VQ CarFinder Reaches 100k Downloads - 20 Free Licenses Up for Grabs

By Adam Zeis on 9 Mar 2010 11:08 am EST

VQ CarFinder

We first heard about VQ CarFinder way back in July of last year. Since then the app has come a long way, and has now been downloaded by over 100,000 users (and I'm sure plenty of those downloads came from CrackBerry). If you don't know about VQ CarFinder, it is a simple app that helps you remember where you parked your car. The app uses your vehicles built-in Bluetooth (or optional car charger) to note where you left your car, and you can easily access the app to find it again quickly. To help celebrate the milestone, the folks at VQ CarFinder are giving away 20 free licenses. All you need to do is leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Also be sure to check out VQ Mileage Tracker, one of the first apps to automatically track your mileage and travel info.

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VQ CarFinder Reaches 100k Downloads - 20 Free Licenses Up for Grabs



I don't go to the mall or downtown San Francisco very much, but when I do, I have trouble remembering where I parked half the time. This would be a cool app for those times.

I hope I win it (please! I've never won a contest here), but if not, I may still buy it at the discount price it's selling for now.

please pick me id love a copy, especialy if i could get a new phone! mine doesnt vibrate and the j doesnt work so im hoping to win one in the other contest!!

Am always seeming to forget where I park my car. SO now I take pic of where I am to help me remember. This would be so much better Please pick me as a winner.


Playing with the trial version and it located me, 5 floors up in a concrete building. Went out into the jungle for lunch and it took me right back to the office. sweet...

I realize I'm late in posting, but if you could see it in your heart to give me a copy, I would be eternally grateful!! Thanks

I am a pastor's wife and I am always on the go... I really could use this app... My husband, my family and church tells me that I have so much on my mind.... and that the blackberry tour helps me to keep things in order... so this app would be an additional help to keep me on track... hope I can get a free one!!!!!

WOW, this looks like somebody did some thinking. Something useful for GPS. Being a male, you know that human with the very strong "X" chromasome, and never willing to look at a map to find where I am or where I am going.... and never willing to admit I am lost. Now I can see some use for GPS. Find my car, or tell me exactly how many miles I drove for work today. WaHoo.
I am willing to try it.

Finally a solution to that "Oh my God, I'm old" feeling I get coming out of Home Depot not remembering where I parked... thanks for a great idea!

Sorry VQ but doesn't Google Maps accomplish the same thing? Take a moment, sync up GPS, click Favorite and save current location. Voila. Also useful for finding that dress in the window of a store you passed on your way to the movie.

And it's free...

I've heard very positive things in regards to VQ finder and if the opportunity comes around that i can receive a free license it would be most appreciated. i have had very good software support from crackberry in the past and to be honest never use blackberry app world at all.

I was just thinking this would be absolutely INGENIOUS as I was leaving the movie theater the other day.