still end up losing track. happened to me once at an airport. Spent nearly an hour looking on every level.

I hate it when you just get out of the store and you have a billion things running through your mind. And can't find the car. Agh I hate that. There were couple times when I was about to call the police thiking my car was stolen. Ha. Luckily it wasn't. This app would be perfect for me. :D

I go to a lot of sporting events and no matter what, I always seem to forget where I parked my car. One of my best friends has the same car as I do but he was able to put an automatic start from his car that can also locate where his car is. Unfortunately I don't have that option since my car is a manual. Having this app would be great for me and a lot of help. Please pick me! Good luck to all!

I've "Lost" my truck multiple times...each time, someone points it out. I drive to the dump to take out the trash...they take my truck and give me back my trash. My kids wont be seen with me in it. My wife prefers her boyfriends truck. My dog wont ride with his head hanging out the window...he puts on dark sunglasses and a wig so he wont be recognized. Homeless people wont even steal it...but...it's my truck and it's paid for.

we were at the big mall in nashville, Tn. we looked and tnought we had a site we could get back too after shopping we looked for such a long time she was tired and after walking around the whole mall we found our car, It would be nice to be picked as a winner for this app we have BB curve 8330 it wwould be great for her as she shope and has hard time finding the car. thanks Tom

Hey please consider giving me a free copy. I'm a mother of 3 which includes a 5month old. I actually misplaced my car yesterday in walmart parking lot and it was horrible I just wanted to cry. I had my 5month old and and other 2 daughters with me walking back and forth trying to find my car in the freezing cold. PLZ PLZ

I parked my car in the BWI Airport and flew to TX on business. The job ended early so I flew back at what I thought was a reasonable time. Due to fog delays, I didn't get back until 2am. Oh no, I forgot what lot my car was in. I wandered around for about 40 minutes in the rain and fog with no other human being in sight. Because of the fog, I couldn't see 2 feet in front of me and I didn't see the big ass puddle that stepped in. Finally, I had to put my ego aside and use the emergency phone to call for help. It took them 30 minutes to get to me. The 2 attendants picked me up in an emergency vehicle and drove me to my car. To add to my embarrassment, I was 4 lots away from my car so the 2 attendants laughed at me on the entire drive to my vehicle. To make matters worse, since I couldn't find my car, that ordeal took over an hour and it took another hour to drive home. By the way, I drove home with my shoes and socks soaking wet. I didn't get home until about 4am. Yes, I had to be back at work at 8am. I'm still sleepy because of that trip.

Wow, I wish I knew such app existed a few weeks ago. MY husband, my 2 year old and myself went away for the weekend, and decided to visit the local mall at the place we were visiting. We lost our way within the huge mall and literally could not find the car for the life of us. THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT! Pick me, as I don't ever want to experience that again... specially in the cold and a baby!

Wow, I wish I knew such app existed a few weeks ago. MY husband, my 2 year old and myself went away for the weekend, and decided to visit the local mall at the place we were visiting. We lost our way within the huge mall and literally could not find the car for the life of us. THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT! Pick me, as I don't ever want to experience that again... specially in the cold and a baby!

I traveld alot for work until recently. I typically would fly across the US weekly and make sales calls on mall based retailers. So it was best to try and catch clients early in the morning before the mall traffic started. I went to a mall one morning on my travels to a large US city. When I got there the parking lot was empty. When I got done with my sales calls I headed back to a sea of cars in the now full parking lot. Since the car was a rental and I couldn't even remember the color(LET ALONE WHERE IT WAS PARKED)a little frustrated, I decided that if I didn't do something soon I would miss my next flight.I called the rental car company told them which mall parking lot the car had BROKEN Down in( told them to come get their useless car !) and called for a cab back to airport in time for my next flight.
All ended well but needed some serious VQ Finder that day !

about a year ago, i went with my parents to mexico to visit family. We parked our car in a HUGE parking lot. at the time my parents didnt have an alarm on it, so we couldnt just push the panic button to find the car. anywho it took us about 45 minutes to find the damn thing. funny thing is we passed it about 3 times, but there were about 6 other cars that looked like ours so we failed on that. thats my story. full of epic fails.

