Vote for your favorite QNX CES Car of Fame

By Bla1ze on 6 Feb 2014 08:48 pm EST

Leading up to CES 2014, the QNX blog started up a new series called 'CES Cars of Fame' that takes a look back at all the concept cars to come out of the QNX garage. In total, seven cars have been added to the CES Cars of Fame series and now with the two latest vehicles unveiled – the modified Mercedes CLA45 AMG along with the modified Kia Soul

QNX is asking for everyone to vote on their favorite concept car of all time. Is it the awesome Bentley Continental GT? Maybe the Porsche 911 Carrera? The poll is open until Friday, February 14 and they’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, February 18. Go have your say using the link below.

Vote for your favorite CES Car of Fame


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Vote for your favorite QNX CES Car of Fame


Bentley .. you said it man ... ALL ... THE ... WAY!

Best technology - especially the pre-touch via infrared sensors and DLP projection on the LCD that we've recently seen implemented in the Volvo concept coupe as well. The cluster is even more refined there!!

My 300 didn't make the list so I chose the Bentley.

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I don't know all the different cars but I would vote mercedes as that's the formula 1 brand car.

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I love all these high end cars, but as for the future of QNX they might be better off to connect with the masses. So I think Prius might be a better choice to show EVERYONE what can be done and it is available for even the savvier or more financially challenged customers, not just the rich and famous...

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Mercedes Benz CLA. Why? Because the price is just right and so are the looks. I love it! The CLA 45 is even better

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Another car I really like is the 2014 Ford Mondeo. That car is just amazing and so is the price.

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These cars are pieces of TRASH!!! I wouldn't pay over two cents for them!!!! I vote none of them.....

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It's too bad that OS doesn't work with Mercedes bluetooth. I bet BBRY had to downgrade their own devices at CES to demo the bluetooh functionality.

I got to see the team as they were working on the 911. It was a great experience so it will always be my fav QNX car (plus it's the car I've dreamed about since I was a kid!)

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