I know as SURE as I'm typing this where we parked. I memorized the spot since I figured everyone was busy moving away from the car. So we go play with Minnie, Mickey and their crew and after a long day it's time to go back to the parking area and look forward to an air conditioned hotel room. (surprise! it was hot!)
We take the tram and get to our area (because I memorized it). Somehow the car moved. No way I missed it....I MEMORIZED IT FOR GOODNESS SAKE. Did I mention I was hot? Well....it was so hot that I'm sure the reason the car wasn't there was because the heat reflected off the asphalt and made the numbers look different. It was hot but the sun was higher when we left. Yep, that's why the car wasn't there.....and we had to trek it (in the heat) to another parking area where the car now sat. If we had the bluetooth adapter and VQ CarFinder we would have found the car without the family looking at me like I'm crazy. Especially, when I pointed out that it was the sun that made the numbers look different. I must have been a bit cranky. Noone challenged my "sun" theory. LOL

once lost my car at an amusement park. It started to pour when we were leaving... needless to say, we were fully drenched and still could not locate the car. took over 30 mins... sucked bad.

malls can be problematic. once (a few years ago), my wife and i came out of the mall and searched for about 15 minutes for the car in a rather large parking lot. retreading the same area - insisting that we both 'knew' where the car was parked. after a good amount of frustration built, and all this at the end of much walking inside the mall, we realized that we came out the wrong door, and the car was in another, very similar looking lot. we decided it would be faster to walk around the mall perimiter to get to the car, which also turned out to be a bad idea.

i have an almost identical story for when we exited the race track, and walked the wrong way. horses run on the little oval path inside, but an exterior trip around the racetrack is the true mark of endurance. both physical and marital. ;)

I lost my car after an Islander's game once , couldn't find it until the next morning. The worst thing about it though was that, I was on a first date with a hot girl. Lets just say no 2nd date.

I was at a Florida Marlins Baseball game at the former Joe Robbie Stadium. The game was over at 10PM, and my friend and I were leaving the stadium and heading to the parking lot. But we ran into one problem we could not remember where I parked my car. We looked, and searched for over an hour with no luck. Finally we gave up and waited for the parking lot to empty out. After spending nearly 2 1/2 hours in the parking lot after the game ended and the majority of the parking lot empty we found my car. It was only 100 yards from where we were standing.

This software would be most invaluable when going to events!

Normally I park in the same area when I go to the gym, however this time the parking lot was pretty full and I ended up parking in another area. Well after my workout I come out of the gym to fresh snow. It was enough that the cars needed to be cleaned off. I proceeded to the area where I normally park and I try to open the car doors with the key (yeah at that time I didn’t have a key fob) and the locks are not working, so I figure oh they must be frozen, which use to happen (MN Weather), in the meantime this gentlemen decided to help me in cleaning the car off. All along I am still trying to open the car. Well finally the snow is pretty much off the car and now I can see inside. I instantly freeze as the interior in this car is blue, OMG my interior is red. I am lMAO inside, but there's also a little voice inside saying what’s this guy going to do when you say….. This is not my car. Well now all I could do was laugh, and I think because I was laughing so hard, it made him laugh. All ended well, Anyway with an app like this, I wouldn’t feel the need to park in the same area all the time.

There was this one time I took my friends to the mall to buy an AC and a fish. We forgot which floor of the garage we parked in and my friend lugged the AC unit forever until he had the idea to hide behind a car.

We split up to look for the car but I had to pee. I went into a corner and made sure noone was around me but once I whipped it out a cop came up behind me.

My other friends desperatly tried to get people to give us rides to search for our car but everyone refused. A few hours later one of my friends joined me in the security office also trying to pee in the garage. We eventually got released, found our other friends and found our car. The fish had died and we forgot where we hid the AC.

This for me is a must. I went to a shopping mall, and to be honest? When I came out of the mall I totally forgot where I parked. I became a bit of a "mess" to put it mildly, and one of the security guards in a moving mobile, graciously put me on the back of his mobile and went with me to scour 4 huge lots belonging to the mall. Actually more than 4, and I forgot even where I entered the mall. It took 45 minutes to find my car, and thankfully, that guard was trying to make me laugh the whole time, but not quite succeeding, When I got home, my hands were still shaking and I don't honestly remember driving home, lol. This product sure would have helped me! :)

I am wordering around this parking lot trying to figure out where the XYZZK77H I parked my car. Be a pal, pick me so I can be home for Christmas!

if anyone has been to ohare airport its a mess. after traveling to new haven ct this week i was picking up my bags and going thru my wallet fotr my parking tix. of courst its in the car. each floor is a chicago team ie, bulls, sox, blkhawks, cubs etc and of course i didnt remember what floor i was on. i had to check each floor for my car. luckily i remembered the elevator and aisle number so i had to look at 3 floors until i hound that mofo, going in and out of ATTs great service

It was actually the wife...
Last winter, after working some crazy hours I called my old man to pick me up from work cause the wife was at work. My dad then dropped me at home and went about his business.

I crashed lacking some serious sleep. I get a sudden call from a flustered wife saying she can't find the car... First thing that comes to my mind, "Is it stolen???"
She's embarassingly saying, "No, I can't remember where I parked it."

Soooo, I get out of my PJs, call my dad back, he comes back to my place, we drive to the Mall and then drove around for 45 minutes looking for the car...finally found it!!

Needless to say, if i get this, it's going on her BB!

My truck seems to only have a panic mode if you standing RIGHT beside the driver door and push the button repeatedly. Obviously, this doesn't help me when I'm located on the complete opposite side of this monstrosity called a parking lot. Maybe with VQ I can find my truck instead of walking around a concrete jungle (again, a parking lot) full of cars!

just the other day i spend about 10 misn looking for my car at walmart i definitly need this!!!!!!!!

It happenned last night after the Maple Leaf game. Parked in the esplanade parking and went in a different way than originaly from when I parked. I must have been looking for my car for half hour. This probably wouldve been of great help then.

Wow this is bad. I parked my car in the rain at our movie theatre on opening day of a movie. The movie was so good I forgot where I parked my car. I spent about an hour in the rain marching up and down the isles trying to find it. Finally when enough cars cleared out I found it.

Wow this is something I could really use.

There I was, shopping away one Friday afternoon; fighting the mall crowds and braving the Christmas rush, which is just around the corner. Finished my shopping, rushed out to stuff my latest purchases in my trunk and hopefully beat the soon to be bumper-to-bumper traffic all the way home. Once in the parking lot I quicly noticed an inconvenience.. My car was nowhere to be found!
After a few minutes of panic, I realized - I had gotten a ride to the mall that day; my car was at home!
Anyways, this app would be great for those times.. I actually drive haha! Hope I get it!

So I was on a multi level parkade, I don't know if this will be as accurate for this buuut anyway....each parking level was listed as P1-1 then P1-2, P2-1 etc you get the drift....anyway, I show up there to stop in to pick up a few things and in a rush to make it to an appointment. All my timing would have been perfect even with the little line up inside that I had to endure.

I pay for my stuff, run out to P2-something or other, and I cannot find my car.....I'm frantic, I'm running up and down all through the lane ways hitting my alarm panic button but hear nothing. Long story short? I was 40min late because, yup, you guessed it....I couldn't remember where the heck my car was....I did eventually find it. I hate malls :P

Help me out! I could use this app ;) Cheers

This is the reason why I would love to have this app. I am constantly parking in huge parking lots, whether its for college or for work. You have no idea how many times I forget where I parked. The thing I hate the most is when it is freezing outside (like now in the Midwest) and not remembering where you parked so I'm outside running, looking around in panic as if someone had just committed a crime and I saw it, but really its just because my face is freezing numb. Also when it is raining not remembering where you parked is a killer. Not only do you again do the same running motion as in the cold, but you get soaked, and its like every single time you forget where you car is it just happens to be raining the hardest that day, and at an angle, which definitely does not feel good on the face. So if I win I will finally be able to avoid having to tell people these horrible things and influence them to get this app, so like me, they will not have to be tortured to find their car!

I once thought my car had been stolen - I parked at a shopping centre, did my shopping and came out again only to find it wasnt where I left it... I reported it to the store security who contacted the police... it was only then I realised that I had parked it at the other exit in a car park which looked identical!

This app would be a complete lifesaver!! This Christmas season at the mall, with all the cars, I swear I would remember where my car was, but wandered in the parking lot for what seemed like forever, in the cold and ice. This product would get me to my car sooner, and get me warm sooner. Would love to win a copy.

My wife is forever forgetting where she parks the car where ever she goes. This would be a GREAT app for her and better if she wins it!!!! Please pick us to win and it will cut down her time at the mall.

I was looking for a place to live in New York City years ago. I had an appointment to meet a broker at an apartment on a Saturday. When I parked, I wrote down that I was at 97th and Park and walked to where I was to meet the broker.

When I was ready to go home, I checked what I wrote down and headed toward my truck, but when I got there my truck wasn't there. I asked the doorman if he saw a green Explorer getting towed. He said no. At that point, I decided to go to a cousin's place to figure out what to do next. I went one block east to Lexington Avenue when I saw my truck. Not only did I write down the wrong avenue, I walked past my truck to get to the wrong location. Since then, I note the exact street address.

While I was going to college in Mankato, MN, I parked my car on the street as close as I could to my apartment which was a few blocks away. During the night, there was a HUGE snowstorm. The next day, I (notorious for not being able to find my car in a large parking lot unless it is parked near a landmark) wandered through a neighborhood of solid white desperately searching for my little blue-mobile.

As I searched the cleanly plowed roads literally calling for my car, it occurred to me that it may have been towed because of the snow plows. Made the call -- confirmed not towed. Still, no car. The only remaining option seemed to be to call the police and report it stolen.

About 2 hours later, when the police arrived to take my report of the car that "I know I left somewhere around here," they're solution was to take relatively long poles, stick them into the piles created by the snow plows and see if anything solid was underneath.

Four blocks later, we hit paydirt. Under a ginormous snow pile we dug until we saw the familiar color of the blue roof of my car. The irritated police departed and I spent the rest of the day digging my poor baby out.

If I had an app such as this, the snow plow drivers would thank you, the public servants would thank you, and I would thank you.

I can run into a store like Walmart for example for five minutes and come back out and cannot find my car. I walk up and down the aisles looking lost for ten minutes looking for it. My remote does not work at a great distance so no use trying to push the panic button to find my car. This would be a great help to me.

My husband and I was in Vegas for the Mayweather and Hatton fight...Being a Mayweather fan we partied after the fight into the morning. Knowing we didnt want a dui ticket we took a cab back to the New York New York hotel. So the next morning we returned and couldnt find my car...we walked the MGM parking lot for about a hour. Finally had to give the description to one of the valets who jumped on a bike and found my car 2 hours later...So because I want to go to the Mayweather Paquaio fight and plan to party again because I love both fighters I need to be able to find my car the next time....PLEASE CRACKBERRY!!!!

We went to a hockey game in carolina --come out on the wrong side of building then realized that we were looking for the car which was on the other side of the building,finally after going around the other side then searched for a while.Gladly most of the cars left in our 30 minute adventure --the ford escape appeared.Something like this would really helped us

An Application like this would be great. I recently went to a Phoenix Coyotes hockey game and because of traffic was running late. I made it to the game just in time to catch the puck drop and enjoyed the entire game. Upon leaving the game I was walking out to locate my car and realized that I had not parked in normal spot as it was already full when I arrived. Now, the task of trying to figure out where I parked begins. I retraced my steps and after about 20 minutes of walking and looking I located my car but how nice would it have been to pull out my Tour and use the VQ Finder app to locate exactly where my car was!!!

Everyday I leave work I cannot find my car and I NEED this app. Depending on what time I get to work I can park on one of 8 different levels! So, when it's time to leave I end up walking up and down for like 10minutes just trying to get to my car and I live an hour and a half from work so you can imagine how every minute adds to the traffic I'll be stuck in. So PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!

About a year ago me and my g/f were up in SB and we parked the car in one of those Public Parking places, we took what we needed and walked out to explore and enjoy the day. When we were done with our running around and it was time to go back to the car we encounter one slight problem...we couldn't remember for the life of us were we had parked the car,all the street in SB look alike and most of them ran in one direction only,and the worst part is that the public Parking places share the same stupid logo,so after an hour plus of hit and misses we decided to grub some Starbucks and brainstorm on our predicament,luckily we remember seeing this sign for this Chinese restaurant,so I used the Poynt app on my BB 8330 for Chinese places and cross reference the info on Google maps and ruled out everything South of our location,since we knew we had parked North of State St ( we are not that dumb) we had three solid hits, the first was a dud, and on the second we scored, we ran into the parking structure first level and there was the car just where we had left her.That day I wished there was some kind of app that could have saved us all that walking and worrying we did. I'm happy to share this cute story with you CB folks, now I wish I can get me one those VQ Carfinders so we will never have to go through that again.